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Allan, and Mr Watson, Leith, alone the girl from him. Accordingly the two having dissented from them. The Resolu. latter, when going home in the evening, tions are quite demonstrable of the great were overtaken upon the Shieldhill road, impropriety of renewing the present trust, a little to the south of Callendar wood, at least without some security, such as and were used in the most rude manner. imperative clauses, that the improvements in the meantime. a decent young lad which are requisite for securing a constant named Boyd, returning from the fair with communication across the Forth, by the bis brother and several others, being most direct line, shall be speedily execu- acquainted with the girl, was called to ted. It is too much, that the public for assistance, and upon their interefering, should have the rates of fare enormously he was knocked down and struck upon raised, and yet bave no advantages in the head with a stone ; but this was not return at all corresponding to the ind enough to satisfy the young rascals, for crease.

one of them having taken from his pock. 10 This day the sum of £.202 was et a knife inflicted four wounds on Boyd paid to the Treasurer of the Society for the in the abdomen : the poor fellow was Support of Gaelic Schools, in aid of their carried into the house of Edward M‘Ken. funds. The above was raised by the sale zie, the blood flowing in a shocking man. of ladies' work, in the Physician's Hall, ner, particularly from a large incision & last Saturday. The room was crowded little above the groin. After suffering for several hours, and the lively interest the greatest torture, he expired about five which all ranks of purchasers seemed to o'clock on the following evening. Upon take in the object, was truly gratifying the abdomen being laid open, the intes. to all who have the welfare of their tine was found to be cut in such a manHighland brethren at heart. The parent ner as to render it impossible that he society had, during the last year, seventy. could have long survived. He has left a eight schools in operation, in which near. wife and three children, the former of Jy 5000 children and adults have been whom exhibited the most heart-rending taught to read the Scriptures in their na. distress for her calamity. Three of the tive language. The Society have been persons connected with the affray were under the painful necessity of refusing that night lodged in the Lock-up-house various applications during the past year of Falkirk, and upon the Sunday morning for new schools from the want of funds; were sent to Stirling Jail. Their namnes but this seasonable supply from the are, Armstrong a Aesher, M'Nab, and Edinburgh Ladies Association, in addi. M. Laren, labourers; the fourth who has tion to the sum of £.238, which they at present escaped, is a shoemaker of the collected during the last year, will enable name of Inglis. They are from sixteen the Society to comply with the urgent to eighteen years of age. No small praise requests of that portion of their country- is due to the special constables of the men who have been so long without the town for their activity upon this occasion. means of acquiring that knowledge which Natural Philosophy Class.-The fol. is profitable for this life as well as for that lowing were the questions proposed for which is to come. We trust that the the annual class prizes given by the Town low state of the funds of this useful and Council, and which have been this year interesting Institution only require to be augmented to £.10:- 1. « Suppose at known, to stir up the friends of education the equator, whose diameter is 7925 and religious instruction to farther exer. miles, a cannon ball were fired directly tions in its behalf.

