Rediscovering Bhutan

Передня обкладинка
Manas Publications, 1 січ. 2003 р. - 415 стор.
It Is Unbelievable But True That In Ancient Times, Bhutan Was A `Hindu Kingdom'. And Like Most Hindus Of That Period, The Inhabitants Of Bhotanta' Were Also Worshipers Of Lord Shiva. Both Referred To Him As Bhutapati Or Bhutesa. Indian Chiefs Of Kamarupa, The Then Ahom Kingdom (Now Assam) Ruled The Region Till About The Middle Of The 17Th Century Ad. After The Death Of King Bhaskaravarman, Anarchy And Instability Prevailed In The Region Leading To Large-Scale Immigration From The Neighbouring Tibet. The Tibetan King Tritsun Desten (Ralpachen) Sent A Continget Of Tibetan Troops Under Lama Dugpani Sheptoon Who Invaded The Hindu Kingdom During The 19Th Century, Drove Out The Indians And Occupied The Land. This Book Is The Story Of Those Times, Subsequent Spread Of Tibetan Culture And Red Hats Sect. Of Mahayana Buddhism.....And Panchen Lama'S Intercession With The British On Behalf Of The Bhutanese And Finally The Success Of British Diplomatic Coupe Resulting In Installation Of A Maharaja Whose Successors Broke The Barriers Of Isolationism, Brought Bhutan In The International Comity Of Nations. The Maharaja Became His Majesty, The King Of Bhutan, Which Came Under The Sphere Of Influence Of The British, And Subsequently The Republic Of India.

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