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Сторінка 70 - Every such company as aforesaid shall be liable for the loss of or for any injury done to any horses, cattle, or other animals, or to any articles, goods, or things, in the receiving, forwarding, or delivering thereof, occasioned by the neglect or default of such company or its servants, notwithstanding any notice, condition, or declaration made and given by such company contrary thereto, or in anywise limiting such liability...
Сторінка 125 - Give a man the secure possession of a bleak rock, and he will turn it into a garden ; give him a nine years' lease of a garden, and he will convert it into a desert.
Сторінка 138 - Your first lead makes your partner understand What is the chief component of your hand; And hence there is necessity the strongest That your first lead be from your suit that's longest. In this, with ace and king, lead king, then ace ; With king and queen, king also has first place; With ace, queen...
Сторінка 22 - ... when protection was in full and unchecked force, and of examining the effect which it produced upon the wealth of the country. How, will you say, do I mean to test that wealth ? I mean to test that wealth by the exports of the country, and I will tell you why, because your prosperity depends upon the wealth of your customers — that is to say, upon their capacity to buy what you produce. And who are your customers? Your customers are the industrial population of the country, who produce what...
Сторінка 101 - ... shall be scraped and swept, and the scrapings and sweepings, and all dung, sawdust, fodder, litter, and other matter shall be effectually removed therefrom : and...
Сторінка 98 - ... cleansed and disinfected, and all litter, dung, or other thing that has been in contact with or used about any such animal to be disinfected, burnt, or destroyed.
Сторінка 102 - ... have come in contact shall be scraped and swept, and the scrapings and sweepings and all dung, sawdust, litter and other matter shall be effectually removed therefrom...
Сторінка 106 - ... proceed with all practicable speed to the place where the disease, according to the information received by him, exists, or is suspected to exist, and shall there and elsewhere put in force and discharge the powers and duties conferred and imposed on him as inspector by or under the Act of 1894, and this Order.
Сторінка 96 - ... (b) in every other case the compensation shall be the value of the animal immediately before it was slaughtered, but so that the compensation do not in any case exceed forty pounds.

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