Зображення сторінки

6 mo..


PREVIOUS RESIDENCE REQUIRED. STATES. Requirements as to Citizenship. In In In In Pre. Persons Excluded from Suffrage.

State. County. Town.

cinct. Nevada Citizen of the United States..... 6 mo. 30 dys 30 dys 30 dys Idiots, insane, unpardoned con

victs, Indians, Chinese. N.Hamp.* Citizen of the United States (a) 6 mo. 6 mo. 6 mo.. 6. mo.. Paupers (h). N. Jersey* Citizen of the United States....1 yr... 5 moa

Idiots, paupers, insane, con

victed of crime, unless par

doned or restored by law (). N. M. Ter. Citizen of the United States...... 6 mo... 3 mo.. 30 dys 30 dys Convicted of felony, unless

pardoned, U. S. soldier, sailor,

or camp follower, Indians. N. York. Citizen who shall have been alyr(k) 4 mo.. (1) (1) Offenders against elective francitizen for ninety days prior

chise rights, guilty of bribery, to election,

betting on elections, and perWoman otherwise qualified but for sex may vote at vi uage elections or town meetings sons convicted of bribery or to raise money by tax or assessment if she owns pro perty in village or town. Elec- infamous crime and not retor of town not entitled to vote on proposition for raising of money or in cu rring stored to citizenship by the town liabilit y unless he or his wife own property in town assessed on las t assess- Executive. Convicts in House ment roll.

of Refuge or Reformatory not

disqualified. N. Car...... Citizen of the United States... 2 yrs.. 6 mo... 4 mo.. Convicted of felony or infamous

crime, idiots, lunatics. N. Dak. *.. Citizen of the United States 1 yr....

90 dys Under guardianship, persons and civilized Indian.t (a)

non compos mentis, or convicted of felony and treason,

unless restored to civil rights. Ohio*. ...... Citizen of the United States (a) 1 yr... 30dys 20dys 20 dys Idiots, insane, and felons, per

sons in U.S. military and naval

service on duty in Ohio, Okla.* Citizen of United States (a) †.... 6 mo.. 60dys 60dys 30 dys Felons, idiots, insane. Oregon Citizen of U.S. or alien who has 6 mo. No (n) None. None. Idiots, insane, convicted of feldeclared intention more than

ony, Chinese. 1 year prior to election (a). Penna. *.... Citizen of the United States at 1 yr..

2 mo. Convicted of perjury and fraud least one month, and if 22

as election officers, or bribery years old or more must have

of voters. paid tax within two years. Rhode I. * Citizen of the United States.. ... 2yr

6 mo.............

Paupers, lunatics (g). 8. Car......... Citizen of the United States (e) 2yr(c) 1 yr... 4 mo. 4 mo.. Felons, bribery unless par

doned, insane, paupers. S. Dak.*... Citizen of the United States or 6 mo s 30dys 10 dys 10 dys Under guardianship, insane, alien who has declared inten

convicted of treason or felony, tion, Indian who has severed

unless pardoned, U.S.soldiers, tribal relations (a).

seamen, and marines. Tenn. * Citizen of the U.S. who has paid 1 yr... 6 mo.

Convicted of bribery or other poll-tax of preceding year.

infamous offence. Texas*...... Citizen of the U. S. or alien 1 yr... 6 mo.. 6 mo.. (d) Idiots, lunatics, paupers, felons who has declared intention

unless pardoned or restored, six months prior to election.

U. S. soldiers, marines, and

seamen (m). Utah. ...... Citizen of the United States, 1 yr... 4 mo..............60 dys Idiots, insane, convicted of treamale or female.

son or crime against elective

franchise,unless pardoned (1), Vermont* citizen of the United States...... 1 yr... 3 mo.. 3 mo.. 3 mo.. Those who have not obtained

the approbation of the local

board of civil authority. Virginia*. See note at foot of page.. 2 yrs... 1 yr... 1 yr... 30 dys Idiots, lunatics, paupers (1) (i). Wash'n* Citizen of the United States 1 yr... 90 dys 30 dys 30 dys Idiots, lunatics, convicted of and all residents of Territory

infamous crimes, Indians not prior to Statehood (a).

taxed. West Va. * Citizen of the State.....

