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Brunette, (colonel) a very pretty fellow 24 Church mutes censured

Brussels Postcript, remarks on that poem 46 Thermometer, when invented

Brutes, cruelty towards them condemned 134 Cibber, (Colley) a celebrated comedian, 182
Bruyere, (mons.) his satire on the French 57 Cicero, his letters to his wife

Bublenia, angry about the tucker

109 Circumspection water, Bickerstaff's wonderful
& Buckley, (Mr.) a drawcansir
18 effects of it

Bullock and Penkethman, parallel between them 188 Citizens distinguished from cits
To attend Mr. Bickerstaff's funeral
7 City politicians reproved

Busy Body, character of that comedy.
19 Shower poetically described

Busy, (lady) described

248 Clarinda makes an ill choice of a lover 217
But, the particle, used too frequently

38 Clarissa, love of her makes madmen

Clements (Thomas) proposal to provide for
CADAROQUE, meaning of that word
171 children

" To whom applied by the Indian kings 171 Cleomira, confined for painting her face 61
Cadogan, (major-general) at Brussels

I Clergyman, character for a good one
Wounded before Mons

Respect due to them

Cælia, her unhappy marriage with Palamede 198 Deficient

66, 68, 70, 71, 72
Why so long a majd

5 Wherein their discourses may receive addition 66
Cælicola, wherein of the same use to his friends Their laziness the principal cause of dissen-
as an angel

66, 68
Cæsar, (Julius) compared with Alexander 6 The vanity of some of them wearing scarfs
Callicoat acquitted ja the court of honour 259 and powdered wigs

Cambray, (archbishop of) account of his Te. Clerk of a church reproved

156 The terin explained

Cambrick, the linen-draper indicted in the court Clidemira, a woman of distinction

of honour
259 Cuaches, vanity of riding in them exposed

141 :
Camilla, exit of the person who performed that Why they should be taxed, and ought to be
character in the opera
20 called in

Campaign, character of that poem

43 Coach-painting, a method to make it useful 144
Cancrum, his merit

24 Cubbler on Ludgate-hill, his contrivance to gra.
Cane, worn out of affectation
77 tify his pride

Petition to wear one

80 Colchester, corporation of, their offer to Mr.
Different in their kinds and value

112 Bickerstaff
Cant of modern men of wit
2 Comma, (Mrs.) a subtie casuist

Cards take the place of poetry,

1 Commendation of one's self, when necessary 91
Careless, (Frank) opposed to Fop Nice 14 Commerce, a goddess in the region of liberty 161
Careless Husband, a comedy born within the Common prayer, advice to the readers of,

66, 230
182 Commonwealth, the ruin of a

Case, (Dr.) got more by a short distich than Companions, what sort most desirable

45 108
Mr. Dryden gained by all his writings 240 Essential qualities of

Castabella, an eminent prude
162 Company, its greatest perfection

: Cato, a beauty in his character

112 Compassion, how moved in men and women 68
Cato Junior, his advice to Mr. Bickerstaff 195 Compassion instanced in a passage of Macbeth, 68
Cebes, table of, a beautiful allegory
161 Often the weakest part about us

Celamico, his will

261 Competency, a guide in the temple of Avarice 123
Celibacy, a great evil to a nation

261 Complacency, a guide in the temple of Hymen 120
Censor, necessity of the office
141 Complainers, their importunity

Roman and British censors compared 162 Complaints concerning reformation.

Censurers punished severely after death 156 Complaisance, necessary in the married state 149
Ceremony, invention and use of it
30 Conjagal affection

Cervantes, (Michael) his discerning spirit 178 Conscience described

Cestus of Venus deseribed
H47 Consort, female, described

Chair, (elbow) for what purpose

268 Constancy, necessary in the married state 192
Challenge, the style of it
25 Contention described

Chances, a comedy, character of

191 Between two ladies for the title of very pretty 34
Chanticleer, (Job) his petition
134 Contradiction, an occasion of it

