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A BSORPTION of carbonic acid by leaves, 243. | Becquérel discovers dark lines of chemical
Absorptive powers of yellow glass, 309.

spectrum, 49.
of red glasses, 321.

his researches, 113.
of green glasses, 323.

modifies Ponton's process, 185.
Acetate of mercury, 288.

on solar phosphori, 271.
Actinic influence absorbed, 287.

his experiments, 294.
rays accelerate germination, 225.

on the absorption of the most
power, variations in, 357. 363.

refrangible rays, 321.
Actinism, polarization of, 333.

obtains colour on his photo-
its relative quantity in sun-

graphic plates, 340.
beam, 359.

Beetroot, spectrum on juice of, 205.
Actinized silver, &c., 289.

Benzoate of the oxide of silver, 129.
Agarics, phosphorescence of, 275.

of hydruret of benzule and ni-
Agaricus muscarius grown in moonlight,

trate of silver, 131.

Berard on chemical action of sun's rays, 20.
Air, absorptive power of, 357.

on maximum of heat in the spec-
Albumen on glass used, 138.

trum, 52.
photographic process, 87.

on magnetic power of light, 296.
Alchymists observe the blacking of horn

on the double refraction of the
silver, 5.

chemical rays, 332.
Amaranthus, globe, spectrum formed on the Bernard on the spectrum, 41.

Berres, Dr., on fixing Daguerréotypes, 109.
Ammonia oxide of silver, 73.

Berthollet and Biot report on Berard's
Amphitype, the, of Sir J. Herschel, 171. experiments, 20.
Analysis of the sunbeam, 36.

Berzelius, on the action of light on the salts
Ancient explanation of vision, 3.

of gold, 19.
Animal and vegetable kingdoms, 245.

on magnetism by light, 298.
Animals, phosphorescent, 274.

Biot, M., on bromide of silver, 119.
Aquatic plants, Priestley on, 208.

his polariscope employed in ex-
Arago, M., on the chemical rays, 351.

periments on actinism, 335.
Report on the Daguerréotype, 366.

on vision, 347.
Archimedes knew the laws of refraction, 3. Bitumen of Judea, employed by Niepce, 31.
Arsenicalis, liquor, 133.

in heliography, 189.
Asphaltum, employed by Niepce, 31. Blackburn's theory of light, 20.
Atmospheric changes, influence of, 365. Bleaching action of iodides, 96.
Aurotypes, 148.

power of spectrum, 98.
Autumn, sunshine in, 240.

Blue cobalt glass, absorptive power of, 327.

Böckman on the action of spectrum on
Baldinus discovered phosphorescent bodies, 5. phosphorus, 15.4
Barium, chloride of, a colorific agent, 63. Boetius de Boot on gems, 4
sulphuret of, 271.

Bolognian stone, 5. 271.
Barley, malted and unmalted, 241.

Boyle on the light of the planets, 7.
Bauer and Niepce, correspondence of, 25.

on phosphori, 270.
Baumgartner, M., magnetizes steel wire by Brassica napus, growth of, 221.
light, 297.

Brayley, Mr., lectures on Mr. Reade's
Bayard, M., on pictures produced with process, 85.
bromide of silver, 121.

Brewster, Sir D., on the compound nature
Beccaria, Father, on phosphori, 271.

of light, 40.

Brewster, Sir D., on dark lines in spectrum

Bright lines in spectrum, 50.
Bromide of silver, 119.

of platinum, 156.
of silver and iodide, the difference

in the chemical spectrum on

each, 320.
Bulbine bisulcata, action of light on juice,


Cacalia ficoides, peculiar effect of light on,

Calcium, sulphuret of, 271..
Calorific power of solar rays, 52

radiations, 257.
Calotype process of Mr. Talbot, 83.
Canary yellow glass, absorptive powers of,

Canton's phosphorus, influence of rays on,

Carbon, its existence in plants, 245.
Carbonate of mercury, 159.
Carbonic acid, decomposed by plants, 15.

229. 242.
Carbuncle self-luminous, 4.
Cascarilla bark, change in, by light, 200
Catalysotype, the, 135.
Cavendish, Mr., on air, 210.
Cellini, Benvenuto, on the carbuncle, 4.
Channing simplifies calotype process, 89.
Chaptal on Vegetation of salts, 9.
Charcoal, action of, on silver solutions, 59.

glasses, absorptive power of, 306.
Charles, M., supposed discovery of photo-

graphy by, denied, 22.
Cheiranthus cheiri, action of light on, 197.
Chemical combination, influence of solar

rays on, 276.
properties of prismatic colours,

Dr. Herschel's question on, 19.
rays, by M.E. Becquérel, 384.
rays absorbed, 355.
spectra, after absorption by ura-

nium glass, 314.
spectra, after absorption by qui-

nine, 319.
spectra, after absorption by red

glasses, 322.
spectra, after absorption by green

glasses, 325.
spectra, after absorption by blue

glasses, 328.
spectrum, Berard's idea of, 21.

dark lines of, 49.
Chevreul, M., on dyes, 192.
Chloride of barium, colorific effect of, 63.
Chloride of gold, 146.

