Зображення сторінки

By his great power, he maketh the clouds firm, and the bail stones are broken small.

At bis sight the mountains are shaken, and at bis will the south wind bloweth.

The noise of the thunder maketh the earth to tremble: so doth the northern storm and the whirlwind: as birds flying he scattereth the snow, and the falling down thereof is as the lighting of grasshoppers:

The eye marvelleth at the beauty of the whiteness thereof, and the heart is astonished at the raining of it.

We may speak much, and yet come short : wherefore in sum, he is all.

How sball we be able to magnify him?. for he is great above all his works.

The Lord is terrible and very great, and marvellous in his power.

When ye glorify the Lord, exalt him as much as ye can; for even yet will be far exceed : and when ye exalt him, put forth all your strength and be not weary; for ye can never go far enough


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