Chaplains, a discourse concerning them 255

More odious than flattery

Chapel-clerk, explained

72 Conversation, good-will the quintessence of it 45
Caught in a garret
69 What only gives true relish to it

Charles, the toyman, his great genius in canes The most necessary talent for it

and snuff-boxes

A general rule to be observed in it

: Chastity, its value instanced in Scipio
58 Rules for it

Cheerfulness; necessary in a married state 192 The use and abuse of it

Chicken, a modern diet,

148 A medium to be observed in it
Children, manner of nursing them
15 What it chiefly turns upon

2 16
A scheme to provide for them

261 Humdrums in conversation
Chloe, love of her makes coxcombs
4 Repartees

The fortune disappointed
207 Copenhagen described

Christmas Eve
111 Coppersmith. that name explained

Church, indecent and irregular behaviour at, Harry and Will, their character compared
1 40 with the sharpers



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Coquetry. what

27 Dawks, (honest Icabody the news writer' 18, 178
Tis effects on a young gentleman

107 Dead, who to be so accounted : 96, 111, 11&174
How to overcome the power of it

107 Heard and adjudged
Coquettes, a mischievous sect

27, 126

Dressed in lace, &c. contrary to the act
Coquettes, labyrinth of

120 A dead man resuscitated
Compared to prudes

126 Decius, the character of a lewd person
Chaste jilts
107 Dedications, the abuse of them

43, 177
Compared to kits


Difference between ancient and modern dedi.
Story of a coquet widow
125 cations

Corinna, her manner of life with Limberham 49 A play dedicated to a city knight.

Corruption, an officer in the temple of Avarice 123 Defiance, natural to the English

Cornwall, a tragical accident there

82 Degeneracy of the age
Country, the charms and pleasures of it 89 Delamira, account of her amours, and the vir.
Modern entertainments and diversions in it 169 tues and management of her fan

Ignorant of Mr. Bickerstaff's character 31 Delicates, false, pernicious

Country gentleman, character of a true one 461 Demosthenes, his speech to the Athenians' . 183
Very ceremonious

86 Denmark, king of, runs for a prize at Dresden 33
Country life, the true pleasures of it : 89, 169 Account of his tour 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 21, 21, 25, 28, 33
Coupler, the conveyancer, his account of join- Desire, two most prevalent desires implanter in
tures and marriage-settlements

199 men by nature
Courant, a newspaper

178 Destinies, their speech and present to Jupiter 116
Court of honour erected

250 Devotion, the pleasure and dignity of it, by
Account of its members, and their proceed-

Dr. South

250, 253, 256, 259, 265 | Diana Forecast, letter from

Cowley, (Mr.) his judgment of a pocm 231 Diet, difference between ancient and modern 148
Coxcombs, described by Suckling
57 Dimple, (lady,) her good breeding

The greatest plague of them
91 Dinner postponed

Required to hang out their signs
96 Discourse, different talents in it.

Craft, when it becomes wisdom
191 The general subject of it

Crassus, his character compared with Lorio 91 Discretion a guard to one of Hymen's gates 120
Credit described

48 Dissensions owing to the laziness of the clergy 68
How obtained in the city

176 Dissimulation distinguished from simulation 213
Critics described

29, 165 Distaff, Jenny, Mr. Bickerstaffs half sister, her
A people betwcen the learned and the igno-. visits, behaviour, and character 74, 143, 18+
2 46 Her discourse in love

Opposed to wits

29 Reflections on her brother's writings
How punished after death
165 Apology for the fair sex

A great critic in tits at the opera

Conduct in an amour

Ciuclty to animals

131 Her marriage, and character of her husband
Cunning, the greatest cunning of some people

74, 79
to appear so
191 Sets up an equipage

A contemptible quality
191 Her happiness with Tranquillus

Cupid, a lap-dog, dangerously ill

121 Distress, contemplation of, softens the mind,
Custom, the cause of duels
23 and fetters the heart

Cynthio, falls in love

1 Diversions for the king of Denmark, at Dresden 33
The effect of a bow from his mistress

5 Divito, sale of his goods, celestial and terrestrial 42
Dictating on the passiou of love
22 Ejected from his palace

His resolution, and letter to his mistress 35 Docior, dumb, at Kensington .

