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Course of Exchange, London, May 16.- Amsterdam, 12 : 9. Ditto at sight, 12:6. Rotterdarn, 12 : 10. Antwerp, 12 : 10. Hamburgh, 37:10. Altona, 37:11. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 70. Ditto, 25: 95. Bourdeaux, 25 : 95. Frankfort-onthe Maine, 156. Petersburgh, 89,3 U. Berlin, 7. Vienna, Eff: fio., 10:28., Trieste, ditto, 10 : 28. Madrid, 35. Cadiz, 35. Bilboa, 35. Barcelona, 35. Se ville, 35. Gibraltar, 31. Leghorn, 47. Genoa, 43. Venice, 46. Buenos. Ayres, 43. Naples, 38. Palerino, per oz. 114. Lisbon, 50$. Oporto, 50%. Rio Janeiro, 414. Bahia, 45. Dublin, 12-Cork, 14 per cent.

Prices of Bullion, poz.-Portugal Gold in coin, £.0.0.0. Foreign Gold in bars, £.3.17,60.-New Doubloons, £.0.00. New Dollars, Os. Od. Silver in bars standard, 4s. 11fd.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 10s. Od. a 158. 9d.Cork or Dublin, 10s. a 154. 9d.-Belfast, 10s. a 158. 9d.-Hamburgh, 73. 6d. a 10s. 6d. -Jamaica, 258. a 30s.-Home, 40s. a 50s. gs.-_Greenland, out and home, 0 a 0 gs.


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Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from 19th May to 17th June 1826.

| May 24. May 31. , June 7. June 14.
Bank Stock..........


2014 199
3 + cent. reduced............

79 3 pcent. consols.

791 34 cent. do......

855 4 P cent. do.........


Ditto New do..............
India Stock....................

234 238
Exchequer bills,................
Consols for account.................

797 79 80 80
French Rentes..

65 . 60 с. - 68 f. 50 c.

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Prices of Stocks.-Edinburgh, 19th May 1826.

Shares. | Paid up. Price. Royal Bank of Scotland,...........

£.100 0 0£. 100 00 £. 170 00 Bank of Scotland,...

83 6 0 83 6.0 No Sales. Commercial Banking Company of Scotland,... 500 0 0 100 00 Do. National Banking Company,.....................

100 0 0 10 CoDo. British Linen Company,...........................

100 0 0 100 00 Edinburgh Friendly Insurance Company,...


00 Caledonian Fire Insurance Company,..... 100 0 0 0 0 0 Hercules Insurance Company,...........

100 0 0 10 0 0 13 00 North British Insurance Company,.........

200 0 0 10 0 0 Edinburgh Life Assurance Company,...........

200 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 Insurance Company of Scotland, ...........

10 0 0 0 0 0 Scottish Union Insurance Company,..........

20 0 0 1 0 0. West-of-Scotland Insurance Company ,....

10 00 10 00 Edinburgh Coal Gas Company,............

25 0 oj 21 2 61 36 00 Ditto Oil Gas Company,............

25 0 0 16 10 01 Leith Oil Gas Company,.......................

20 0 0 20 00 Edinburgh Portable Gas Company,..... ......

10 0 0 4 00 Edinburgh Joint Stock Water Company,.... 25 0 0 25 00 Forth and Clyde Canal Company,........ Average. 400 16 0 Union Canal Company,............

50 0 0 50 00 Australian Company,.............

100 0 0 40 00 Caledonian Iron and Foundry Company,......

25 0 0
Shotts Iron and Foundry Company,............
Edinburgh and Leith Glass Company,..........
Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Alloa Glass Co.... 20 0 0
North British Loan Company,................... 50 0 0
London, Leith, Edin., & Glasgow Shipping Co. ooo
Scotch Porter Brewery Company, .......

20 00
Leith and Hamburgh Shipping Company,... 000 000
Caledonian Dairy Company,...........

25 0 0 10 0 0 VOL. XVIII.

