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much as cows ; the lowest of the native whole population of the present kingdom breed are worth per head 3s. and the is between 3,800,000 and 4,000,000 best about 5s. 6d, or 6s. Merinos are having increased since its estabalishment very rare at present, and worth from 8s. 250,000. to 9s. per head.

The revenues do not pay the expenses The corn spirit, or whisky, is sold in of the Government, but the deficiency is the country at 10d. per gallon ; but pay, made up by remittances from Peters. ing a high duty, or being a subject of burgh, which usually amount to 4,000,000 monopoly, farmed by the Government to silver roubles, or nearly £.500,000 sterdistillers on the entrance of the cities and ling. The forced military service, and towns, is retailed in them from 3s. to quartering of troops, are burdens on 3s. 6d. per gallon, Horses, except those the land, which are difficult to reduce to of foreign races, are as low in proportion any money estimation. The young men as cows and sheep. The price of mea. of good families are expected to become dow hay in the capital was from 14s. to cadets in a service whose pay will scarcely 15s. per ton; so little is sold in the coun. clothe them; and the strongest of the try, that it would have been difficult to labourers are selected as privates, without state what is the value before the expense the formality of asking their consent, or of conveyance is paid.

drawing lots. When in quarters, the - There are few burdens laid exclusively officers occupy the best apartments in the on the land, except the tenth Groschen houses of the proprietors, whilst the pris tax. That was originally a war-tax, and vates are lodged in the peasants' cottages. is so still denominated, though continued At present, the military are under good after ten years of a peace, and there exists discipline; but still they have means of no present probability of its being speedily extorting, from those on whom they are withdrawn. A small sum is levied in quartered, something beyond the use of each district for the repairs of roads, bare walls. bridges, and other local purposes ; but I did not hear of any other goods than that and the land tax scarcely exceeds 25 woollen cloths made for distant markets; per cent. on the presumed annual value but of late establishments, have been of the land.

formed for making linens, cottons, iron The tithes are very moderate, and wares, and paper, solely for domestic chiefly compounded for at fixed rates, consumption, and chiefly by the aid of which can never be altered, without the capitals to which the Government has consent of the owner. The secular paro- contributed. chial clergy are commonly men of slight At Warsaw, for a period of twentyeducation, usually the sons of peasants, four years, from June 1796, to June to whom the somewhat elevated character 1820, the average price of wheat was of priest, with its small emoluments, and 33s, per quarter, and in the ten years from freedom from hard labour, forms a suffi. 1815 to 1824, it was 31s. The price, at cient inducement to enter on the eccle. the time of my visit, was 14s. 9d., which, siastical profession.

in the opinion of Count Mostoski, was The whole revenue, according to the only about half its cost to the grower. statements of official men, does not ex I should suppose the cost of wheat in ceed £.2,000,000 sterling. As one-fourth the province of Massovia to have been of the population, the tenants and pea, nearly between 27s, and 29s. the quarter, sants of the Crown, are exempted from for the last thirty years. Assuming that paying the tenth Groschen tax, the the cost price of wheat was at the me. heaviest of all the imposts, the sum ex dium between the points to which in its tracted from the rest of the subjects fluctuation it had approached, we may amounts to 15s. per head annually. The calculate the cost in England thus :

S. d. Cost of the quarter of wheat at Warsaw Conveyance to the boats, and charges for loading and stowing, and se. curing it by mats .. . . . . .

. . . 0 6 Freight to Dantzic .

. . . . . . 5 0 Loss on the passage, by pilfering, and by the rain causing it to grow . 3 0 Expences at Dantzic, in turning, drying, screening, and warehousing, and

loss of measure . . . . . . . . . . Profit or commission, as the case may be, to the merchant at Dantzic .. Freight, primage, insurance, and shipping charges, at Dantzic and in London

. . . . . . . . . . . 8 0


The account obtained at Cracow, shews assumed that the selling price of wheat that for ten years and two half-years, the near Cracow has been for a series of years average price of wheat was 25s. ld., at 258., and that the grower's profit has though between the first and last part of been ten per cent., and the coast price that period the difference is enormous ; thus taken at 22s. 6d., the rate at which the first part showing an average of 38s., it would reach this country may be thus and the last of only 17s. 5d.

estimated i If, in the absence of better data, it be

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45 6 In the four years from 1821 to 1824, four years which had preceded it.-Ineve. when the whole quantity shipped from ry part of my journey through Poland, the Dantzic and Elbing has been no more than impression made, in looking at the fields, 299,000 quarters, the difference in price whether with growing crops, in stubble, between Cracow and Dantzic has been or under the operations of the plough, only 8s. 8d., and between Warsaw and was, that they were approaching to a state Dantzic, only 4s. 8d.