His death, monument, and epitaph 85 Dodwell, some account of his opinions

Czar of Muscavy, account of his victory 49 Dogget, a comedian, commended

His generosity and hospitality to the Swedish His letter to Mr. Bickerstaff

58 His civilities to Mr. Bickerstaff at the theatre

122, 193
DAMIA, a woman of distinction, a very pretty Dogs, a kennel of them to be disposed of

31 Account of the loss of a lady's lap-dog
Dancing displays beauty
31 Recipe for a sick dog

Dancing-master, account of one who danced Donne, (Dr.) his saying of Guicciardini 261
by book
88 Dorchester stage-coach advertised

, to be carried in a stage-coach Dover Cliff described by Shakspeare


180 | Downes the prompter describes the state of the
Daniel the historian, extract from, on taxcs 118 stage

Daniel, Mr. Bickerstaff's merry companion, bis Dozers, who

manner of preaching
66 Dramatists, unskilful, remarks on them

Dapper, (parson) his way of preaching 66 Dream of the band of lovers

Tim, head of a species

85 Of Jupiter and the destinies
Dassapa, (Tom) his potions

Of the region of liberty

Datban, a Jew, tried in the court of honour 256 of the temple of Virtue

Davenport, (major-general) his good offices Dress, plain ness recommended

to Mr. Steele
271 Improprieties therein censured

David, (saint) his day, why observed by Mr. of rural squires
140 Drinking, essay on






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Drinking, the vice of the country and 169 Equipage, proper to be set off with a rent-roll 66,
Dromio, the character of a sharper

56 Esquires, the order of
Drum, who may be called so in conversation 153, 157 Why enemies to Mr. Bickerstaff

Drunkards die by their own hands
241 Esteem distinguished from affection

A warning to them

152 How distinguished from credit
Drunkenness, the ill effects of it

205 Eucrates, effects of the natural softness of his
What may be esteemed a sort of incest therein 252 temper

Dryden, a saying of his on chastity
5 Evil, the greatest under the sun

His verses on empire applied

12 Euphusius, a man whose good-nature is hartful
Duel, inquiry into the genealogy of that monster 29 to him

Duellers, how treated after death

26 Eustace, (Mr.), melancholy instance of passion 172
Duelling and its terms explained

25, 29 Eutrapelus, mischievous in his presents 151
Custoin the source of it
29 Examiner, animadversions on

Stripped of its pretensions to eredit and re- Esercise of arms in London

Flui putation

25, 28 Extortion, office of, in the temple of Avarice 123
How used by different nations
28 Eye, language of the

Dialogue, and remarks on

30, 39
Dulcimer, who to be so accounted
157 | FAME, a universal passion

Dulwich College, founded by a player

20 The love of it dwells in heroic spirits
Dumb doctor at Kensington

70 Inconveniences attending the desire of it 255
Dumb conjuror
14 Difficult to obtain or preserve

D'Urfy the lyric poet, account of his abilities 11 • Bank of

A panegyric of his
43 Plan of the chamber of

His Plotting Sisters commended
82 Table of

74, 81
Writes state plays and political dances 11 Mountain and Temple of

Mistaken in a dedication
214 Familiarities, how distinguished

Dedication to his Modern Prophets 43 Family scene

95, 114
Dutch, their wit

129 Fan, its motion discovers ladies' thoughts 52
Duumvir, his way of life, and behaviour to his

Verses on a

wife and mistress
54 Fardingal, (lady) her advertisement

The fardingal allowed for a time

EARL of Essex, character of that play 14 Fashion, absurd when too strictly followed 212
Earthquake pills

240 By whom accounted the only liberal science 166
Base, in writing

9 Favonius, the character of a good clergyman 72, 114
Eastcourt, (Dick) Mr. Bickerstaff's apothecary 130 Feasts, considered

Baters, great, sacrifice sense to appetite 205 Felicia (England), happy in good ministers of
Eboracensis, a good governor so called
69 state

