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and that not only in their own col- give necessary passports to the onies, but every where throughout members of the Society, which the empire. Accordingly they passports must be signed by the may, after paying the duties es- Superintendant, and furnished tablished by the Tarriff, carry on with the seal of said office. Such trade in or out of the country, and passports will be of value only for follow mechanical business, arts, travelling within the empire ; but and professions: they may possess in order to travel beyond the fronhouses, keep shops, and establish tier, or to come from foreign counevery

kind of fabric or manufac- tries into the empire, the members tory without the necessity of be- of this Society may be furnished ing enlisted in any guild or cor- with passports from the general poration: they are also freed from legitimate authorities. all service, as will be defined in 10. All who enter the Society the sequel under a particular par. are hereby liberated from all sorts agraph.

of civil and military services. 7. The members of the Society But if any of them should himself of Christian Israelites are permit- wish to enter this or the other serted upon their appointed lands to vice, he may be appointed to it. brew beer, distil brandy, and pre- All settlements and houses of the

all sorts of waters and liquors Christian Israelites who belong to 1:9t only for their own use, but this Society will be likewise freed also for sale to travellers, who from all kinds of quartering solmay pass their settlements : but «liers, keeping posts, and giving they are neither permitted to ex- horses, and from all other similar port such liquors from their col- duties of the country. But if some onies, nor to sell them out of their person should be sent to the setborders.

tlements by the Committee ap8. No person whatever, either pointed for the Society on any buof the crown or private, not be- siness, enquiry or visitation, he longing to the Society of Christian inust be duly received. Israelites, is permitted to set up 11. Every colony of the Socieinns, public houses, or other buildi. ty of Christian Israelites is perings for similar purposes upon mitted to have continually one of their lands,-nor is any stranger their members residing at St. Penot belonging to the Society, per- tersburg, under the name of Trusmitted to settle among them with- tee, or Agent, to execute their out their particular permission. commissions, and dispatch all their. But if the Society express a de- business with the Committe apsire to receive some person among pointed for the management of them for a time, they are permit- their affairs. ted to do so, provided the persons 12. All who enter the Society of received by them have regular Christian Israelites have freedom passports, and the governors of from all duties for twenty years their concerns, or the Office of granted to them: when this time Administration, be surety for is expired, each of them will have them.

the same duties which all 9, The Office of Arministration Russian nations are bound to pay for the Society of Christian Is- according to their different staraelites obtain hereby a right to tions, viz. tradesmen, the regular

to pay

per cent of their capital; artists and also informs that “ advantageous professional men the civil duties. and convenient places for settle

13. Foreign Hebrews, who after ment, with adjoining lands, will they have embraced the Christian be appointed to the converted religion, should wish to enter the Hebrews, in the Northern and Society, settle on the same ap- Southern governments of the empointed lands, and to partake of pire,” and that Prince Galitzin, the right granted to them, have as Minister, is to be at the head perfect liberty to do so. They of this establishment. may leave Russia again whenever In the third Ukase his Majesty they should please, as is likewise names the President and Direcpermitted to all other members of tors who will constitute the Tuthe Society, provided they first telary Committee, leaves it to pay their debts and three years them to appoint secretaries and duty to the crown, from the capi- clerks, and to add to the number tal they have raised in Russia, ac- of the Committee, if a greater cording to the account which the number shall be found necessary. Superintendant of the Society “ The members of the Committee will couscientiously give con- are declared to enter upon their cerning it.

labors simply out of zeal for the 14. It is left to the discretion

cause, and consequently receive of the Tutelary Committee to no salary. To the Secretaries and draw up, on the principles here Clerks ho:vever, they are to aslaid down, the more circumstan- sign such salaries as they think tial rules, both respecting the lo- proper. For this and other necal management, public institu- cessary expenses his Imperial tions, and all other affairs which Majesty orders for the present may contribute best to the order 10,000 rubles to the Committee's and happiness of all, but especial- disposition-of which they will ly with respect to institutions for have to account to Prince Galitmoral cultivation and education zin, who will report the same to of youths according to the true

the Emperor." principles of Christianity.