upwards with a velocity of 1120 per se 13.-Horrid Marder. The Peeing cond, where would it fall to the ground ** Thursday of Falkirk has long been famed 2. “ If a thermometer were formed of a for the immense crowds of country pea very thin ball of zinc, with a fine glass ple which are upon that day assembled stem, and filled with . pure water, at upon the streets, and for the many ludiwhat temperature would this liquid ap crous scenes which are then displayed; pear stationary ? The expansion of although the day almost never ends water being denoted by ,0000044 *2, without many feats of pugilism being and the linear expansion of zinc by exhibited, yet in general every thing ends ,000088 n, centesimal degrees." 3. "A without much mischief being done. We boat is drawn by a force of 15 lbs. along have, however, at present, to turn from a canal at the rate of one mile an hour; such scenes of amusement, to one of a what then would be the greatest speed most appalling nature. It appears that with which a horse would pul it, and two country lads had quarrelled in the what the pace of a horse set to drag a town about a servant girl, and that the train of five such boats? N.B. This is one had engaged three fellows belonging to be deduced from the formula of a to Falkirk to attack the other, and take horse's power given in the “ Elements of Natural Philosophy." It is to be observed, 19.-The Alloa Mechanics' Institution that Professor Leslie adops a mode which opened with 160 pupils. Mr Steel' from precludes hin from proposing questions Glasgow lectures both on Mechanics and of a very difficult kind. He knows that Chemistry problems carried home by the pupils are 2 0. At the Circuit Court of Justiciary seldom solved without assistance, and at Stirling, John M'Graddy was sen. really afford no test of the young man's tenced to be executed at Stirling on the acquirements in whose name the solu 20th of May ; for having broken into tion is returned. His practice is, there. the Manse of Muiravonside, and carried fore, after announcing the questions, to away several articles of wearing apparel, shut up (with books if they choose) all a gold watch, &c. who offer themselves as competitors in . At Perth, David Balfour, mariner, the class-room, which no one is allowed Dundee, was sentenced to be executed to leave till he has either solved the ques. at Dundee on the 2d June, for the mur. tion or questions on which he labours, order of his wife. He had committed the given up the attempt. While in confine. rash deed, it appeared from the evidence, ment here, the Professor visits them re in a paroxysm of jealousy. . peatedly, to excite their efforts, or give 27.-Ai Glasgow, John Dollan, and them occasional explanations; and the Robert Sym, charged with having robsolutions, when finished, are delivered bed Andrew Jack of 18s., were sentenced. sealed up to a servant in waiting. In the Dollan to be executed on 7th June, and present case, each of the questions was Sym to transportation for life. solved, but as no one pupil solved all the 2 1.-Leith Mechanics' (Institution.three, no first prize was awarded. The The first general meeting of the Leith first question, we may remark, suggests Mechanics? Institution was held in the a very interesting experiment, which Exchange Sale.room this evening, for the would afford us, what we still want, a purpose of receiving the Report of the direct proof of the diurnal motion of the interim committee, constituting the In. earth ; and we cannot help thinking, that stitution, and adopting regulations. The it might be worth the attention of some meeting was very numerously and respec. of those Governments in Europe which tably attended, H. Johnston, Esq. in the are fitting out costly expeditions for chair. By the report of the committee, scientific purposes, to expend a very few which was read, it appeared that the subpounds in having the experiment made. scriptions by 102 subscribers amounted The result which theory affords (as found to upwards of £.145. Donations of books, in solving the question) we understand exceeding 100 volumes on the most imto be, that a cannon ball thrown per portant branches of the arts aad sciences, pendicularly upward at the equator, in a with some valuable maps, were announ. calm atmosphere, and with the velocity ced. In addition to these subscribers, mentioned, would fal 133 feet to the who are also members, 153 mechanics westward of the spot it was fired from. and others have put down their names as A single shot might leave doubts upon members. This, we think, considering the subject, but if a dozen or a score were how recently the scheme has been agita. fired, and gave similar results, the proof ted, augurs well for the ultimate success would be complete. No educated per of this valuable institution. The plan of son, indeed, questions the rotatory mo. the institution is liberal, and seems well tion of the earth, and, even in Rome, adapted to the objects in view. The heretics of Galileo's class may now live triling payment of 12s., and half that undisturbed; but this is no reason why sum for apprentices, will enable the the curious phenomena which theory members to reap advantages little short tells us ought to follow from the daily of the students attending the classes of revolution of our globe should not be the Professors of Mathematics, Natural brought to the test of experiment. The Philosophy, and Chemistry, in any of the large prizes given by Mr Fellowes, we Universities, with this addition, that after understand, will not be contended for till having attended the lectures for three or next year, as there was not sufficient four years, members are to be entitled time to make the necessary preparation; for life to the use of the Library, upon but a part of the value will probably be payment annually of the merest pittance. distributed in prizes, and the rest ex. To the great body of mechanics, clerks, pended in extending the physical cabinet and shopkeepers, whose avocations neattached to the class, or perhaps in found. cessarily preclude them from such ing a class library.

branches of education otherwise, this In17. The swallow made its appearance stitution cannot fail of being useful in a to-day at Falkirk, which is much earlier very eminent degree. than for many seasons past.

26.- School of Arts..Dr Fyfe closed VOL. XVIII.