Eestasy, described by Dryden

6 Fellows, various significations of that term 52
Education, various errors of
189 Female Concert of music

Regulations proposed

189, 248 Fencing, how learned by Mr. Bickerstaff 93
Letter on the subject

234 Fidget, a general visitant, the occasion of her
Proposals for reforming the education of the


63, 248 Fire-men described

Fits cured by a whisper


268 Flagelet, an instrument in the female concerty
Elizabeth, (queen) the breakfast of her maids how esteemed by that sect
of honour

148 Flatterers, true meaning of the word, few good
Elliott's project of a lottery

Elmira, character and manner of her life 53 Flattery grateful to human nature
Eloquence described

66, 70

Ill consequence of flattering women 139
Elpenor, a warning to drunkards
152 Force of it in Don Quixote.' ne!!

Elysium, joys of, by the author of Telemachus 156 Flavia, a truly fine woman

the 212
Wherein its happiness may be supposed to A coquette, her interview with Myrtillo. 145
94 A young lady rival to her mother ::

England, the figure it made in 1709
130 An imaginary mistress

English, when they begin to sing
222 Flea, skeleton of one

Engagements between them and the French Fleming, (gen.) design of his visit to Berlin 2
15, 63, 64 Florimel and Picket, their courtship

English tongue much adulterated

230 Florinda, her pretensions to life
Enjoyment, only to be accounted true possession 63 Florio, a gentleman fitted for conversation 45
Envy deforms every thing
227 Flute, its effects in a female concert

Bifects of it
174 How matched

: 157
Often occasioned by avarice

227 Fly-blow, a fool who deserves to be treated like
Epidene, an author, censured
63 a knave

Epigram on marriage.

40 Folio, (Tom) a broker in learning, his visit and
Epithets of Homer and Virgil compared 6 criticism

Epsom, diversions there
30 A letter from him

· 160
Adventures of a fortime-hunter there
47 Fondness of wife and children

94, 114
Epsom-Wells, character of that comedy
7 Fools, how they differ from madmen.

Equanimity of temper, the greatest of human The way to make them madmen: -

6 perfections
176 / Footman, without avarice




, and for what purpose to be





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No. Foot-race by damsels at Epsom Wells

36 Ghosts of tyrants in

0 tridiml) Jl. 156 Fop, inventory of the effects of a

113 Gimcrack, (air Nicholas) a virtuoso, his will n 216 For and forasmuch discussed

54 His widow desires Mr Bickerstaff's friendship 221 Forbes, (lord) his good offices to Steele 271 Glass, state weather

'77*. ; 214 Forecast, (Díana) desires to be quickly pro- Glory, true, inseparable from merit nistess 177 vided for

200 Gluttony, modern

***** Fortitude described by Mr. Collier 251 Goatham petition.

141 When most conspicuous

176 Goldsmiths distinguished from coppersmiths - 61 A remarkable instance of it .. 177 Good breeding

5, 30 Fortune, the way to be above bez 170 Good fortune, the ready path to it

202 Emblem of, at the lottery office

170 Goodly, (lady) her fondness for her children Good, the ready path to it

202 Good-nature, an essential quality in a satirist 242 Fox, policy of that animal

229 Good natured old man, the best companion Fox, the, a play, applauded

21 Good will and charity, the basis of society 219 Fraud, an officer in the temple of Avarice 125 The quintessence of conversation Freemen have no superiors but benefactors 207 Grammar, not rightly taught

234 Free state represented in a dance 11 Grandeur, wherein it truly consists

170 Freethinkers, who call themselves so

12 Great Britain particularly fruitful in religion 257 Distinction between ancient and modern . 135 Great men, behaviour of some of them to their ! Considered in distress 111 dependents

195 French, characterised by Bruyere

57 Apology for their manner of bestowing favours 168 Defeated by the allies

63 Greatness of mind, wherein it consists Their shifts and subterfuges

64 Greenhat, Obadiah) bis criticism upon Mr. Writers of memoirs exploded 84 Bickerstaff

59 Friendship, founded on reason and choice 82 Sir Humphrey, a candidate for alderman, his Tenderness of friendship

172 expedient to prevent bribery A necessary ingredient in the married state 172 Character of the Greenbats, and their relation Frogs, method used to import and propagate in

to the Staffs

59 Ireland

236 Greenhouse described Frontlet, an awful beauty, characterised 24 Grief, the benefit of it

1181 Funerals, behaviour at them discover the state Grogram, (Jeffery) his petition for interment. 106 of the mind

184 Guardeloop, (Mons.) the French tailor, married Future state, platonic notions concerning the Guicciardini the historian, a prolix author 264 happiness and torments of

