Зображення сторінки

a son.

May 6. In Brunswick Square, London, Lady late Sir John Macartney, of Lish, in the county Dalrymple Hay, a daughter.

of Armagh, Bart. - At Logie Elphinstone, Mrs Dalrymple Horn April 17. In St. George's Chureh, Queen Sq. Llphinstone, a son.

London, Dr William Henderson, physician in - At Stirling, Mrs Brown of Park, a son. Aberdeen, to Margaret, third daughter of the late

7. At 10, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, the James Murray, Esq. of Aberdeen. Lady of Dr Adolphus M. Ross, a son.

18. At Clapham, the Rev. Frederick Borradaile, 8. At Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, Mrs W. M. Prebendary of Lincoln, and Domnestic Chaplain Bisset, a son.

to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Keninure, - At Brighton Crescent, Portobello, Mrs Alex- to Demetria, only daughter of the late Captain ander Stephen, a son.

Robert Hudson of Clapham. 7. In Hid-Street, London, the Lady of W. 19. At Edinburgh, Thomas C. Smith, solicitor, Stuart, Esq. M. P. a son.

6. Howe-Street, to Louise Sophie, only daughter 8. Aí Dalkeith, Mrs Dr Morison, a son.

of Mr Samuel Albert Peter, Neuveville, canton - At Broughton Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Ro- of Berne, Switzerland. bert Blackie, a daughter.

- At St. George's Church, Hanover Square, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Wotherspoon, George- London, John Murray Nasmyth, Esq. only son Street, a son.

of Sir James Nasmyth, of Posso, in the county of 9. At Kinghorn, Mrs John Artliur, a daughter. Peebles, Bart. to Mary, fourth daughter of Sir - At Inches House, Mrs Robertson of Inches, John Marjoribanks, of Lees, Bart. M.P. for Ber.

wickshire. 10. At 15, Duke-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr 20. At Aberdeen, Francis Burnett, Esq. son of Sanders, a daughter.

the late John Burnett, Esq. of Elriek, to Eliza11. At Brandon Place, Glasgow, Mrs Agnew, a beth, third daughter of the late James Tower, son.

Esq. of the island of St. Thomas. - At No. 18, Hill-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr - At London, James Macdonald, Esq. M.P. to Gairdner, a son.

Anne Charlotte, yortagest daughter of the Rev. 12. Mrs John G. Kinnear, Edinburgh, a daugh. J. S. Ogle, of Kirkley Hall, Northumberland. ter,

22. At Greenock, William Leitch, Esq. to Mary 13. At Wardie, the Lady of Captain J. D. Bos- Roach, daughter of the late A. Oughterson, Esq. wall, R. N. a son.

- At Edinburgh, Arthur Johnston, Esq. M.D. Mrs Mackintosh, of Holm, a son,

of Carrickbreda, county of Armagh, and Tre16. At 13, St. Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, mont, county of Down, Ireland, to Sarah Maria, Mrs John James Boswell, a son.

third daughter of Thomas Whellier, Esq. late of 17. At 18, Scotland-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Exeter, Devonshire. Stormonth Darling, a daughter.

23. At Burn Bank, Glasgow, Mr Wm. White, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Heriot, of Ramornie, a merchant, Cupar Fife, to Margaret, youngest daughter.

daughter of the late Andrew Marshall, Esq. of 18. At Manor Place, Edinburgh, the Lady of Camlachie. Dr Hibbert, a son.

24. At Arbroath, Mr John D. Clarke, surgeoa, 19. At York, the Lady of Sir William Foulis, to Margaret, second daughter of the late Provost Bart. a daughter.

Airth. 20. At 3*, Dublin-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs At Whithorn, Thomas M'Lellan, Esq. disGeorge, a daughter.

tiller, Bladnoch, to Mary, eldest daughter of the 21. At 28, Queen-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Borth- late Charles Broadfoot, Esq. Whithorn. wick, a son.

25. At Great Yarmouth, William Hamilton, 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs George Berry, a daugh- Esq. of Glasgow, Mary Orton Lucas, eldest ter.

daughter of the Rev. Gibson Lucas, Rector of - At Edinburgh, the Lady of Captain Deans, R. N. a daughter.