Scheele's experiments with,

of platinum, 155.

Chloride of platinum in ether, 156.
of silver, 62.

blackened by light ob-

served, 5.
examination of the

change in, 77.
of sodium and potassium, colorific

effect of, 62.
Chlorine liberated from chloride of silver

darkening, 79.
action of, on guaiacum gum, 191.

and hydrogen, effect of light on, 276.
Chlorophyl, on formation of, 235.
Christie, Mr., on magnetic vibrations influ.

enced by light, 297.
Chromate of iron, 174.

of mercury, 162.

of silver, 132,
Chromatype, the, 175.
Chromic acid and iron, 285.
Chromium, 184.
Chrysotype, the, 163.
Citrate of iron, 160.
Claudet combines chlorine and iodine, 104.

on the Daguerréotype, 362.
Cobalt, 183.
Collodion, employed in the examination of

the spectrum, 304.
its preparation, 142.

process, 87, 142.
Colour the result of molecular arrangement,

of latent light, 255.

blindness, 346.
Coloured glasses, prismatic analysis of, 211.

used for analysis of solar

rays, 303.
Colouring matter of leaves, action of, on

light, 44.

property of cobalt, 184.
Colours impressed by solar radiations, 337.
Compound colours, theory of, 42.
Comte Auguste, on the theories of light,

Constitution of the spectrum, by E. Bec-

quérel, 351.
Contact, effects of, 249.
Continuing rays of Becquérel, 113.
Copper, action of, on silver salts, 139.

sulphate of, used in chromatype,

rendered sensitive by iron, 175.
chromate of, 178.
iodide of, 178.
sulphate of, and bichromate of pot-

ash, 290.
glasses, green, absorptive powers

of, 324.
Corchorus Japonica, action of light on, 194.
Corrosive sublimate, curious action of, 112.
Cyanogen compounds, 131.

[blocks in formation]

Cyanotype, the, 164.
Daguerre, first notice of his experiments, 24.

and Niepce become partners, 33.
improves heliography, 189.

on the production of colour, 338.
Daguerréotype, the, 103.

discovery of, announced, 34.

on paper, 111.
Dark lines of spectrum, 48.
Daubeny's experiments on plants, 216.
Davy, Dr., change of corrosive sublimate

noticed by, 18.
Sir Humphry, suggests experiments

on Canton's phos-

phorus, 19.
on Wedgwood's ex-

periments, 21.
observes change in

oxide of lead, 181.
Day, photographic effect at different hours

of the, 357.
Decandolle on the growth of plants, 232.
Delaroche on radiant heat, 347.
Desmortiers on the decolouration of Prus-

sian blue, 16.
Dessaignes, M., on solar phosphori, 271.
Diamagnetic body explained, 301.
Diathermic bodies explained, 56.
Dispersion of light by solution of quinine, 44,

false, 311.
Dizé, crystallization of salts by light, 9.
Dormant image developed in heliography,

Draper, Dr., on the Daguerréotype image,

on Möser's experiments, 253.
on chemical combination of

chlorine and hydrogen, 277.
on variations in actinic power,


Fat becomes yellow and rancid when ex.

posed to light, 17.
Ferrocyanide of potassium combined with

iodide of silver, 91.
Ferrocyanides, 186,
Ferrotype, the, 135.
Fischer, M., action of light on salts of gold

observed by, 19.
on ferrocyanides precipitated by

Fishes, the depth to which they live in the

ocean, 353, and Appendix.
Fixing processes of Mr. Talbot, 68.

of Sir John Herschel, 34.

Daguerréotype image, 108.
Fizeau, M., on fixing Daguerréotype image,


on the dark radiations, 267.
Flame, colours of, 340.
Flowering of plants, 237.
Flowers, coloured juices of, 192.
Fluids, coloured, action of, on spectrum,

Fluorescence, 45.

phenomena of, 316.
Fluoride of silver, 123.
Fluorotype, the, 124.
Force, magnetic, a line of, explained, 300.
Fraunhofer's measurement of prismatic rays,


lines, 48.
Frankland on iodide of ethyl, 281.
Fulminating compounds, 134.
Fungi formed in yellow light, 240.
Fyfe, Dr., on phosphate of silver, 125.