The following extract from a ALEXANDER. letter to the Rev. Dr. Steinkoff, St. Petersburg,

dated at St. Petersburg, April 20, Easter Sunday, March 25, 1818. 0. S. 1817, will show that the

Committee have commenced their The foregoing Ukaşe was ac- labors, and that the measure companied by two others of the adopted by the Emperor has exsame date, relating to the same cited great expectations. object. The one which we have “ The peculiar aspect of the given complete is the second of times in which we live,—the fathe three. The first is entitled- vorable impressions towards “ Order to the Governing Senate” Christianity prevalent among ma--in which the Emperor proclaims ny Jews almost in all nationshis noble purpose, and names the the singular advantages enjoyed views and motives by which he in Russia for promoting a workhas been influenced to take such of this kind, seem to encourage extraordinary steps in favor of the the hope that it is perhaps the will Christian Israelites ;--in which he of the God of Israel that the great Festoration of his chosen people rences of this eventful age,should commence at least through adapted to excite much reflection the instrumentality and under the in every country, and to diminish benign and pious reign of this the sufferings of the Israelites in chosen and' anointed servant every part of the civilized world. Alexander, the Cyrus of the The Ukase contains many bechurch of God in the latter days. nignant provisions; but the perPursuant to the Imperial Ukase fect liberty which is granted to of the 25 of March, the Commit- every Christian Israelite to be of tee for superintending the affairs this or that denomination, whose of the Christian Israelites was opinions best accord with his own, founded on the 4th of April, in a and his entire exemption from all full meeting of its members. The « military services,” are traits as meeting was opened by reading admirable as they are uncommon the Imperial Ukase relative to in the history of despotic governthis benevolent object; afterments. Happy would it be for which his Excellency Popoff

, Pre- rulers and for subjects if such libsident of the Committee, address- erty of conscience and such exed the members as follows: emption from military services,

“ Chosen and appointed to this should be extended by the severnew undertaking by the will of al governments of christendom to our most pious sovereign, let us every denomination of Christians, enter upon it in humility of spirit and to every class of men. as loyal and zealous subjects.--- The Holy Alliance of the three in simplicity, of hearts as true Sovereigns which was formed in Christians, --in unity of spirit as 1815, and in which it is supposbrethren, sons of one Father, who ed the Emperor of Russia was the is God. Our most humane principal agent--was of a characsovereign, being guided in his ter so uncommon as to excite both conduct by Christian principles wonder and jealousy. Many infeels for the present condition of telligent men were disposed to rethe children of Israel returning to gard it as a detestable species of the Lord their God, and begin- political intrigue. Three years, ning to see that salvation which however, have passed away since he hath prepared before the face that remarkable occurrence; and of all people. The helpless con- it may now be asked, in what redition of these converts has ac- spects have the public acts of cordingly given rise to peculiar Alexander been contrary to the arrangements in favor of these principles which he then avowed ? descendants of Abraham, some- And is not the Ukase in favor of what similar perhaps to what took the Jews accordant with those place when the Lord stirred up principles ? Should this Emperor the spirit of Cyrus, king of Per- persevere in a course consistent sia, to build the house of the Lord with his public declarations, he God of Israel."

will probably be a greater blessing to the worlů than


other man We cannot but regard the pro- who has been permitted to wear ceedings of Alexander in relation a crown or sway a sceptre. He to the Jews, as among the most may indeed disappoint the fondauspicious and pleasing occur- est hopes of the many millions Vol. VI. No. 12.



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whose eyes are fixed on him as an istic with a body who have united for instrument of great good to the the purpose of being followers of human family, and it should be Christ and obedient to his precepts.

In our Church Litany (and which is the humble prayer of every Chris- the same allover the world where we tian that the widely extended have Congregations) we pray :power and influence of this mo

“ Watch graciously over all Kings, narch may never become subser- Princes and Governments, and bear vient to mischievous designs, and

our intercessions for them all!

of “ Grant and preserve unto them that all his future conduct may be of a character to evince the thoughts of Peace and concord!

“Guide and protect the magis.sincerity of his professions of trates of the Land wherein we dwell, good will to man.

-and grant us to lead under thein a
quiet and peaceable life, in all godli-

ness and honesty! (And again,)

“ O thou preserver of men," send The following letter was address- help to all that are in distress and ed to the Corresponding Secretary of danger ! the Massachusetts Peace Society, by

6 Be the Saviour of all men ; 1. a venerable Minister of the Society Tim. iv. 10. of United Brethren-one who had “ Have mercy on the whole Crealong been employed as a Missionary tion: Rom. viii. 19, 22. among the Indians. The intelligent

“ Unite all the children of God in reader will be able to discover some one Spirit. John xi. 52. of the true sources of our destructive " For the sake of that Peace which and exterminating wars with the lu- we have with thee, may we live dians; and also the principal reason peaceably with all men. Rom. xii. why the many benevolent efforts, to civilize and christianize the Indians, This short extract, will then suffihave been in so great a degree, un- ciently evince the peaceable disposisuccessful. We forbear to give the tion of our Society. name of this worthy Minister of the The cruelties committed during Prince of peace, for this reason only, wars--the calamities, misery, poverty we venture to publish the letter with- and wretchedness, numbers out having asked his consent, and it brought to thereby ; and the effects is possible that he did not expect it

wars have on the morals of many i would appear in print.