Filby, Stokeby, &c. in the county of Norfolk

- At Paris, Henry Harvey, Esq. of St. Aud- At Edmonston, Mrs Lawson, of Cairnmuir, ries, Somersetshire, to Agnes, daughter of Alex. a daughter.

ander Ramsay, Esq. formerly of the Hon. East Lately. At Dryburgh, Berwickshire, the wife India Company's civil service at Bombay. of George Pringle presented him with his ninth - At Liverpool, Mr Archibald Sharp, mer. and tenth sons, two healthy and fine children; chant, Rothsay, to Miss Mary Williamson, only both mother and children are doing well. They daughter of the late Capt. Williams, of Liverpool. never had any daughters.

26. At Edinburgh, Capt. William S. Hope John.

stone, of the R. N. to Eleanora Kirkpatrick, eldest MARRIAGES.

daughter of Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, of Close1825. Dec. 19. At Dr Filson's house, St. Tho- burn, Bart. mas's, Captain Robert Scott Wilson, Fort Adju. 27. At Edinburgh, Captain D'Arcy Wentworth, tant, Madras, to Catherine Alexia Ewart, fourth 73d regiment, to Elizabeth, third daughter of the daughter of John Ewart, Esq. latc of Newington, late Major Charles Macpherson, Inspector-General Edinburgh.

of Barracks for North Britain, 1826. Feb. 21. At Plantation William, Deme- At Glasgow, Charles Jopling: Esq. Delancy rara, James Allan, Esq. to Jane, second daughter Peace, Camden Town, of the Adjutant General's of Mr John Ord, Redhall, Morayshire.

Office, Horse Guards, London, to Anne Middle March 1, At Malta, T. Akers Shone, Esq. of ton, eldest daughter of Mr Richard Thompson, the royal artillery, to Margaret Ankerville, eldest manufacturer, Glasgow. daughter of the late General Ross, and grand- 28. At Elgin, John Sandieman, Esq. surgeon, daughter of Lord Ankerville, one of the Lords of half pay royal artillery, to Milborough B. Shand, Session in Scotland.

daughter of the late John

Shand, Esq. of Arnhall. April 8. In Dublin, Anthony Franks, Esq. to - At Crathes, Captain Thomas Rainsay, second Sarah Louisa, only daughter of Mr E. H. Percy, son of the late Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, of Dublin. This is the celebrated Mr Franks, who walked for two successive Sundays at Ste

Bart., to Margaret, youngest daughter of Sir Ro

bert Burnett of Leys, Bart. phen's Green, in quest of a fair partner to solace - At Edinburgh, Stephen Bennett, Esq. of his solitary hours.

Greenfield, county of Londonderry, Ireland, to 16. At Venice, after the rites of the Roman Ca- Frances, youngest daughter of the late James tholic Church, by the Pere Anton Schmalzl, in Orr, Esq.

of Thornly Park, Renfrewshire. the grand Salon of the Albergo Reale, Ignace.29. At Naples, Thomas Bulkly, Esq. M.D. DO Malkousky, Noble de Demavalden, Chevalier of Miss Anne Berry, second daughter of Dr Andrew the order of St. George, Major and Commandant Berry, of Edinburgh. of the 7th Imperial battalion des Chasseurs at May

2. At Kirkcudbright, Thomas Buckley, Santa Maria, Mola di Gaeta, &c., and Comman- Esq. of Liverpool, to Miss Ryburn. dant of the Imperial Chasseurs of the Two Sici- 3. At Leith, Mr John Milne, jun. shipmaster, lies, to Miss Stuart, niece to John Robertson, Macduff, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr MurEsq. of Ednam House. The marriage was again doch Cameron, merchant, Leith. performed at the palace of the British Consul- 8. At London, Peter Atkinson, Esq. a York, General, by the Rev. Stevens Pope, in presence architect, to Miss Goodall, the vocalist. of the Consul's family:

10. At Edinburgh, John Wilson, Esq. advocate, - At Dublin, the Rev. Henry Brougham, to to Helen, only surviving daughter of the late Catherine Anne Mona, youngest daughter of the Wm. Forbes, Esq. writer, Edinburgh.

May 13. In Berkeley Square, London, John March 29. Suddenly, at Brainshaugh, Northum. Bulteel, eldest son of John Bulteel, Esg. of Fleet, berland, Mr William Pickering, in the 65th year Devon, w Elizabeth, second daughter of Earl Grey. of his age.