1 yr... 60 dys 6 mo.. (d) Paupers, idiots, lunatics, con

victed of treason, felony, or

bribery at elections, Citizen of United States or alien 1 yr... 10dys 10 dys 10 dys Under guardianship, insane, who has declared intention,

convicted of crime or treason, and civilized Indians. (a)

betting on elections. Wyom. *... Citizen of the United States, 1 yr... 60 dys 10 dys 10 dys Idiots, insane, felons, unable male or female.

to read State Constitution in

the English language. * Australian Ballot law or a modification of it in force. + Indian must have severed tribal relations. One year's residence in the United States prior to election required. (a) Women can vote in school elections. (c) Ministers in charge of an organized church and teachers of public schools are entitled to vote after six months' residence in the State. (d) Actual residence in the precinct or district required. (e) Who has paid six months before election any poll-tax then due, and can read and write any section of the State Constitution, or can show that he owns and has paid all taxes due the previous year on property in the State assessed at $300 or more, (f) Or convicted of bribery, embezzlement of public funds, treason, forgery, perjury, felony, and petty larceny, duellists and abettors, unless pardoped by Legislature. (g) Or persons non compos mentis, sentence to State Prison for one year or more takes away right to vote until restored by General Assembly, under guardianship. (b) Also persons excused from paying taxes at their own request, and those unable to read the State Constitution in English, or write. (j) No soldier, seaman, or marine deemed s resident because stationed in the State. (k) Inhabitance not residence. (1) Thirty days in election district. (m) And any person subject to poll- tax who failed to pay same prior to Feb. 1 of year in which he offers to vote. (n) Must be resident of County to vote for County officers.

In Virginia.--Voting qualifications. All persons who six months before the election have paid their State poll-taxes for the three preceding years. Also any person who served in time of war in the army or navy of the United States, of the Confederate States, or of any State of the United States or of the Confederate States,

Residents of the District of Columbia never had the right to vote therein for national officers, or on other matters of national concern, after the territory einbraced in it was ceded to the United States and became the seat of the general government,

Wis. *

Requirements Regarding Registration of Voters.

(Continuation of “Qualifications for Voting," on preceding pages.) The registration of voters is required in the States of Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi (four months before election), Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoining, and the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico.

In Pennsylvania voters are registered by the assessors. If any voter is missed by assessors and not registered he can swear in his vote.

In Ohio it is required annually in cities of over 14,000 population; in other cities in presidential years.

In Illinois registration of voters is required by law, and in Cook County, where Chicago is located, persons not registered are not entitled to vote; but outside of Cook County generally they can vote if not registered by swearing in their votes, and producing one witness, a householder and registered voter of the voting district, as to their qualifications as electors severally.

In Iowa in cities having 3, 500 inhabitants. In Nebraska in cities of over 7,000 inhabitants.

In Kentucky in all incorporated towns and cities, in Kansas in cities of the first and second class, in North Dakota in cities and villages of 800 inhabitants and over, in Ohio in cities of the first and second class.

In Missouri it is required in cities of 25.000 inhabitants and over.
In Oklahoma it is required in all cities having a population in excess of 2,500.

In Rhode Island non-taxpayers are required to register yearly before June 30, In South Dakota registration is required prior to general biennial elections.

The registration of voters is not required in Arkansas, Indiana, New Hampshire or Texas.

TWoman Suffrage. In the United States women possess suffrage upon equal terms with men at all elections in four States: In Wyoming, established in 1869; in Colorado, 1893; in Utah, in 1896, and in Idaho, in 1896.

In 1905, the Kansas and Montana Legislatures, and in 1906 the Rhode Island Legislature rejected bills giving women full suffrage. In June, 1906, Oregon refused to adopt a woman suffrage amendment to its constitution by a vote of 47,075 to 36,902.