154 Guilt applies the satires Described by Homer, Virgil, and Fenelon, Gunner and gunster distinguished

152, 154, 156 Gunster in conversation, who to be so accounted 88 Futurity, benefits arising from the prospects of it 156 Gyges, his invisible ring allegorically applied Wherein its happiness may be supposed to

138, 139 consist

94, 154
The use Mr. Bickerstaff made of it

23 GALLANTRY, low, between a footman and a HALL, serjeant, his letter to his comrade 87 maid-servant

7 Hamlet, various observations and criticisms on * True, wherein it ought to consist

58 that character

35, 71, 106 The heroic virtue of private life

94 Hammar, disputes between Protestants and Pa? What effects it has op men, instanced in a

pists there

6 theatre on fire

94 Hammond, (John) recovery of his watch 12 Galway, (Galloway) earl of, his bravery and Handkerchief, religious, much worn in England 187 conduct in Portugal

17 Hannibal, the Carthaginian, his speech on Gamesters, their motive covetousness 14 being recalled from Italy

187 Their misery a 13 Hannibal, (sir) death and funeral of

115 What men of honour and wealth play against Hanover, elector of, remonstrance of his minis > them

15 ter to the council at Ratisbon A speech concerning them

56 Signifies his intentions to the imperial court Defended

57 Happiness, where the foundation must be placed 351 Represented under the character of a pack Hard words exploded

58 of hounds

59, 62, 64, 65, 66, 68, 70 Harpsichord, ils music applied to conversation 153 Gaming, its original

14, 56
With what instrument joined

157 The folly of it

65 Hart, the player, an ostentation of his .: 138 Gascon, adventure of one with a widow 126 Hassock, dispute concerning one

259 Gatty, (Mrs.) foremost in the rank of toasts 24 Hats, makers of, their petition against laced bats 270 Jack Gainly's sister, her character 206 Hautboy, in a female concert

153 Genealogy of the Bickerstaffs

11 Matched with the harpsichord Genii, their good offices to men 48 Hawksby, his raffling shop

59 Gentleman, what meant by the term

21 Hercules, Prodigus' allegory concerning him 97 A character difficult to support with propriety 66 Hero, how distinguished from a plain honest man 8 Ghost of Anticlea, Ulysses' mother

152 Heroic virtue, wherein it consisto1217 Ghosts of beauties 152 Hegdey, (Jack) whom he reduced

56 Of the damned

152 Hippocrates, the character of a generous phy Of heroes

152, 154

• 1

78 Of lovers

154 Historians, usefulness and variety of 117. 130 Of good princes

156 | Historical paintings, the great advantage of them 209


. 157

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No. Holt, (lord chicf justice) his integrity y lo aleca 14 Industry, knights of ,

is meb v

73 Homer, His description of a faturo 'stato 743 0152 Intadels how to be punished

138 Il disereetlin his epithetstil 0599sb wohiwaii, 6 Initial letters on a tombrstone si sunt to the

201 *SHis Hiad, in a journal

36 Injuries, scales for weighing them is, d. 250 Honest fellows described is 45 Innocence, its safest guard

248 Honesty as necessary in conversation as in

Inquietude, natural, how cured

202 219 Insipids, who to be accounted

166 Honour, the seat of it 17

202 Instructions to Vanderbank, remarks on that poem 3 1. Described 101 Insurrections in Poitou and Marseilles

6 Court of

253, 256, 262, 265 Invention to have one's name concealed 15 Horace, his excellencies 173 Inventory of playhouse goods

42 Some account of him and his writings 242 Jointures, the mischievous effects of 199, 223 Hornpipe, Lancashire, its part in a female con- Jonson, (Ben) his manner of writing

