London Labour and the London Poor: The Condition and Earnings of Those that Will Work, Cannot Work, and Will Not Work, Том 2

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Сторінка 65 - Whosoever shall corruptly take any Money or Reward, directly or indirectly, under Pretence or upon account of aiding any Person to recover any Dog which shall have been stolen, or which shall be in the Possession of any Person not being the Owner thereof, shall be guilty of a Misdemeanor, and being convicted thereof shall be liable, at the Discretion of the Court, to be imprisoned for any Term not exceeding Eighteen Months, with or without Hard Labour.
Сторінка 63 - to see the bear with his pink eyes leering after his enemies' approach, the nimbleness and wait of the dog to take his advantage, and the force and experience of the bear again to avoid the assaults.
Сторінка 414 - I LIKE to meet a sweep — understand me — not a grown sweeper — old chimney-sweepers are by no means attractive — but one of those tender novices, blooming through their first nigritude, the maternal washings not quite effaced from the cheek — such as come forth with the dawn...
Сторінка 58 - Peace, shall, at the Discretion of the Justice, either be committed to the Common Gaol or House of Correction, there to be imprisoned only, or to be imprisoned and kept to hard Labour, for any Term not exceeding...
Сторінка 288 - While, on the one hand, industry is limited by capital, so on the other, every increase of capital gives, or is capable of giving, additional employment to industry ; and this without assignable limit.
Сторінка 245 - ... work may be properly conducted, in the pulling of ropes on board ship, in the rowing of large boats, in some mining operations, in the erection of a scaffolding for building, and in the breaking of stones for the repair of a road, so that the whole of...
Сторінка 44 - ... the world, nor in any other portion of the world itself. The ground has also its array of colours. It is covered with lines of boots and shoes, their shining black relieved here and there by the admixture of females...
Сторінка 145 - For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night. Thou earnest them away as with a flood ; they are as a sleep ; in the morning they are like grass which groweth up. In the morning it flourisheth, and groweth up ; in the evening it is cut down, and withereth.
Сторінка 396 - ... joints become deformed, in the first instance, from the position they are obliged to put them in, in order to support themselves, not only while climbing up the chimney, but more particularly so whilst coming down, when they rest solely on the lower extremities, the arms being used for scraping and sweeping down the soot.
Сторінка 298 - This is all very benevolent, but still very wrong. There is but one way of benefiting the poor, viz., by developing their powers of selfreliance, and certainly not in treating them like children. Philanthropists always seek to do too much, and in this is to be found the main cause of their repeated failures. The poor are expected to become angels in an instant, and the consequence is, they are merely made hypocrites.

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