In Kansas women possess school suffrage, established in 1861, and municipal suffrage, established in 1887.

In eighteen additional States women possess school suffrage: In Michigan and Minnesota, established in 1875; in New Hampshire and Oregon in 1878; in Massachusetts in 1879; in New York and Vermont in 1880; in Nebraska in 1883; in Wisconsin in 1900; in Washington in 1886; in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, and South Dakota in 1887; in Illinois in 1891; In Connecticut in 1893; in Ohio in 1894.

Two States permit women to vote upon the issuance of municipal bonds: Montana, ostablished in 1887; Iowa, in 1894.

Louisiana gave all women taxpayers the suffrage upon all questions submitted to the taxpayers in 1898.

In 1901 the New York Legislature passed a law providing that “a woman who possesses the qualifications to vote for village or for town officers, except the qualification of sex, who is the owner of property in the village assessed upon the last preceding assessment roll thereof, is entitled to vote upon a proposition to raise money by tax or assessment.'

In Great Britain women can vote for all officers except members of Parliament.
In Australia and New Zealand women have full suffrage; also in the Isle of Man.

In Cape Colony, in Canada, and in parts of India women vote on various terms for municipal or school officers.

The National American Woman's Suffrage Association --Rev. Anna H. Shaw, 7443 Devon St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa., President; Vice-President-at-Large, Mrs. Florence Kelley, New York City; Corresponding Secretary, Kate M. Gordon, New Orleans, La.; Recording Secretary, Alice Stone Blackwell, Boston, Mass. ; Treasurer, Harriet Taylor Upton, Warren, 0.; Laura Clay, Lexington, Ky., and Dr. Annice Jeffreys Myers, Portland, Ore., Auditors. National Headquarters, Warren, o.

The New York State Association Opposed to the Extension of the Suffrage to Women has its Central Committee in New York City, Its officers are as follows: Mrs. Lyman Abbott, President; Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge, First Vice-President; Mrs. Elihu Root, Mrs. Richard Watson Gilder, Mrs. William Putnam, Mrs. Philip S. Van Patten, Mrs. William J. Wallace, and Mrs. William P. Northrup, Vice-Presidents; Mrs. George Waddington, Treasurer; Mrs. George Phillips, Secretary, 377 West End Avenue, New York. There are also organizations in Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Iowa, and Washington. These are founded with the object of testifying to legislative committees and through the medium of the public press that the opposition to woman suttrage is based upon what is claimed to be "the intelligent conviction of the majority of representative women in all lines of social, industrial, and domestic progress.

National Republican League of the United States.

The National Republican League of the United States was organized in Chickering Hall, New York City, December 15-17, 1887, by delegates from about 350 Republican clubs of the United States, assembled in national convention, pursuant to a call issued by the Republican Club of New York City. It is composed of the Republican clubs of the United States, organized by States and united in a national organization, Its purpose is "Organization and Education." It aims to enlist recruits for the Republican party, particularly the younger men and the first voters." National conveutions have since been held at Baltimore, 1889; Nashville, 1890; Cincinnati, 1891; Buffalo, 1892; Louisville, 1893; Denver, 1894; Cleveland, 1895;

Milwaukee, 1896; Detroit, 1897; Omaha, 1898 biennial sessions afterward); St. Paul, 1900, Chicago, 1:102; Indianapolis, 1904: Philadelphia, 1906. officers-President, Gen. E: A. McAlpin, New York City, Secretary, Chauncey Dewey,503 Chamber of Commerce Building, Chicago, Ill.

Democratic National and State Committees.


Appointed by the Democratie National Convention at St. Louis, Mo., July, 1904.
Chairman .......

.. Thos, TAGGART... Indianapolis. | Mississippi. .C. H. Williams....Jackson, Secretary... Urey Woodson. ....Owensboro, Ky. Missouri Wm. A. Rothwell. Moberly. Alabama.. H. D. Clayton...... Eufaula.