15. At Edinburgh, Thomas Borland, Esq. wri. - At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Sparks, widow ter, Kilmaruock, to Miss Ann Bruce Strachan, of the late Mr John Auchterlonie. only daughter of the late Francis Strachan, Esq. - At Stone House, Cumberland, John Richard, of the Hon. East India Company's civil service. third son of Lieut-Colonel Sir Hew Ross, K.C.B.

18. At Edinburgh, Donald Macdonald, Esq. of - At Gatehouse, Mr William Stothart, aged 56. Lochinver, to Jessie, ellest daughter of the late - At Bridekirk village, suddenly, Lieut. Henry Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. of Letterew.

Stanley, brother-in-law of Curwen, Esq. Lately. At Edinburgh, James Lawson, Esq. younger of Workington Hall, aged 51. W.S. to Margaret, youngest daughter of the de. 30. At Elgin, Miss Robina Gordon, daughter of ceased Mr John Clarke, Edinburgh.

the late Rev. Dr Lewis Gordon, minister of El

gin. DEATHS.

At the manse of Alvie, Mrs Charlotte Grant, 1826. March 22. At the Mount, Dickenson. spouse of the Rev. John Macdonald, ininister of Street, Manchester, Mrs Sarah Richardson, Wi- that parish, deeply lamented by her fatnily and dow, aged 101 years. She retained her sight and friends, and sincerely regretted by all her ac. memory to the last. She was grand, great grand, quaintances. Suddenly cut off in the prime of and great great grandmother to 153 descendants, life, she has left her husband a disconsolate wi. fifty of whom are now living.

dower, under the weighty and interesting charge - At Balblair, in Sutherland, Thomas Craig, of eight motherless children, to bewail a loss ne. Esq. late of Barmuchity, near Elgin, aged 70. ver to be repaired.

22. At Lathallan, William Lindesay, Esq. of - At Brachead House, Miss Margaret Howison Balmungie.

Craufurd, eldest daughter of the Rev. James At Linlithgow, Mr John Fife, cloth-merchant Howison M. Craufurd of Braehead. there, much regretted.

- At Bishop Middleham, in the county of 23. At Ding wall, Mrs Barbara Munro, aged 80 Durham, Miss Jamima Carnegie Napier, youngyears, relict of the deceased George Munro, Esq. est daughter of the late Major-General thé Hon. -Rear-Admiral Prowse, C.B.

Mark Napier. At Portobello, Bain Whyt, only son of the 31. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Ogilvie, youngRev. Mr Glen.

est daughter of the late Alexander Ogilvie, Esq. 24. At Plymouth, William Richard Smith, Esq. of Auchiries. Post Captain in the R.N.

- At Brechin, Alexander Ritchie, Esq. - At Banff, Mrs Elizabeth M Killigin, relict of - At Kirkwall, Thomas, youngest son of Tho. Jarnes Sim, Esq. late of Mount Pleasant.

mas Polloxfen, Esq. 25. At his apartments, York Buildingę, Mary. April 1. At Orwell, near Kinross, Mrs James le-borane, London, Dr John Gray, late physician Skelton. to Ha slar Hospital, aged 58. During the event. - At Edinburgh, George Russell, of Inch, Esq. ful period of the French Revolutionary war, he W.S. held various responsible offices connected with -Suddenly, at his house in Portsburgh, Edinthe medical department of the navy. St Vincent, burgh, Mr James Inglis, much regretted by his Nelson, and Collingwood, were his personal numerous friends and tenants. friends. It was at the direct request of the Hero 3. At his mother's house, Stirling, at the early of the Nile, on his return from the pursuit of the age of 14 years, Mr William Graham, son of the French to the West Indies, in 1805, that he was late Captain Edward Graham, of the Honourable made physician to the fleet which won the battle East-India Company's Bengal artillery. of Trafalgar,