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his course of Chemistry this evening, with ing a repetition of the formidable scenes an interesting lecture on Galvanism, in of the year 1816; but with this differthe course of which he explained the na. ence, that in the present crisis, political ture and use of the protectors now at causes appear to have no influence in the tached to the copper sheathing of ships, riots, further than as a mere camour to prevent their corrosion. After the about the Corn Bill mingles with the lecture was finished, Mr John Dunn, op- shouts and roarings of famine, but with. tician, Thistle-Street, in name of the stu- out, probably, any distinct idea being as dents, presented Dr Fyfe with an elegant tached to their language by those who use and costly timepiece in Or-moulu, in the it. . These disturbances have been going form of a Doric portico, resting on a va. on for the last ten days, during which the riegated marble base, and bearing the fol. military have been called out, and several lowing inscription :-" To Andrew Fyfe, individuals have been killed. The latest M.D., F. R. S. E., &c., from the Stu. accounts from Manchester came down 50 dents of the Edinburgh School of Arts, late as the afternoon of Sunday the 30th in testimony of their esteem for him as instant, when we regret to say, that the their instructor in Chemical Philosophy, rioters continued unquelled, and in Test and of their gratitude for his disinterested force.. ? zeal in behalf of the Institution. Pre- We understand that the military hare, sented at the close of the session of upon all the occasions in which they have 1825-6.” Mr Dunn alluded to the come into collision with the rioters, acted flourishing state of the Institution, which with the utmost forbearance; indeed, he attributed in no small degree to the with almost more than was compatible ability and zeal of the lecturers, and of with the duty incumbent upon them, to Dr Fife in particular, who had been con resist and put a stop to their illegal cufnected with the Institution from its ori. rages. We rejoice to hear this; for algin. Dr Fyfe made an appropriate reply, though the first thing that must be done expressing his gratitude for this mark of is to put down outrage, even for the sake regard from his pupils, his confidence in of the frenzied populace themselves, yet the success of the establishment, his we remember no preceding instance anxiety to continue his labours among where sympathy was so loudly called for them, and his sanguine hopes as to the in behalf of those whom stern duty must benefits such Institutions were destined to resist and punish. These people are ne confer on mankind. The meeting was rioting as our western weavers and cel very interesting, and the number of per liers did, to accomplish illegal and mis sons present, including strangers, was chievous objects, to interfere with the probably from five to six hundred. rights of others, and to advance dishonest

Next night, Mr Lees concluded his pretensions by wicked ineans. They are course of Mechanical Philosophy with a rioting, because famine is remorseless and lecture on the steam-engine. This reckless ; because their wives and children closes the session, but a short course on are perishing in their sight for lack of architecture is to be given by Mr Smith food ; because it is impossible for human during the summer.

beings to sit with arms folded and witness Disturbances in Lancashire... The storm this, even when reason tells them that which has so long devastated and blasted rushing abroad, to plunder and destroy the upper regions of commerce, is now can only deepen and extend the prevail. visiting the lower in all its fury. This is ing misery. But famine cannot listen to only a natural and necessary gradation. reason, and the ravings of despair are The manufacturing districts in Lanca. proof to argument. "Go home, and be shire, which have for many months been quiet,” said, very properly, one of the suffering under constantly increasing pri. public functionaries to a band of these vations, are now labouring under what miserable men. “ What to do there comes little short of famine. The con was the appalling answer. “We have sequences are dreadful. The starving nothing to eat there. Our families are wretches, finding that all their lawful ex starving." ertions failed to bring them relief, have The number of power-looms destroyed resorted to measures prompted purely by is estimated at about 1000, and the da desperation, and equally at variance with mage donc at £.30,000. No correct law, utility, and common sense. Through statement of the lives lost has been puh. out Blackburn and its vicinity, in Clith lished, but the probability is, that the eto, Haslington, &c., the greater number number of persons killed does not exceed of the power-looms have been destroyed, a dozen, and perhaps twice or thrie a and outrages of various other descriptions many may have been wounded. What a have been madly resorted to. The frenzy strange spectacle does Britain eshjhital has now reached to Manchester, threaten- this moment! While her wealth fame