O, W, Hoffman.... Helena.
Alaska... Arthur K. Dalany.Juneau.

Nebraska........J. O. Dahlman ....Omaha.
Ben. M, Crawford. Phoenix.

Nevada... John H. Dennis... Reno. Arkansas.. Wm. H. Martin... Little Rock. New Hampshire. True L. Norris,.... Portsmouth, Oalifornia. M. F. Tarpey ...... Alameda. New Jersey..

W. B. Gourley Paterson. Colorado John I. Mullins.... Denver.

New Mexico.. H. B. Fergusson... Santa Fé. Connecticut H. S. Cummings... Stamford. New York... N. E. Mack..... Buffalo. Delaware.. R. R. Kenney Dover.

North Carolina...Josephus Daniels,.Raleigh. Dist. of Col......James L. Norris... Washington. North Dakota....H. D. Allert. ...... Bismarck, Florida.. .Jeff'son B. Browne.Jacksonville, Ohio.

Tom L. Johnson... Cleveland. Georgia Clark Howell...... Atlanta.

Oklahoma.... R. A. Billups......Cordell, Hawaii, ...... Palmer P. Woods.. Honolulu. Pennsylvania.....J. M. Guffey... Pittsburgh. Idaho

Simon P. Donnelly.Cour d'Alene. Rhode Island.. ..G. W. Greene.... Woonsocket. Illinois.... Roger C. Sullivan.. Chicago.

South Carolina...B. R. Tillman.

Trenton, Indiana.

. Thomas Taggart... Indianapolis. South Dakota....E, S. Johnson. .. Pierre. Indian Territory.R. L. Williams.... Muscogee. Tennessee. ..R, E. Mountcastle. Nashville. Iowa.. Chas. A. Walsh*...Ottumwa.


R. M. Johnston.... Houston. Kansas. John H. Atwood.. Topeka.


.D. H. Peery. Salt Lake City Kentucky.. Urey Woodson. ....Owensboro. Vermont.

B. B. Smalley..... Burlington, Louisiana N. O. Blanchard... Shreveport. Virginia. ..J. Taylor Ellyson.. Richmond. Maryland... L, V. Baughman.. Baltimore. Washington.. John Y. Terry..... Seattle. Massachusetts.... Wm. A. Gaston.... Boston.

West Virginia...John T. McGraw..Grafton. Michigan.. D. J. Campau. Detroit.

Wisconsin... T. E. Ryan. Waukesha. Minnesota... T. T. Hudson ...... St. Paul,

Wyoming ..J. E. Osborne...... Rawlins.


H. S. D. Mallory. Selma

E. W. Petus, Jr... Selma.
J. F. Rutherford..

Pine Bluff
Jno. H. Page

Little Rock.
Timothy Spellacy. Bakersfield. Thos, J. Walsh..

San Francisco.
Milton Smith


John T, Barnett. Ouray. Connecticut.. Chas, W. Comstock... Norwich

E. S. Thomas..

New Haven,
Thos. F. Bayard.

James Lord

Duncan U. Fletcher Jacksonville. Herbert L. Dodd

Lake City.
A. L. Miller.

Chas. H. Hall.

H. W. Lockhart.... Pocatello.... Chas. E. Arney..

Chas. Boeschenstein.. Edwardsville D. J. Hogan

W. H. O'Brien .. Lawrenceburg Jos. L. Reiley..

C. W. Miller..

J. F. McGinty.

W. H. Ryan

Girard ...
W. H. D. Pepperell..

Louis McQuown Frankfort..

Percy Haly.

Charles Janvier. New Orleans Robert S. Landry

New Orleans.
E, L. Jones....


Dennis E. Bowman.. Waterville. Maryland

Murray Vandiver. Havre de Grace Lloyd Wilkinson.. Baltimore, Massachusetts. John P. Feeney


Geo. T. McLaughlin... Sandwich.
John T. Winship. Saginaw..

