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And laughing loudly at their own wit, the great | sung sat upon the Dragon's Throne, with all his judges Yang and Kau turned their backs upon the court prostrate before him. unfortunate Li.

There was evidently “something rotten in the Overwhelmed with mortification and rage, he state of Denmark,” for the clouds which veiled the rushed 10 the lower end of the ball, and there was august features of the Celestial Monarch were black obliged to remain until evening, as not until then as night—thunder might soon be expected, and low could the doors be thrown open to give egress to any in the dust his humble courtiers awaited the outpourone. Here he had the vexation of listening to the ing of his terrible wrath. jibes and sneers of those around him, and of seeing Before his foolstool knelt the Premier Yang, bear. others promoted to honors, who were as far interior ing in his hand an official document inscribed with 10 him as owls to eagles! What a bitter day for curious hieroglyphics. poor Lí! and when at leugih dismissed with renewed " By my ancestors," exclaimed the emperor, with contumely from the Scientific Halls, he rushed into a wrathful look from one to the other of his tremthe presence of Ho, swearing loudly that he would bling courtiers, “a wise court is sustained by the one day ride over the necks of the proud Yang and bounty of Hwant-sung! say rather a pack of idiots, Kau," and by the head of Confucius when I do, asses, dolls, falled dogs! What! shall we become a Yang shall grind my ink, and Kau lace up my jibe in the mouths of foreign nations! Shall barbabuskins'' he cried with bitterness.

rian kings mock the court of Nankin! Hi! Is Ho was terribly indignant at the treatment of his there not one then of my learned counsellors-not protégé, as well as incensed for the insult he ima- one of my renowned warriors can decipher me this gined his own dignity had received. But, although scroll! Tremble, then, ye hounds! Yang, I comhe was himself high in favor with the emperor, mand thee to make known to us the purport of the Yang and Kau stood still higher, therefore he dissem- missive which the foreign ambassadors have brought bled his anger,

lest his head might pay the forfeit, to our court.” should those two powerful courtiers incense the em- At this order well might Yang turn pale—for there peror against him.

was no more meaning to him in the characters on When he found Lí preparing to return home, he which his eyes were fixed, than in the slimy trail embraced him kindly, and bade him tarry yet another which the green lizard draws upon the sand. Over year in the capital.

and over he turned it-now on this side, now on that “In the end thou wilt surely succeed, 0 Lí. The-watched narrowly and jealously meanwhile by ail next year the examiners will not be the same, and around—for when was one high in favor with princes thou may'st then be certain of success," said Ho. also the favorite with the mass! At length, nine “Remain with me until the time comes round-thy times reverently knocking his head before Hwantdays and nights shall roll off bright and rosy as morn- sung, Yang said: ing clouds—wine, wit, and music, yes, and the “Let not the displeasure of Earth's Glory, before smiles of women, shall make thee forget the insults whose frown the whole world stands affrighted, anthou hast received."

nihilate his slave that the gods have not granted him But Li remembered his aged mother, sitting soli- power to do the will of his majesty in this thing. tary in her humble home by the side of the lake, and He cannot read." his resolution strengthened.

Then did Hwant-sung call up one after another of “ Know, O Ho, that an old mother waits for Lí those whose scholastic lore was famed throughout afar off. Suinmer and harvest will come, but Whanki the empire. In vain. Not one could understand the has no one to sow her rice, and desolation will sit in mysterious scroll. At which, becoming exceeding her dwelling. The fisit sport and gambol amid the wroth, Hwant-sung swore that unless within three waters of the lake-Whanki bas no strength to draw days his ministers could make known to him the sigthem forth, therefore hunger and death will await nification of the embassy, their offices and salaries her! What profit, O wise Ho, should I gain if my should all be taken from them—and if in six days aged parent suffered! Would not the gods curse the they were still in ignorance, their death should rerace of Li!”

lease the empire from so many stupid owls ! “Noble youth, take this purse-it is heavy,” ex- Then did the academician Ho humbly present him. claimed Ho" hasten to relieve the necessities of self at the foot of the throne. thy mother--a happy mother in so dutiful a son- " Will the emperor deign to open the ears of grathen return without delay and await the examination. ciousness while the humblest of his slaves speaks? I promise thee, thou shalt not this time lack a pre- Know then, O mighty sovereign, there arrived last sent for the greedy judges—though, by Budha, I night at my house a man in whom all knowledge would like to give it them at the dagger's point!" seems to centre. His mind, keen as the lightning,

Accordingly Lí bade farewell to his generous penetrates the most hidden mysteries—there is no friend, promising to return as speedily as possible. science, no art, which he hath not already mastered.

