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Repairs, law of .
Replevin, action of, what.
............. issue of fresh writs of " venire” in cases of
Responsible Party . .
Roman Catholic priests exempt from serving as jurors
Relator, what

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......... and

Sabbath breaking
Sergeants at law exempt from serving as jurors
Servants of the king's household exempt from serving on
Sheriff, jury process to be directed to him .
......... unless he is partial
......... when there are two sheriffs, one must act if the

other is partial
must return names from the juror's book of the

current year ,
must annex a “panel" on return of process

and make out copies of the panel . .
......... and summon the jurors . .
......... may empanel any person named in his jurors' book
......... may be fined for summoning a person exempt by

previous service, &c. ..
......... finable for altering jurors' book ..
..... ... may fine jurors for non-attendance in certain cases
Statute or written law . . . .
Suits, frivolous
Suits for things done in pursuance of the Jury Act
...... limitation of .
Solicitors exempt from serving on juries.
Special jury, what,
............... may be struck by order of the court .

........... how applied for
......... how struck . .

may be struck according to the old method
old method of striking .
in what time rule for, must be served. .
rule for, copy of, to be served on under-

sheriff, &c.
how to be made up when the number cannot

be supplied from the special jurors' list ..
same special jury may try several cases .
when a special jury is ordered, the sheriff may

not return a common jury panel.
fees of, and by whom to be paid . .

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Special jurors, their qualifications .
........... lists.

............. allowances to
Special verdict, what .

............. court cannot refuse
.................. may be found in all causes and actions .
.................. minutes of, must be approved by the judge
................... may be given, as heretofore, in cases of libel

must, in general, be sent to jurors ten days be-

fore the trial
............ how to be served
............ intervening period between summons and at-

tendance in London and Middlesex .
...... juror may be fined in case of non-attendance after
Surgeons exempt from serving on juries, .





Tales de Circumstantibus, what it signifies

............ may be appointed by order of the court .
......... may be granted at request of either plain-

tiff or defendant .
must be for a less number than the first

except in capital cases .
if neither party requests one, the cause

must go off for want of jurors.

....... now usually confined to special jury cases
Talesmen to be sworn as jurors
Teachers exempt from serving as jurors .
Traitors disqualified for serving as jurors ..
Treason, law of
Trial by jury, its antiquity, &c. .
...... at bar, what
...... by proviso, what . .
Triers of challenge, how sworn, &c.
...... court may discharge them, if they cannot agree, and

appoint others . .

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Venire Facias, what it signifies .
................. form of, in the King's Bench and Common
............... in what cases fresh writs of, may be issued :
Venue, meaning of the term
......... limitation of, in certain suits
Verdict . .
......... in what cases bad, if the jury decide by lot .




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Verdict the jury must be unanimous in the
......... may be determined by a majority of votes.
......... difference between a general and a special .
......... a special, what . .
......... special, court cannot refuse
......... may be found in criminal, as well as civil, cases
......... minutes for a special, must be approved of by the
judge and signed by counsel.

in cases of libels

of acquittal contrary to evidence .
of conviction contrary to evidence.
cannot be altered after it has been recorded

privy, may be given between party and party

...... not allowed in capital cases . .
.. how far definitive

.. when a jury may not vary from a privy verdict . ib.
......... special, charges of, to be borne equally by both parties 107
Vices of mankind, the .
Views, concerning
View, what, and when granted
...... court may order one
...... how applied for

...... sheriff must certify the view in special return
Viewers, by whom appointed
.......... shall be first sworn on the trial .
.......... to be fined for non-attendance .

Wales, qualifications of jurors in .

Warrant for returning lists of jurors, form of

Writs of Venire Facias, what .

........ form of, in the King's Bench and
Common Pleas . .

............., in what cases fresh writs may be

issued . .


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R. BOYD, Printer, Upper Street, Islington Green.