of exhaustion from excessive cropping. According to several representations It appears, from tables procured by which I received, and which cannot be Mr Jacob, that the whole export of corn materially erroneous, the quantity of wheat from Dantzic in 166 years, has been raised in the interior of Poland has been 19,581,947, or 117,963 quarters per gradually lessening, but with much more annum, the latter equal to about the conrápidity since 1819, than before that pe- sumption of the British Isles for three ripd. During the years 1821, 1822, and days, and the former only to 16 months. 1823, very little wheat passed down the A large proportion of this comes out of Vistula, as appears by the accounts obtain. Volhynia and Podolia, (from 300 to 500 ed at Thorn. By the official accounts, the miles from the sea), which now form part whole in the three years was only 83,606 of Russia, unconnected with what is quarters: the growers being then induced called the kingdom of Poland. These to withhold from shipping, as long as provinces are said be very fertile, and to their necessities would allow. In 1824, have a considerable surplus of corn, but the pressing demands of creditors and their most easy communication is with mortgagees forced their holders to sell, and the Black Sea, and the expense of transin consequence of it, there was sent down portation to the Baltic must render their in that year 93,968 quarters. The pres. trade through the latter channel extremely sure of distress still continuing, and the circumscribed. The following table, from harvest of 1824 being very good, there a German statistical work, is given for was forwarded in 1825, by the com. 1802, and is no doubt founded on official mencement of the harvest of that year, documents. It is for Volhynia. 176,215 quarters, or as much as in the

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A 4to volume of Biographical Sketches Mr Charles Mills' History of the Cru. of recently-living British Characters is sades is among the last Tanslations in printing ; commencing with the Reign of French. Similar versions of his History George IV., and with a list of their enof Chivalry, and his other works, are an graved Portraits. nounced.

Sir Andrew Halliday's Annals of the The Rev. Russell Scott, author of an House of Hanover are just ready for Analytical investigation of the Scriptural publication. Claims of the Devil, has nearly ready for A Translation of the “ Tre Giuli,” the publication, a Discourse on the Scriptural most popular of the Poems of G. B. Humanity of Christ, and its corruption Casti, with a Memoir of the Author, and traced during the times of the Apostles, some Account of his other Works, are in and until the completion of the Nicene the press. and Constantinopolitan creed, by Pope Shortly will be published, Part I. in 3 Nicholas I., about the year 806.

large vols. 8vo., containing the Four GosAn illustrative work is announced for pels (to be succeeded in the course of the publication, entitled, Ports of England year by Part II. in 2 vols., containing the No. I. contains two plates, Whitby and Acts and the Epistles,) of “ Recensio Scarborough, engraved in highly-finished Synoptica Annotationis Sacræ, being a mezzotinto, by Thomas Lupton, from Critical Digest and Synoptical Arrangedrawings by J. W. W. Turner, Esq., ment of the most important Annotations, R.A., made expressly for the work. This Exegetical, Philological, and Theological, work will contain all licensed and the on the New Testament. By the Rev. chartered ports of England.

S. T. Bloomfield, M.A. Mr Ebers announces his intention of A periodical work is just commenced, producing a splendid Annual Miscellany, entitled “the Brazen Head." to be entitled the Aurora.

The Table Talk and Bon-Mots of “Words,” a series of Essays on things R. B. Sheridan have been collected under imaginative and philosophical, in post the title of “ Sheridaniana." Svo., will be ready in a few days.

Tales round a Winter Hearth; by Jane A popular Introduction to the Study and Ann Maria Porter ; and Memoirs of of the Holy Scriptures, designed for the the Court of Henry VIIL, by Mrs A. T. use of mere English readers, is preparing Thomson, are just ready. for publication, in two parts. By W. A volume of 6 Rejected Articles" is Carpenter, Editor of the Critica Biblica, in the press. &c.

A History of the Mahrattas, with Mr Frere has nearly ready for publica. Plates, and a Map of the Mahratta tion, a corrected edition of " A Combined country, chiefly from original and recent View of the Prophecies,” in which he has Surveys, is preparing for publication. By availed himself of the advantages for per Capt. J. G. Duff, of Bombay Native Infecting this subject, which have been af- fantry, and late Political Resident at Sam forded by the late expiration of another tara, in 3 vols., 8vo. grand prophetic period, the 1290 years of Reynold's (the dramatist) Memoirs, Daniel.

and the third series of Sayingsland Dor Speedily will be published, the Mis- ings, will shortly appear. sionary's Memorial, or Verses on the The Mysterious Monk; by C. A. death of John Lawson, late Missionary at Bolen: Geraldine Murray, a Tale; by Calcutta. By Bernard Barton.