Command i ben that he appear before thee to make PART II.

plain that which doth perplex thy majesty's servants."

Hwant-sung rejoiced greatly at this information, A man who has a tongue may go to Rome. Chin. Prov'b. and bade Ho bring the learned scholar at once into

Within the “ Tranquil Palace of Heaven," Hwant- his presence.

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But when Ho, eager with joy, related to Lí the couched in the most insulting language, requiring good fortune he had secured him, that audacious the emperor to restore a part of Corea, consisting of youth positively refused compliance with the com- no less than a hundred and eighty towns, and also mands of the emperor! offering as an excuse, that as demanding tribute from the time of its “ usurpationhe was but a poor scholar, without title or degree, he (as the memorial expressed it) by the Emperor of the dared not presume to appear before so much majesty. Tang Dynasty. Thus, but for the skill of Li, the

With this answer then the unhappy Ho returned to empire would have been plunged in irretrievable the palace, not doubting but the rage of Hwant-sung disgrace through the ignorance of its ministers. would vent itself not only upon Lí, but also upon The countenance of Hwant-sung grew black as himself.

midnight as he listened to this insulting claim, and Kneeling before the monarch, Ho exclaimed reve- but for the bold remonstrance of Lí, he would have rently,

ordered the bearers of the embassy to instant death. “Will your majesty once more graciously listen. “May it please your majesty to summon the boorAt the last examination, this man of whom I have ish ambassadors before us,” cried Lí boldly, "I will spoken was turned from the Scientific Halls in dis- myself confer with them, and teach them how to regrace—his essay rejected by the Premier Yang and spect the mighty Emperor Hwant-sung." the General Kau. Will it then please thee to bestow Immediately, therefore, the ambassadors were some favor upon Lí, that he may with more pro- brought before Li, who conversed with them in their priety come into this august presence ?"

own language with the same haughty bearing as if “It shall be done,” exclaimed the emperor. “We he himself were emperor, interpreting as he did so confer upon Li the title of Doctor of the first degree, to the indignant Hwant-sung. At length Li dismissed together with the purple robe and yellow girdle. Go them, saying: bring him before us."

“ To-morrow his sovereign majesty, to whom With this mark of royal patronage, Ho retraced your prince is but an earth-worm, will indite an his steps with all the alacrity of a lover, and made answer to your insulting embassy. Retire-and known to Li the gracious favors of the emperor, sup- tremble as ye walk! Thank the gods that the graposing, doubtless, that the student would rejoice as cious emperor deigns ye to live." one long blind now suddenly restored to light, or as The audience chamber rang with acclamation, as a famished man at a feast. But lo! coolly putting the ambassadors obsequiously withdrew in complion the robes of office, as if he had but just cast them ance to the orders of Lí, and all the courtiers pressed aside, with the air of a prince, Lí signified to the forward to compliment the young doctor-while the great academician Ho his readiness now to obey the emperor, embracing him, conferred upon him at mandate of the emperor.

once the rank of academician, and ordered apartEntering the hall of audience with all the grace and ments to be prepared for him in the palace of the ease of a man bred in courts, Li advanced to the Golden Bell. throne, and after paying the customary homage, rose With continued graciousness, he also directed a to his feet and looked proudly around upon the sumptuous banquet to be got in readiness, and at assembly of grave men and gallant courtiers.

