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and in Cases of Predisposition to various Constancy, a moral Tale. 1200. 43. Constitutional Maladies, and of Disorders

A Visit to the Rectory of Passy. of the Lungs, Stomach, Liver, Rectum,

os. Stomach. Liver. Rectum Crown 8vo. 78 &c. &c., by Medicine, Diet, &c. By Emily ; or Traits of Principle. Past Richard Reece, M.D. 8vo. 9s.

8vo. 6s. Spurzheim on the Anatomy of the Brain. Miriam, a Jewish Tale. Post Sro. Svo. 1 ts.

10s. 6d. A New Supplement to the Pharmaco. Fancy's Sketch ; or Gems of Poetry paias of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Wit. 18mo. 3s. and Paris : forming a complete Dispensa

Tales from the German of Hoffman, tory and Conspectus, being a General

Schiller, Richter, Langbein, La Fontaine, Receipt-Book for Daily Experience in the and Korner. 12mo. Ts. Laboratory and at the Counter. By James Chinese Courtship. With the Chines Rennie, A.M. 8vo. 12s

Text. By Peter Perring Thoms. Sve.


Remarks on the Cultivation of the
Silk.Worm. With additional observations,

Dartmoor, a Poem, By N. T. Carring.

ton. 8vo. made in Italy during the Summer of 1825. By J. Murray, F.S.A. Is. 6d.

Poems. By Vincent Bourne. Crowa · The Miscellanist of Literature for 1826.

8vo. Is.

The first Seven Cantos of Klopstock's Thick post 8vo. 8s. 6d. The Calcutta Annual Register for 1822.

Messiah, translated into English Verse. 8vo. £.l.ls.

Molech ; or the Approach of the De . Crosby's Builder's Price-Book for 1826.

luge. By the Rev. W. Bassett. Svo. 1s.

5s. 6d. A Third Letter from Malachi Mala. growther, Esq., on Scottish Affairs. Is.

Anne Boleyn, a Dramatic Poem. By

the Rev. H. H. Milman. Ss. 6d. The Oxford University Calendar for

The Lusiad of Camoens ; an Epic the Year 1826. 12mo. 6s.

Poem in Ten Cantos. Translated into The Cambridge University Calendar

English Verse ; with Notes. By Thomas for the Year 1826. 12mo. 5. 6d. · Letters of the Author of Don Esteban

Moore Musgrave. Svo. . £.l.ls to the Editor of the Quarterly Review. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOXT. 8vo. 2s. , .

· An Inquiry into the Origin of the Hoyle's Games, · Improved, Revised, Laws and Political Institutions of Modern and Corrected. By Charles Jones, Esq. Europe, and in particular those of Eng. A New Edition, considerably enlarged. land.' By R. Spencer, of Lincoln's-Fon, 18mo. 6s..

Esq. 8vo. 16s. Coleman's Commercial Assistant. 8vo. À Practical View of the present State 7. 6d.

of Slavery in the West-Indies; or an Ex. The Conduct of the Twelve Nations; amination of Mr Stephens' “ Slavery or a View of the different Cases of Hu. the British West India Colonies." By man Character and Talent. 8vo. 18s. Alexander Barclay, Esq. 8vo. 145.

The Cook and Housewife's Manual ; A Short Sketch of the Province of Upcontaining the most approved Modern per Canada, for the Information of the Receipts. Illustrated by numerous Notes, Labouring Poor throughout England, To and practical Observations on all the va. which is prefixed, Thoughts on Colonirs rious Branches of Domestic Economy. tion, By Henry John Boulton, R By Mrs Margaret Dods, of the Cleikum Poolscap 8vo. 2s. 6d. Inn, St. Ronan's. 12mo. 7s.

Parliamentary Abstracts; containing The Practical Cabinet-maker, Uphol- the Substance of all Important Papers sterer, and complete Decorator. By laid before the Two Houses of Parlia Peter and M. A. Nicholson. 4to. 58 ment during the Session of 1825. Royal

NOVELS, TALES, ROMANCES, &c. Svo. tokul0s.

Sandoval; or the Spanish Freemason. An Essay on Money Lending. By F. 3 vols. post 8vo. £.118s6d.

