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Continuation of the Fourth Parliament, of


[Omiffons in TORBUCK's Edition, mark'd with

the ASTERISKS as before.]

*THE Trial of Lord Strafford, Page 1. * The remark:

I able Case of Mr. Peter Norris, 7. * Censure pass’d

on Secretary Jenkins thereon, 9. * Sir Robert Peyton ex-

pell’d, 13. King's Speech, Ibid. Grand Debate thereon

ibid. The Speeches of William Gee, Silas Titus, ii. Lord

Cavendish, i2.. Ralph Montagu, 13. Sir G. Hungerford, 15

William Harbord, 16, J. B. (perhaps Colonel Birch) 18.

Sir William Hickman, Sir N. Carew, 19. Silas Tirus, 20.

Sir Francis Winnington, Sir Richard Temple, R. Mon.

tagu, W. G. 21. P. Foley, 23. Sir F. Rolle, Sir G. Gerrard,

Sir H. Capel, 26. W...:27. Lord Gower, 28, R...

29. Sir William Jones, 30. J. Hampden, 31. Lord Russel,

Sir W. Jones, 34. W. G. Sir E. Harvey, 36. G. V. 37.
The Address which was the Result of this Debate, 37. The

Speeches of Edward Vaughan, Sir W. Jones, on the said

Address, 41. Debate on the Bill for uniting his Majesty's

Protestant Subjects, 42. The Speeches of .... ibid. Di..

43. F. (perhaps Foley) 44. E... and .... 45. * Queries.

relating to the Execution of Lord Strafford, and a Speech
thereon, 48. Sir R. Corbet's Report, relating to the Pro-
ceedings of the Judges, ibid. Resolutions thereon, 59. A
Speech on a Motion in Behalf of Judge Raymond, 6. Sir
Francis Winnington's Speech on Pensioners in Parliament;
Another of Silas Titus, 63. Resolutions thereon, ibid. Ara
'ticles of Impeachment against Lord Chief Justice Scroggs,

The Speeches of Sir T. Lee, 67. D. Finch, 6$. Sir F.

Winnington, 69. H. Powle, 70. P. Foley, Sir R. Temple

thereon, 72. Answer, and Petition of the said Sir William

Scroggs, 73: Debate on the Irish Plot, 74. The Speeches

of Sir W. Jones, ibid. Sir H. Capel, and B. Holford, there.

on. His Majesty's Message relating to Tangier, 19. The

Speeches of H.'B. (perhaps Boscawen) 80. R. Montagu,

Sir H. Capel, 81. L. H. Lord C. 83. Sir R. Markham,

Sir W. Jones, 84 D. Finch, 85. J. B. (perhaps Basser )

85. G. V. 'Sir W. Pulteney, 17. Sir F. Winning on, 83.

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Sir L. Jenkins, 90. Silas Titus, and L. Gower, 93. and

Sir R. H. 95, thereon. Resolutions against the Duke of York,

(one of which not in Torbuck's Edition) ibid. Resolu-

tions against such as fhould lend Money to the Crown, 97.

* Farther remarkable Resolutions, ibid.' * London-Petition,

98 * London-Instructions to their new Members, 99. * E.

of Efex's Speech to the King against the holding a Par-

Irament at Oxford, ibid. * The Petition he deliver'd, 100

The Oxford Parliament..

* The King's Speech, 101. * Two Speeches of the

Speaker to the King, 103. * The Chancellor's Reply, 104.

Debate on Printing the Votes. ibid. The Speeches of Sir j.

Hartop, Sir W. Cowper, ibid. Secretary Jenkins, 8.

Boscawen, L. Gower, Col. M. and Sir F. Winnington, there-

on, 195. Debate on the Miscarriage of a Bill for Repeal

of 35 Eliz. dc. 106. The Speeches of R. Hampden, Sir

F.Winnington, Sir N. Carew, Secretary Jenkins, L. Gower;

106. Col. B. Sir J. Ernley, W. Harbord, Sir C. Musgrave,

D. Whorwood, 10%. H. Powle, R. Hampden, 108. Sir

F. Winnington, J. Trenchard, J. Stratford, Sir W. Jones,

109. H. Boscawen, W. Garraway, Sir R. How, Sir R.

Temple, 110. E. Vaughan, Sir H. Capel, Silas Titus, R.