- At Edinburgh, James Bell, Esq. adyocate. - At the Manse of Rerwick, at the great age Had it not been for the natural weakness of his of 89, the Rev. James Thomson, minister of constitution, which, without repressing his intelthat parish. He was a profound scholar, a pious- lectual energies, effectually interrupted his publy persuasive orator, and a heavenly example to lic exertions, there can be little doubt that Mr his people. Few men have passed through so Bell would have eminently distinguished himself long a life with a more arniable character. It in the honourable profession to which he belong. may be truly said, in his heart there was no guile. ed. By those who had an opportunity of appre. Six of his sons, grown to manhood, attended the ciating them, his talents, both as a lawyer and a funeral, and consigned the mortal remains of man of letters, were well understood to be of the their reverend father to the grave. Several years highest order. ago, one of his sons was appointed his assistant - At 22, Windsor-Street, Edinburgh, Cecil, and successor, and it is a singular circumstance youngest son of Samuel Joseph, Esq. that the parish of Rerwick, as is said, has not At his house, Smith's Place, Leith Walk, been vacant since the Reformation.

in the 63d year of his age, and the 38th of his - At Redhall, Mrs Inglis, wife of John Inglis, ministry, the Reverend Thomas Aitchison, pastor Esq. of Auchindinny.

of the first United Associate Congregation, Leith. - At her uncle's house, Great King-Street, To those who were acquainted with the benignity Edinburgh, Miss Alison Tweedie, daughter of the of his disposition, the rectitude of his conduct, deceased Mr Alex. Tweedie, late in Dreva. the ardour of his faith, and his zeal in his Master's

26. At Kelso, Robert Turner, Esq. late Royal service, any eulogium of ours would be unnecesMilitary Surveyor, aged 19.

sary. He was beloved and esteemed by his friends, - At Greenock, suddenly, Miss Jean M`Neill, and he is regretted by all. He discharged, in an eldest daughter of the late James M.Neill, Esq. eminent manner, the duties of the ministerial Collector of Customs at that port.

office, and " was an Israelite, indeed, in whom 27. At Nairn, Mr James Falconer, merchant there was no guile." of his professional characthere, aged 82, much and justly regretted. ter, the chief feature was undoubtedly his devo

- At Cove, Jeffery Irving, Esq. of Cove, in the tional talents. There was a fervency and pathos 79th year of his age.

in his prayers which never failed to make a deep - Át his house, Newton-on-Ayr, aged 67, Mr impression. We have often listened to him with John Hunter, formerly one of the Bailies of New. delight, and returned humbler, if not better ton.

men. Mr Aitchison's public and private life are - At the Manse of Cortachy, the Rev. John an imperishable monument to his inemory. His Gourlay, minister of the united parishes of Cor- name is associated with almost every laudable tachy and Clova, in the 70th year of his age. and charitable institution of the metropolis; and,

28. At Liverpool, Edward Airey, Esq. Comp- to every cause of benevolence, he was a willing troller of his Majesty's Custoins at the port of and stedfast friend. He exemplified in private Whitehaven. He was formerly Captain in the the duties he enjoined. Few men have appeared 39th regiment, and on the Staft of Lord Hill, and to more advantage, when sickness or bereavement commanded the detachment which performed were clairns upon his sympathy and condolence. the funeral obsequies of the late gallant and la- The cause of the afflicted and widowed sufferer mented Commander, Sir John Moore. at Corunna. was his own. His death-bed scene was a Christian

Suddenly, at Dumfries, Mr Edward Daw. triumph, and a dernonstration of his faith. Duson, writer, aged 33.

ring a long and painful illness he displayed the - At Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Mr James most tranquil and resigned disposition, and often Corbett, merchant.

prayed in spirit, “Lord, not my will, but thine be done.” He closed his eyes in peace, stedfast April 10. Al Ann Street, Stockbridge, Edinin his faith, and confident in the hope of a glo- burgh, Christina Hogarth, third daughter of Mr rious immortality. Mr Aitchison had his trials, Alexander Ballantyne. but they are over. His griefs are bounded by - At his house, Crieff, Mr John Drummond, the grave; but his joys can never pass away. cattle dealer, aged 64 years. ". The good man diesmit gríeves us;

- At Newtonlees, near Dunbar, aged 76, Mr Why should the good man die?