which all the learned men and wits of the court were The knees of the Premier Yang smote each other, expected to appear. Wine was poured for the guests as he recognized the youth he had treated with so by beautiful young girls of the “golden lilies'*— much contumely now suddenly brought into notice ravishing music swept around them, while at inter-and well did Kau now remember the name of L-vals of the feast, the emperor sent from his own and it seemed as if hot pins tore his flesh, into such apartments a choice theatrical corps for their enteragitation did that name now throw him.

tainment. Hwant-sung received the new doctor with conde- Now did it seem that all the trials of Lí were over, scension, and placed in his hand the document which his poverty but a dream long past, and that now he was required to make plain.

upon the pinnacle to which his ambition had pointed But Lí, casting a meaning glance upon Yang and from early youth, he stood ready to hurl back in the Kau, said:

teeth of his enemies the disgrace which, only a few "Can an indifferent scholar like myself presume months before, they had hea ped upon the name of Lí. to know more than these learned men! Know, O The feast wore on even into the night-the wine mighty emperor, thy servant was deemed unworthy circulated freely, and in the same breath the courtiers of favor by thy commissioners Yang and Kau- exalted the name of the emperor and of the young surely, then, they must be more wise ihan Lí." academician. What wonder that under the attend

Charmed with the boldness of the youth, the em- ance of such charming cup-bearers Lí should have peror graciously smiled upon him, and motioned the drank more freely than was consistent with his new two mortified examiners to withdraw.

dignity! How from such hands could he resist the Then standing erect, his head thrown back, yet in templing goblet! an attitude of careless ease, Lí opened the important The result was, that when the next morning the missive, and without even glancing his eye over it emperor repaired to the Hall of Audience to treat to understand more fully its nature, read it aloud with the embassy from Po-Hai, the academician Lí from beginning to end, in a clear, melodious voice. was not in attendance-nay, did not make his apIt proved to be a demand from the king of Po-Hai,

* Small feet.

pearance until after being twice summoned by royal his gracious sovereign. At the examination this mandate !

year, thy servant was repulsed by Yang, and turned The courtiers whom Lí had feasted the night pre- from the Scientific Halls in disgrace by Kau! Will vious, shook their heads and looked significant. The it therefore please thee to command the Premier Yang Premier Yang and the General Kau resumed their to grind my ink, and the General Kau to lace my usual boldness of demeanor, for no doubt this upstart, buskins !" this vagabond Li, would find the anger of their Never, perhaps, was an audience-chamber so inCelestial Monarch more than his head was worth- sulted! Even the awe which, in the presence of the decapitation would certainly follow such contempt Celestial Monarch, rendered the courtiers less men of royalty!

than jackals, failed in this case to suppress a murmur To be twice summoned—what audacity! of indignation which passed from one end of the hall

At length Li walked carelessly into the hall—his to the other. dress somewhat disordered, and his feet thrust negli- But Hwant-sung, well pleased to punish the ingently into slippers. But for those who were hoping justice of his commissioners, immediately ordered his ruin, what rage to see the emperor not only ex- them both to approach and do the bidding of Lí! tend his own royal hand in signification that he To disobey was death. They wanted courage to would raise him from the ground, but also con- die, therefore preferring disgrace, they obsequiously descend to inquire after his bealth!

advanced. Kneeling, Kau laced the buskins of “I think, learned doctor, the wine was 10 thy Li, who then ascended the platform, and while refancy, yet meihinks the fumes are still troubling clining at his ease upon the soft cushion at the feet thee! Ere we proceed to our public duties I would of the emperor, Yang stood at his side assidiously have thy wits clearer.”

rubbing his ink! Saying which, Hwant-sung ordered a plate of hot- Thus did Lí accomplish his revenge, and triumph spiced fish-broth to be brought from the royal kitchens, over his enemies ! that its effects might dissipate the evils of last night's Taking the pencil, he now, with rapid and easy debauch.

strokes, proceeded to indite the answer, which the And when with unprecedented condescension their emperor vouchsased to the Po-Hai embassy, and sovereign even took the chop-sticks, and himself while he did so, Hwant-sung bent over him in astoncooled it for the palate of Lí, amazement almost ishment, bebolding the characters which he traced turned them to marble.

with so much rapidity to be identical with those When bis majesty deemed the senses of his new which had so perplexed his court. favorite sufficiently restored, the ambassadors were Then standing erect upon the right hand of the summoned into the hall.

