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England, with Letter-press Descriptions hy Rickman. 2 vols, ir' nighly spirited Etchings (puh. at 24/.), half morocco, SU Is.

OANIELL'S ORIENTAL SCENERY AND ANTIQUITIES. The original magnifiers edition, 150 splendld coloured Views, oc the largest scale, of the Architecture, Antiquities, ana Landscape Scenery of Hindoostan, 6 vols, in 3, elephant folio (puh. at 2104), elegantly halfhound morocco, 521. 10s.

OANIELL'S ORIENTAL SCENERY, 6 vols. in 3, small folio, 150 Flates (puh. at 1SL is*.

half-hoccd morocco, 61. 6*.
Thii> is reduced 'roni the preceding large work, and is uncoloured.

OANIELL'S ANIMATED NATURE, heing Picturesque Delineations or the most intere&dng

Suhlects from all Branches or Natural History, 135 Engravings, with Letter-pretn 7>ea..*ipti.>hs '2 vols, small folio (puh. at 151. 15*.), half morocco (uniform with the Oriental Scenery), Zt. 3*.

DON QUIXOTE, PICTORIAL EDITION. Translated hy Janvis, carefully revised. With a copious original Memoir of Cervantes. Illustrated hy upwards of 820 heautiful Wood Engravings, after the celehrated Designs of Tont Johannot, including 10 new and heautiful large Cuts, hy AaMstkOmu, now fiist added. 2 vels, royal 8vo (puh. at 2i. 10*.), cloth gt.t, U. 8*. 1848

DUL\«- GALLERY, a Series of so beautifully Coloured Plates from the most Celehrated

Pienl in this Remarkahle Collection; ekecuted hy It. Cockkunn (Custodian). All mounted on Tinted Card-l>osrJ in the manner of Drawings, imperial folio, including 4 v«T7 Urge additional Plates, puhlished separately at from 3 to 4 guineas each, and not hefore included in the Series. I n a handsome portfolio, with morocco hack (puh. at iot.), l5L 16*.

"This is one of the most splendld and interesting of the British Picture Galleries, and has for some years heen quite unattainahle, even at the full price."


PYRAMIDS OF GIZEH. With an appendik, hy J. S. Peaninn, Esq., on the Pyramlds at Ahou Roash, the Fayoum, &c. Ac. 2 vols, imperial 8vo, with 6O Plates, lithographed hy Ha&he (puh. at 21. 12*. 6cM, U. 1*. 1848


THE PYRAMIDS OK GIZEH, ABOU ROASH, &c. Drawn from actual Survey and Admeasurement. With Notes and References to Col. Vyse's irreat Work, also to Denon, the great French Work on Egypt, Rosellini, Relzoni, Burckhardt, Sir Gardner Wilkinson, Lane, and others. 3 Parts, elephant folio, the size of the great French " Egypte" (puh. at lit. 15*.) in printed wrappers, 31. 3m.; half-hound morocco, il. 14*. 6d. 1842

ENGLEFIELD'S ISLE OF WIGHT. 4U>. 50 large Plates, Engraved hy Cooke, and a Geo logical Map (puh. it. ls.), cloth, 21. a*, laifi

FLAXMAN S HOMER. Seventy-five heautiful Compositions to the Iliad and Odyssey, engraved under Flakman's inspection, hy Pinoli, Muses, and Blake. 2 vols, ohlong folio (puh. at 5/. 5*.), hosrds St. 2s. 180s

FLAXMAN'S >ESCHYLUS, Thirty-sik heautiful Compositions from. Ohlong folio (puh. at 2L 12*. 6d.), hosrds U. li. 18S1

FLAXMAN'S HESIOD, Thirty-seven heautiful Compositions from. Ohlong folio ipnh. at 2/. 12*. W.), hosrds II. 5i. 1817 "Flakman's unequalled Compositions from Homer, JEachylus, and Hesiod, have long heen the adiuiiation of Europe; of their simplicity and heauty the pen is quite incapahle of conveying an adequate impression."—Mr Thomn Lawrence.