Miss M'Leod; the Moss-Troopers, a Flowers gathered in Exile. By the Border Tale; by the Author of " Ban. late Rev. John Laweon, Missionary at nockburn:" Henry the Fourth of Calcutta, are printing.

France, an historical Tale, by Alicia A Swedish Translation of Tasso's Je. Lefanu ; and Highland Mary, by the rusalem Delivered has just appeared in Author of the “ Farmer's Three DaughStockholm.

ters," will be published during the next The second edition of Landor's Ima month. ginary Conversations is nearly ready.' The Rev. Joseph Hunter, of Bath, has

The History of the Inquisition : a issued Proposals for publishing “ The Translation of the celebrated work of History and Topography of the Deanery Llorente, the Secretary of the Inquisition of Doncaster," in the West Riding of the in Spain, is printing in 2 vols. 8vo... County of York. The Work will form VOL. XVIII.


two folio volumes, to correspond with An Inquiry concerning that disturbed his History of Hallamshire.

state of the Vital Functions, usually deno. M. Deccon's Cabinet of Curiosities has minated Constitutional Irritation ; by recently been sold at Paris. The Cata. Benjamin Travers, F.R.S. senior surgeon logue of this Collection, which is now in to St. Thomas's Hospital, &c, is nearly the press, will form 3 vols. 8vo., and ready for publication. each volume is printed under the super. The “Biographie Moderne," edited by intendence of a committee of Literati and M. M. Jouay, Arnault, &c. is just comCollectors.

pleted in 20 vols., and a second edition is Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry; preparing. by the late Rev. I. I. Conybeare, Pro- The Military Sketch-Book is printing fessor of Anglo-Saxon and of Poetry in the in 2 vols. post 8vo. University of Oxford, will be published The Memoirs of J. J. Casanova de in the ensuing month, in 1 vol. 8vo. Seingalt, from the Author's MS. now, for · A Russian peasant has recently written the first time, translated into the English a volume of poems, entitled, “ Leisure language, are nearly ready. Hours of a Villager," which has been The Duke of Buckingham is printing, published, and obtained him the notice of at his own private expense, the whole of the Emperor.

the Ancient Irish Chronicles (with Latin • There is announced for early publication, translations.) Two volumes are already • The Journal of a Voyage up the Me finished. diterranean, principally among the Islands Prospectuses of a new work, entitled, of the Archipelago, and in Asia Minor, " The Practical Philosopher," have retogether with an Essay on the Fanariotes 'cently been circulated, and the printing (translated from the French.) By the will shortly be commenced. Rev. Charles Swaa."

Miss Cartwright is editing the Life and The second volume of Mr Godwin's Correspondence of Major C., her uncle. History of the Commonwealth is nearly Travels of the Russian Mission through ready.

Mongalia to China, and residence in Mr Thomas Fawdington, of Manches. Pekin, in the year 1820-21, by George ter, has in the press, a Case of Melanosis, Timkowski, with corrections and notes with some Observations on the Pathology by M. J. Klaproth, are nearly ready. of this Disease. Illustrated by engrav. Thoughts on Domestic Education, by ings.

a mother, are nearly ready for publicaA series of stories, original and select, tion. under the title of “ Stanley Tales," will Gaston de Blondeville, the new roshortly appear in monthly parts.

mance, by Mrs Radcliffe, will be preceded Dr Faber's “ Difficulties of Roman. by a Memoir of the Author, and extracts ism” will be published in a few days. from her diary.

The Rev. T. T. James, Author of Travels in the Provinces on the SouthTravels in Sweden, &c. has nearly ready West Bank of the Caspian Sea, with for publication, a Series of Views in Rus. some account of the trade, commerce, and sia, Poland, Germany, and Sweden, from resources of those countries, are announ. drawings made during his travels. ced. By James B. Fraser, Esq., Author • “The Martyrs," a Drama, in three of a “ Narrative of a Journey into acts, by Joanna Baillie, will be publish. Khorasan," &c. ed in a few days. .

A Supplement to Rivington's S cata. Debates of the British Parliament du. logue of old books is in the press. ring the Interregnum, are printing from General Gourgaud has in the press an the original MS.

Essay, said to be written by Napoleon · Loudon's Gardener's Magazine will be Bonaparte at the age of 20. published quarterly.