although so well depicted by able

writers in the Numbers you sent ine Bethlehem, 16th Nov. 1918. -yet, in my humble opinion, do not SIR,

reach to the whole extent of guilt A few days since, I was honour- which we bring upon ourselves, by. ed by your favour of the 7th inst. giving way to the war spirit. Do not and three Numbers of “ the Friend of wars frequently hinder the spreading Peace," for all which I return you of the gospel, nay operate in a direct my best thanks. I have also, after way against this part of Christian dugiving the same an attentive perusal, ty ? Is it not evident, that wars, and put the whole into the hands of the the murdering spirit attendant on the Directors of the Society for the same same, are repugnant to the preaching purpose ; meanwhile, as an individu- of the gospel, and the conversion of al member of the Society of United the heathen—a duty which our blesBrethren and to whom in this in- sed Lord and Saviour—the God of stance your letter was directed with peace, has commanded his servants the request of an answer, I now to perform-" to preach the gospel to cheerfully comply.

all nations of the eartis," &c. What That the Society of United Breth- pains have alone the Society of Unitren are friends of Peace, and averse ed Brethren taken to do their part in to Wars and bloodshed, is character. this great work! what hardships,

18, &c.




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dangers, and privations have they them, and that these were peaceable, been subjected to-willingly endured and took no part in the war; yet for the sole purpose of gaining souls this would not satisfy a blood-thirsty for Christ, from among the heathen rabble, calling themselves Christians; of this country! Ever since their and it was but by the most strenufirst landing in this country they have ous exertions of Government and been intent on this subject. Their other humane friends, that they were Missionaries have exerted themselves saved from sharing the same fate as to their utmost in doing their duty- had befel the Conestogo Indians. in being faithful to the trust commit- Compelled at length in the year 1772 ted to them. Some have persevered to leave their fine improvements on at their posts until death relieved Susquehanna, on account of the lands them from their labours; of they lived on, together with that whom, departing this life at the age whole country. being sold by the of 87, had for upwards of 60 years Christian Nations to the Englishbeen a Missionary, and within the they emigrated to the Ohio-estabJast 40 years of his life, not been in lished themselves anew in their own the wholm, 6 months absent from his country, where their prosperity soon post, and what had he witnessed dur- became visible. They had formed ing his long service ? In Georgia and adopted good rules and regulawhere the brethren had in the year tions among themselves—they kept 1735 began a Mission among the the Sabbath day holy, and after the Creek 'Indians, while the prospect manner all good Christians do, their

at best-- the affection of the children were taught to read and Chiefs gained—the nation agreed to .write ; no intoxications took place have the gospel preached to them-a at their peaceful villages ; their tem. school-house already built for the ed- poral pursuits were principally agriucation of their children ; that al- cultural; they declared publicly aready in the year 1758 this estab- gainst wars and blood-shed, and when lishment was broke up, in conse- the revolutionary war commenced, quence of a war having broke out be- they passed a resolution, that no one, tween England and Spain-in which joining, or taking up the hatchet athe brethren with the rest, were to gainst either nation, whether English turn out against the latter ; but fight- or Americans, could or should be ing and killing being not only con- permitted to live with them. Their trary to their principles, but also in numbers had so increased, that they direct opposition to the service they were at the time near 500 souls, were engaged in, they rather chose to dwelling in three different places, and leave that country, and engage in their living so peaceably together and Missionary labours among the In- with a plenty of every thing they dians, in the more peaceable province wished for, operated as an encourof Pennsylvania, and the Colonies ly- agement to others of their nation to ing to the Eastward of tlus. But join them-and who were about joinwhat. a series of troubles-what per- ing them, when lo! at the instigasecutions had they, together with tion of vagabond white people, who, their converts 'to endure, during a ander a pretence of attachment and course of thirty odd years labour, loyalty to their king, had deserted while they resided on this side of the from the American side, and gone onountains ? How often .were plots ver to the Britisb_not however to laid for their destruction, especially serve in a legal. way, but to act unwhen wars

wars indeed, bridled, or unrestrained, and have an which we had justly brought upon opportunity of plotting and commitourselves, by our base conduct to. ting under the cloak of loyalty, the wards them. Though it was well crimes of savage murder, on such of known, that the Christian Indians, their former neighbours, whom they during the wars of 1756-63 and 64, envied, as also on other inoffensive who were living near the Brethren's people. The Christian Indians, who Settlements, were under the care and until the fall of 1781, had lived untuition of Missionaries stationary with molested, admired by thrir country.

existed ;

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