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Severus reinforces the army of tice of his works, 651 ; Kit cat

Britain, 104 : bestows the com: Club, meetings of formerly
mand on Virius Lupus, ib. ; held at Barn Eims, ib.; énu-
defeats the Caledonians, and meration of portraits, 652,
ereels a wall of stone for the 653; summary of the pipula-
protection of the Roman pro- tion, 654.
vince, 105.

Sussex, summary of the ropula.
Shrines, used as fixed monuments tion, 655.

of the saints, 535 ; modes of re-Swein, King of Denmark, in vades
vealing them, and receiving | England, 298 ; defeats Ethel-
offerings, 536; enumeration of red, and ascends the thize, ib

several now remaining, ib.
Somersetshire, corrections to, 642.
Spires, church, that of old St.

Paul's the earliest of which we
· have any authentic account, / Theodosius, appointed Goverior

376, Note; Mr. Murphy's opi. of Britain, i13; restores the

nion as to their origin, 463. Roman territory in Britain to
Standard, or eagle of the Romans, its ancient dignity, 114.

145 ; its statt' used as a point of Towns, British, 13, 14, 35, 51,
adineasurement in forining their 52 ; Roman, 128-138; 156-
camps, ib.

Stations, Roman, in Britain, 132 Towers, those of churches suppos.

edto have been introduced about
Stones, circles composed of, 684 | the time of King Edgar, 363;

75; rocking, 75–79; upright, improved by the Normans,
single or numerous, but not cir: 1 376; described, ib.
cular, 82, 83; inscribed, 198—1 Triads, Welshi, their account of

the origin of Britain, 6, Note,
Suibert, canonized by Leo the | Tything, first institution of, erro-

Third, supposed to have been neously attributed to King Al
the first Christian saint, 535.. fred, 221; recognised by the
Suffolk, corrections to the county laws of King Ina, in the se-
of, 643 ; summary of the popu

venth century, ib. ; in what it
lation, 644.

consisted, 222.
Surrey, additions and corrections

to ihe county of, 645 -- 654;
Barnes, parish of, 645 ; bound.
aries, ib.; church, ib. ; mo-Vault. burial, of the Romans,
numents, 646; manor of Barn
Elms, granted to the canons of

account of one discovered in

Oxfordsbire, 206.
St. Paul's church by King Villa, description of a Romo-Bri-
Athelstan, 647 ; visited by
Queen Elizabeth, ib.; Barn

byl tish, 182--185.
Elms, mansion of, the residence
of Cowley the port, 648; curious

anecdote of the celebrated Hey.
degger, 649; purchased by Sir Uros, funeral, of the ancient Bri.
Richard Hoare, ib. ; Sir Ri. |

tons, 90, 91.
chard Colt Hoare, brother of
the present possessor, 650 ; no

-, of the Romans, 204, 205.



| William, Duke of Normany,

claims the British crown, 315;
Wales, ecclesiastical architecture gains the battle of Hastings,
of, 409-411; castellated, 438 316; crowned at Westminster,
-41; summary of the popu: ib. ; causes to be compiled the
latica, 667.

record called Domesday, 329;
Walls, Roman, erected by the separates the ecclesiastical from

Emperors Severus and Hadrian, the civil courts, 323.
102 ; 105; 161.

Witena-gemot, or supreme as-
Warwickshire, corrections to, 656 sembly of the state, 230 ; quae

lifications for sitting in, ib.
War, nasle of, as practised by the Worcestershire, additions and cor-

Britas y 46 ; chariots, 48; va. rections to, 660_664; church
rous engines for attack and of Inbborough, 660 ; Stous-
defence, 355 ; inines, 356 ; 1 bridge, public library at, 661 ;
cattus or sow, 358.

summary of the population, 664.
Westmoreland, summary of the

population, 659.
Windows, church, stained glass Yorkshire, additions and correc-

first used in, about the time of tions to, 665, 666; enumeration
Henry the Third, 499.

of market-towns, ib.


The following British towns are inserted in the map, but are not
enumerated in the list of British towns contained in the letter-press :

Calleva, Silchester.
Banchorium, Banchor.
Vindomis, near St. Mary Bourne.
Avalonia, Glastonbury.

The sites of the stations marked Numbers 32, 33, and 123, in the list
of Roman stations contained in the letter-press, are still uncertain
and, consequently, would not be noticed in the map.

Number 163, as noticed in the letter-press; for “ Brougham,"
read Braughing, Hemis.

The station, Ad Pontes, is not mentioned in the letter-press, but is
inserted in the map, at Staines, in Middlesex ; its site being contidently
altributed to that place.

At page 138, of the letter press, for “ Stations and Camps on, and
near, the Walls of Antonine and Severus," read Stations and Campe-
on and near the Wall of Severus.

The map of the Celtic and Belgic tribes to face page 13.
The map of the Roman roads to face page 133.

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