5 D

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 24th of

April and the 21st of May 1826 ; extracted from the London Gazette. Aitehison, J. Abchurch-lane, and St. Andrew's Crosland, S. and B. Worth, Engine bridge, Yorksquare, Glasgow, bill-broker and merchant

shire, woollen-cloth-manufacturers Aldridge, J. W. Penton-street, Pentonville, apo Crow, M. Little Bolton, Lancashire, tailor thecary

Crawshaw, T. Leeds, Yorkshire, woolstapler Ainsworth, E. Hamer-hall, Lancashire, woollen. Cund, R. Minton, Shropshire, maltster manufacturer

Dallimore, G. Devizes, Wiltshire, innkeeper Anderson, W. Manchester, dealer

Darby, T. Critchell-place, New North-road, Hlox. Anstice, J. Patten and R. Thornhill, Old South ton, plumber and glazier Sea House, ship-brokers

Davies, T. W. Liverpool, apothecary Archer, T. Pins green, Worcestershire, corn-dealer Davis, J. Chelsea, tallow-chandler Asdell, J. Oxford-street, coach-maker

Day, H, Bristol, dealer and chapman Askey, W. Woburn-buildings, Tavistock-square, Deacon, T. Skimer-street, Snowhill, tea-dealer tailor

Dean, J. Dean T. and Dean D. Portwood, Che. Aston, W. Toll End, Staffords hire, iron and coal shire, iron-founders merchant

Dewhurst, B. East Redford, Nottinghamshire, Baker, W.J. St. John Street, Clerkenwell, orange bookseller merchant

Dinham, J. Exeter, grocer Baker, G. F. and G. K. Pearson, Macclesfield, Dixon, H. and M.Gunston, St. James's-walk, silk-manufacturers

Clerkenwell, chemists Barber, J. T. Reading, Berkshire, tearnan.

Dolton, C. Chatham-place, Hackney. merchant Bardsley, E. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer Downing, F. sen. Huddersfield, Yorkshire, grocer Barton, J. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Dudley, T. B. W. King.street, Westminster, paper-maker

ormolu-manufacturer Beane, R. Clements-lane, Strand, victualler Dunn, W. Louth, Lincolnshire, corn-merchant Beaumont, R. Noble-street, London, riband-ma Drews, L. Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, plumnufacturer

ber Beardmore, G. Burslem, Staffordshire, builder Edourt, H. A. C. F. Cheltenham, dealer in fancy Benham, W. Brighthelmstone, builder

goods Best, G. Spring-gardens, wine-merchant

Eccles, R. Wakefield, Yorkshire, merchant Billinge, J. Warnford-court, London, broker Erskine, J. Talbot court, and Trigg Wharf, LonBishop, w. jun., Camden-place, Camden-town, don, merchant cheesemonger

Evans, T. Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, innBodenham, T. Commercial-road, grocer

keeper Booth, R. Laund-mill, Lancashire, worsted-spinner Fairbairn, A. King's Arm-yard, Coleman-street, Bottomley, S. Huddersfield, woolstapler

London, wine-merchant Bramwell, C. Baker-street, Portman-square, wine. Farren, J. Great Warner-street, Clerkenwell, merchant

brewer Bramall, J. Ashton-under-Lyne, innkeeper

Fennel, J. Little Kington, Warwickshire, horseBradley, T. Worcester, chair-maker

dealer Brearley, J. and J. Brearley, Bolton-le-Moors, Fincham, F. Billiter-street, London, merchant Lancashire, iron-founders

Firth, J. Huddersfield, tailor. Brown, w. C. Coleman-street, London, wool. Fitch, W. Wood-street, Cheapside, grocer merchant

Fisher, J. Llanthavy, Skirrid, Monmouthshire, Brown, J. Norwich, boot-maker

maltster Brown, G. Bath, haberdasher

Fogg, R. Portwood, Cheshire, and G. Fogg. Brown, W. Haberdasher's-walk, Hoxton, linen

Sterndale, Manchester, brewers draper

Ford, W. Huddersfield, Yorkshire, grocer Brook, J. Honley Wood Bottom, Almondbury, Foster, J. and T. Clay, Macclesfield, silk-throw. Yorkshire, clothier

sters Buckley, J. Manchester, dealer and chapman Foulger, S. and B. Aavers, Norwich, bombezineBurbridge, W. and R. Burbridge, Biriningham, manufacturers gr neers

Fowler, W. Ford's-terrace, Lambeth-walk, baker Burrell, J. Homerton, brewer

Foxton, T. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant Butler, J. Bloomsgrove, Nottinghamshire, Lace- Frank, P. Old Burlington-street, St. James', manufacturer

