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253, 254.
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Addressed to DR. AIKIN.


Illic indocto primum se exercuit arcu ;
Hei mihi quam doctas nunc habet ille manus !


When Cupid, wanton boy, was young,
His wings unfledg’d, and rude his tongue,
He loiter'd in Arcadian bowers,
And hid his bow in wreaths of flowers;
Or pierc'd some fond unguarded heart,
With now and then a random dart;
But heroes scorn'd the idle boy,
And love was but a shepherd's toy :
When Venus, vex'd to see her child
Amid the forests thus run wild,
Would point him out some nobler game,
Gods, and godlike men to tame.
She seiz'd the boy's reluctant hand,
And led him to the virgin band,
Where the sister Muses round
Swell the deep majestic sound;
And in solemn strains unite,
Breathing chaste, severe delight;

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Songs of chiefs, and heroes old,
In unsubmitting virtue bold;
Of even valour's temperate heat,
And toils to stubborn patience sweet ;
Of nodding plumes, and burnish'd arms,
And glory's bright terrific charms.
The potent sounds like lightning dart
Resistless thro' the glowing heart;

power to lift the fixed soul
High o'er fortune's proud controul ;
Kindling deep, prophetic musing ;
Love of beauteous death infusing ;
Scorn, and unconquerable hate
Of tyrant pride's unhallow'd state.
The boy abash'd, and half afraid,
Beheld each chaste immortal maid :
Pallas spread her Egis there;
Mars stood by with threatening air ;
And stern Diana's icy look
With sudden chill his bosom struck,

Daughters of Jove, receive the child,
The queen of beauty said, and smil'd;
Her rosy breath perfum'd the air,
And scatter'd sweet contagion there;
Relenting nature learn’d to languish ;
And sicken'd with delightful anguish:
Receive him, artless yet and young;
Refine his air, and smooth his tongue :

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