Neale, Esq. 8vo. 2s 6d. The Young Artist. By the Author of

RELIGION AND MORALS. Arthur Monteith. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

Prayers of Eminent Persons, selected, Allan M'Leod. 18mp, Is. 6d. arranged, and generally adapted to the Grandfather's Tales. '18mo. ls. 6d. Purposes of Family Worship and Private

Tales of Chivalry and Romance. Small Devotion. By the Rer, Henry Clissold, 8vo. Is. 6d.

A.M. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Richelieu; or the Broken Heart. 12mo. Rational Religion Examined; or Re 5s. 6d.

marks on the Pretensions of Unitarianism; especially as compared with those Sys. Century. By the Rev. Alfred Bishop. tems which professedly discard Reason. 12mo. 6s. By the Rev. Baden Powel, M.A. F.R.S.


Narrative of Travels and Discoveries Antistites Religionis. Observations up. in Northern and Central Africa, in the on certain Statements made before the Years 1822, 1823, and 1824. By Ma. House of Parliament, in the late Sessions, jor Dixon Denham, and Captain Hugh affecting the Right of the Clergy to oppose, Clapperton. 4to. £.4.14,6d. and the Duty of the King under the Co. The Eccentric Traveller. 4 vols. 12mo. ronation Oath to refuse, the Admission of With plates. £.1.16%. the Papists to further Political Power, Travels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, By the Rev George Stonestreet Griffin Hanover, Germany, &c. By William Stonestreet, L.L.B. 8vo. 6s.

Rae Wilson, Esq. 8vo. £.1.1s. Conversations on the Evidences of Recollections of a Pedestrian. By the Christianity ; in which the leading Argu. Author of the Journal of an Exile. 3 vols. ments of the best Authors are arranged, £.175. developed, and connected with each other. Narrative of 'a Tour through Hawaii, 12mo. 8.

or Owyhee. By the Rev. W. Ellis, Mis. The History, Design, and Presentsionary. 8vo. 128. State, of the Religious, Benevolent, and Charitable Institutions founded by the

EDINBURGH. British in Calcutta." By Charles Lush. Woodstock, or the Cavalier, a Tale of ington, Esq. 8vo. 14s.

the Year Sixteen Hundred and Fifty-one. Appendix to Mr Butler's Vindication By, the Author of " Waverley,' . &c. of the “ Book of the Roman Catholic 3 vols. post 8vo. £.1111,6d. Church,” in reply to Dr Southey's Pre. Solitary Hours. By the Authoress of face to his “ Vindicia, Ecclesiæ Angli. « Ellen Fitzarthur,” and “The Widow's canæ." ls.

Tale," elegantly printed in a pocket The Transactions of the Medical and

yolume, 4s. 6d. Physical Society of Calcutta. Vol. 1. 8vo. Babylon and Infidelity Foredoomed, of 155.

God: A Discourse on the Prophecies of Two Sermons on the State of the Jews. Daniel and the Apocalypse, which re. By the Rev. John Stewart. 3s. 6d, late to these Latter Times, and until the

On Cruelty to Animals., A Sermon, Second Advent, By the Rey. Edward Irpreached in Edinburgh on the 5th of ving, Minister of the Caledonian Church, March 1826. By Thomas Chalmers, London. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s, 6d. D.D. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

Etymons of English Words. By the Remarks on the Horæ Sabbatiæ of late John Thomson, M.R.I. and A.S., Godfrey Higgins, Esq. By H. Standish. Private Secretary to the Marquis of Hast. 2s.6d.

ings in India. In 8vo. ; uniformly printed Parochial Sermons. By the Rev. W. with Dr. Todd's edition of Johnson's Wilson, D.D. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Dictionary, 18s. boards. Pearson's Discourses on Christ Cruci. Outlines of Modern Geography. By the fied. 18mo. 3s. 6d.

Rev. William Andrew. 2s.6d. bound. Taylor's Book of Martyrs for the Doddridge's Rise and Progress of Rea Young. 12mo. 45. 6d.

ligion in the Soul. With an Introductory The Expectations formed by the As.. Essay. By John Foster, Author of syrians, that a Great Deliverer would ap “ Essays on Decision of Character," &c. pear at the end of our Lord's advent, de 12mo, 6s, boards.--Royal 24mo, 3s. 6d. monstrated. 8vo. 10s.

boards. Sermons, doctrinal, practical, and oc Mead's Almost Christian Discovered. casional. By the Rev. W. Snowden. With an Introductory Essay, by the Vol. 2. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Rev David Young. 12mo, 3s. boards.Penrose ; or the Evidence of the Chris. Royal 24mo. 28. boards. tian Miracles. Svo. 10s. 6d.