London, tailor
Butterwoth, J. Lad-lane, London, silkman

Furbor, E. Liverpool, timber-merchant
Campbell, D. Copthall-court, London, merchant Gardner, G. J. Oxford, painter
Capper, M. Liverpool, victualler

Garforth, S. and J. Halifax, merchants
Carver, J. L. Bristol, ironmonger

Gent, P. Congleton, Cheshire, silk-throwster Cattell, J. Wood-street, silkman

Gerrish, J. Bradford, Wiltshire, innkeeper Chandler, T. Bedminster, Somersetshire and Bris Gibbs, E. Brighton, carpenter tol, coach-builder

Gilbert, H. W. Redburn, Hertfordshire, innkeeper Chapman, R. Bagnigge-wells, brewer

Giles, J. Cheshire-cheese Public-house, NorthampChapman, S. P. King-street, warehouseman

ton-street, Clerkenwell, victualler Chalcroft, J. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, builder Goulden, J. Methley, Yorkshire, corn-miller Channon, J. Middleton-street, Spa-fields, London, Govett, E. Bishop's-Hull, Somersetshire, scrirener navy-agent and merchant

Goody, G. High-street, Southwark, grocer Charlesworth, J. A. Fenchurch-buildings, tea. Green, c. Devonshire-square, Bishopsgate-street, broker

London, wine-merchant Charman, P. Piccadilly, jeweller

Grier, Jane, Bloomsbury-square, vender of meChatterton, R, Southcoates, Yorkshire, merchant dicine Chesterman, B. Holles-street, carpenter

Groom, J. Watford, Hertfordshire, tailor
Clare, J. Manchester, inn-keeper

Groom, T. Brinton, Norfolk, horse-dealer
Claridge, R. T. Earl St. Paddington, merchant Hall, J. P. Liverpool, merchant
Clarke, J. Bridgwater-square, and J. Ramsden, Hall, J. Cheltenham, plasterer
Webber-street, London, coal-merchants

Hall, J. and Hall, W. Leeds, brick-makers
Clarke, J. M. Lower Marsh-street, Lambeth, boot Hall, J. Cliffe, Sussex, victualler
and shoe-maker

Harrop. J. Grasscroft, Yorkshire, clothier Clarance, C. Great Parndon, Essex, farmer

Harden, J. and P. Higginbotham, Macclesfield. Cook, H. Lancaster-place, Strand, navy-agent" Cheshire, silk-manufacturers Cooke, T. jun. Birmingham, brass-founder

Hardie, D. Liverpool, merchant Copeland, J. Shelton, Staffordshire, grocer

Hartley, W. Sheffield, provision-dealer Coster, R. Staining-lane, Wood-street, Cheapside, Harvey, W. Barnsley, Yorkshire, linen-manulac London, Merchant

turer Coyne, P. Welheck-street, London, apothecary Headfort, J. and J. Court, Out Parish of St. Phi. Cox, J. and B. Wills, Nottingham, cotton-mer. lip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, brick-makers chants

Hearne. J. Fenchurch-street, London, merchant

the factor c. Canterbur merchant


Hedges, G. Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, butcher Mills, W. Strand, London, tailor
Hembrow, Worcester, tailor

Morgan, J. junior, and J. Aitchison, junior, Bris. Hicks, J. Holsworthy, Devonshire, linen-draper

tol, jewellers Hider, E. W. and ). Goodinge, High-Holborn, Morgan, D, Neath, Glamorganshire, ironmonger linen-drapers

Morrison, W. Liverpool, ship-chandler Hill, J. Manchester, provision-dealer

Monroy, J. Leicester-square, London, merchant Ililliard, W. E. Reddish, Worcester, chemist Moses, L. and Lewis Levy, Great St. Helen's, broHolines, W. York, carver and gilder

kers Holt, F. Liverpool, dealer

Moses, and L. Moses, Great Prescot-street, mer. Holt, T. Manchester, grocer

chants Hobson, T. Carlisle, Cumberland, mercer and Mottershead, T. Liverpool, commission-agent draper

Mudie, R. Bayswater, coal-merchant Hopkins, R. Bristol, cabinet-maker

Mulcaster, J. Wood-street, Cheapside, London, Hoppe, C. King-street, Cheapside, London, mer. warehouseman chant

Newman, T. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, builder Hoy, G. Newcastle upon Tyne, grocer

North, J. Wrineswould, Leicestershire, butcher Hunter, W. Leeds, Britton, J. and J. Hunter, of Norrington, J. Doddington, Kent, baker