21 cert 157 Joseph the patriarch, his history

233 Horror described by Shakspeare

90 Journal of Homer's Iliad Humanity inspired by the muses 98 Journey to the Land's End

193 No true greatness without it

98 Ithuriel, the use Mr. Bickerstaff made of his Human nature considered in its true dignity 87


237 Humdrum, who

264 Juno, her method to regain Jupiter's affection 147 Project for extirpating such

268 Justice of Lewis le Grand compared to that of Humphrey, (squire) bubble at Bath 65 gamesters

26 Trelooby, his complaint against a sexton at Juvenal, account of, and his writings

242 St. Paul's 241 Ix, iniquity of that family

35 Hunger, how to be satisfied

205 Hunters, a meeting of them described 37 KETTLEDRUM, instrument in a female Husbandman, his pleasures next to those of a

concert, matched

157 philosopher

233 Kidney, master of St. James' coffee-house 69 Husbands, qualities necessary to make good ones 104 Kings, wicked, how punished in a future state 156 C: Miseries of a bad husband 149 Kit, that instrument matched

157 What makes a man an ill husband 149, 150 Knaves proved fools

40 ** Sullen husband as bad as a foolish one 149 Knights of the industry, their designs on a Hush-money demanded

26 Hussars, civil and mild, who 56 Knockers, exercise of them taught

105 Hymen, the god of marriage, a guard at the temple of virtuous love

120 LABOUR for the public unsuccessful Hymn to the Supreme Being

119 Ladies, treating them in organ-lofts censured 61

Ladies, their trifling endearments give us mean JACK SPRUCE made half mad with a smile 56 ideas of their souls

40 *Jack Such-a-one, what sort of men pass under A lady thankful to her husband for curing that title 206 her fits

23 Jacks, (Harry) why he deserved a statue 62 A young

lady enchanted by an old take

22 Jambee the best sort of canes 142 Lalo, (colonel) killed

64 Janglings, matrimonial 149, 150 Lamb, a modern diet

148 Idiots, an inquiry concerning an idiot put the Landlord distinguished from an incumbent

'r 169 city of London in great consternation 40 Landlord, Alexander, his lacopic love-letteri 7: Distinguished from politicians

40 Langham, (Dr.) the astrologer, his peculiar geIdleness, more destructive than the plague 97 nerosity

* Wolma)! EL 174 Idolatry, in what manner inverted

127 Laughter, what, and when becoming Dunia 43 Jealousy, her garments, complexion, and office 120 A weighty affair

M.1., 01 cuils preterivad Jervase, (Mr.) a great painter

4, 7
The distinguishing faculty in man 3-1 TT 716

63 Jester distinguished from a flatterer


Occasioned by scorn ? 18 ulice u sistov 63 The richest generally the best jester 225 Immoderate, a sign of pride, Jesuits, account of their discipline

168 Laura, her perfections and excellent character 54 Iliad put into an exact journal

6 Law, case of, answered Imagination, the most active principle of the Lazy, (lady) described

248 mind 98 Learning, what it is, and what it is aot

58 Immortality, two kinds of it 81 Only improves nature ,

58 Imperceptibles, natural history of them 119 Le Brun's battle of Porus, its effects

8 : Imperfection, what idea that word should con- Legacy, Noy's, to reclaim his son

9 iivey. 246 Leisure, how to employ it innocently

112 Impudence compared with absurdity 168 Letters, directions for writing them

30 Incest in drunkenness

252 Should be the produce of the place, instanced Incense, (Mr. Ralph) 270 in one from Switzerland

93 Inconstancy described by Hamlet 106 Penny-post, sent as reprim :1: s

67 Incumbent distinguished from a landlord 169 Levity, her post in the temple of Hymen

120 ladeature of marriage drawn up by Mr. Bick. Lewis XIV. answer of his subjects to his letter 29 de erstaff

199 Libels, panegyrics may be turned into them 177 Indiad kings, their return to the civilities of Libellers censured their landlord 171 Distinguished from satirists

92 Indibilis' wife' restored by Scipio 258 Liberty, its region described

161 Jasoleuce turned into philosophy 110 | Library, female


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