FLAXMAN'S ACTS OF' MERCY. A Series of Einht Compositions, in the manner of

Ancient Sculpture, engraved in imitation of the original Drawings, hy F. C. Lewis. Ohlong folio (puh. at 2t. 2s.), half-hound morocco, 16*. igai

FROISSART, ILLUMINATED ILLUSTRATIONS OF. Seventy-four Plates, printed in Gold and Colours. 2 vols, super-royal 8vo, half-hound, uncut (pah. at 4/. l0i.), 31. lOi.

the sams, large paper, 2 vols, royal 4to, half-hound, uncut (puh. at IQU 10*,), 6/. 6*.

GELL AND GANDY'S POMPEIANA; or, - Mpogtaphy, Edifices, and Ornaments or Pompeh. Original Series, containing the Resiht-of the Ekcavati royal 8vo, hest edition, with upwards of 100 heautiful Line Ennra

Heath, Pts, etc. (puh. at 11. 4*.), hosrds, 3/. 3*. '1824.

Pompeii. Original Series, containing the Resiht-of the Excavations previous tc i8l9 2 vi

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GEMS OF ART, 36 FINS ENGRAVINGS, after Remhnani>t, Cuyp, Rkykoldr, Pouasts Mukii.ro, Teninnk, Coaneuio, Van Deetelde, folio, proof impressions, in portfolio (po'h. a*SJ.tu.), IL. I1*. ....

CILLRAY'S CARICATURES, printed from the Original Plates, all engraved hy himself hetween 1779 and 1X10, comprising t'ie hest Political and Humorous Satlrts of the Reign ot Georne the Third, in upwards of 6oo hinhly spirited Engravings. In I large vol. atlas folio (ekactly uniform with the original Hogarth, as sold hy the advertiser), half-hound ted morocco ektrs, gilt edges, il. 8*.

GILPIN'S PRACTICAL HINTS UPON LANDSCAPE GARDENING, *«o. Remarks on Domestic Architecture. Royal ero, Plates, cloth (puh. at U.), 7*.

GOETHE'S FAUST, ILLUSTRATED BY RETZSCH in 20 heautiful Outlines. Royal upiuun. at 1/. 1*.), trite c'"th, KM, 6d. This adlUon contains a tranaiati?:. of th«i original poem, Who historical and descriptive notes.

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Villas, Rectory-Houses, Parsonage-Houses; Bailiff's, Gardener's, Gamekeeper's, and ParkGate Lodges: Cottages and other Residences, in the Grecian, Italian, and Old English Style of Architecture: with Estimates. 2 vols, royal 4to, 96 Plates (puh. at Si, 6s.), cloth, U. 12*. 6d.

r^RINDLAY'S (CAPT.) VIEWS IN INDIA, SCENERY, COSTUME, AND ARCHITECTURE: chii on the Western Side of India. Atlas 4to. Consisting of 30 most heauti-: fully coloured Plates, highly finished, in imitation of Drawings; with Descriptive Letterpress. (Puh. at 12/. 12*.), half-hound morocco, gilt edges, 8/. 8*. IfOtt This la perhaps the most exquisitely-coloured volume of landscapes ever produced.

HANSARD S ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF ARCHERY. Being the complete History and Practice of the Art: interspersed with numerous Anecdotes,; forming a complete Manual for the H"wtnan. Svo. Illustrated hy 3t heautiful Line Engravings, exquisitely finished, hy Englehsaut, Portrurt, etc., after Designs hy Stephaxoff (puh. at If. 11*. 6d.), gilt cloth, 10*. 6d.

HARRIS'S GAME AND WILD ANIMALS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Large imp!, folio. 30 heautifully coloured Engravings, with 30 Vignettes of Heads, Skins, &c. (puh. at 10/. 10*.), h/. morocco, li*. 6*. 1844

HARRIS'S WILD SPORTS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Impl. Svo. 26 heautifully coloured Engravings, and a Map (puh. at 21. 2*.), gilt cloth, gilt edges. I/. 1*. 18*4

HEATH'S CARICATURE SCRAP BOOK, on 60 Sheets, containing upwards of 1000 Comfc Suhjects after Setmour, Cruirshanr, Phiz, and other eminent Caricaturists, ohlong folio. (puh. at 2/. 2*.), cloth, gilt, 15*.