Hampden, Sir T. Littleton, 111, thereon. Debate on Fitz-

Harris's Examination, ibid. The Speeches of Sir J. Hartop.

Sir W. Jones, Secretary Jenkins, Sir F. Winnington, Sir R.

Clayton, Secretary Jenkins, and Sir T. Littleton, 112, there-

on.' Debate on Secretary Jenkins's Refusing to go with a

Message to the Lords, ibid. The Speeches of Sir T. Little-

ton, Sir G. Hungerford, J. Trenchard, Secretary Jenkins,

Sir W. Jones, 113. Sir H. Capel, Sir J. M. Sir J. Ernley,

114. W. Fleetwood, H. Bofcawen, 115, thereon. Debate

on the Exclusion, ibid. 'The Speeches of Sir R. Clayton,

Lord Russel, R. Montagu, 116. H. Coventry, ibid. J.S...,

117. L. Gower, Sir J. Ernley, and J. B. 118. Sir F.Rolle,

Sir J. M. R. Hampden, and Sir J. Ernley, 119. Sir N.
Carew, 120. Sir W. Pulteney. Sir T. Littleton, 121. Sir

W. Jones, 123. L. Gower, E. Vaughan, L. Gower, Sir F.
• Winnington, Sir J. M. 125. W. Harbord, and Sir F.

Winnington,. 126. H. Booth, Sir J. M. and E. Vaughan,

. 128. Sir H. Capel, Col. Legg, 129. Sir W. Courtenay,

Col. Birch, 130. Sir T. Littleton, H. Booth, 131. R. Hamp-

den, and H.. Coventry, 132. Debate on the Lords throw-

ing out the Impeachment of Firzharris, ibid. The Speeches

of Sir T. Littleton, Sir W. Jones, 132. Sir E. Winning-

ton, Sir R. Howard, 133. Serjeant Maynard, 134. Sir Ť.

· P... Sir W. Jones, 135. Farther Debates on the Exclusion,

: 136. The Speeches of Secretary Jenkins, J.B. and SirW. Jones,


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ibid. Speeches of H. Booth, afterward Lord Warrington,

13;. For the Bill of Exclusion, ibid. Against Commitments

by Privy-Council, 140. Against the Votes of Bihops in

Cases of Blood, 144. Against Pensions in Parliament, 148.

For Parlianients and against Favourites, 151. On putting

certain Justices out of Commission, 155. For the Banishment

of Papiits, 157. Of the Corruption of Judges, 160.

[* King James's Parliament.]

(The whole Proceedings of which are not so much as

mentioned in TORBUCK's Edition.)
Lord-Keeper North's Speech, 164. Sir Jonn Trevor
chosen Speaker, ibid. King's Speech, 165. The late King's

Revenue granted for Life, 167. Earl of Argyle's Declara-

tion, ibid. The Vote of the House thereon presented to his

Majesty, 169. His Answer, ibid. 'The Speaker's Speech on

presenting the Tonnage-Bill; 170. King's Speech there-

upon, ibid. A Supply voted, 171. The Bill for Reversing

Łurd Stafford's Atrainder, 173. A Message from the King

relating to the Supply, 176. Monmouth's Declaration burnt

by the Hangman, 176. Votes to lay a Tax on new Build-

ings, 177. A Meffage from the King demanding a present

Supply, ibid. The Bill for serrling the Queen's Jointure, ibid.

The Report from the Commirree, on the Supply, 178. The

Parliament adjourn’d, 179.' Meets again, ibid. The King's

Speech, 1 do: Debare thereon, 181. The Sentiments of Sir

Will. Clifton, Lord Preston, ibid. Lord Ranelagh, Sir T.

Clarges, IS2. Sir "J: Ernley, Sir H. Cholmondely, Mr.

Coventry, Mr., Aubrey, Mr. Wogan, Sir W! "Twisden, 183,

Mr. Seymour, Sir T. Clargés, Sir T. Meers, 184. Serjeant

Maynard, 185. Sir R. Temple, Sir W. Cifron, Mr T.