“ Dragon's Throne,” in clear distinct tones, Lí read Upon the top of the platform, near the foot of the aloud the imperial answer-lhe ambassadors trem"Dragon's Throne,” was placed, by the order of bling with fear as they listened. Hwant-sung, a cushion or divan of the Imperial “And now return,” exclaimed Li, "and teach Yellow, embroidered with gold and silver, and upon your king that foxes may not war with lions, nor the a tablet formed of mother-of-pearl, and richly set in cuckoo steal into the eagle's nest! He is like a a band of emeralds, was a cake of perfumed ink-a vexed grasshopper striving to combat the mighty sheet of flowery paper-a hair-pencil set in a gold chariot about to crush bim, or like a fly in the jaws tube, together with a small jade stone, with which of the dragon! When the mighty Hwant-sung, at to rub the ink.

whose name fear sits in the hearts of all nations, shall Waving his hand condescendingly to Lí, the em- send a handful of men to seize upon the petty territory peror spoke: “Ascend the platform, learned doctor, of Po-Hai, blood shall flow a thousand li !"* and repose thyself upon the cushions at my feet, Kneeling reverently before the ihrone, and knockwhile I indite to thee our answer to these slaves." ing their heads in token of submission, the ambas

“May it please your majesty,” replied Li, “my sadors then withdrew to relate to their king that the feet are not in proper dress to approach so near the “ Celestial Empire was upheld by an Immortal from "Glory of the Earth.' Will it please thee to com- the skies !" who stood ever by the throne of the mand new buskins to be brought thy servant, that he Dragon, and to whom all men did reverence. may with decency ascend the platform."

From that day the star of Lí was in the ascendant, This bold request was no sooner proffered than it and for many years he enjoyed the undivided conwas granted. And then, with a significant glance to fidence of the emperor, and attained a rank in the the spot where stood Yang and Kau, pale with rage scale of letters, which renders the name of Lí celeand envy, the audacious Li again addressed the brated in Chinese literature. Many volumes of his emperor:

beautiful poems and other works are still preserved “ The humblest of thy slaves would not be officious in the Imperial Libraries. -but he has one more request to lay at the feet of

* Leagues.




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MR. GILLESPIE and his daughter had retired below within reach of the guns of the enemy; they felt when the sweeps were gotten out, and had now re- that their only avenue of escape was through a turned to the deck. Unconscious of danger, they gauntlet of fire, and that the loss of a single spar looked admiringly upon the shining and beautiful would certainly insure their capture. It seemed perscene. Nearly abreast the island of Porto Rico, in fect madness for such a wee ibing to abide the wrath full view, lay basking in the beams of the setting of the huge leviathan, panoplied in thunder, and possun, the dark, rich green of its luxuriant growth of sessing almost the power of annihilation. But, in cane, here and there varied by groves of the cotton- ibe forlorn and desperate hope of sustaining the tree, amid which were seen clustering the settle- enemy's fire for a few moments, without material ments of the planters. Astern, but farther distant, injury her captain steadily pursued his way, but cut Cape Engano stretched far to seaward, while inland, his anchors from the bow, and threw four of his guns ridge over ridge, wooded to their summits, rose ibe overboard. If the wind had been light, the schooner's picturesque mountains of St. Domingo. The nume- chance would have been a fair one; but the breeze rous vessels in sight, mostly running before the wind, instead of lulling, seemed to freshen as the sun went varying in size, in rig, and in the color of their can- down. As it was, however, there was a bare posvas, enlivened the view, while nearer, the frigate in sibility of escape, for already the little vessel, lighther towering proportions was borne majestically to. ened of so much weight, began to increase her veloward them.

city-still there was an abiding, a stunning fear of "Oh, Edward ! what a glorious sight!" said the being sunk or disabled by the broadside of the frigate. maiden to her lover, who had stepped to her side, as The latter had already opened her fire, and near the she gained the deck. “Look, father! look at that chase, the fierce, iron hail bad fairly lashed the water splendid ship, does n't she cleave the waters like a into foam, but the schooner was yet materially unthing of life?' But what is the matter, Edward ? harmed, when a voice more potent than that of gunYou are silent, and seem dejected, do tell me?" powder, hushed the loud artillery.

