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ably to the rank I now hold among reasonable beings, sociable beings, that of conversing with and know. and the hope I have of being once advanced to a ing each other? What would they have done had more exalted station.

matter never been created ? I suppose, not have “ The other, and that the ultimate end of man, is lived in eternal solitude. As incorporeal substances the enjoyment of God, beyond which he cannot form are of a nobler order, so be sure their manner of ina wish. Dim at best are the conceptions we have tercourse is answerably more expedite and intimate. of the Supreme Being, who, as it were, keeps hie This method of communication we call intellectual creatures in suspense, neither discovering nor hiding vision, as somewhat analogous to the sense of seemg, himself: by which means, the libertine hath' a wbich is the medium of our acquaintance with this handle to dispute his existence, while the most are visible world. And in some such way can God make content to speak him fair, but in their hearts prefer himself the object of immediate intuition to the every trifling satisfaction to the favour of their blessed; and as he can, it is not improbable that he Maker, and ridicule the good man for the singularity will, always condescending, in the circumstances of of his choice. Will there not a time come when the doing it, to the weakness and proportion of finite Freethinker shall see his impious schemes over- minds. His works but faintly reflect the image of turned, and be made a convert to the truths he hates ? his perfections; it is a second-hand knowledge : to when deluded mortals shall be convinced of the folly have a just idea of him it may be necessary that we of their pursuits; and the few wise, who followed see him as he is. But what is that? It is somethe guidance of Heaven, and, scorning the blandish- thing that never entered into the heart of man to ments of sense, and the sordid bribery of the world, conceive; yet, what we can easily conceive, will be aspired to a celestial abode, shall stand possessed of a fountain of unspeakable, of everlasting rapture. their utmost wish in the vision of the Creator ? All created glories will fade and die away in his preHere the mind heaves a thought now and then to- sence. Perhaps it will be my happiness to compare wards him, and hath some transient glances of bis the world with the fair exemplar of it in the Divine presence; when, in the instant it thinks itself to Mind; perhaps, to view the original plan of those have the fastest hold, the object eludes its expecta- wise designs that have been executing in a long suctions, and it falls back tired and baffled to the cession of ages. Thus employed in finding out his ground. Doubtless, there is some more perfect way works, and contemplating their Author, bow shall I of conversing with heavenly beings. Are pot spirits fall prostrate and adoring, my body swallowed up in capable of mutual intelligence, unless immersed in the immensity of matter, my mind in the infinitude bodies, or by their intervention ? Must superior of his perfections !" natures depend on inferior for the main privilege of|

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I N D E X.

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No. ABSOLUTE power represented in a dance. 11 Allegory of Virtue and Pleasure making court Abertinence, advantages of 240 to Hercules

97 Absurdity, remarks on

Application of, in Homer

146 Actæon, his manner of life

59 Allen, (Mr.) founder of Dulwich college 20 Action, a necessary qualification of an orator 66 Almanac, Oxford, considered

39 Neglected by English clergymen 66, 168 Alost, attempt to surprise the garrison of 1,4 Actors, their chief perfection 167 Amanda, the happy wife of Florio

49 Adversity, an alleviation of 233 Ambition, the foundation and end of

186 Advertisements, a collection of them a good Middle age of man most addicted to

120 miscellany, 224 Becomes true honour in the good

120 Specimens of them 2:28, 245, 257 No true happiness in the success of

202 Advice to young people 104 Its refuge when disappointed

202 Not to be given by every body

In grotesque

202 Not asked for informatioa, but out of fullness The true object of laudable

251 and perplexity of heart 25 Aminadab, the quaker's admonition

190 Eneas's descent into, and adventures in, the Angelo, (Michael) his picture of the Last Judgempire of death 154 ment censured

156 Æsculapius falls in love with the divine Hebe 44 Anger, the ill consequences of

172 Metaphorically defunct 46 À tragical instance of surprise in anger

172 His receipt for love

47 | Animals, cruelty towards them condemned 133 His unseasonable amour

47 Anne, (queen) eulogiums on her government Æsop, a fable of his applied on the receipt of a

90, 130 letter

115. Annihilation described by Milton and Dryden 6 Affectation of vice and imperfection censured 77" Annuities, how purchased by Africanus

36 Affection distinguished from esteem

206 Anticyra, an island assigned by the Romans to Nearly related to esteem, in the fair sex 206 madmen

125 Paternal, described

Its product

125 Affections, how governed 54 Compared to Montpelier

125 Affliction, imaginary, often most insupportable 146 Apollo, god of verse and physic

240 Africanus, his magnanimity, and manner of Apology for great men in bestowing favours 168 purchasing annuities 36 Apothecaries, great orators

240 Afterwit, (Solomon) his observations on the town 83 Appetites, how to be governed

205 Agamemnon's invectives against women 152 Argyle (duke of) his character

46 Age, what renders it most agreeable

45 Aristæus, the character of a man who has the Indecent when not spent in virtue 46 mastery of himself

167 The glory of the present, in regard to England 130 Arms, an exercise of them at London

41 Albemarle, (earl) appointed governor of Tournay 49 Arria, wife of Pætus, manner of her death 72 Album Græcum prescribed to a sick dog 121 Arthur, (king) the first who sat down to a whole Alebymist, remarks on that comedy

roasted ox

148 Aldobrandini, picture in the palace of 184 Artillery Company of London, an exercise of Alexander the Great, his character, and irregu

arn.s performed by

41 larity of temper 191, 209 Aspasia, a most excellent woman

42 Compared with Cæsar

6 The first of the beauteous order of Love 49 A memorable saying of his 92 Astræa, an unfortunate wife

241 A remarkable instance between him and his Asturias (prince of) acknowledged heir to the physician 209 crown of Spain

2 16 Account of the tragedy of

of '
191 Atheist in a storm


31 Alexander Truncheon, foreman of the male jury Athenians, a remarkable instance of their puh; in the court of honour 252 lic spirit and virtue