Grive Wilson; a man whose fervent piety,

active He dies--but, dying, leaves us

beneficence, and moral uprightness, have endearA lasting legacy."

ed his meanory to all who enjoyed the pleasure We must not forget to mention, that we have of his acquaintance. seldom seen a funeral so respectably and nume- - At Keith, Mrs Mary Murray Grant, reliet of rously attended, or witnessed a greater concourse Janies Gordon, Esq. late Surgeon in Keith, and of sorrowing spectators. He has left many weep- daughter of the late John Grant of Gallovie, Esq. ing friends, and a disconsolate widowed wife, to 11. At Edinburgh, Anne Elizabeth, eldest lament his loss. His highly-respectable congre- daughter of Coll Macdonald, Esq. W. S. gation has been deprived of a faithful pastor, - At Montrose, in the soth year of her age, whose whole soul was in his duty. Yet they Mrs Milne, relict of the late Bailie Audrew Milne. sorrow not as those who have no hope." For, - At London, the Honourable Mrs Boyd, wi" Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, they dow of the Honourable Charles Boyd, and daughshall rest from their labours, and their works ter of the deceased Alexander Lockhart, Esq. Lord shall follow them.” “Mark the perfect man, Covington, one of the Senators of the College of and behold the upright, for the end of that man Justice. is peace."

- At Edinburgh, the Rev. Duncan Forbes, April 4. At Lothian-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Jane M. D. Ross, wife of Mr William Grinton, merchant, - At Newtondon, near Kelso, after a very and, on the 6th, his infant son.

short illness, occasioned by a spasmodic affection - At a very advanced age, Henrietta, relict of of the stomach, Sir Alexander Don, Bart. M.P. the late George Maxwell, Esq. of Carruchan. of Newtondon.

- At Leslie, Mrs Ireland, aged 79. She en- 12. At Aberdeen, Mr Hugh Cochran, in the joyed her faculties to the last. Although a great 83d year of his age. reader, on certain occasions, she never used spec. - At Hawick, Walter Haddon, grocer and tacles in her life, and bore her long and painful spirit dealer, much and justly regretted. illness with Christian fortitude and resignation. - At Lanark, Captain John Tod.

At Dreva, Mr John Tweedic, junior, writer 13. At Edinburgh, in the 79th year of ber age, in Edinburgh, a young man of great promise, and Mrs Helen Wait, relict of Mr John Tait, farmer deeply regretted by his relations and acquaint- in Roxburgh West Mains, much and justly reances.

gretted by a number of friends and acquaintances. 5. At the Mill of Arntully, parish of Kinclaven, - At her house, 28, Gayfield Square, EdinMr Thomas Stewart, in the 101st year of his age. burgh, Mrs Janet Foggo, widow of the late George This respectable man enjoyed through life an un. Ireland, Esq. common portion of good health. By his last ill- 14. At her house, in Stanhope-Street, May Fair, ness he was confined to bed for a few days, but London, in the 86th year of her age, the Right he retained the perfect use of his mental faculties Hon. Philadelphia Hannah, relict of the late Thoto the hour of his death.

mas Viscount Cremorne, and Baron Dartrey, of - At Mayfield, May Ferguson Robertson, third the kingdom of Ireland. Her Ladyship was the daughter of the late James Robertson, Esq. W.S. grand-daughter of William Penn, founder of

- At Leith, Charles John, eldest son of Lieu. Pennsylvania, North America, and was born in tenant Charles Smith, R.N.

its capital of Philadelphia, after which city she 6. At Shaftesbury House, Bayswater, William was named. Davidson, Esq. in the 69th year of his age.

15. At Minnihive, Mr Andrew Hunter, who, - At Montrose, after a lingering illness, borne for upwards of forty years, has been an elder of with meekness and resignation, Mrs Henry West. the parish of Glencairn. On the 10th of February macott, in her 39th year, leaving a husband and last he completed his 92d year. He was the Me nine children to deplore her untimely loss. thuselah of his parish, and very much respected.

Mr Alexander Maclauchlan, son of the late - At Dundonnell House, Ross-shire, Kenneth William Maclauchlan, Esq. of Auchintroig. Mackenzie, Esq. of Dundonnell.

- At Glasgow, Major Alexander M.Kay, Lag. 16. At Norton Place, Edinburgh, Mr John Nigan, Islay.

cholson, aged 18. 7. At Portobello, Joseph Williamson, Esq. prin- - Ai No. 48, Rose-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs cipal clerk of teinds, aged 82.

