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Сторінка xvii - ... in agriculture and home economics to persons not attending or resident in said colleges in the several communities, and imparting to such persons information on said subjects through field demonstrations, publications, and otherwise ; and this work shall be carried on in such manner as may be mutually agreed upon by the Secretary of Agriculture and the State agricultural college or colleges receiving the benefits of this Act.
Сторінка 494 - Pomology. ELMER S. SAVAGE, MSA, Ph.D., Animal Husbandry. LEWIS KNUDSON, Ph.D., Plant Physiology. KENNETH C. LIVERMORE, Ph.D., Farm Management. ALVIN C. BEAL, Ph.D.. Floriculture. MORTIER F. BARRUS, Ph.D., Plant Pathology. CLYDE H. MYERS. MS, Ph.D., Plant Breeding. GEORGE W. TAILBY, JR., BSA. Superintendent of Livestock. EDWARD S. GUTHRIE, MS in Agr., Ph.D., Dairy Industry. JAMES C. BRADLEY, Ph.D., Entomology. PAUL WORK, BS, AB, Vegetable Gardening. JOHN BENTLEY, JR., BS, MF, Forestry.
Сторінка xi - Ph.D., Plant Breeding. DONALD REDDICK, Ph.D., Plant Pathology. EDWARD G. MONTGOMERY, MA, Farm Crops. WILLIAM A. RILEY. Ph.D., Entomology. MERRITT W. HARPER, MS, Animal Husbandry. JAMES A. BIZZELL, Ph.D., Soil Technology. GLENN W.
Сторінка 941 - For 100 pounds hams or bacon take 3 pounds barytes (barium sulphate) 0.06 pound glue 0.08 pound chrome yellow (lead chromate) 0.40 pound flour " Half fill a pail with water and mix in the flour, dissolving all lumps thoroughly. Dissolve the chrome in a quart of water in a separate vessel and add the solution and the glue to the flour; bring the whole to a boil and add the barytes slowly, stirring constantly. Make the wash the day before it is required. Stir it frequently when using, and apply with...
Сторінка xvii - An Act to provide for cooperative agricultural extension work between the agricultural colleges in the several states receiving the benefits of the Act of Congress, approved July 2, 1862, and of Acts supplementary thereto, and the United States Department of Agriculture...
Сторінка 373 - Plant Pathology. BRISTOW ADAMS, BA, Editor. LELA G. GROSS, Assistant Editor. The regular bulletins of the Station are sent free on request to residents of New York State.
Сторінка 616 - The caterpillars leave their winter quarters just as the buds are bursting, burrow into the opening buds, and feed on the expanding leaves. They often web two or three leaves together, and often include several blossoms in the nest thus formed. They may therefore nip in the bud a considerable part of the future crop. When full-grown the caterpillars pupate in this nest of webbed leaves, and the moths emerge during June and the first part of July and deposit their eggs in small clusters on the leaves....
Сторінка 719 - JOHN H. COMSTOCK, BS, Entomology. HENRY H. WING, MS in Agr., Animal Husbandry. T. LYTTLETON LYON, Ph.D., Soil Technology. JOHN L. STONE, B.Agr., Farm Practice. JAMES E. RICE, BSA, Poultry Husbandry. GEORGE W.
Сторінка 456 - Pear psylla sucking insects, which are often found working in the axils of the leaves and in the fruit early in the season. They develop into minute, cicada-like, jumping lice. The young psyllas secrete a large quantity of honeydew, in which a peculiar black fungus grows, giving the bark a characteristic sooty appearance. There may be four broods annually and the trees are often seriously injured. The trees should be sprayed for the adult psyllas, in a warm spell in December or March, with " black...
Сторінка 782 - MF. Forestry. EARL W. BENJAMIN, Ph.D., Poultry Husbandry. EMMONS W. LELAND, BSA, Soil Technology. CHARLES T. GREGORY, Ph.D., Plant Pathology. WALTER W. FISK, MSA, Dairy Industry.

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