been growing from year to year with quaintance. From this time forward the gigantic strides, the labourers by whose bird became a great pet, and for five toil it has been created have been sink. yeurs in succession has not only come ing deeper and deeper in misery ; and at with the cuckoo and gone away with the the very time when her riches have be- swallow, but has varied so little in point come the wonder and envy of the world, of time, that the gardener can almost tell the whole frame of her social system is the day of the month from the exit or convulsed by the struggles of the fa- re-appearance of his favourite gull. But mishing multitudes, whose numbers and though the bird boards at Terraughtie in wretchedness have kept pace with her spring and summer, he prefers roosting augmenting grandeur ! At this moment, with his own species; and as he uniforinly she realizes Goldsinith's picture-she flies away in the same direction, it is be$¢ blooms at once a garden and a grave." lieved that he bivouacks among some of A subscription has been entered into in the marshes beyond the estate of CastleLondon for the relief of the distressed hill. Though his first approach is always districts. At the head or the list of sub- announced by the loudest screaming, he scribers 'is his Majesty, £.2000, besides becomes perfectly quiet afterwards, and several sums which he had already given, is positively so tame that the gardener amounting in all to above £.8000. The can call him down on the public road, or subscription has been extremely liberal, at any other spot where he may happen being nearly £.70,000. In consequence to see him flying over-head. In 1824, of this, and the efficient and prompt mea. this sagacious bird actually brought his sures adopted by Ministers, peace has wife and family with him, and used every been for the present restored. The dis- art to introduce them to the comforts of tress in Glasgow, Paisley, and the west civilization; but from want of proper train. of Scotland, is equally great, though there ing in their youth, they were afraid to a. the weavers have displayed the most ex. light and partake of his food; and whether emplary good conduct. Subscriptions he took this rebuff too much to heart, or have also been entered into for their has remained a widower ever since, the relief, to which his Majesty, through fact is certain, that he never tried the exMr Secretary Peel, has sent £.1000 to periment again. The family at Terraugh. Glasgow, and £.500 to Paisley ; thus tie naturally take a great interest in a evincing, by this additional instance of bird whose habits seem to hover betwixt Royal benevolence, the interest which his the wild and domestic state,-nay, even Majesty takes in the privations of his the house-maids anxiously look out for subjects, as well as in their happiness and his re-appearance, and improving upon prosperity.

the augury system of the Romans have a Natural History. - In July or August saying among themselves, that she who 1820, Mr James Bogie, having procured first sees the gull will be first married. three gulls of the black-cap or pewit spe. Steam-boat Voyage to India.- The En. cies, cut their wings and endeavoured to terprise steam-vessel has at last reached domesticate them in the pretty little pond Bengal. She sailed from Falmouth on at Terraughtie garden. But their cur. the 16th August, reached the Cape on the tailed pinions soon began to shoot again, 13th of October, and arrived at the mouth and while one of them flew away and of the river Hoogly on the 9th December, never returned, a second was unfortu. after a passage of 47 days from the Cape, nately found frozen to death one cold having expended all her coals. If our December morning. The third pewit readers will turn to the Scotsman of 28th was thus left quite solitary, but as he had December, they will find, that calculating plenty to eat, he seemed to like his quar. from the time consumed on the voyage ters passing well, and gradually became from Falmouth to the Cape, we stated more and more tame, until his natural that she ought to reach Calcutta on the instincts, and the example of those wild 9th of December, the very day on which gulls which are seen flying about in she arrived at Saugur roads, which is spring, induced him to resort to the mar. within 50 miles of that capital, The shy grounds, where the species are known whole time spent in the voyage has been to breed and rear their young, previous 16 weeks and 3 days, which is very near. to their return to the sea coast in winter. ly the average length of the voyage in Mr Bogie, of course, soon forgot his sailing vessels. As we anticipated, theretruant gulls, but the last of them, so far fore, nothing has been gained by the use from forgetting him, re-appeared in April of steam; but were depots of coals estab. 1822, and after screaming repeatedly to lished at the Canary isles, St. Helena, announce his approach, was seen swim the Mauritius, and Ceylon, the steam. ming in the pond, and hopping about the voyage might probably be made in one garden with the familiar air of an old ac, month less time. Captain Johnston, by

carrying the Enterprise to India, has, Murray Triepland, of Fingask, to the however, of course earned the prize of dignity of a Baronet. £.10,000 which was subscribed at Calcut. These several Bills, previously to being ta as a reward to the first person who made introduced, were signed by his Majesty. a steam.voyage from England to India. Baptism Register.-An action was

Restored Scottish Peerages, &c.-The lately raised before the Sheriff of Aberfollowing are the titles of the bills lately deenshire at the instance of the keeper of introduced by the Earl of Liverpool, into a parish register for births and baptisms, the House of Lords, by command of his and of the kirk-beadles for the ordinary Majesty :

dues of registration, against certain pere 1. An act for the restoration of Major. sons who refused to register their chi. General Robert Alexander Dalzele, to the dren's names. The pursuers maintained dignity and title of Earl of Carnwath. that this claim was authorised by a de