"In a moment, dearest," he whispered, as he left Unobserved by either, a light and fleecy speck, her to approach the captain, who had beckoned to him. more like a wift of smoke than a fragment of a cloud,

"Mr. Talbot,” said the last,“ my little craft is in had risen over the land, and swift as a meteor shot great peril, and less than an hour mus decide her across the sky. It was what sailors term a "white fate. The Spaniard will not be silent much longer, squall,” and it had caught the chaser and the chased and I advise you to get the passengers below.” wholly unprepared. Almost simultaneously it struck

"I was about 10 propose it,” replied Talbot, and them both. The frigates fore-mast and main-topmast returning to Miss Gillespie's side, said, “summon went by the board, and every sail that was set, was your fortitude, Mary, the ship which you admire so blown into perfect shreds. The “Humming Bird," much, is a Spanish frigate, and is endeavoring to light and resistless, felt the blast but to succumb becapture the vessel we are in."

fore it—she was whirled over and capsized in an in"Oh, how unfortunate! and will they harm us? stant. A number of the crew, entangled in the sails Can they hurt you and father and Frank? Good God! and rigging were immediately drowned. The rewhat is that ?" and she shrieked as the ship luffed to mainder clambered to the upper-rail, to which they the wind, and fired a shot, which went plunging clung with the tenacity that endangered life. In a across the bows of the schooner.

paroxysm of anguish, Talbot had thrown himself "Come below, dearest! come quickly! Help me, down the cabin-batch way as he felt the vessel going Mr. Gillespie, for she has nearly fainted.”

over, and at imminent hazard had rescued Miss GilThe maiden and her father were conducted to the lespie, but her father and the servant-maid perished. most secure place below, when, resisting the entrea- Frank had been saved by one of the seamen, who lies of his mistress, Talbot returned to the deck, held him firmly with one hand, while with the other which Frank had refused to leave.

he clung to the shrouds. At the first report of the frigate's gun, the captain As soon as the survivors were assured of their had called out, “Edge her away, quarter-master, immediate safety, they looked around to see if keep her off a point; let the guns alone,” he added, there were any hopes of being rescued from their addressing some of the crew," let them be, it would position before the night set in. The frigate had be worse than useless to fire them—the 'Bird' must driven past them, and under a single after-sail was now trust to her wings alone."

hove-to, clearing her hull of the wreck. To the westThe little vessel was in fact at the very crisis of ward, distinct in the reflected light of the sun, which her fate. The last shot had told that they were had descended, were several vessels again unfolding

“I ar

to the breeze the canvas which they had wisely furled “ This seems incredible," said the officer, "your to the passing gust. Some of the larger ones were dress, too, does not indicate the position you claim.' again standing boldly out to seaward, while the others am aware of it,” replied Talbot, "for I scrupulike affrighted wild-fowl, were hovering toward the lously avoided wearing any part of my uniform, that shore. They were all too distant, and the air was in appearance even, I might not be classed among fast becoming too obscure for them to see the wreck, the complement of that unfortunate vessel. But here or the unfortunate beings who were perched upon it. is her commander, who, as well as his crew, will

On the first recovery from her swoon, the grief of bear testimony to what I say." Miss Gillespie for the loss of her father was almost “Let them answer for themselves," was the abrupt inconsolable. It required all the endearment and reply. “ If they escape being hung as pirates, they entreaties of her lover and her brother to prevail on will fare well.” After a moment's hesitation, he her to struggle against the spasms which threatened added, “I will state what you say to Count Ureña, her very existence.