Baxter's Call to the Unconverted Essays, Moral, Religious, and Practi. Now or Never--and Fifty Reasons why cal. By Samuel Hopkinson, 4s. a Sinner ought to turn to God this day

An Inquiry into the Religious Obliga. without delay. With an Introductory tion of keeping holy one day in seven, Essay, by Thomas Chalmers, D.D. By the Rev. G. Holden, A.M. 8vo. 12s. 12mo. 4s. boards.

Dedicated to the Bishop of Chester. The Third Volume of the Christian The whole Works of Bishop Reynolds. and Civic Economy of Large Towns, By Now first collected in 6 vols. 8vo. Price Thomas Chalmers, D.D. 8vo. - 9s. £.3. With a Portrait, &c.

boards. This Volume concludes the Christian Memorials of the Nineteenth Fork,



EUROPE. . it realised, Charles X. would swear that FRANCE. Public opinion has achieved France had regained the blessing of paa great triumph in France, in compel. ternal government, and the hearts of a ling the ministers to abandon their law thousand emigrants would leap for joy! for introducing primogeniture. There is The French ministers have sustained but one argument of the smallest weight another defeat in their stronghold, the in favour of the proposed alteration that Chamber of Deputies. This is an event the law of equal division, by cutting up for which we were scarcely prepared land into small patches, tends to throw under any circumstances. It seems that, back agriculture into a rude state, to die in consequence of the recent convention minish the net produce, and, of course, with England for regulating tonnage the wealth of the country. Now, un dues, the Government issued an ordinance luckily for the advocates of primogenie on the 8th February, fixing a certain rate ture in France, it is universally admitted, of duty to be paid on French ships rethat since the great properties were broken turning to French ports from England. up by the Revolution, and since the law That this was really usurping the funcof equal division, which prevailed imme. tions of the legislature, and imposing a morially in one-third of the kingdom, was tax, is obvious; but the prerogative in extended to the whole, the agriculture of France is neither very accurately defined the country has been greatly improved, nor very strictly watched by the jealousy and the public wealth and industry vastly of the Chambers. Villele, however, bay. augmented. Why then disturb an ar. ing been so unlucky as to lose the confirangement which works well, and satis dence of the Ultra Royalists without fies the people ? Experience has decided gaining that of the Liberaux, the two in favour of the existing law, and to her parties laid aside their animosities for the decisions the French ministers, who are, moment, and overpowered him by their like our own, great deriders of theory, joint force. The attack was dextrously profess to bow. The truth is, when conducted. The regulation as to the Villele and his colleagues introduced the duties was highly commended, and the project, they had no intention of benefit. motion was, that it should be sanctioned ing either the cultivators or the country by the Chamber, which of course implied, at large. Their sole object was to pro. that the ordinance, in its existing form, vide additional securities for the Bourbons, had no validity, and that the minister who, like all bad rulers, need support so who sent it forth as a warrant for levying much the more that they deserve none, money, was infringing the charter. M. because they govern by principles that de. Villele made a vigorous but unavailing prive them of the confidence and love of defence; the motion was carried against the people. They are longing vehemently him by a majority of 183 to 145. The for the establishment of an oligarchy, vote was a triumph to the charter, and as like that which has made England the the Bourbons must stand or fall by that admiration of the world, for sinecures, charter, it must really give additional see game laws, corn bills, and an unpaid ma curity to their dynasty, though this is a gistracy! A million of proprietors is an truth to which prejudice may shut their inconveniently large body for influence eyes, The great defect of the French to operate upon. The Government is Chambers is, that they have been so care reduced to the deplorable necessity of ap- fully purged of all sympathy with popu. pealing to their reason, or losing their lar feeling, that their acts have no autho. support! Were it possible to collect the rity with the people but what they deproperty which is frittered down among rive from the bayonet. To make them so many, into the hands of some ten or supports to the Government instead of twenty thousand overgrown landholders, incumbrances, it is indispensable that M. Villele could deal with these com- they shew themselves to be something fortably, by the help of ribbons for them. else than the mere blind instruments of selves, and places and pensions for their the executive. Were they to stumble relations, while these lords of the soil into an act of independence now and then, again would drag in their train the herd the people would look to them for the of dependant farmers, cottars, and removal of grievances which, at present, tradesmen. This state of things once they bope to cure only by revolution.

