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Horticultural Society. By William Hooker, F.H.S. Imperial

Quarto. Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London; with Plates.

Quarto. Lond. 1812–1817. Account of the different kinds of Grasses propagated in England, for

the Improvement of Corn and Pasture Lands, Lawns, and Walks.

By Richard North. Octaro. Lond. 1760. Practical Observations on British Grasses. By William Curtis.

Octavo. Grumina Pascua: or, A Collection of Specimens of the common Pas

ture Grasses, with their Linnæan and English Names, Descriptions,

and Remarks. By G. SWAYNE. Folio. Bristol, 1790. Gramina Britannica: or Representations of the British Grasses.

By J. L. Knapp, F.L.S. Coloured Plates. Quarto. Lond.

1804. An Account of the English Nightshades and their Effects. By Wil

L!AM BROMFIELD. Doudecimo. Lond. 1757. Nereis Britannica: or, A Botannical Description of British Marine

Plants, in Latin and English. By John STACKHOUSE, Fsq. Folio.

Bath, 1795-1801. A Synopsis of the British Fuci. By Dawson TURNER, A.M. Mem.

ber of the Imperial Academy Naturæ Curiosorum, of the Linoxan Society of London, and of the Physical Society of Gottingen. In

'Two Volumes. Duodecimo. Lond. 1802. British Confervæ : or Coloured Figures and Descriptions of the

British Plants referred by Botanists to the Genus Conferva. By Lewis Weston DillwÝN, F.R.S. and F.L.S. Quarto. Lund.

1809. Filices Britannicæ : An History of the British Proper Ferns; with

plain and accurate Descriptions, and New Figures of all the Species and Varieties, taken from an immediate and careful Inspection of the Plants in their Natural State. By JAMES Bolton of Halifax. In Two Parts. Quarto. Leeds and Huddersfield, 1785

1790. ritish Jungerinannie: being a Ilistory and Description, with coloured Figures, of each Species of the Genus and microscopical Analyses of the Parts. By William Jackson HOOKER, Esq. Fellow of the Royal, Antiquarian, and Linnæan Societies, and Member of the Werperian Society of Edinburgh. Quarto and Folio. Yarmouth, 1816. Muscologia Britannica; containing the Mosses of Great Britain and

Ireland, systematically Arrauged and Describes; with Plates illustrative of ihe Characters of the Genera and Species. By WILLIAM Jackson Hooker, F.R.S. A.S. L.S. and Member of the WerneTian Society of Edinburgh, and Tuomas TAYLOR, M.D. M.R.L.A. and F.L.S. and Fellow of the King and Queen's College of Physiis vi lacland, Octavo. London: 181S.



The Mineral Kingdom of Great Britain Displayed. By M. STRINGER,

Octavo. Lond. 1713. British Mineralogy; or Coloured Figures to elucidate the Mineralogy

of Great Britain. By James SOWERBY, F.L.S. G.S. W.S. In

Five Volumes. Royal octavo. Lond. 1803–1817. Specimens of British Minerals, selected from the Cabinet of Philip

RASHLEIGH, of Menabilly, in the County of Cornwall, Esq. M.P. with general Descriptions of each Article. In Two Parts. Coloured

Plates. Quarto. Loud. 1797, 1802. Observations on the Earths, Rocks, Stones, aud Minerals for some

Miles about Bristol. By EDWARD Owen. Duodecimo. Lond.

1754. Observations relative to the Mineralogical and Chemical History of

the Fossils of Cornwall. By MARTIN Henry KLAPROTH. Oc

tavo. Lond. 1789. Hodinæ Regales; or, The History, Laws, and Places of the chief

Mines and Mineral Works in England, Wales, and the English Pale in Ireland; as also of the Mint and Money: with a Clavis, explaining some difficult Words relating to Mines, &c. By Sir

John PETTU's, Knt. Folio. Lond. 1670. Observations on the different Strata of Earths and Minerals ; more

particularly of such as are found in the Coal Mines of Great Bri. lain. By John STRACHEY, F.R.S. With Plates, Quarto.

Lond. 1727. An Attempt towards a Natural History of the Fossils of England,

in a Catalogue of the English Fossils in the Collection of John

WOODWARD. In Two Volumes. Octavo, Lond. 1729. Lithophylacii Britannici Ichnographia; sive Lapidum aliorumq;

Fossilium Britannicorum singulari Figura insignium, quotquot hactenus vel ipse invenit, vel ab Amicis accepit, Distributio classica.--Auctore Edv. LUIDE. Octavo. Lond. 1699.--A Second Edition, with Additions, was published at Oxford in 1760, octavo, by Mr. Huddesford.



