Revealed Biblical Knowledge

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Trafford Publishing, 7 лист. 2005 р.
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The author was urged in spirit to read the Bible, which at first did not appeal to him at all, having been exposed to this book from early childhood by his dad through after-dinner Bible readings. However, the prompting would not allow it to be ignored. Hence, daily and during the early days for hours on end he would read the Book. Although urged to read the Bible it still made little sense to him until his frustration reached a limit and blurted out What is the point of reading the Bible if I do not understand it? How do I know what is truth when I hear from preachers that certain words and passages were mistranslated? From that time on the Holy Spirit started to reveal things to him. At first in a loud voice. Over some 30 years the Lord has given him a unique biblical perspective together with personal insights about life, attested to by nature.

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