Another event has given satisfaction to Queen Amelia's lancers, who had bar. the liberal party in Paris. The Abbe racks in that quarter, attempted to dis. Mennais, a creature of the Court, and a perse the mutineers, but were repulsed, zealous advocate of the pretensions of the as was a second more considerable de. clergy, has been tried by the Correctional tachment. Nearly the whole regiment Police, for publishing a politico-religious then took to their arms, in order to occupy pamphlet, and condemned to a small all the avenues of the street in which this fine for disseminating doctrines injurious scene passed. The colonel of the volunto the rights of the crown and the nation. teers, M. Villiams, endeavoured to apThe precedent is certainly bad, for the pease his soldiers, but he, though very Abbe's errors, as errors of opinion, might popular among them, could not succeed. have been corrected by the press, without He at length ordered the lancers to employing the law, which may be equally charge them. At this juncture the Capemployed to crush a better man and a tain-General of the province, and the Gobetter cause. But the Parisians are well vernor of the fortress, apprised of the pleased that the judges have the indepen- tumult, made their appearance. The dence to do an act that is offensive to the volunteers at length separated, and tranKing and the Jesuits.

quillity was restored. Forgery has become so alarmingly There is another article in those papers, prevalent in France, in consequence of dated Madrid, which gives the particulars the facility which the chemical discoveries of a conspiracy for revolutionizing Spain, of late years have given to its commission, alleged to have its centre in London. that the Minister of Justice has requested There is said to be in that capital a Di. the academy to devise some plan for the recting Revolutionary Committee, of prevention of the crime. .

which Mina is president, and Romero SPAIN. The French papers, in a letter Alpuente, Ruis de la Vega, ,and Florez dated Madrid the 6th April, state, that a Estrada, ex-deputies, and violent Comnewconvention has been concluded between muneros, members. These revolutionists the French and Spanish Governments, in are formed, according to the accounts which it is stipulated that the military given, into two societies, composed of occupation of Spain is to continue till French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish 1829. This, however, is positively contra. refugees, who are plotting against the dicted by the Etoile, “ as devoid of foun. present system in Spain, and have condation as the news of a cordon sanitaire, trived an expedition in Gallicia, where it asserted by other journals, 'to have been is supposed their cause has numerous adformed on the frontiers of Portugal." herents. There are also societies in dif.

According to accounts in the Paris ferent parts of Spain, said to be in compapers, serious tumults are said to have munication with the committee in Lontaken place in Madrid on the 9th, in con- don. Such are the statements given in sequence of an augmentation of the duties the Paris papers. Whether there is any on meat, wine, and other provisions ; truth in them it is not easy to determine. and the multitude announced it to be POLANDA plot has been discovered their resolution to assemble in greater at Warsaw, in consequence of which nustrength on the following day. During merous arrests have taken place. The part of the night, the troops remained plan was wholly unconnected with the under arms. A party of the patrole met conspiracy in Russia. near one of the gates, at three o'clock in • AUSTRIA.-Letters from Vienna, of the morning, a considerable body of men, April 8 say-To-morrow the father of armed with bludgeons, which, however, the people will go out for the first time. dispersed at the sight of an arined force. Since the publication of this agreeable The most alarming reports were circula news, the inhabitants of Vienna have ted. Towards the evening these had been preparing a general illumination of begun to subside, when an unlooked-for the city and suburbs, which will be very event again made extraordinary vigilance magnificent. The theatres will be open. on the part of the authorities necessary, ed to the public gratis. On the 1st of Five royalist volunteers were coming out this month, the Austrian Legation at of a house not far from the church of St. Rome had a Te Deum performed, in Francis, when a petard exploded near consequence of the happy recovery of the them. They said it was a pistol fired, Emperor of Austria. The Pope, Dowa. and aimed at them. In a moment one ger Queen of Sardinia, and the sacred hundred and twenty volunteers came for College, were present. ward, with arms in their hands, threaten. RuSSIA. -Letters from Petersburgh ing to enter the houses of the Negros, say, that the Duke of Wellington and the (so the Constitutionalists are termed) Ambassadors of France, Austria, and and punish this outrage. A piquet of Prussia, continue to have frequent con. ferences with Count Nesselrode, at the from the imperyall lyne of the last Chris, close of which their Excellencies alter- tian Emperors of Greece, being the sonne nately send couriers to their respective Go. of Camilio, the sonne of Prosper, the sonne vernments. Great activity prevailed in of Theodoro, the sonne of John, ye sonne the offices for foreign affairs. It is 'af. of Thomas, ye second brother of Constan. firmed that a plan is preparing there, the tine Paleologus yt rayned in Constanti. result of which will be to put an end to nople until subdewed by the Turks, who the war which ravages the Peloponnesus, married with Mary the daughter of Wil. by means of conciliatory proposals, which liam Balls of Hadlye in Souffoulke, gente will be made to the Porte in the name of and had issued five children - Theodoro, the great powers. A fresh conspiracy is John, Ferdinando, Maria, and Dorothy, said to have been detected at Petersburgh, and departed this life at Clyfton the 21st the design of which was to assassinate of January 1636." Above the inscription the whole Imperial Family on the day is the imperial eagle ; and in the register when the remains of the late Einperor of Llandulph, which is very imperfect were to be deposited in the Cathedral of about that time, is an entry of one of this Casan.