2. An act to restore David Ogilvy, cree of the Court of Session, in the case Esq. and others, from the effects of the of the session-clerk of Dunfermline against Attainder of James, eldest son of David, James Bayne and others, 26th June 1765. Earl of Airlie, and of David Ogilvie, tak. The defenders, on the other band, coing upon himself the title of Lord Ogilvie. tended, that the dues in question comid

3. An act for the restoration of James only be demanded as a recompence for Sutherland, Esq. to the dignity and title trouble, and that as they did not choose of Baron Duffas.

to register their children's names in the 4. An act to restore Francis, Baron parish register, and had not employed the Wemyss, and others, from the effects of pursuers in any way, the action was un the Attainder of David Wemyss, com tenable. The Sheriff decerned against monly called Lord Elcho.

the defenders, and found them liable in 5. An act for the restoration of Patrick costs of suit. '



1. CIVIL OR JUDICIAL. April 1. David Cathcart (Lord Alloway) to be a Lord of Justiciary in Scotland, in room of George Ferguson, (Lord Hermand) resigned.

10. Augustus Granville Stapleton to be one of the Clerks of his Majesty's Signet.

18. The Right Hon. James Ochoncar, Lord Forbes, to be his Majesty's High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

March 21. The Rev. David Wilson admitted
minister of the United Associate Congregation,
Clerk's Lane, Kilmarnock.

28. The Associate Burgher Congregation of Helensburgh called the Rev. George Legate Kilkinamurray, Ireland, to be their pastor.

50. Mr John Murray ordained Minister of the Parish of Abbotshall.

- The United Associate Congregation of Kinkell called Mr Forrester to be their Minister

April 1. The Rev. Alexander Davidson presented by the King to the Church and Parish of Slammannan, or St. Lawrence.

3. The Right Rev. Dr Van Mildert, Bishop of Llandaff, to the Bishopric of Durham.

8. The Rev. C. J. Bayne presented by the Hon. Mrs Hay Mackenzie to the Parish of Fodderty.

- The United Associate Congregation of Old Meldrum called Mr James Macrie to be their Minister.

12. The Rev. George Johnston ordained Minister at Ecclefechan by the Associate Presbytery of Annan.

-The Rev. James Denham eleeted Presbyterian Minister of the Congregation of Brigh, Ireland.

18. The Rev. Thomas Cannan presented by the King to the Church and Parish of Carsphairn.

-The Rev. Andrew Tawse presented by the King to the United Church and Parish of Logie Coldstone.

-- Mr James Forsyth ordained Minister of the second Associate Congregation, Cupar, Fife.

20. The Rev. William Menzies ordained Minister of the East Parish Church of Greenock.

-Mr W. Paterson ordained Minister of the United Associate Congregation of Bantl.

Brevet Capt. Burke, of 66 F. Major in the

12 Aug. 1819 T.C. Graham, late Major in 15. local

rank of Major upon the Continent only

8 Apr 1825 I Life Gds, Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Hon H I.

Leeson, Lieut. by purch. vice Sr
ney, prom.
Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Hon. H.S. Las

Lieut. by purch. Fice Millen, pa
C. G. Du Pre, Cornet and Sub Lieu.
Sir E. Blackett, Bt. do 3A
Cornet Griffiths, Adj. vice Collins,
Adj. only.

16 Feb
Cornet and Adj. Griffiths, rank of Lieut.
Lieut. Burnaby, Capt by purch. The
Abercromby, prom.

8 April
Cornet Shewell, Lieut.
J. T. G. Taubman, Comet
Cornet Dayrell, Lieut. by purch. vis

Brooke, prom.
H. J. Collingwood, Cornet 8 Apr
Surg. Micklam, from 50 F. Surg. Vice

Pyper, h. p.
Gds. Capt. Crichton, Maj. by purch vice

Walker, ret.
Lieut. Gardiner, Capt.
Cornet Martin, Lieut.
S. M'Call, Cornet
Cornet Sir W. H. St. L. Clarke, Bt

Lieut. by purch. vice Kennedy, poor
T. M. Goodlake, Cornet
Vet. Surg. Constant, from 3 Dr. Ver

Surg. vice Ryding, superseded Cornet and Riding Mast. Phuillips, of Lieut,

26 Fe Comet Bolton, Licut. by purch via Corkran, prom.

8 April J. Cronyn, Cornet by pureh vice

born, proin. 1 Dr. Cornet Hibbert, Lieut. by purch. V Eccles, prom.

SA J. Yates, Cornet

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30 March

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