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XXIII. How to render Noble Ideas.

.Mark Bailey.


XXIV. Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Edward Hitchcock, 72

XXV. Sunday....

George Herbert. 75

XXVI. The Rescue of a Kitten.

Henry Fielding. 77

XXVII. Sunset on the Border.

Sir Walter Scott. 79

XXVIII. The Coyote ....

S. L. Clemens (Mark Twain). 81

XXIX. For a' that, and a' that.

. Robert Burns. 83

XXX. How to render Joyous Ideas .

. Mark Bailey.


XXXI. Mignon's Song..... Goethe (Thomas Carlyle's translation). 88

XXXII. The Thirteen Colonies .

T. W. Higginson. 91

XXXIII. The Vanity of Human Pride

William Knox. 93

XXXIV. Frozen Words.....

.Joseph Addison. 96

XXXV. What constitutes a State ?........ . Sir William Jones. 99

XXXVI. The Effect of Paul's Preaching at Ephesus.

Acts xix, 23-41. 101

XXXVII. The Coronach.....

.Sir Walter Scott. 104

XXXVIII. How to render Sad Ideas..

.Mark Bailey. 106

XXXIX. The Pauper's Deathbed. ... .Caroline A. B. Southey. 108

XL. Mrs. Caudle urging the Need of Spring Clothing.

Douglas W. Jerrold. 110

XLI. Under the Greenwood Tree.. William Shakespeare. 114

XLII. Mexico as first seen by the Spaniards. William H. Prescott. 115

XLIII. Marmion and Douglas .

. Sir Walter Scott. 118

XLIV. Ascent of Mount Ktaadn..

.Henry D. Thoreau. 121

XLV. Virtue ...

George Herbert. 127

XLVI. Rules of Behavior..

George Washington. 128

XLVII. Morning Sounds...

.James Beattie. 134

XLVIII. Dialogue with the Gout..

.Benjamin Franklin. 136

XLIX. Absalom.

.N. P. Willis. 139

L. The Blind Preacher..

William Wirt. 144

LI. America .....

Bishop Berkeley. 147

LII. The Ascent to the Eagle's Nest..

.John Wilson, 148

LIII. The Descent from the Eagle's Nest... .John Wilson. 153

LIV. The Hot Season .

Oliver Wendell Holmes. 157

ĻV. How to render Scornful and Sarcastic Ideas. Mark Bailey. 159


LVI. Hymn to the Night

..H. W. Longfellow. 161

LVII. Speech of Brutus .

William Shakespeare. 162

LVIII. “We watched her Breathing"

Thomas Hood. 164

LIX. In the Maine Woods..

.Henry D. Thoreau. 165

LX. Marco Bozzaris.

Fitz-Greene Halleck. 169

LXI. Giant Despair .

.John Bunyan. 171

LXII. Escape from Doubting Castle .

.John Bunyan. 176

LXIII. Mark Antony's Oration .... William Shakespeare. 179

LXIV. Sancho Panza's Government ...M. de Cervantes. 186

LXV. The Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava.

Alfred Tennyson. 190

LXVI. The Charge of the Light Brigade... W. H. Russell. 193

LXVII. Winter ..

Percy Bysshe Shelley. 195

LXVIII. The Mound Builders..

T. W. Higginson. 196

LXIX. The Deserted Village..

.Oliver Goldsmith. 200

LXX. The Valley of Humiliation.

.John Bunyan. 204

LXXI. The Village Preacher....

Oliver Goldsmith. 207

LXXII. How to render Humorous Ideas.. . Mark Bailey. 209

LXXIII. The Grave.....

..James Montgomery. 212

LXXIV. The Murderer can not keep his Secret.. Daniel Webster. 216

LXXV. The Shipwreck....

.Lord Byron. 219

LXXVI. Hidden Beauties of Classic Authors.. .N. P. Willis. 221

LXXVII. The Launch of the Ship .

.H. W. Longfellow. 222

LXXVIII. Building the House.

.Henry D. Thoreau. 224

LXXIX. Break, break, break.

... Alfred Tennyson. 227

LXXX. Walden Pond...

.Henry D. Thoreau. 228

LXXXI. Lochinvar

Sir Walter Scott. 232

LXXXII. How to render Impassioned Ideas.. .Mark Bailey. 234

LXXXIII. The House of Usher ...

.Edgar A. Poe. 237

LXXXIV. The Haunted Palace .

. Edgar A. Poe. 241

LXXXV. A Rill from the Town Pump .Nathaniel Hawthorne. 243

LXXXVI. The Eve before Waterloo..

.Lord Byron. 249

LXXXVII. The Battle of Waterloo..

Victor Hugo. 252

LXXXVIII. The Defeat at Waterloo .

Victor Hugo. 257

LXXXIX. The Sublimity of God..

.Psalm CIV.


XC. Poetic Reading. I...

. Mark Bailey. 266

XCI. Man's Physical and Mental Superiority.... Daniel Webster. 274

XCII. Each and All..

R. W. Emerson. 275

XCIII. Rip Van Winkle's Sleep...

Washington Irving. 278

XCIV. Rip Van Winkle's Return

Washington Irving. 283

XCV. Rip Van Winkle's Recognition Washington Irving. 287

XCVI. Bannockburn.....

.Robert Burns. 291

XCVII. The Liberty of the Press..

.John Milton. 293

XCVIII. Poetic Reading. II..

Mark Bailey. 295

XCIX. Puck and the Fairy.

. William Shakespeare. 300

C. The Wonders of Astronomy

Edward Everett. 302

CI. Poetic Reading. III..

..Mark Bailey. 306

CII. The Coral Grove..

.James G. Percival. 313

CIII. The Glory of God...

..Psalm XIX. 315

CIV. The Happy Valley

.Samuel Johnson. 317

CV. The Dream of Clarence.

William Shakespeare. 320

CVI. The Time for Moral and Intellectual Culture.

Thomas De Quincey. 324

CVII. The Cataract of Lodore....

. Robert Southey. 327

CVIII. My Oratorical Experience.

.Nathaniel Hawthorne, 332

CIX. Confessions of a Bashful Man..

. Anonymous. 335

CX, Curran's Reply to Threats of Violence.

John Philpot Curran. 339

CXI. Bugle Song

Alfred Tennyson. 341

CXII. The Mock Turtle's Story

.Lewis Carroll. 342

CXIII. Evening ..

Oliver Wendell Holmes. 345

CXIV. Benefits of Inventions and Discoveries . .John C. Calhoun. 348

CXV. The Bivouac of the Dead....... Thcodore O'Hara. 351

CXVI. Influence of the Translation of the Bible upon Litera-


William Hazlitt. 354

CXVII. Song of the Silent Land.

J. G. von Salis (Longfellow's translation). 356

CXVIII. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata ..

Anonymous. 357

CXIX. Darkness—a Dream

.Lord Byron. 362

CXX. God's Mightiness and Tenderness. ..Psalms CII. and CIII. 365

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