Howard, Mr. S... Sir T. Clarges, iss. The Commons

Addrefs to remove Jealoufies, with regard to Popish Recii-

fants, 186. Debate on the Supply, 188. The Sentiments

of Lord Campden, Sir J. Ernley, J. Courtney, Sir E. Jen-

kins, Lord Preston, ibid. Lord Ranelagh, Sir W. Clition,

Mr. Ewer, Mr. Wogan, Lord Castleton, Mr. Wyndham,

189. Sir W. Honeywood, Mr. Christey, Col. Ashton, Mr.

Blathwayte, Sir T. Clarges, 190. Sir W. Twisden, Sir C.

Musgrave, Sir H. Cholmondely; Sir J. Williamson, Sir T.
Meers, Mr. Pepys, Col. Oglethorp, and Sir T. Clarges, 19!.
100,000l. vored, ibid. Farther Debates on the Supply. The
Sentiments of Sir J. Ernely, Sir D. North, Mr. Neale, Sir
R. Temple, 192. King's Answer to the Address, 193. De-
bate thereon, ibid. The Sentiments of Mr. Wharton, Mr.
Coke, Sir C. Musgrave, Sir J. Talbo, Sir H. Cholmondely,
Mr. Aubrey, 193. Lord Preston, Lord Middleton, Mr.


Sollicitor, Mr. Seymour, Sir J. Ernley, Sir T. Meers, and Sir T. Clarges, 194. The Parliament di lolv'd, 195. * Lords Address to the Prince of Orange, ibid. * A second Address, ibid. * Proceedings of the P. of Orange, 196. * His Speech to the first Convention, 197. * Their Address to the Prince, 198. * The Prince's Answer, 199.

: [The second Convention.] ** Mr. Powle's Speech upon being chosen Speaker, ibid. * Prince of Orange's Letter to both Houses, 200. * The Speaker's Speech thereupon, ibid. * The Address of both Houses to the Prince, 201. * His Answer, ibid. * The King's Letter to both Houses, 202. * Debate on the State of the Nation, ibid. * The Sentiments of Mr. Hampden, . Mr. Dolben, Sir R. Temple, Sir R. Sawyer, Sir R. Howard, ibid. Mr. Garraway, Sir T. Lee, Mr. Sacheverel, Mr. Pollexfen, Sir G. Treby, Mr. Sommers, Mr. Finch, Sir C. Murgrave, Sir E. Seymour, Lord Fanshaw, ibid. * Vore. the Throne vacant, ibid. * Other Votes, ibid. Lords Amendments to the Bill of Abdication, 204. The Commons Reafons for Disagreeing with the Lords, ibid. Mr. Hampden's Report of the first Conference between the two Houses, 205. A free Conference, 20%. The Speeches of Mr. Hampden, ibid. Mr. Sommers, 212. Mr. Serjeant Holt, 211. Lord Nottingham, Mr. Serjeant Maynard, 213. Bishop of Ely, Mr. Serjeant Maynard, 214. "Lord Clarendon, 218. Lord Nottingham, 219. Sir G. Treby, 221. Lord Pembroke, ibid. Sir Ġ. Treby, 223. Lord Nottingham, 225. Sir G. Treby, 216. Lord' Rochester, 227. Mr. Hampden, Mr. Sacheverel, 228. Mr. Pollexfen, 230. Lord Clarendon, 233 Lord Pembroke, Mr. Serjeant Maynard, 234. Mr. Serj. Maynard, Lord Nottingham, 235. Mr. Sacheve.' rel, 237. Lord Nottingham, Mr. Sommers, 238. Lord Rochester, Lord Clarendon, 239. Sir R. Howard, 241. Lord Pembroke, Lord Clarendon, Sir R. Temple, 244. Sir . T. Lee, 245. Sir G. Treby, 246. Lord Pembroke, Sir G. Treby, Mr. Serj. Maynard, Sir R. Temple, Lord Pembroke, 249. Sir R. Temple, Lord Norringam, 250. Mr. P. Foley, Mr. G. Eyre, 254. The Declaration of Rights. The Tender of the Crown to the Prince of Orange, 258. William and Mary Proclaim'd King and Queen, 259. Declaration of the States of Scotland, ibid. The Manner of taking the Scottish Coronation-Oath, 273 The English CoronationOath, 274. * The King's first Speech to both Houses, 276. * His Answer to the Commons Address of Thanks, ibid.


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