East by West: A Journey in the Recess, Том 2

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Сторінка 262 - Sacred to the perpetual memory of a great company of Christian people, chiefly women and children, who near this spot were cruelly murdered by the followers of the rebel Nana Dhundu Panth of Bithur, and cast, the dying with the dead, into the well below, on the xvth day of July, MDCCCLVII.
Сторінка 278 - Our victorious army bears the gates of the temple of Somnauth in triumph from Afghanistan, and the despoiled tomb of Sultan Mahomed looks upon the ruins of Ghuznee. The insult of eight hundred years is at last avenged. The gates of the temple of Somnauth, so long the memorial of your humiliation, are become the proudest record of your national glory; the proof of your superiority in arms over the nations beyond the Indus.
Сторінка 203 - When Babylon was struggling with Nineveh for •supremacy, when Tyre was planting her colonies, when Athens was growing in strength, before Rome had become known, or Greece had contended with Persia, or Cyrus had added lustre to the Persian monarchy, or Nebuchadnezzar had captured Jerusalem, and the inhabitants of Judaea had been carried into captivity, she had already risen to greatness, if not to glory.
Сторінка 165 - France! France aimée et qu'on pleure toujours, Je ne reverrai pas ta terre douce et triste, Tombeau de mes aïeux et nid de mes amours! Je ne reverrai pas ta rive qui nous tente, France! hors le devoir, hélas! j'oublîrai tout. Parmi les éprouvés je planterai ma tente. Je resterai proscrit, voulant rester debout.
Сторінка 260 - Bound the chancel is a row of memorial tablets, set there " to the glory of God and in memory of more than a thousand Christian people who met their deaths hard by between the 6th of June and the 15th of July, 1857.
Сторінка 275 - ... them are filled with fountains. Though the building is an incrustation of gold, marble, and precious stones, water is still its most beautiful ornament. Within these fairy precincts lie the gardens, still overrun with roses and jasmine vines, in the midst of which fountains are playing. There is also a court, paved with squares of black and white marble, so as to form &pachisi board.
Сторінка 81 - There is much carving on this gateway, the figure on one of the panels telling a pretty story. Kiyo-yo, having had a proposal modestly made to him that he should resign the throne, is here figured in the act of washing the ear that has suffered the indignity of receiving the proposal. So great is the insult that nothing less than a waterfall will serve the cleansing purpose. The artist accordingly puts in the waterfall pretty thick ; but Eastern fancy does not stop here. A little farther on are the...
Сторінка 203 - Judasa had been carried into captivity, she had already risen to greatness, if not to glory. Nay, she may have heard of the fame of Solomon, and have sent her ivory, her apes, and her peacocks to adorn his palaces ; while partly with her gold he may have overlaid the Temple of the Lord.
Сторінка 186 - ... accidents of common occurrence. "Now supposing," the director asked,. looking round the class, all burning to distinguish themselves in the august presence of the Governor of Bombay, " supposing a buggy driving along the street were to run over a man and fracture his ribs, what would you do?" " Run after the buggy- wallah (driver) and take him to prison," promptly answered one of the men, policeman instinct overcoming humanitarian impulse.
Сторінка 333 - But the Famine Commissioners declare that ' any native of India who does not trade or own land, and who chooses to drink no spirituous liquor, and to use no English cloth or iron, need pay in taxation only about sevenpence a year on account of the salt he consumes. On a family of three persons, the charge amounts to is. Qd., or about four days' wages of a labouring man and his wife.

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