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“Far to the north, where bold Brigantian kings
“Ruld awful, ere the martial clime was hail'd
"By the lov'd name of York.”


HE origin of the first inhabitants of this island is not to be traced with any degree of certainty; all the assistance that tradition can furnish, is


and unsatisfactory. The universal opinion is, that it was peopled, at various times, from different parts of the continent; and, also, that some colonies were planted here by the Greek and Phænician merchants. Julius Cæsar observes, that he found the sea-coasts peopled with Belgians, who still retained the names of the several states from whence they were descended. Colony propelling colony, still farther and farther into the country; these, in process of time, formed themselves into petty states, seventeen of which were established in Britain, before the arrival of the Romans.


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