Electrical images, 265.

influences of sunshine, 291.
Electric sparks, phosphorogenic rays of, 47.
Electro magnetic force, influence of, on

light, 302.
Englefield, Sir Henry, on the heat rays of

the spectrum, 19.

on thermic spectrum, 51.
Engravings copied by thermography, 256.
Epipolized light, 44.
Etherial solutions of gold decomposed, 13.
Ethyl, iodide of, 141.280.
Exciting rays of Becquérel, 113.
Experiments to determine the change pro-

duced by solar rays, 75.

Gallic acid, used by Herschel and Talbot,


its action, 87.
Galls, infusion of, employed by the Rev. J.

B. Reade, 85.
Gardner's, Dr., experiments on plants, 219.
Gay Lussac and Thénard, on combination

of chlorine
and hydrogen

on chlorine and


Gems, the influence of light on, 4.
Germination, observations on, 207.

of seeds, 222
Glass, covered with films of chloride of

silver, 77.
coloured, use of, 211.
yellow, employed in the analysis of

spectrum, 305.
red, absorptive power of, 321.
smoke-coloured, absorptive power of,


Faraday, on the volatilization of mercury,106,

action of magnets on light,


Glass for Palm House at Kew, 375.
Glasses, coloured, used for analysis of solar

rays, 303.

blue, absorptive powers of, 327.
Goddard, Mr., improves the Daguerréotype,

polariscope employed in experi-

ments on actinism, 336.
Gold solution, as a fixing agent, 109.

photographic properties of, 146.
protocyanide of, 150.
percyanide of potassium and, 151.
plates rendered sensitive, 152.
and copper glasses, red, 321.

percyanide of, Appendir, 371.
Green, vegetable matter, Priestley's experi-

ments on, 208.

glasses, absorptive power of, 323.
Grove, Mr., on etching Daguerréotypes,


on Möser's images, 268.
Guadin's experiments on spectrum, 360.
Guaiacum, gum, 190.
Gun cotton, 142.

| Herschel, Sir John, on the chrysotype, 163.

on the cyanotype, 164.
on chemical rays ab-

sorbed 355.
Himly's Method of preparing salts of gold,

Appendix, 371.
Homberg on the sun's rays, 5.
Horn silver, blackening observed by the

alchemists, 5.
Hulme, Dr., on animal phosphorescence,

Hydrogen, its existence in plants, 245.
Hyposulphite of soda, used for fixing, 34.
Hypothesis of Mr. E. Becquérel, 352.

Image, invisible, developed on the Daguerré-

otype plate, 105.
Ingenhousz on vegetation, 208.
Instantaneous process announced by Da-

guerre, 110.
Invisible light, Möser on, 248.
Iodide of silver, 81.

and ferrocyanide of potas-

sium, 91.

on metal plates, 102.
iron, syrup of, 136.
platinum, 156.
mercury, 161.
copper, 178.

ethyl decomposed by light, 281.
Iodides, bleaching action of, 96.
Iodine employed by M. Niepce, 32.

tincture of, in catalysotype, 136.

latent light of, 255.
Iodized paper, 83.

collodion, 142.
Iron, 163.

action of, in photography, 133.
ammonia-citrate of, and mercury, 160,
chromate of, 174.
sulphate of, changed by solar rays, 285.


Harkness, Mr., on the growth of plants,

Harris, on magnetism, 298.
Harrup, Robert, refutes Count Rumford,
Heat, effect of, in reviving gold and silver,

generated by absorption of sun's rays,

rays, experiments of Herschel on, 18.

experiment of Englefield on, 19.
spots of spectrum, 55.
and light, analogy in effects, 59.
action of, on gum guaiacum, 191.
radiations, 262.

its relative quantity in sunbeam, 359.
Heating powers of spectrum observed by

Dr. Herschel, 18.
Heliographic image coloured, 340.
Heliography, first notice of, by M. Niepce,

26. 189.
Helmholtz, on the composition of the pris.

matic rays, 42.
Herschel, Dr., on heating power of solar

spectrum, 18.
Sir John, discovers the extreme

red and lavender rays, 43.
experiments on heat rays,

the thermic spectrum of, 53.
on protected spaces caused

by light and heat rays,

on the photographic use of

mercurial salts, 160.
the amphitype of, 171,

Juices of plants, effects of light on, 246.

Karsten on electrical images, 265.
Kew Gardens, glass for Palm House in, 375.
Kingsley, Mr., on the development of the

Daguerréotype image, 106.
Knorr on Möser's images, 264.

Labillardière on the development of pores,

Latent light, 254.
Latitude, influence of, on actinic power, 363.
Lavender rays discovered by Herschel, 49..
Lawson on germination, 225. and Appendir.
Lead, 181.

influence of, in increasing sensibility

of nitrate of silver, 61.
red, and cyanide of potassium, 181.
and silver in combination, 193.

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