A. R. Canfield.

Frank A. Day

St. Paul.
Ed. A. Stevens

St. Paul.
Mississippi* O. L. Lomax.
Greenwood.. L. P. Haley....

Missouri ..
W. N. Evans
West Plains R. W. Napier


David G. Browne. Fort Benton. Thos. C. Kurtz.... Helena.
T. S. Allen .

H. S, Daniels...

J, L. Considine

Carson City

J. G. Driscoll.... Reno.

John B. Jameson..
New Hampshire... T. H. Madigan, Jr

New Jersey
William B. Gourley.


William K.Devereux.. Asbury Park. New Mexico.. A. A. Jones...

East Las Vegas.
W. B. Walton.

Silver City.
New York...
Wm. J. Conners


John W. Potter.. Marcy. North Carolina F. M. Simmons. Raleigh.

Alex. J. Feild..

North Dakota J, L. Cashel.

E, A. McCann..

Harvey C. Garber. Columnbus... W. L. Finley.

J. J. Dunn

Alva ....

Chas. D. Carter. Ardmore.
Alex, Sweek.

J. B. Ryan..

Pennsylvania.. Chas. P. Donnelly.

Philadelphia.. P. Gray Meek... Bellefonte. Rhode Island. F E. Fitzsimmons Lonsdale,

Peter J. Gasken.. Valley Falls. South Carolina. Wilie Jones. Columbia... J.'T. Parks..

Columbia. South Dakota... Harry Wentzy.


H. E. Hitchcock.. Mitchell
H. B. Morrow..

E, A. Adams..

George A, Carden.. Dallas....

J. C. McNealus.. Dalas,

Lyman R. Martineau.. Salt Lake City. John E. Clark. Salt Lake City. Vermont. Emory S. Harris. Bennington.


Henry Conlin..
J. Taylor Ellyson..., Richmond...


Joseph Button Washington A. R. Titlow..


Carl Eshelman.. Tacoma,
West Virginia. John T. McGraw. Grafton.

Stuart H. Bowman, Philippi,
A. F. Warden


Geo. W. Levis...
F D. Hammond Casper.


Warren Galvin.
Committees subject to revision in States marked

Republican National and State Committees.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE. Appointed by the Republican National Convention at Chicago, June, 1904. Chairman.. .G. B. CORTELYOU. Washington, Mississippi....... L. B. Moseley...... Jackson. Vice-Chairman..Harry S. New,.....Indianapolis, Missouri.. Thomas J. Aikens. St. Louis. Secretary.....

Elmer Dover ...... Cleveland. Montana.. ..John D. Waite.... Lewiston. Treasurer.. Cornelius N. Bliss.. New York. Nebraska.. Chas. H. Morrill... Lincoln. Alabama.... .Chas. H. Scott..... Montgomery. Nevada.

.P. L. Flanigan..... Reno.
John G. Heid...... Juneau.

New Hampshire. Frank S. Streeter,. Concord.
W. S. Sturges...... Phønix.

New Jersey Franklin Murphy. Newark. Arkansas. .Powell Clayton.... Eureka Springs New Mexico....., Solomon Luna..... Los Lupas. California... George A. Knight.. San Francisco. New York..... Wm. L. Ward...... Port Ohester. Colorado ... A. M. Stevenson... Denver,

North Carolina.. E. O. Duncan..... Raleigh, Connecticut. ....Ohas. F. Brooker..Ansonia.

North Dakota....Alex. McKenzie... Bismarck. Delaware. .John E. Addicks... Wilmington. Ohio..

Myron T. Herrick.Cleveland. Dist. Columbia.. Robert Reyburn... Washington. Oklahoma..., ..O. M. Cade....... Shawnee. Florida .J. N. Coombs.. .... Apalachicola. Oregon

Chas, H. Carey.... Portland. Georgia. .Judson W. Lyons.. Augusta.

Pennsylvania. ...Boies Penrose...... Philadelphia. Hawaii.

