Sambo: The Rise and Demise of an American Jester

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Oxford University Press, 8 вер. 1988 р. - 264 стор.
Before the tumultuous events of the 1960's ended his long life, "Sambo" prevailed in American culture as the cheerful and comical entertainer. This stereotypical image of the black male, which developed during the Colonial period, extended into all regions and classes, pervading all levels of popular culture for over two centuries. It stands as an outstanding example of how American society has used humor oppressively. Joseph Boskin's Sambo provides a comprehensive history of this American icon's rise and decline, tracing the image of "Sambo" in circuses and minstrel shows, in comic strips and novels, in children's stories, in advertisements and illustrations, in films and slides, in magazines and newspapers, and in knick-knacks found throughout the house. He demonstrates how the stereotype began to unravel in the 1930s with several radio series, specifically the Jack Benny show, which undercut and altered the "Sambo" image. Finally, the democratic thrust of World War II, coupled with the advent of the Civil Rights movement and growing national recognition of prominent black comedians in the 1950's and '60's, laid Sambo to rest.

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Sambo: the rise & demise of an American jester

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Deftly revealing Sambo's roots in the jester of feudal tradition and focusing on five visagesplantation darky, minstrel man, joke butt, postcard buffoon, and movie chauffeurBoskin explores the old ... Читати огляд повністю


1 An Epitaph Read Backward in Time
2 As His Name Is So Is He
Your Attention Please Would You Welcome The First American Entertainer SAMBO
4 And Performing Today at Balls Circuses Theatres Picnics Churches Schools and PrisonsThe Indomitable Spirited Laughing
5 Impressions in Boldface
6 Prismatic Projections
7 The Camera Eye
The OddCouples Connection
9 The FooI as an Emancipator
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Joseph Boskin is Professor of History and Afro-American Studies and Director of the Urban Studies and Public Policy Program at Boston University. He is the author of Into Slavery and Humor and Social Change in the Twentieth Century.

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