61 Alicant capitulated for

10 Atterbury, (dean) his eloquent manner of pcompared Taken 21 ing

37 Allegories, as profitable to the mind as hunting Attornies solve difficulties by increasir, to the body

146 Avarice, what age of man most deve



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beauty, how lone and efficacy of ii


£ug. ,5J91.Na Avarice, its region, temple, attendants, ad. Betterton, invitation to his benefit7.157 herents, and offices described 123 ? Account of his funeral $te,

{1+167 09 Effect of a discourse on

124 Bickerstaff, (Isaac) his genealogy 5760 111, 75 Avaro, a mean-spirited rich man 25 How his race was improved

75 Audience at a play, their general behaviour 122, 201 Epitome of his life Aurengezebe, an Indian stock-jobber, his his An adept in astronomy

2, 124 tory, and indecent manner of spending old Of the society for the reformation of manners age

46 A benefactor to Grub-street Author, his opinion of his own performance 92 Gives advice for his own sake

1,4 Autuma, (lady) her behaviour at church 140 Expects hush-money

Not in partnership with Lillie

96 BACON (lord) character of

267 Did not compound with the milliners and His sentiments of poetry, the truest and best

ever written
108 Caught writing nonsense

59 His legacy to his countrymen and foreigners 133 His amours

91, 107, 117, 248 Badajoz, account of a battle there 17 A design to marry him

91 Marshal Bouffler's letter to the French king Contents of his scrutoire

78 after the battle of Badajoz

77 His will Bag-pipe, to what sort of persons applicable in Extraordinary cures performed by him at his conversation 153 lodgings

31 A club of

153 Disposes of his threc nephews Balance, (merchant) the treatment of one who Entertains his nephews and a lady 207 attempted to debauch his wife

136 Vindicated from injuring a person by satire 71, 74 Banbury, famous for cakes and zeal

220 Received at the theatre with extraordinary Baukers, why they should take poems for bills 43 civility

122 Barbarity, an attendant on tyranny


Entertained at the house of a friend who eafs Barnes, (Mr. Joshua) his edition of Homer re


J-45 commended .

143 Purchases a ticket in the lottery Barrymore, (carl) made prisoner in Portugal 17 Writes to the French king

190 Barry, (Mrs.) an excellent player

1 His adventures in a journey to the land's end 192 Requested to act the widow at Mr. Bicker.

Bickerstaff, (Margery) methods used to divorce staff's funeral


her from marriage Bass viols applied to conversation

153 Bickerstaff, (Samuel) his advice to his son and Where most likely to be found · 153 daughter

189 With what instrument matched

157 Bicknell, or Bigneli, (Mrs.) a comedian, conExposed to sale by lottery


Bachelor's scheme to govern a wife
10 Acts the Country Wife

3 Bath, commotions there 26 Billingsgate scold, behaviour of

2014 Battle of Badajoz 17 Birth, pride of

11 Of Blaregnies

63, 64 Bisset, (brigadier) his good office to Mr. Steele Near Mous 63, 61 acknowledged

271 Of critic's

65 Black Horse ordinary in Holborn, an adren

Baubles, by whom brought to perfection
142 ture there

135 Bayes, (Mr.) his expedient in the theatre 6 Bladder and string, modern music applied

133 Readlestaff

, his testimony of a reformation at Blaregnies, victory of
puppet show at Oxford

45 Blindness cured by Mr. Grant, story of
Beans, to be
240 Blockheads apt to admire one another

196 Bear,

38 Blunder, (major) buys muskets without touchSear-gardens of antiquity 31 holes

61 fear-garden diversions condemned

131 Boatswain, (Dampier's) contrivance to prevent :auty, 10 being eaten

62 tu be the care of the Bodily wits

61 Bombardiers, who to be accounted such 18 The överstocked with it.

195 Books, how to be valued Bedlam, project for erecting a new one 125, 174 Booksellers

, their complaint against parson PlaFor whom designed

127, 174 gius Distribution of the apartments there 175 Boutiers, (marshal) a letter from him to the Beef, the food of our robust ancestors . 148

French king after a battle The Breakfast of Queen Elizabeth's maids of Bourignon, (madame de) foundress of the pié. honour


tists, her extraordinary gifts and talents
bef-eaters, the order of
148 Bracegirdle, (Mrs.) an excellent player

Lollfry (Mr.) an ignorant clown, his behaviour Brains, spirit of, in 'orange-flower water 91
at lady Dainty's
37 Breeding (fine) oiten mistaken

215 ridere, a woman of good sense without affec Bribery, with coals, reflections on

73 tion

1 26 A notable expedient to prevent it al clections 73 (madam) her maxim for the ladies 81 An essay and poem on it 'mons.) a French banker, consequences A solicitor in the temple of avarice

123 ilure

3, 5, 29 Bridget Howd'ye, her lady's advertisement con: 's creditors 9 cerning her

215 celebrated player, his cha Brisk, (Sir Liberal) saved from sharpers 1, 71, 167 Britain, particularly fruitful in regions




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