Thls clever and entertaining volume is now enlarged hy ten additional sheets, each containing numerous suhjects. It includes the whole o t Heath's Omnium Gatherum, hoth Series; Illustrations of Demonology and Witchcraft; Old Ways and New Ways; Nautical Dictionary; Scenes in London; Sayings and Doings, etc.; a series of humorous illustrations of Proverhs,' etc. As a large and almost infinite storehouse of humour it stands alone. To the young artist it would he found a most valuahle collection of studies; and to the family circle a constant source of unexceptionahle amusement.

HOGARTH'S WORKS ENGRAVED BY HIMSELF. 153 fine Plates (including tie two well-known " suppressed Plates"), with elahorate Letter,press Descriptions, hy J. Nichols.' Atlas folio (puh. at 50/.), half-hound morocco, gilt hack and edges, with a secret pocket for1 suppressed plates, 11. 7*. 1822;

HOLBEIN'S COURT OF HENRY THE EIGHTH. A Series of 80 exquisitely heautiful, Portraits, engraved hy Bartolozzi, Cooper, and others, in imitation of the original' Drawings preserved in the Royal Collection at Windsor; with Historical and Biographical! Letter-press hy Edmund Lodge, Esq. Fuhlished hy John Chamrerlains. Imperial 4to (pull, at 15/. 15*.), half-hound morocco, full gilt hack ami edges, 5/. 15*. 6d. 1813

HOFLAND'S BRITISH ANGLER'S MANUAL; Edited hy Edward Jesse, Esq.; or, the Art of Angling in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland; including a Piscatorial Account of the principal Rivers, Lakes, and Trout Streams; with Instructions in Fly Fishing, Trolling, and Angling of every Description. With upwards of 80 exquisite Plates, many of which are highly-finished Landscapes engraved on Steel, the remainder heautifully engraved on Wood.' Svo, elegant in gilt cloth, 12*. 18«

HOPE'S COSTUME OF THE ANCIENTS. Illustrated in upwards of 320 heautifullyengraved Plates, containing Representations of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Hahiu and Dresses. 2 vols, royal Svo, New Edition, with nearly 20 additional Plates, hoards, reduced to 21. 5*. 1841

HOWARD (FRANK) ON COLOUR, as a Means of Art, heing an adaptation of the Experience of Professors to the practice of Amateurs, illustrated hy 18 coloured Plates, postsvo, cloth gilt, 8*.

In this ahle volume are shown the ground colours in which the most celehrated painters worked. It is very valuahle to the connoisseur, as well as the student, in painting and watercolour drawing.

HOWARD'S (HENRY, R. A.) LECTURES ON PAINTING. Delivered at the Royal Academy, with a Memoir, hy his son, Franr Howard, large postSvo, cloth, 7*. 6d. 18M

HOWARD'S (FRANK) SPIRIT OF SHAKSPEARE. 483 fine outline Plates, illustrative of all the principal Incidents in the Dramas of our national liard, 5 vols. Svo (puh. at 14/. 8*.), cloth, 21. 2*. 1827—33 *** The 483 Plates may he had without the letter-press, for illustrating all 8\o editions ot Shakspeare, for If. 11*. 6d.


illustrated with 12 splendid Examples from the Great Masters of the Art, selected from Missal*? all heautifully illuminated. Square 12mo, decorated hinding, If. I*.

HUMPHREY'S COINS OF ENGLAND, a Sketch of the progress of the English Coinage, from the earliest period to the present time, with 228 heautiful fac*similes of the most interesting specimens, illuminated in gold, siiver, and copper, square Svo, neatly decorated hinding, 18*.


HABITATIONS. Royal 4to, 37 Plates (puh. at 21. 2*.), half morocco If. 4*.