. family, buried in the year 1674. In the Brussels papers to the 3d April con register of Hadleigh, the Balls at that tain letters from Berlin to the 26th ult. period appear to have been very numer. which state that Russia is determined to ous. take a leading part in the affairs of the Official Account of the Fall of Misso. world, instead of that “ secondary one longhi.We are extremely sorry to anwhich she so gratuitouly sustained since nounce the fall of the Greek fortress of the general pacification." They also say, Missolonghi, after a defence which has that, from what transpired of the negoti. attracted the attention of all Europe. It ations carrying on at St. Petersburgh, has been taken by storm, and all the the friends of Greece had occasion to re. brave garrison put to the sword. The joice. The Emperor Nicholas, it is assert. intelligence was received by the steam-boat ted, “ could not, and would not, abandon from Corfu, at Marseilles, and from his fellow-Christians to the extermina. thence transinitted by express to London. ting sword of the ferocious Mussulmans;" The date of the capture is not given, but and a Russian expedition was so confi. the accounts are official, and confined to dently expected, that many veteran Prus. the very important and dreadful facts of sian officers intended to ask leave of " Missolonghi taken by storm, and the absence, to be able to serve in his army garrison put to the sword." in a campaign against the Turks. The Who would imagine, after this account, King of Prussia is now said to have al. garnished with so many tragical horrors, ways felt the most lively interest in the that the French papers would contain fate of the Greeks, and to be determined letters from that town, dated nearly three to repair to the eastern provinces of the weeks posterior to its reported capture, Monarchy, to have an interview on the which speak of the siege as going on with frontiers of Lithuania, with his son-in. the usual assaults and failures on the part law, the Emperor of Russia, about the of the Turks ? By way of explanation, time when that Sovereign should come to it is stated, that a fort or village named Warsaw for the purpose of being crown, Poros, near Missolonghi, was stormed in ed King of Poland.

the manner described, and that by some GREECE.--The Greeks have been seek. mistake the story of its capture had been ing a sovereign all over Europe ; we are applied to Missolongbi. uncertain whether they have not adver.By accounts since received, it would Lised for one in Germany, that famous appear almost certain, that the Egypnursery of royalty, where Kings ready tians have been completely defeated, made may be had on demand, fitted for that the brave garrison has been re. states of all sizes, from Sancho's Island leased, and that Ibrahim himself has up to the dominions of the Great Mogul. been killed. The Times gives, from a But what is beyond measure fortunate, Swiss paper a very circumstantial acthere is a chance of the Greeks finding count of an assault on the town, which the blood-royal of their own Emperors, had this happy and glorious termination. the Paleologi, among the tinmen and The date is not mentioned, but the ac-braziers of Cornwall. This is attested count is confirmed by a variety of let. by the following monumental inscription, ters. It is asserted, too, with increased which may be still seen in Llandulph confidence, that Russia is about to interchurch-yard, and is here copied from fere in behalf of the Greeks, and it seems Briton'& Antiquities.

to be certain, that this power has adpored : “ Here lyeth the body of Theodoro a more resolute tone on the subject of . Palcologus of Pesaro in Italye, descended Moldavia and Wallachia,

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