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APR L, 1853, TO JANUARY, 1854.




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American Poetry and the N. British condition, 182 et seq.; taxation, 187;

Review, 71; Mr. Longfellow, ib.; social aspect, 188; the Catalonians,
Evangeline, 72; Golden Legend, 77 ; 188; Education, 189; religion, ib.;
Psalm of Life, 78; Mr. Reed, Gray's morality, 190; are the Cubans fit for
Elegy, 81; Poe, and the Raven, 82; freedom, 192; Cuba must come by
Mr. Bryant - Thanatopsis, his own, purchase, 193.
and not somebody else's

, 84-92; No. De Quincey, Biographical Sketch, 608,
British advice returned to itself, 93,

609; Nature of his mind and tone of

his writings, 610, 611; Habit of di-
Arago, Dominique François, 587 ;

gression, 612; his humor, 616; Ima-
his early adventures in Africa, 638:

gination, 616; his dogmatism, 619;
his ambition, 640; his death, 642 ; his admiration of Wordsworth, 621;
his character and influence, and con-

scholarship, 621, 623; style, 626;
siderations on science among us, amount and variety of his works,

627; relative position to his contem-
Astronomy and physics: the “magnetic poraries, 680; colloquial powers,
crusade," 263;j magnetometers, ib. ;

632; impropriety of his “Confes-
meteorological research, 264; aid

sions,” 633; opium experiences, 634,
from enlightened governmente, 265; 635.
geological surveys of the last thirty

341; Attika,
years, 266; induction and deduction, Democracy, Athenian,
267; Herschel's discoveries, 269; dis-

343; Athenian citizenship, 345; not

conferred on foreigners as a matter
covery of the asteroids, 270; Kirk-
wood's Law, 271; Bessel's new meth-

of right, 346; resident aliens, ib. ;
od, ib. ; progress in other departments

the slaves, 347; the Popular Assem-
of natural philosophy, 273; dis-

bly, 350; Council of Five Hundred,
covery of galvanism, electro-magnet-

354; Perikles, 355; the Judicial sys-
ism, undulatory theory of light, ib. ;

tem, 356; the tenure of office, 359;
relation between light, heat, and

Causes of the overthrow of Athens,
electricity, trinity in unity, 274; op-

361; degradation of labor, ib.; near.
tical discoveries, 275; progress in

ness of the people to the public trea-
thermotice, 277.

sury, 363 ; unrestricted power of the
Blouse in both Hemispheres, 561; Rous-

Popular Assembly, 364; impurity of
seau, his history and his books, 564-

the religious system of Athens, 366.
578; Franklin, 579, 580.

Fishery Question, official documents
Cuban Question, the, 169; Mr. Soulè

relating to, 1; Mr. Everett to the
and his mission, ib.; more harmless

President, ib.; Mr. Lawrence to Mr.
at Madrid than at New Orleans, 170;

Webster, 2, 9; Lord Malmesbury to
London Times and the Cuban question,

Mr. Crampton, 5; Mr. Everett to Mr.
172; Cuba to be annexed to the

Ingersoll, 10–25.
United States, and Spain to Great Flaxman's Outline Drawings; composi-
Britain, 173; filibusters do not repre- tions from Hesiod, and from Dante,
sent the real spirit of the country,

95, et seq.
176; reasons why we should desire France, Rival Dynasties in, 25; what
the honorable acquisition of Cuba, if we have a Bourbon among us, ib. ;
177; its harbors, 178; its capabilities accession of Louis XVI., 26; causes
of internal intercourse, 179; its soil, of the Revolution, 26–28; from Louis
180; its timber, 181; its political XVL to Bonaparte, 28; France under

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