our commander, although I do not myself believe it ; The survivors strove to cheer each other, but the but let me advise you not to rely upon the evidence indiscreet cry of one that he saw the fin of a shark of these wretches," pointing to the prisoners, " if you cleaving the surface of the water, led them to fear have no other proof you will fare badly.” As he said that they were environed by yet greater peril. In this, he turned upon his heel and walked away, about two hours the moon arose, and her clear, chaste Talbot with difficulty restraining himself from throtlight silvered the crests of the waves, as they curled tling him for his coarse, unfeeling rudeness. to the now gentle breeze. She had risen scarce more Again, hour after hour passed away in fruitless than her diameter, when the watchers on the wreck anxiety. Every step upon the ladder which led from discovered two or three dark objects which seemed above, exciting a thrill of hope, only the instant after to creep upon the water. Their hopes and their to be crushed in bitter disappointment. At length, fears were equally excited, but presently they heard about 2 P. M., an orderly, with a file of marines came the splash of oars, and they knew them to be boats to conduct him to the commander. With alacrity he from the frigate. As eager now to be taken as before obeyed the summons, and when he reached the gunto escape from capture, by shouts and cries they at- deck, from habits of association, he felt cheered at tracted the notice of those who sought them. They the sight of the long lines of massive artillery, the were soon removed to the frigate; the lady and her stacks of muskets here and there, surmounted with brother being led to the cabin, and the remainder, in their bristling bayonets, and the bright sheen of the cluding Talbot, promiscuously confined on the lower sharpened cutlases. As the cabin-door was thrown deck.

open by the sentry stationed there, he cast a quick Under jury-foremast and new main-topmast, the and searching glance around the apartment, in the frigate was the next morning standing under easy hope of seeing his betrothed. She was not there, sail, along the southern side of St. Domingo.

and but for the guns projecting from either side, he Repeatedly but ineffectually Talbot had endeavor could not have realized that he stood in the cabin of ed to convey a message to Miss Gillespie, and spent a man-of-war, so rich was its furniture and so gorthe night in sleepless anxiety on her account. He geous its decorations. Gracefully festooned across knew not into whose hands she had fallen, and its entire width, and partially concealing the white whether her youth and beauty might not, in the hands and highly polished lattice-work of the after-cabin, of unprincipled men, tempt to ruffianly treatment. was a deep curtain of crimson embroidered and Her brother was with her, it was true, but although fringed with gold. On either side, in the recesses spirited, he was young and feeble compared to the between the guns, were magnificent couches canostrong men around him.

pied and covered with the same material, intertwined Early in the morning, Talbot had asked to see the with white. Between the forward and the after gun, officer of the watch. He was told that he could not on each side, were collections of flowers and fragrant communicate with any one but through the officer plants. A large mirror in an arabesque frame, was of the marine guard, who would not make the rounds inclined over a rose wood sideboard, laden with for three or four hours. Talbot impatiently waited massive plate and a profusion of crystal. A richly for him, and it seemed an age before he made his chased silver lamp was suspended over a table, the appearance. When he did so, and was told that

cover of which was of white cloth, like the curtain, Talbot wished to speak to him, he superciliously fringed with gold. Around were a few rose-wood asked, “Well, sir, what do you want?"

chairs, and from several cages were heard the cheerful “I wish,” replied Talbot,“ to communicate through and melodious notes of canary-birds. The deck was you to the commander of this ship, that I hold a com- covered with the finest maiting. On the couch, in the mission as lieutenant in the navy of the United States, recess to the left, was seated a man of middle age and and that with the family of Mr. Gillespie, I was a rather delicate features, except the chin and under passenger on board of the privateer.”

lip, which were massive and sensual, and a peculiar “This is a singular tale,” remarked the other, in- glance of the eye, which gave a sinister aspect to an credulously; "have you any proofs of your identity otherwise singularly handsome countenance. He -where is your commission ?”

was spare in figure, and to a casual observer, even as “I hav n't it; with all my baggage, it was, unbap- he sat, it was perceptible that he stooped, and his pily, lost in the schooner."

whole appearance indicated a frequent participant

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