Encyclopaedia Britannica; Or A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature, Том 8

Передня обкладинка
Archibald Constable, 1823

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Сторінка 269 - When one reflects on the state of this strange being, it is a matter of wonder to find that Providence should bestow such a profusion of days, such a seeming waste of longevity, on a reptile that appears to relish it so little as to squander more than two-thirds of its existence in a joyless stupor, and be lost to all sensation for months together in the profoundest of slumbers.
Сторінка 122 - Bedford Berks . , Buckingham Cambridge . Chester Cornwall . . Cumberland . . Derby Devon Dorset Durham Essex Gloucester . , Hereford . Hertford . Huntingdon . . Kent . Lancaster . Leicester . Lincoln ... Middlesex . Monmouth . . Norfolk Northampton . Northumberland Nottingham Oxford . . Rutland . Salop .... Somerset . . Southampton Stafford . Suffolk Surrey . , Sussex Warwick . . . Westmoreland . Wilts.
Сторінка 269 - Nothing can be more assiduous than this creature night and day in scooping the earth, and forcing its great body into the cavity ; but, as the noons of that season proved unusually warm and sunny, it was continually interrupted, and called forth by the heat in the middle of the day ; and though I continued there till the thirteenth of November, yet the work remained unfinished.
Сторінка 269 - ... a loaded cart, yet does it discover as much solicitude about rain as a lady dressed in all her best attire, shuffling away on the first sprinklings, and running its head up in a corner. If attended to, it becomes an excellent weather-glass ; for as sure as it walks elate, and, as it were, on tiptoe, feeding with great earnestness in a morning, so sure will it rain before night.
Сторінка 269 - If attended to, it becomes an excellent weatherglass : for as sure as it walks elate, and as it were on tiptoe, feeding with great earnestness in a morning, so sure will it rain before night. It is totally a diurnal animal, and never pretends to stir after it becomes dark. The tortoise...
Сторінка 94 - A few days after they appeared in his presence, armed, and attended with armed followers ; and they accused, by name, the Archbishop of York, the Duke of Ireland, the Earl of Suffolk, Sir Robert Tresilian, and Sir Nicholas Brembre, as public and dangerous enemies to the state.
Сторінка 18 - Christ was the word that spake it; He took the bread and brake it ; And what the word did make it, That I believe and take it.
Сторінка 252 - Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves : for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.
Сторінка 368 - He cannot serve upon juries, cannot be a witness in any court, and which is the worst of all, cannot bring an action either real or personal, to recover lands or money due to him.
Сторінка 269 - This creature not only goes under the earth from the middle of November to the middle of April, but sleeps great part of the summer: for it goes to bed in the longest days at four in the afternoon, and often does not stir in the morning till late. Besides, it retires to rest for every shower, and does not move at all in wet days.

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