Forrest, in the 87th year of her age. - At Binacre Hall, Suffolk, in his 81st year, - At Mains of Letham, parish of St. Vigeans, Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart.--He is succeeded by in the 83d year of his age, Mr Alex. Fullerton, his eldest son, Thomas Sherlock, M.P. for Suffolk. farmer there. -- At Elie, Mr William Walker, tanner.

17. At Gallowberry, John Corrie, Esq. of Gal- At Melville Mill, Lasswade, Mr Alexander lowberry. Brown, aged 85 years. During the whole course At Leith, Mr William Hunter, Tide Surveyor of his life, he never slept a night out of the village. of Customs there.

-- At Duke-Street, Leith, Mr Anthony Laird, - At 13, North Hanover-Street, Glasgow, Pecooper and fish curer there.

ter Buchanan, Esq. of Auchmar. - At Edinburgh, Robert Beatson, youngest - At the manse of Muthill, the Rev. John son of W. A. Lawrie, W. S.

Russell, who, for upwards of 16 years, ably and 8. At Edinburgh, Catherine Ann Bennett, wi- faithfully discharged the laborious duties of the dow of the late Captain James Nicolson, R. N. ministry in that extensive parish.

- At Aberdeen, Convener John Webster, in - Aged 67, the Rev. David M'Indoe, 36 years the 84th year of his age.

minister of the Scotch church in Groat Market, 9. At North St. James's-Street, Edinburgh, Newcastle. Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Mr James 18. At his house, in Minto-Street, Newington, Saunders, W. S. and wife of Mr Thos. Beveridge, Edinburgh, Thomas Riddell, younger of Cumiewriter, Edinburgh.

stown. - At Burndales, Mrs Creigheton, aged 56 years, - At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Wedderburn much and justly regretted by her friends, and a Scrymgeour, daughter of Henry Wedder burn of numerous circle of acquaintances. Her loss will Wedderburn and Birkhill, Esq. be severely felt by the poor.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs S. C. Campbell, daugh. - In London, Lieutenant-General Philip Kear. ter of the late James Ramsay, Esq. Acomptantney Skinner.

General of Excise, and relict of the late Major 20. At Barrosa-Street, Perth, Miss Barbara John Campbell, of 76th regiment of foot. Marshall.

19. At an advanced age, the Right Rev. Dr In the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, of typhus Milner, Bishop of Castabala, and Vicar Apostolic fever, caught in the discharge of his duty, Mr of the Midland district. Samuel Gordon, physicians' clerk.

- At Gateside, Dear Paisley, Wm. Burns, Esq.

Ruthren & Son, Printers, Edinburgh.


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of, 108, 113, 240, 360, 496, 747
Ganglof, St. the pilgrimage to, 30 Kelly, Michael, notices of the reminiscen.
Gaston de Blondeville, remarks on Mrs

ces of, 513
Radcliffe's, 703

King James'ibe Sext, review of Iistorie
General Assembly, proceedings of the, and Life, of, 179,

Labouring Classes, remarks on M.Cal.
Genlis, Madame de, her, estimate of the loch's Essay on the conditioa of the,
intellect of women, 4651

Geographical and Historical Atlas, notice Lakes, specimen of a tour to the, 663
of Lizars's, 321, ..

Legend of Auvergne and Provence, an
Glasgow, distress of trade in, 246

ancient, 403 ..
Glass-making, improvement in, 369 Leslie, Professor, experiment of, with a
Glendearn, Sir Jasper, a border story, 526 new instrument for ascertaining the
Glen of the Mist, a visit to the, 533, specific gravity of powders, 371–
Gordon, Dr Robert, review of his Ser. Questions proposed in the Natural
mons, 195

Philosophy class of, 624
Granby, a novel, review of, 315

Letter from the late Sir John Dalrymple
Greece, accounts from, 105-Fall of to the late Admiral Dalıymple, 214
Missolonghi, 608, 725

from Sir Hew Dalrymple to Sir
Greece, review of Blaquiere's Second Visit Laurence Dundas, 2.5
to, 301

on the new system of education,
Greek Grammar, Steel's Outlines of, 45 338
Gretna Green, account of the present -- on Scots entails, and the Ascog
high-priest of, 39

case, 567
Grieve, Nancy, history of, 101

from an American farmer, to a
Guillotine, the, 429

friend in Edinburgh, 587

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