Borrowby, Yorkshire, binen-manufacturers Nosworthy, J. Moretonhampstead, Devonshire, Hunt, J. Cholsey, Berkshire, whitesmith

tantier Hurst, T. Hurst, J. and J. 6. Hobinson, Water. Noyes, G. Strand, linen-draper 100-place, Pall-mall, booksellers

Ogilby, W. L. and Sir David Ogilby, Knight, InHusbands, S. Bloomsgrove, Nottinghamshire, gram-court, Fenchurch-street, London, mer. lace-manufacturer

chants Irish, M. Lewes, Sussex, lime-burner

O'Neil, J. Liverpool, merchant Isaac, Joel, Preston, Lancashire, jeweller

Ousey, J. Manchester, oil-merchant Jackman, R. junior, Colford, Gloucestershire, Owen, W. Carnarvon, druggist silk-throwster

Owen, J. Salford, Lancashire, dyer Jackson, M. C. Leeds, corn-factor

Owen, H. Liverpool, corn-dealer Jackson, W. Holbeck, Yorkshire, corn-miller Paiba, J. Great Russell-stteet, Covent-garden, Jackson, Dorothy, Birmingham, button-factor

London, boot-maker - Janes, T. City-road, London, timber-merchant Parker, T. Macclesfield, Cheshire, silk-manufac

Jameson, A. Green-street, Bethnal-green, builder turer , Jeffcoat, w. Kenilworth, Warwickshire, corn. Parkinson, T. Preston, Lancashire, machine

maker Jennings, T. Canterbury, builder

Pearce, W. Chester, dealer
Jenner, W. Liverpool, merchant

Pearce, F. H. Fulham, tinman
Jenkins, J. and J. W. Cruttenden, Wapping. Pearson, F. Sheffield, edge-tool maker
High-street, lighterman

Peele, J. senior, and J. Peele, junior, Egremont, Jellyman, J. and Jellyman, T. Downton, Wilt Cumberland, sail-cloth manufacturers shire, paper-makers

Penn, T. Brightelmstone, Sussex, cabinet-maker Jones, H. Fore-street, Bishopsgate-street, London, Penny, G. Rood-lane, Fenchurch-street, London, merchant

coffee-dealer Jones, J. Chester, victualler

Penner, T. E. Newent, currier Jones, G. of Wooton-under-edge, Gloucestershire, Perrin, T. Marlborough, Wiltshire, Cheesemonger victualler

Phillips, A. Bristol, mason and bricklayer Jones, D. Vincent-street, Lambeth, milkman Phipps, W. High-street, Shoreditch, willow-hatJones, W. Paternoster-row, London, bookseller

manufacturer Jones, T. Crickhowell, Brecon, maltster

Pickrin, J. Lydcombe and Widcombe, SomersetJones, W. Rainham, barge-master

shire, builder Jordan, Maria, Birmingham, victualler

Pigott, W. Norwich, grocer Judd, R. R. Birmingham, corn-factor

Pointon, T. Manchester, victualler Kaye, W. Almonbury, dyer

Porter, G. Park-terrace, Regent's-park, London, Kelly, P. North-street, Poplar, provision-merchant linen-draper Knapp, W. Crawford-street, hatter

Preston, R. of Preston, Lancashire, innkeeper Knight, W. G. Ivy-lane, London, printer

Price, T. Chertsey, Surry, draper Knight, J. and H. Lacey, Paternoster-row, Lon Probyn, W. Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, drugdon, booksellers

gist Laird, D. Carlisle, Cumberland, draper

Prince, J. Manchester, victualler Langwith, J. Longendale, Cheshire, 'iron-founder Power, J, Colyton, Devonshire, builder Lawton, W, Brimstage, Cheshire, dealer

Ramsden, R. Southend, Essex, coach-master Leader, E. Cloughton, bacon-factor

Rickards, J. Aston, Warwickshire, builder Leader, W. Oxford-street, London, coach-maker Richardson, G. and J. Henderson, West Cowes, Les, Bilston, miller

Isle of Wight, silk-mercers Lewis, C. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, money. Riesenbeck, G. Church-court, Clementis-lane, scrivener