A.G.M. Robertson.. Honolulu. Pbilippines.... Henry B. McCoy...Manila, Idaho..... W. B. Heyburn.... Wallace,

Porto Rico. Robert H. Todd... San Juan. Illinois... .Frank 0. Lowden.. Chicago.

Rhode Island.... Charles R. Brayton. Providence. Indiana.

Harry S. New... ... Indianapolis. South Carolina..John G. Capers.... Charleston. Indian Ter. ...P. L. Soper


South Dakota....J. M. Greene....... Chamberlain. Iowa.

Ernest E. Hart.... Council Bluffs. Tennessee.. W. P. Brownlow...Jonesboro. Kansas. David W. Mulvane. Topeka.


.Cecil A. Lyon...... Sherman. Kentucky.. .John W. Yerkes...Danville, Utah..

.C. E. Loose Provo. Louisiana. Pearl Wright. New Orleans. Vermont.. .James W. Brock... Montpelier. Maine..... ..John F. Hill. . Augusta.


George E. Bowden. Norfolk, Maryland. S. A. Williams.... Baltimore. Washington...... Levi Ankeny Walla Walla. Massachusetts... W. Murray Crane,. Dalton.

West Virginia...N B. Scott.. Wheeling. Michigan. ..John W. Blodgett.. Grand Rapids. Wisconsin........

.Joseph P. Babcock, Necedah, Minnesota. ..Frank B. Kellogg.. St. Paul. Wyoming........ Geo. E. Pexton,... Evanston.





Alabama.. Jos. 0. Thompson. Birmingham
F. W. Tucker..

Little Rock..
Geo. Stone

San Francisco..
John F. Vivian.

Connecticut.. Michael Kenealy.. Stamford
T, O. Du Pont.


Henry S. Chubb Gainesville..

W. H. Johnson. Atlanta....
Roy 0. West..


James P. Goodrich Indianapolis
F. P. Woods.

S, O. Crummer

R. P. Ernst.


F. B. William's. Patterson..
Seth M. Carter,

John B. Hanna

Bel Air..
Massachusetts. Thomas Talbot.. Boston.

Gerrit J. Diekema. Holland..
A, B. Cole..

Fergus Fails.
Mississippi. Fred. W. Collins Gulfport.

Thos. K. Niedringhaus. St. Louis

Fletcher Maddox,. Great Falls.
W. B, Rose...


Geo. F. Turrittin. Reno...
New Hampshire. Jacob H. Gallinger... Concord.
New Jersey
Frank 0. Briggs.

New Mexico... H. O. Bursum

Sante F. New York.

Timothy L. Woodruff.. New York City. North Carolina. S. B. Adams..

North Dakota.. L. B. Hanna

Oharles Dick


Jake L. Harmon Lawton. Oregon

G. A. Westgate. Albany Pennsylvania.. W. R. Andrews Philadelphia Rhode Island H. J. Gross..

South Carolina Edmund H. Deas. Darlington
South Dakota.. W. 0. Cook.

Tennessee. Newell Sanders.. Chattanooga
Cecil A. Lyon.


0. J. Salisbury. Salt Lake City Vermont..

Thad. M. Chapman. Middlebury
O. B. Slemp.

Big Stone Gap..
Washington. EUis de Bruler. Seattle..
West Virginia. H. O. Woodyard Parkersburg
Wisconsin.. W. D. Connor.

Wyoming. .......Ohas. W. Burdick.... Oheyenne...,

N. L. Steele... Birmingham,
W. S. Holt..

Little Rock.
E. F. Woodward San Francisco,
Samuel H. Wood Denver,
George E. Hinman. Willimantic.
Frank L. Speakman, Wilmington.
Joseph E. Lee... Jacksonville.
John H. Deveaux.. Savannah.
Edward St. Clair... Chicago.
Oy Riddick..

O. F. Franke...

Clyde W. Miller Osage City
Thos. L. Walker Louisville,
M. J. McFarlane New Orleans.
Byron Boyd.

John C. Simering. Baltimore.
Wm. M. Flanders Newton.
D. E. Alward.