HUNT'S DESIGNS FOR PARSONAGE-HOUSES. ALMS-HOUSES, ETC. Royal tto, 21 Plates (pnfa. at U. 1*.), half moruoc\ J4*. 1841

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Royal 4to, 13 Plates (pub. at It. I*.), haif morocco, 14s. lMt

HUNTS ARCHITETTURA CAMPESTRE: OB, DESIGNS FOR LODGES. GARDENERS' HOUSES, Etc. IN THE ITALIAN STYLE. 12 Plates, royal 4to (pnh. at I/. I*.), half morocco, 14*. 1827

ILLUMINATED BOOK OF CHRISTMAS CAROLS, square sro. M Borden lllomlnated Id Gold aud Colours, and 4 heautiful Miniatures, richly Ornamented Binding (puh. at if. i*.), 15*. 1846

ILLUMINATED BOOK OF NEEDLEWORK, By Mm. Owr*t, withaHistarr of Needlework, hy the Countess of Wii Ton, Coloured Plates,post 8vo (pnh.at 18*.), gilt cL3th,9*. 1847

ILLUMINATED CALENDAR FOR 1850. Copied from a celehrated Missal known as the "Hours " of (he Duke of Anjou, imperial Svo, 36 exquisite Miniatures and Borders, lu gold and colours, Ornamented Binding (puh. at 21. 2c), 15*.

ILLUSTRATED FLY-FISHERS TEXT BOOK. A Complete Gnlde to the Science of Trout, and Salmon Fishing. By Thxophilus South, Gent. (ed. Chittt, Barrister). With. 23 heuutifnl Engravings on Steel, alter Paintings hy Cooper, New Ton, Fieldinu, Ler, and others, ttvo (puh. at 11. li*. W.1. cloth, gilt, 10*. (i<i. 1S45

ITALIAN SCHOOL OF DESIGN. Consisting of l00 Plates, chiefly engraved hy BartoLozzi, after the original Pictures and Drawings of Guerciro, Michael A Ngrlo, Dohf.ni-. Chiro, Arnihale, Lunovico, and Agostiro Caracci, Pietro Da Cortona, Carlo MaRatti, and others, in the Collection of Her Majesty. Imperial 4to (puh. at loi. 10*. J, half morocco, gilt edges, 31. i*. 1813

JAMES' (G. P. R.) BOOK OF THE PASSIONS, royal Svo, illustrated with 16 snlem Line Engravings, after drawings hy Edward Courhould Stephanopf Chalor, Ken.. _ Meadows, and Jenrins: engraved under the superintendence of Charles Heath. New and improved edition Oust puhlished), elegant in gilt cloth, gilt edges (puh. at U. lit. 6d.), 13*.


impl. Svo, 21 heautiful Portraits (puh. at 21. 5*.), cloth, H. U. 1833

JOHNSON'S SPORTSMAN'S CYCLOPEDIA of the Science and Practice of the Field, the Turf, and the Sod, or operations of the Chase, the Course, and the Stream, in one very thick vol. Svo, illustrated with upwards of so Steel Engravinga, alter Cooper, Ward* Harcocx, and others (puh. at I/. 11*. 6d.), cloth, li*.


FROM THE TIME OF CONST ANT INE TO THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY. With an Introduction and Text. Imperial folio. First Series, containing 40 heautiful and highly interesting Views of Ecclesiastical Buildings in Italy, several of which are expensively illuminated in gold and colours, half-hound morocco, bL it. 1843 Second and Concluding Series, containing 41 heautiful and highly-interesting Views of Ecclesiastical Buildings in Itaiv, arranged in Chronological Order; with Descriptive Letter-press. Imperial folio, half-hound morocco, :./. 5*. 1844


trate the Normans in Sicily. Imperial folio. M large Engravings, consisting of Picturesque Views, Architectural Remains, Interiors and Exteriors of Buildings, with Descriptive Letterpress. Coloured like Drawings, half-hound morocco, 81. 8*. 1846 But very few copies are now first executed in this expensive manner.

KNIGHTS PICTORIAL LONDON. 6 vols, hound in 3 thick handsome vols, imperial Svo,

illustrated hy 650 Wood Engravings (puh. at 31. 3*.), cloth, gilt, U. 18>. 1841-44

LONDON-WILKINSON'S LONDINA ILLUSTRATA; OR, GRAPHIC AND HISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS of the most Interesting and Curious Architectural Monuments of the City and Suhurhs of London and Westminster, e.g.. Monasteries, Churches, Charitahle Foundations, Palaces, Halls, Courts, Processions, Places of early Amusements, Theatres, and Old Houses. 2 vols, imperial ito, containing 207 Copper-plate Engravings, with Historical and Descriptive Letter-press (puh. at 261. i*.), half-hound morocco, 51. i*. 1819-25


LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE. New Edition, 250 Wood Cuts, Portrait, thick 8w>, cloth lettered (puh. at I/. 10*.), 15*.