A Chronological History of the West · Notes, critical and explanatory, of the Indies is nearly ready for publication. Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. By A beautiful edition of Sir Walter William Wass, M.A. F.S.A. &c. In 4 Scott's Works is now printing at Paris, vols. 8vo.

in royal 18mo. A Genealogical Chart (on a new prin. - A novel, entitled " Giornata ; or, To ciple) of all the Sovereign Houses of Eu the Day," said to be from the pen of a rope, for the space of the last eight cen noble author, is nearly ready for publicaturies, to 1826, adapted equally to all tion. modern histories, and exhibiting at one The chaplain of his Majesty's ship the view, not only the direct line of Succes. Blonde, announces for publication the sion, but also the family alliances and Narrative of a Voyage to the Sandwich collateral branches of each House, with marginal explanations, is announced. Recollections of the Life of the late Lindley Murray (which he wrote in con. prevention and cure of the various diseases sequence of repeated solicitations), to incident to a disordered state of the di. gether with an Appendix, containing a gestive functions, will be published in memoir of the concluding years of his May. life, his character, and some critical re Dr Barty of Paris has nearly ready, marks on his writings, are announced as Experimental Researches on the influence preparing for publication.

of atmospheric pressure upon the venous The Odes of Horace, in the order of circulation, absorption, and the preven. the metres, from the text of Mitscherlich; tion and the cure of hydrophobia, &c. are announced. By the Rev. W. J. Aisla. bie, A.M. An extensive Autobiographical Work

· EDINBURGH. is announced for publication in parts; the Preparing for the press, A Treatise on first of which will contain the Memoirs the Divine Sovereignty, in which is conof Colley Cibber.

tained an Exposition of the Passages of Mémoires du Prince de Montbarey, Scripture which have been supposed to Ministre Secrétaire d'Etat au Départe. bear on that subject; as quoted by the ment de la Guerre sous Louis XVI., Rev. John Brown in his Dictionary of the Grande d'Espange de la premiére classe, Bible, under the Articles Election, Re. Prince du Saint Empire, &c. &c., 4 tom. probation, and Perseverance; by the in 8vo., avec un Portrait de l'Auteur, et Rev. Thomas Scott, in his Sermon on le Fac-simile de son Ecriture, are in the Election and Final Perseverance; and by press.

Joseph Fletcher ,A.M., in his discourse on The Charities of the City of London, Personal Election and Divine Sovereignty. selected and arranged from the reports of By Robert Wilson, A.M. his Majesty's Commissioners, are print. A Treatise on Life Assurances and ing in i vol. royal 8vo., 'uniformly with Annuities. By John M'Kean, C. S. Ac. the parliamentary debates and state trials. countant.

Spanish Synonyms illustrated by co. Ready for publication, A Letter to Mr pious extracts from the best Spanish Thomas Brown, Surgeon, Musselburgh, Poets, by L. J. A. Mac Henry, are an. containing Remarks on his “ Letter to the nounced.

Right Hon. the Earl of Liverpool, con. Selections from the Works of Dr John cerning the present State of Vaccination." Owen. By the Rev. W. Welson. 2 vols. By Henry Edmonston A.M., Surgeon, 18mo. with a memoir, &c.

Newcastle upon Tyne. Dr Paris's new work on Diet, with a The Edinburgh Annual Register for view to establish a system of rules for the 1825.



BIOGRAPHY. Lives of celebrated Architects, ancient and modern, with Observations on their Works, and the Principles of the Art By Francesco Milizia. Translated from the Italian by Mrs Cresy. 2 vols. 8vo. £.1.8.

DRAMA. Benyowsky; or the Exiles of Kams. katcha. By James Kenney, Esa. Svo. 38. 6d.

Oberon; or the Elf King's Oath, a Romance. By J. R. Planché, Esq. 18mo. Is.

EDUCATION. Gleanings of Chemistry ; illustrating the nature of Air, Water, Light, Heat, &c. 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Petronj and Davenport's Italian, French, and English Dictionary. 3 vols. in 2. 8vo. £.2,10s.

A Greek and English Dictionary. By the Rev. John Groves. 8vo.

English Synonyms Enlarged; 'with copious Illustrations and Examples drawn from the best Writers. By George Crabb, A.M. In 4to. Parts 1, and 2.' 9s. To be completed in Six Parts, Monthly. .

Roberts on Wills. 2 vols. royal 8vo.

Hook's Chart of Proceedings in the
Courts of King's Bench and Common
Courts of King's Bench an
Pleas. 6s.

Chancery Commission : Copy of the
Report made to his Majesty by the Com-
missioners appointed to inquire into the
Practice of Chancery. 8vo. 58.

A Practical Treatise on the Means of
obviating and treating the varieties of
Costiveness at different Periods of Life,

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