London, merchant Lewis, H. Bridgnorth, Shropshire, innkeeper Rivers, G. Orchard-street, Portman-square, upLindsey, W. Coleman-street, London, merchant holsterer Littlewood, J. and N. Littlewood, Honley-wood,

Riding, P. Derby, builder Nook, Yorkshire, clothiers

Robson, J. Manchester, victualler Lloyd, J. Norwood, Surry, corn-merchant

Roberts, L. City-road Basin, wharfinger Locking, G. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant Robinson, R. Hill-top, Yorkshire, worsted-manuLong bottom, junior, of Bury-street, Bloomisb

facturcr job-master

Roberts, E. and J. Russell, Old-street, St. Luke's, Lowthrer, J. T. Loman's-pond, Southwark, mer London, curriers chant

Roberts, E. M. Helmet-row, St. Luke's, London, Luck, G. Shoreditch, draper

iron-founder Lupton, T. Ingram-court, London, underwriter Roberts, W. Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, victualler Maiben, W. Brighton, stable-keeper

Rudd, ír. Borough, Westmoreland, provisionMarshall, T. College-bill, Upper Thames-street, merchant iron and copper-merchant

Russel, J. and J. Robinson, Manchester, merMarmion, A. and R. Carr, Preston, Lancashire, chants corn-merchants

Rutlidge, R. Weedon, Beck, Northamptonshire, Marsden, T. Leeds, stuff-manufacturer

plumber Marrison, G. Norwich, dyer

Salter, R. Manchester, grocer Marsh, T. Bath, silk-inercer

Secker, J. G. Wardour-street, Soho, London, comMatthías, W. Everett-street, Russell-square, che dealer mist

Sharp, C. tand W. D. Clarke, Berner's-street, Mayston, W. Lilly-pot-lane, Foster-lane, Cheap Mary-le-bone, London, upholsterers side, dealer in ribands

Shearn, C. Bath, confectioner Medley, S. Watling-street, London, tallow-chandler Sims, J. Nottingham, corn-factor Merry, R. Charing-cross, London, victualler

Slec, S. and J. Woodrow, J. Upper East Smith. Millington, J. Bloomsbury-square, London, dealer field, brewers in philosophical instruments

Smith, J, Horncastle, wine and spirit merchant

Lacey, Opdon, printer

Smith, T. H. and J. Pember, Hatton-garden, Tronson, R. Liverpool, merchant
London, tailors

Truman, T. Ludgate hill, London, auctionet Smith, F. A. and J. Allingham, New Brentford, Vanheson, G. Hackney-road, Middleses, ehera feltmongers

and druggist Snell, R. P. Essex-street, Whitechapel, Londoni, Vickers, J. Royalty-theatre, Wells street. Wellpotato-merchant

close-square, London, gas manufacturer Snewin, C. and P. Higgins, Berwick-street, Soho, Varley, J. Manchester, machine-maker London, timber-merchants

Wallwork, I Manchester, victualler Snowball, R. junior, Kirby, Grindalyth, York Walmsley, D. Kingston-uponHul, grocer shire, sheep-jobber

Walton, 'W. Charles-street, Middlesex-hospital, Spencer, J. Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell, London, linen-draper jewellers

Ward, H. W. Grenada place, Old Kent-road, che Stokes, J. Bath, poulterer

mist Stansfield, H. H. King-sstreet, Cheapside, Lon Ward, W. Leeds, patten-maker don, stuff-manufacturer

Ward, R. W. Middlesex-street, Whitechapel, and Stansfield, T. W. Leeds; H. Briggs, Blackwood; Star-street, Shadwell, wine-merchant

H. Stansfield, Burley, and Stansfield, Hamer, Warrington, T. senior, Hart street, Mark-lane,
Burley, merchants

wine and spirit-merchant Starkey, J. C. and W. Starkey, Little Pulteney Webb, J. Atford, Wiltshire, fariner street, Golden-square, London, brewers

Wells, T. Waterhouse, Lincoln, scrivener Stelfox, Dobcross, Yorkshire, woollen-eloth ma Welsh, A. Leeds, common-carrier nufacturers

Were, T. Bucklersbury, and Wellington street, Stenson, J. Nottingham, commission-agent

Strand, London, bill-broker and stationer Steele, T. Disley, Cheshire, cotton-spinner

Westall, J. Rochdale, Lancashire, bookseller Stokoe, W. Hexham, Northumberland, tanner Wheadon, J. Rath, grocer Spawton, C. Northampton, tallow-chandler