I. Geography, Topography, Voyages and Travels,

Guide Books, etc.

n, 1 vol.scountry, and the made with a vier


On the Social and Political State of France, Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of

Europe, during the present Century. By Samuel Laing, Esq. 2d Edit. (1842), 8vo. 16s. cloth. “ The quantity of matter contained in a single volume would ontweigh a dozen or twenty cominon iravel.books, and exceeds that of any single work which has for years emanated from the press. Nor is it wanting in literary excellence. The subjects are all important in them. selves, and well presented with a view to attract the reader who would take the slightest interest in such kind of questions. Every thing is exhausted, according to Mr. Laing's mode of exhaustation, yet nothing is overdone. His social and political investigations are interesting from their intrinsic importance, and attractive from their tacy, vigorous mode of treatment; his political economy and his statistics have none of the dryness frequently attendant upon such subjects, for they are all well selected and applied; the reader sees the object they are advanced to prove, and is not wearied by details which convey no idea of a whole or a purpose. The composition throughout is clear, vigorous, and full of life; the style never stagnátes; and in some of the more general descriptions, it displays a rough picture-like power, which presents by a few touches a general view of the country's physical aspect."-Spectator. JOURNAL OF A RESIDENCE IN NORWAY

During the years 1834, 1835, and 1836; made with a view to inquire into the Rural and Political
Economy of that Country, and the Condition of its Inhabitants. By Samuel Laing, Esq.

2d Edition, 1 vol. 8vo. 14s. cloth. A TOUR IN SWEDEN

In 1838; comprising Observations on the Moral, Political, and Economical State of the Swedish

Nation. By Samuel Laing, Esq. 1 vol. 8vo. 12s. cloth.

A Statistical Description of that Country-its Laws, Commerce, Resources, Public Institutions,
Army, Navy, etc. - from the Arrival of King Otho, in 1833, down to the present time. From
Official Documents and Authentic Sources. By Frederick Strong, Esq., Consul at Athens for

the Kingdoms of Bavaria and Hanover. 1 vol. 8vo. 158. cloth. " The statistics, both tabular and explanatory, are elaborate; whether they relate to general questions- as the population. the arent of the country, the extent of cultivation, the nature of the soil and climate, and the leading particulars connected with agriculture, manufactures, commerce, navigation, the arts; of to matters more imonediately connected with the state-as the finances, the army, the nany, justice, religion, and public education; whilst chapters devoted to government and the court give a view of the royal household, and the different official personages, as well as of the state of affairs previous to the arrival of the King, and an account of the constitution, such as it is. On all these points Mr. Strong's book may be advantageously consulted, especially by persons who take a practical interest in Greece."-Spectator. TRAVELS IN THE WEST :

Cuba, with Notices of Porto Rico and the Slave Trade. By D. Turnbull, Esq., Member of the
Royal Academy of History at Madrid, and of the Royal Patriotic and Economic Societies of

Havana. I vol. 8vo. with Map, 15s. cloth.

A Series of Travelling Sketches of Art and Society. By H. F. Chorley, Esq. 3 vols. 315. 6d. LOITERINGS OF TRAVEL:

A Collection of Sketches of Manners, Incidents of Travel, Tales, and Poetry. By N. P. Willis,

Esq., author of Pencillings by the Way,” etc. 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. lls. 6d. boards. THE MOUNTAINS AND LAKES OF SWITZERLAND:

With Descriptive Sketches of other parts of the Continent. By Mrs. Bray, authoress of

“Trials of the Heart," etc. etc. 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 113. 60. boards. SIR EDWARD SEAWARD'S NARRATIVE OF HIS SHIPWRECK,

And consequent Discovery of certain Islands in the Caribbean Sea: with a Detail of many extraordinary and highly interesting Events in his Life, from 1733 to 1749, as written in his own Diary. Edited by Miss Jane Porter. 3d Edition, with a New Nautical and Geographical Introduction, containing Extracts from a Paper by Mr. C. F. Collett, of the Royal Navy,

identifying the Islands described by Sir Edward Seaward. 2 vols. post Svo. 21s. cloth. A DICTIONARY, GEOGRAPHICAL, STATISTICAL, AND HISTORICAL,

of the various Countries, Places, and principal Natural Objects in the World. By J. R.

M'Culloch, Esq. (For particulars, see page 10 of Catalogue). AN ENCYCLOPÆDIA OF GEOGRAPHY;

(For particulars, see page 10 of Catalogue). THE HISTORY OF MARITIME AND INLAND DISCOVERY.

By W. D. Cooley, Esq. 3 vols. foolscap 8vo., with Vignette Titles, 189. cloth.

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