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This First Supplement to the Catalogue of 1889 contains the additions to the Library made since that date, to, and in a great measure including, 1895. As the printing progressed new books were added to each consecutive class, so that the later classes contain the latest additions, and the Supplement and Catalogue together give the larger part of the contents of the Library. The arrangement of the Supplement is the same as that of the Catalogue. A change has been made in the interest of greater simplicity in the call numbers of Fiction, the lower case letters having been omitted. They are often misleading, and annoying both to write or read, and no trouble is experienced by omitting them. The time numbers in Natural Science and Useful Arts have also been dropped, being found of less value than the author's initial. Attention is called to the schedule of the Decimal Classification printed on pages v, vi as showing the numbers belonging to the different class divisions. The first part of this Supplement, called the CLASS CATALOGUE is arranged in accordance with this classification, and the larger part of what the Library contains on any given subject will be found in its proper class. For ready reference in finding books on special subjects, if the class number is not known consult the SUBJECT INDEx at the end af the volume. In the second part of the Supplement is the AUTHoR INDEx, wherein are entered all books under the author's full name when known, excepting Fiction. Anonymous books are entered under title. No imprint has been given in either list, save the date of publication in the Class Catalogue. The third part contains the SUBJECT INDEx referred to above, and will be found of great help in finding information upon all sorts of subjects.


For further information concerning books or subjects, readers should consult the Card Catalogue at the Library in which books will be found entered under author, title and subject, and arranged in alphabetical order. The author card is the most important, as it gives the author's name entire, and the full title and sub-title entry, place, date of publication, illustrations, contents, etc. The title card gives the title in brief form, with author, place and date. The subject card contains as a heading the subject of which the book treats, and all books bearing on special subjects wholly or in part, are represented by cards arranged under such subject headings. The Card Catalogue is also always up


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