Whitehead, M. Preston, Lancashire, innkeeper Summers, J. Leeds, cloth-dresser

Whitehead, J. and J. Whitehead, Denshaw, YorkTate, G. New Shoreham, Sussex, timber-merchant shire, merchants Taylor, T. Clement's inn, money-scrivener

Whitehead, J. Denshaw, Yorkshire, merchant Taylor, J. Strand, London, printer

Wilkinson, J. Sheffield, wood and ivory-tone Tetley, J. Street in Tong, Yorkshire, top-maker Willement, w. Colchester, crape and bombazine • Thompson, T. Waltham, Holy-cross, Essex, coal manufacturer merchant

Wilde, J. Bowden, J. Gartside, T. and Z. Mavall, Thomas, J. and S. T. Gilbert, Exeter, linen-drapers Oldham, Lancashire, cotton-spinners Thomas, J. King, Gloucestershire, clothier

Winstanley, W. Liverpool, shoernaker Thurgarland, G. Huddersfield, corn-dealer

Wood, J. Wakefield, Yorkshire, dyer 'Tindall, H. Birmingham, wharfinger

Woolston, S. High-street, Bloomsbury, shor Twentyman, J. senior, and Twentyman, juni

maker Crosthwaite, woollen-manufacturers

Wright, J. Eton, Buckinghamshire, coal-merchant


May 1826 ; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Mungall, Robert, spirit dealer in Glasgow, and Allardice, Archibald and Co. printers and book

distiller at Mile-end sellers in Edinburgh

Ogilvy, James and Co. shawl manufacturers in Anderson, William, merchant in Dundee

Edinburgh Bowman, Alexander, wright and spirit-dealer,

Porteous, David, senior and Co. grain-dealers, Tradestown, Glasgow

Crieff Cowan, William, skinner in Greenock

Rankine, R., cotton yarn merchant in Glasgow Dobie, Robert, merchant and ship-owner in Dy

Robertson, John, and Co. distillers in Tradestra, sart

of Glasgow Dunlop, James, cattle-dealer, Provanhall

Robertson, William, distiller at Crossburn, Dum. Fraser, Simon, timber-merchant in Glasgow

bartonshire Gardner, John, junior, hosier in Glasgow

Robertson, Thomas, auctioneer, and stoneware Gibson, Thomas, merchant and spirit-dealer at

merchant, and spirit dealer in Glasgow Springfield

Rollo, Clement, tobacco pist in Edinburgh Honey, George and Son, carriers in Arbroath

Stewart, William, bookseller, Hanover Street, Hilliard, William, merchant and general-agent in

Edinburgh Edinburgh

Storm, David, builder, Downie Place, Edinburgh Henderson and Thomson, builders, Stockbridge,

Small, William, junior, manufacturer in Glasgow near Edinburgh

Smith, D. and Co. soda-makers at Port Dundes, Johnston James, and Sons, tanners in Glasgow

and merchants in Glasgow Jamieson, William M. and Co. wrights and tim.

Smith, Robert, bleacher at Darnley, Renfrewshire ber-merchants in Glasgow

Stirling, Francis, merchant and manufacturer in Kirkwood, Robert, agent in Glasgow

Arbroath Kerr, William, upholsterer in Paisley

Tweedie, Christian, haberdasher in Edinburgh Liddell, James, baker in Glasgow

Thomson, John, spirit dealer and builder in M'Kay, Robert, Alexander, merchant in Glasgow

North Leith M'Gregor, John and Co. calico-printers at Kelvin

Thomson, John, slater in Edinburgh haugh

Watt, Charles, merchant & auctioneer in Dundee Mitchell, John, merchant and manufacturer, St.

Weir, James, merchant and manufacturer in Ninian's

Arbroath M'Gown, D. and D. distillers at Glenmurray

Wilson, John and Son, wire-workers in Glasgow Muir, Thomas, grocer and spirit-dealer in Kirke


'Crum, James and Co. merchants in Glasgow by Mercer Andrew, writer and builder in Paisley

Alexander Mein, accountant there Martin, William, merchant and manufacturer in Douglas, William, merchant in Glasgow : by John Arbroath

Walker, merchant there Manners, Alexander H. W. S. and builder in Edin- Ritchie, Alex. deceased, bank-agent in Brechia: burgh

by the trustee there.

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