Locis, et Aquis Terræ Angliæ: deque Morbis Anglorum vernaculis; cum Observationibus Ratiocinatione et curandi Methode

illustratis. Duodecimo. Lond. 1672. De Fontibus Medicatis Angliæ. Auctore Mart, Lister. Octato. Lond. 1684. 2 P 3


The Natural History of the Chalybeate and Purging Waters of En.

gland, with their particular E-says and Uses: To which are added some Observations on the Bath Waters in Somersetsbire, By

BENJAMIN ALLEN, M. B. Duodecimo. Lond. 1699. The Natural History of the Mineral Waters of Great Britain. By

BENJAMIN ALLEN, M.B. Octavo. 170. An Essay towards a Natural, Experimental, and Medicinal History

of the principal Mineral Waters of Cumberland, NorthumberJand, Westmoreland, Bishoprick of Durham, Lancashire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire : particularly those of Neville-Holt, Cheltenham, Weatherslack, Hartlepool, Astrope, Cartinell, &c. To which is added a Discourse on Cold and Tepid Bathing, and a Table of all the Warm Waters in England, and most of the Cold Baths from Carlisle to Gloucester and Oxford. By THOMAS SHORT, M.D.

Quarto. Sheffield, 1740. A General Treatise on various cold Mineral Waters in England, but more particularly on those at Harrowgate, Thorp-Arch, Dorst-Hill, Wigglesworth, Neville-Holt, and others of the like nature: with their principles, virtues, and uses. By THOMAS SHORT, M.D.

Octavo. Lond. 1765. A Methodical Synopsis of Mineral Waters, comprehending the most

celebrated Medicinal Waters, both Cold and Hot, of Great Britain, Irelaod, &c. By John Rutty, M.D. Quarto. Lond.

1757. Natural History of the principal Mineral Waters of Great Britain and

Ireland. By Jo. Elliot. `Duodecimo. Lond. 1789. A Treatise on the Chemical History anci Medical Powers of the most

eelebrated Mineral Waters. By William SAUNDERS, M.D F.R.S. Octado. Lond. 1805.


An Introduction to the Study of Political Economy. By D. Bor

LEAU. Octavo. 1811. An Inquiry into the Principles of Poliucal Economy, being an Essay

on the Science of Domestic Policy in Free Nations; in which are particularly considered Population, Agriculture, Trade, Industry, Money, Coin, Interest, Circulation, Banks, Exchange, Public Credit, and Taxes. By Sir LIMES STEUART, Bart. In Two

Volumes. Quarto. Lond. 1707. Political Survey of Great Britain ; being a Series of Reflections on

the Situation, Lands, Inhabitants, Revenues, Colonies, and Com. merce of this Island By John CamPBELL, L.L.D. In Two Volumes. Quarto. Lond. 1774.

Treatise Treatise on the Wealth, Power, and Resources of the British Empire,

in every quarter of the World: with Observations on the Nation it Resources for the beneficial Employinent of a redundant Population, &c. Illustrated by copious Statistical Tables, constructed on a new Plan, and exhibiting a collected View of the different subjects discussed in this work. By P. COLQUHOUN, L.L.D.

The Second Edition. Royal Quurto. Lond. 1815. A Chronological Account of Commerce and Coinage in Great Bri

tain, from the Restoration to 1810, distinguishing the Years of War

and Peace. By GEORGE CHALMERS, Esq. on a Sheet. 1810. Statistical Account of the Population and Cultivation of England and

Wales. By BENJAMIN PITTS CAPPER. Octato. Lond. 1801. Chronicon Preciosum: an Account of English Money, the Price of

Corn, and other Commodities, for the last 600 years. By Bishop

FLEETWOOD. Octato. Lond. 1745. The State of the Poor: or the History of the Labouring Classes in

England, from the Conquest to the present Time : together with Parochial Reports relative to the Administration of Workhouses and Houses of Industry; the State of Friendly Societies, and other Public Institutions, with a large Appendix. By Sir FREDERICK MORTON EDEN, Bart. In Three Voluines. Quorio. Lond. 1797. 'Treatise of Indigence: pxhibiting a General View of the National

Resources for productive Labour: with propositions for aineliorating the Condition of the Poor. By P. COLQUHOUN, L.L.D.

Octavo. Lond. 1806. The State of AGRICULTU'RE throughout England, together with numerous statistical particulars, highly curious and valuable to the Historian and Chorographer, is copiously discussed in the SURVEYS made under the direction of the Board of Agriculture.These Works have been individually noticed in the lists of books appended to the respective volumes of The Beauties of England. The Utility of Agricultural Knowledge illustrated : with an Account

of an Institution formed for Agricultural Pupils in Oxfordshire.

Octavo. 1809. The Code of Agriculture; including Observations on Gardens,

Orchards, Woods, and Plantations. By the Right Ilon. Sir

JOHN SINCLAIR, Bart, with Plates. Octavo. 1817. Communications to the Board of Agriculture : on subjects relative

to the Husbandry and Internal improveinent of the Country ; in

Seven Volumes. Quarto. Lond. 1797--1811, The Advantages which have resulter from the Establishment of the

Board of Agriculture, being the substance of a Lecture read 10 that Institution, May 20, 1809. By the Secietary to the Board.

(ARTHUR YOUNG, E-4.) Oct io. 1869. Tracts on Practical Agriculture and Gardening: with a Chronolo

gical Catalogue of English Authors on Agriculture, Botany, Gardening, &c. By RICHARD WEstonOcturo, Lond. 1773. ? P 4


Political Arithmetic: containing Observatious on the present State of

Great Britain : and the Principles of her Policy in the Encouragemont of Agriculture. By ARTHUR YOUNG, Esq. Octavo. Lond. 1774.



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