Chas. H. Warner. Aitkin.
T. V. McAllister Jackson,
Joseph McCoy. St. Louis.
Chas, E. Wight.. Anaconda.
Clark Perkins.. St, Paul,
A. N. Salisbury. Reno,
L, A. Thorp.

J. Herbert Potts. Jersey City.
Chas. V. Safford Sante Fé.
Lafayette B. Gleason., New York City.
W, S. Pearson... Morganton.
M. H Jewell

John R. Malloy. Columbus.
V, W. Whiting

S. O. Spencer.

John R. Williams. Philadelphia.
Nathan M. Wright.. Providence.
W. F. Myers ..

J, S. Wingfield.. Mitchell.
Lee Brock.

Walter E. Baker. Sherman,
George B. Squires. Salt Lake City.
Frederick S. Platt. Poultney.
Geo. L. Hart... Roanoke.
J. W, Lysons

Virgil L. Highland... Clarksburg.
Henry F. Cochems... Milwaukee,
Robert P. Fuller.... Cheyenne,

Prohibition Party National Committee.



A. G. WOLFENBARGER, Lincoln, Neb.
Secretary ....

W. G, CALDERWOOD, Minneapolis, Minn.

.FELIX T. MOWHIRTER, Indianapolis, Ind. Arizona--Frank J. Sibley, Tucson; J. O. Watson, Phoenix. Arkansas-J. M. Parker, Dardanelle: H. Brady, Beebe. California -A. B. Taynton, Oakland; Fred. F. Wheeler, Los Angeles. Colorado-John Hipp, Denver; J. N. Scouller, Denver. Connecticut-Frederick G. Platt, New Britain; E. L. G. Hohenthal, South Manchester. Delaware-George W. Todd, Wilmington; Ashton R, Tatum, Wilmington. Florida-A. L. Izler, Ocala: Francis Trueblood, Bradentown. Georgia-R. S. Cheves, Zenith. IdahoSilas S. Gray, Star; Herbert A. Lee, Weiser. Illinois--Oliver W. Stewart, Chicago; Frank S. Regan, Rockford. Indiana-Felix T. McWhirter, Indianapolis:Charles Eckhart, Auburn, Iowa-A. U. Coates, Perry; Malcolm Smith, Cedar Rapids. Kansas-Earle R. De Lay, Emporia ; T. D. Talmadge, Hutchinson. Kentucky-T. B. Demaree, Nicholasville; J. D. Smith, Paducah. Louisiana-E. E. Israel, Baton Rouge; Walter Miller, New Orleans. Maine-Volney B. Cushing. Bangor: Nathan F. Woodbury, Auburn. Maryland-Finley O. Hendrickson, Cumberland; John N. Parker, Baltimore. Massachusetts-John B. Lewis, Jr., Boston; Herbert S. Morley, Baldwinville. Michigan-Samuel Dickie, Albion; Fred. W. Corbett, Adrian. Minnesota---Bernt B. Haugan, Fergus Falls; George W. Higgins, Minneapolis. Missouri-Oharles E, Stokes, Kansas City ; H, P. Faris, Clinton. Nebraska-L, 0. Jones, Lincoln; A. G. Wolfenbarger, Lincoln, New Hampshire-Ray C. Durgin, Nashua; L. F. Richardson, Peterboro.' New Jersey-Joel G. Van Cise, Summit; W. H. Nicholson, Haddonfield. New York -William T. Wardwell, New York; J, H. Darkee, Rochester. North Carolina-Edwin Shaver, Salisbury; J. M. Templeton, Cary. North Dakota-Theo. E. Ostlund, Hillsboro; M. H. Kiff, Tower City. Ohio-H. F. MacLane, Toledo;Robert Candy, Columbus. Oklahoma-Charles Brown, Cherokee; J. M. Monroe, Oklahoma City. Oregon-F. McKercher, Portland; W. P. Elmore, Brownsville. Pennsylvania-A. A. Stevens, Tyrone, Charles R. Jones, Philadelphia. Rhode Island-O, H. Tilley, Providence; Smith Quimby, Hills Grove. South Dakota-0. V. Templeton, Woonsocket; F. J. Carlisle, Brookings. Tennessee-James A, Tate, Harriman; A. D. Reynolds, Bristol. Texas – J. B. Crantill, Dallas; E. O. Heath, Rockwall. Vermont-S. M. Harris, Vergennes; Fred. L. Page, Barre. Virginia-G. M. Smithdeal, Richmond: James W. Bodley, Staunton. Washington-R. E. Dunlap, Seattle: W. H. Roberts, Latah, West Virginia-Edward W. Mills, Fairmont; U. A. Clayton, Fairmont. Wisconsin-J. E. Clayton, Milwaukee ; Alfred Gabrielson, Eau Claire. Wyoming-Lemuel L. Laughlin, Toltee; C. J. Sawyer, Laramie.