LYSON S ENVIRONS OF LONDON; heing an Historical Account of the Towns, Villages and Hamlets in the Counties of Surrey, Kent, Essex, Herts, and Middlesex, 5 vols. 4to, Plate* (puh. at 101. lo*.), cloth, 21. lo*. The same, large paper, 5 vols, royal 4to (puh. at 151. IS*.), cloth, 3/. 3*.


COLUMBUS, to the year 1846, comprising its History and Statistics, 2 remarkahly thick volumes, imperial Svo. cloth lettered (puh. at 4/. 14*. 6d.)t U. lit, 6d. 1847

MARTIN'S CIVIL COSTUME OF ENGLAND, from the Conquest to the Present Period, from Tapestry, MSS. &c Uoyai ito fit Plate*, heautifullt Illuminated in Cold and Colours, cloth, gut, 11. lit. W. 1141 MEYRICK*S PAINTED ILLUSTRATIONS OF ANCIENT ARMS AND ARMOUR,

a Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour as it existed in Europe, hut particularly in Englaad, from the Norman Conquest to (he Reign of Charles II, with a Glossary, etc. hy Sir Samurx Rush Mrtricr, LL.D., F.S.A., etc., new and greatly improved Edition, corrected and enlarged throughout hy the Author himself, with the assistance of Literary and Antiquarian Friends (alrert Wat, etc.). 3 vols, imperial 4to, illustrated hy more than 100 Plates, splendidly illuminated, mostly in gold and siiver, exhihiting some of the finest Specimens existing in England; also a new Plate of the Tournament of Locks aud Keys (puh. at 211.), half-hound morocco, gilt edges, in/. 10*. 1844 Sir Walter Scott justly descrihes this collection as "the Incompajlarle Armourt." ^Edinhurgh Review.

MEYRICK'S DESCRIPTION OF ANCIENT ARMS AND ARMOUR, in the Collection of Goodrich Court, 150 Engravings hy Jos. Srelton, 2 vols, folio (puh. at ll/. lis.), half morocco, top edges gilt, it. li*. (hi.

MILLINGEN'S ANCIENT UNEDITED MONUMENTS; comprising Painted Greek Vases, Statues, Busts, Bas-Reliefs, and other Remains of Grecian Art. 62 large and heautiful Engravings, mostly coloured, with Letter-press Descriptions, imperial 4to (puh. at 9i. 9*.), half morocco, it. 14*. 6d. 1823


Tazzaa, Tomhs, Mausoleums, Sepuichral Chamher*, Cinerary Urns, Sarcophagi, Cippi; and other Ornaments, 170 Plates, several of which are coloured, with Letter-press, hy Hop£, small Svo (puh. at 31. 3*.), cloth, I/. S*. 1814

MURPHY'S ARABIAN ANTIQUITIES OF SPAIN; representing, in ion very highlj finished line Engravings, hy Lr Keux, Firdsx, Landsrer, G. Coore, ftc, the most remarkahle Remains of the Architecture, Sculpture, Paintings, and Mosaics of the Spanish Arahs now existing in the Peninsula, including the magnificent Palace of Alhsmhra; the celehrated Mosque and Bridge at Cordova; the Royal Villa of Generalise; and the Casa de Carhon: accompanied hy Letter-press Descriptions, in 1 vol. atlas folio, original and hrilliant Impressions of the Plates (puh. at 421.), half morocco, 121. 12s. 1813

MURPHY'S ANCIENY CHURCH OF BATALHA, IN PORTUGAL, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Views of the: with its History and Description, aud an Introductory Discourse on GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, imperial folio, 27 fine Copper Plates, engraved hy Lowrt (puh. at 01. 6*.), half morocco, 21. 8*. 1795

NAPOLEON GALLERY; Or Illustrations of the Life and Times ofthe Emperor, with M Etchings on Steel hy Reveil, and other eminent Artists, in one thick volume post Svo. (puh. at 1/. I*.), gilt cloth, gilt edges, 10s. 6d. 184S


OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE; with an Account oi the Medals, Crosses, and Clasps which have heen conferred for Naval and Military Services; together with a History of the Order of the Qtielphs of Hanover. 4 vols, imperial Ho, splendidly printed and illustrated hy numerous fine Woodcuts of Badges, Crosses, Collars, Stars, Medals, Rihhands, Clasps, etc. and many large Plates, illuminated in gold and colours, including fu*i.length Portraits of Queen Victoria, Prince Alhert, the King of Hanover, and the Dukes of Camhridge ami Sussex. (Puh. at Hi. li*.), cloth, with morocco hacks, Si. 15*. fie/. *** Complete to 1847

— the same, with the Plates richly coloured hut not illuminated, and without the

extra portraits, 4 vols, royal 4to. cloth, 3/. I0*. 6t/.

"Sir Harris Nicolas has produced the first comprehensive History of the British Orders of Knighthood: and It is ane of the most elahoratelt prepared and splendidlt printed utortt that ever istuedfrom the prets. The Author appears to us to have neglected no sources of information, and to have exhausted them, as far as regards the general scope and purpose of the inquiry. The Graphical Illustrations are ,such as hecome a work of this character upon such a suh*ect; at, of course, a lavish cost. The resources of the recently revived art of wood-engraving have heen comhined with the new art of printing in colours, so as to produce a rich effect, almost rivalling that of the monastic illuminations. Such a hook it ture of a place in every great lihrary. It contains matter caiculated to interest extensive classes of readers, and we hope hy our specimen to excite their curiosity."—Quarterlt Review.

NICHOLSON'S ARCHITECTURE: ITS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE. 2ia Plates hy Lowrt, new edition, revised hy Jos. Gwilt, Esq., one volume, royal Svo, Kil*. 6d. 18*8 For classical Architecture, the text hook of the Profession, the most useful Guide to the Student, and the hest Compendium for the Amateur. An eminent Architect has declared it to he '* not only the most useful hook of the kind ever puhlished, hut ahsolutely indispensahle to the Student."


THE GREAT, including a complete History of the Seven Years' War. By FrAXcia KtTQlEK. Illustrated hy Adolph Menzel. Royal Svo, with ahove 500 Woodcuts (puh. at I/. s*.), cloth gilt, Us. 1845

PICTORIAL GALLERY OF ftACE-HORSES. Containing Portraits of all the Winnina; Horses of the Derhy, Oaks, and St. Leger Stakes during the last Thirteen Year*, and a History of the principal Operations of the Tur/. By W Ildrare (&w*. Tatlersall, Esq.). Royal avo, containing 95 heautiful Engravings of Horses, after Pictures hy Cooper, Herring, Hancocr, Alrsr, Ac. Also full-length characteristic Portraits of celehrated living Sportsmen ("Cracks of the Dav"), hy Ssthoui (j***h. at 2/. 2*.), scarlet cloth, gilt, i/. Is.

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PICTURESQUE TOUR OF THE RIVER THAMES, in its Western Course, including

{articular Description* of Richmond, Windsor, and Hampton Court. By John Fisher, Iokrat. Illustrated »# upwards of 100 very highly-finished Wood Engraving* hy Oknist Smith, Bnansvon, Law Dulls, Linvon, and other eminent artists; to which are added several heautiful Copper and Steel Plate Engravings hy Cooks and other». One large handsome volume, royal 8vo (puh. at U. S*.], gilt cloth, 10*. 6d. 1845 The most heautifal volume of Topograph leal Lignographs ever produced.

PIN ELLI S ETCHINGS OF ITALIAN MANNERS AND COSTUME, t-stfndftnfkb Carnival, Banditti, &c., 27 Plates, imperial 4to, half-l>ound morocco, li*. Moate, 1840

PRICE (SIR UVEDALE) ON THE PICTURESQUE in Scenery and Landscape Garden

ing, with an Essay on the Orinin of Taste, and much additional matter. By Sir Thouai Dick Lauden, Bart. 8vo, with 60 heautiful Woad Engravings hy Montaqit Stanlkt (puh. at 1/. 1*.), gilt cloth, 12*. 1843


setting forth the Origin, History, and Signification of the various Emhlems, Devices, and Sym-"—u Colours, peculiar to Christian Designs of the Mlddle Ages. Illustrated hy nearlv 80

ho Ileal Colours, peculiar to Christian Designs of the Middle Ages. Illustrated by nearly 8 Plat =s, splendldly printed in gold and colours. Royal 4to, half morocco ektra, top edges gilt,

7L 7*.

