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"Dear me, it is When life no Says the

good to be living, labor is giving!" song-bird.



"dance!" called the fiddle,
Its strings loudly giggled,
The bailiff's man wriggled
Ahead for a spree.
"Hold!" shouted Ola

And tripped him to tumbling, The bailiff's man humbling, To maidens' great glee.

"Hop!" said then Erik,

His foot struck the ceiling, The beams rang their pealing, The walls gave a shriek.

"Stop!" said now Elling,

And seizing him collared,
He held him and hollered:

"You still are too weak!"

"Hei!" said then Rasmus,
Fair Randi embracing:
"Be quick now in placing
The kiss that you know!"

"Nay!" answered Randi.
A slapping she gave him,
And from her she drave him:

"Here take what I owe!"

(from A Happy Boy)

Love thy neighbor, to Christ be leal!
Crush him never with iron-heel,

Though in the dust he's lying!
All the living responsive await
Love with power to recreate,

Needing alone the trying.

(from A Happy Boy)

Lift thy head, thou undaunted youth!
Though some hope may now break, forsooth,
Brighter a new one and higher
Shall thine eye fill with its fire.

Lift thy head to the vision clear!
Something near thee is calling : "Here!"—
Something with myriad voicing,
Ever in courage rejoicing.

Lift thy head, for an azure height
Rears within thee a vault of light;
Music of harps there is ringing,
Jubilant, rapturous singing.

Lift thy head and thy longing sing!
None shall conquer the growing spring;
Where there is life-making power,
Time shall set free the flower.

Lift thy head and thyself baptize
In the hopes that radiant rise,
Heaven to earth foreshowing,
And in each life-spark glowing!

(from A Happy Boy)

Have you love for me,
Yours my love shall be,

While the days of life are flowing.
Short was summer's stay,
Grass now pales away,

With our play will come regrowing.

What you said last year
Sounds yet in my ear,—

Birdlike at the window sitting,

Tapping, trilling there,
Singing, in would bear

Joy the warmth of sun befitting.


Do you hear me too,

Youth behind the birch-trees biding? Now the words I send,— Darkness will attend,

May be you can give them guiding.

Take it not amiss!
Sang I of a kiss?

No, I surely never planned it.
Did you hear it, you?
Give no heed thereto,—

Haste I make to countermand it.

Oh, good-night, good-night!
Dreams enfold me bright

Of your eyes' persuasive mildness.
Many a silent word
From their corners heard,—

Breaking forth with gentle wildness.

Now my song is still;
Is there more you will?

All the tones, to me returning,
Laughing, luring, soar;
Did you wish me more?

Still and warm the night is yearning.

(from A Happy Boy)

When you will the mountains roam

And your pack are making,
Put therein not much from home,

Light shall be your taking!
Drag no valley-fetters strong

To those upland spaces, Toss them with a joyous song

To the mountains' bases!

Birds sing Hail! from many a bough,

Gone the fools' vain talking, Purer breezes fan your brow,

You the heights are walking. Fill your breast and sing with joy!

Childhood's mem'ries starting, Nod with blushing cheeks and coy,

Bush and heather parting.

If you stop and listen long,

You will hear upwelling Solitude's unmeasured song

To your ear full swelling; And when now there purls a brook,

Now stones roll and tumble, Hear the duty you forsook

In a world-wide rumble.

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