People's Party National Committee.


.JAMES H. FERRISS, Joliet, ill.
W, S. MORGAN, Hardy, Ark.

Socialist Labor Party National Committee. .

FRANK Bonn, National Secretary, 2-6 New Reade Street, New York City. The National Executive Committee is composed of 0. M. Johnson, Oakland, Cal. ; Chas. Mercer, Bridgeport, Conn. ; Duncan B. McEachern, Chicago, Ill. ; Theodore Bernine, Indianapolis, Ind. ; Albert Schmutz, Louisville, Ky.; Charles Becker, Baltimore, Md.; Thomas F. Brennan, Salem, Mass. Herman Richter, Hamtramk, Mich. ; Peter Riehl, Minneapolis, Minn, ; W. W. Cox, St. Louis, Mo. : Ulrich Frueh, Haledon, N.'J.; John J. Kinneally, New York, N.Y.; Peter C. Christiansen, Cleveland, Ohio; D. E, Gilchrist, Pittsburgh, Pa.; David J. Moran, Pawtucket, R. I.; A. S. Dowler, Finlay, Tex.; B. D. Downey, Portsmouth, Va.; J, C. Anderson, Tacoma, Wash.; Frank Wilke, Milwaukee, Wis. The recording secretary of the committee is Everett I. Bowers.

The party is organized in local organizations known as "sections,' such sections existing in thirtytwo States. Any seven persons in any city or town of the United States may form a section, providing they acknowledge the platform and constitution of the Socialist Labor party and do not belong to any other political party. In places where no section exists, or where none can be formed, any person complying with the aforesaid provisions may become a member-at-large upon application to the National Executive Committee. Sections are not permitted to charge initiation fees. All questions of importance arising within the party are decided by general vote. At each meeting of the section a chairman is elected, and the same rule holds good with all standing committees.

Socialist Party National Committee. J. M HLON BARNES, National Secretary, 269 Dearborn Street, Chicago. This organization, known nationally as the Socialist Party, is officially known as the Social Democratic Party in Wisconsin, and the Public Ownership Party in Minnesota, to conform to the election laws in those States. The National Executive Commitee is composed of seven men, elected by a national referendum of party members. The national secretary is elected in like manner. The term of office is one year. The following are the members of the National Executive Committee: Robert Bandlow, čleveland; Ohio; A. H. Floaten, Fort Collins, Colo. ; Chas. H. Kerr, Chicago, Ill. ; William Mailly, New York, N. Y. ; A. M. Simons, Chicago, Ill. ; Chas. G. Towner, Newport, Ky. ; John M. Work, Des Moines, Ia. The national committee is composed of representatives from each organized State or Territory, of which there are thirty-nine. Representation is as follows: "Each State or Territory shall be represented on the national committee by one member and by an additional member for every one thousand members or major fraction thereof in good standing in the party." The apportionment is made by the national secretary at the beginning of each year, based upon the dues received from the respective States. The representative to the International Socialistic Bureau is Morris Hillquit, 320 Broadway, New York City.

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