PUGIN'S ORNAMENTAL TIMBER GABLES, selected from Ancient Ekamples in England and Normandy. Royal 4to, 30 Plates, cloth, U. I*. 1830

PUGIN'S EXAMPLES OF GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, selected from Ancient Edifices in England; consisting of Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Parts at large, with Historical and Descriptive letter-press, illustrated hy 225 Engravings hy Li Kkuk. 3 vols. 4to (puh. at 12/. 12*.), cloth, 7L 17*. 6d. 1839

^UGIN'S GOTHIC ORNAMENTS. 90 fine Plates, drawn on Stone hy J. B. Handinn and

others. Royal 4to, half morocco, 3i. 3*. 1 1844

,UGIN'S NEW WORK ON FLORIATED ORNAMENT, with so plates, splendldly printed in Gold and Colours, royal 4to, elegantly hound in cloth, with rich gold ornaments,

at. 3*.

RADCLIFFES NOBLE SCIENCE OF FOX-HUNTING, for the use of Sportsmen, royal 8vo., nearly 40 heautiful Wood Cuts of Hunting, Hound*, ftc. (puh. at 1/. 8*.), cloth nilt, 10*. 6d. 1839


Royal 4to., containing 18 Plates, Engraved hy Moses, stiff covers, 7*. 6d.

RETZSCH'S ILLUSTRATIONS TO SCHILLER'S "FRIDOLIN," Royal 4to., containing 8 Plates, Engraved hy Moses, stiff covers, 4*. 6d.

REYNOLDS' (SIR JOSHUA^ GRAPHIC WORKS. 300 heautiful Engravings (comprising nearly 4uo suhlects) aft >t this delightful painter, engraved on Steel hy S. W. Reynolds. 3 vols, folio (puh. at 367.), half hound morocco, gilt edges, 12/. 12*.

REYNOLDS' (SIR JOSHUA) LITERARY WORKS. Comprising his Discourses, delivered at the Roval Academy, on the Theory and Practice of Painting; his Journey te .anders and Holland, with Criticisms on Pictures; Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting, with Notes, , o which is prefiked, a Memoir of the Author, with Remarks Illustrative of his Principles and biactice, hy Beechet. New Edition. 2 vols. fcap. 8vo, with Portrait (puh. at 18*.), gilt *oth, in*. 1848 "His admirahle Discourses contain such a hody of lust criticism, clothed in such perspicuous, elegant, and nervous language, that It is no ekaggerated panegyric to assert, that they will last as long as the English tongue, and contrihute, not less than the productions of his pencil, to render his name immortal. '—yorthcote.

ROBINSONS RURAL ARCHITECTURE; heing a Series of Designs for Ornamental Cottages, in 96 Plates, with Estimates. Fourth, greatly Improved, Edition. Royal 4to (t*ul*. at 4i. 4*.), half morocco, 21. S*.


S6 Plates hy Handinn and Allou. Royal 4to, half morocco, 2L 2*. ROBINSON'S ORNAMENTAL VILLAS, 96 Plates (puh. at 4L 4*.), half morocco, It. te. ROBINSONS FARM BUILDINGS. S6 Plates (puh. at 2L 2*.), half morocco, U. 11*. ML

ROBINSON'S LODGES AND PARK ENTRANCES. 48 Plates (puh. at 21 , U.)t half

morocco, I/. II*. 6d.

ROBINSON S VILLAGE ARCHITECTURE. Fourth Edition, with additional Plate. 41

Plates (|>uh at U. 10*.), half hound uniform, 1/. 4*.

hUrV House, hy John Bnitvoi., imperial folio, 50 fine engraving*, hy Le Keok (puk. a l0/.'l6*.) half morocco, gilt edges, 3t. 13*. 6d.

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