Зображення сторінки

Course of Exchange, London, April 11.Amsterdam, 12 : 10. Ditto at sight, 12 : 7. Rotterdam, 12 : 11. Antwerp, 12:11. Hamburgh, 38 :0. Altona, 38: 1. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 80. Ditto, 26 : 10. Bourdeaux, 26 : 10. Frankfort-onthe-Maine, 1561. Petersburgh, 85, 3 U. Berlin, 7. Vienna, Ef. fo., 10:28. Trieste, ditto, 10 : 28. Madrid, 355. Cadiz, 35). Bilboa, 35). Barcelona, 35. See ville, 35. Gibraltar, 31. Leghorn, 47. Genoa, 43. Venice, 26. Buenos. Ayres, 43. Naples, 386. Palermo, per oz. 114. Lisbon, 50%. Oporto, 51. Rio Janeiro, 44. Bahia, 47. Dublin, 14-Cork, 14 per cent. Prices of Bullion, ¥ 02.- Portugal Gold in coin, £.0.0.0. Foreign Gold in bars

, £.3.17.68.-New Doubloons, £.3.14.6. New Dollars, 4s. 94d. Silver in bars, standard, 4s. 11 d.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 15s. 9d. a Os. Cork or Dublin, 15s. 9d. a 20s.—Belfast, 15s. 9d. a 20s.-Hamburgh, 203. a 308.- Madeira, 20s. Jamaica, 258. a 30s.-Home, 6s. a 8 Gs.-_Greenland, out and home, 0 a 0 g

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from 220 March to 12th April 1826.

March 22. March 29. April 5. April 12.

[blocks in formation]

Royal Bank of Scotland, ....
Bank of Scotland,....
Commercial Banking Company of Scotland,..
National Banking Company,..

British Linen Company,..
Edinburgh Friendly Insurance Company,.
Caledonian Fire Insurance Company,....
Hercules Insurance Company, ..........
North British Insurance Company,
Edinburgh Life Assurance Company,
Insurance Company of Scotland,..
Scottish Union Insurance Company,.
West-of-Scotland Insurance Company,
Edinburgh Coal Gas Company,......
Ditto Oil Gas Company,...........
Leith Oil Gas Company,..
Edinburgh Portable Gas Company,..
Edinburgh Joint Stock Water Company,
Forth and Clyde Canal Company,
Union Canal Company,
Australian Company,.. ...................
Caledonian Iron and Foundry Company,.
Shotts Iron and Foundry Company,.........
Edinburgh and Leith Glass Company,....

Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Alloa Glass Co....
North British Loan Company,...
London, Leith, Edin., & Glasgow Shipping Co.
Scotch Porter Brewery Company,
Leith and Hamburgh Shipping Company,...
Caledonian Dairy Company ,...........

£.100 0 0£. 100 0 0£. 170 00

83 6 8 83 6 0 No Sales. 500 0 0 100 0 0 Ditto 100 0 0 10 00 Ditto. 100 0 0 100 00 Ditto

100 0 0 1000 0 0 100 0 0 10 0 0 14 00 100 0 0 10 00 13 00 200 0 0 10 00 No Sales. 100 0 0 10 00 Ditto 10 00 10 00 10 00 20 0 0 1 0 0 0 17 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 No Sales. 25 0 0 17 2 6 Ditto. 25 0 0 16 10 0 Ditto. 20 0 20 00

Ditto 10 0 0 4 00 Ditto

25 0 0 25 00 Ditto. Average. 400 16 0 Ditto.

50000 50 0 0 39 0 0 100 0 40 00 No Sales. 25 0 0 2 5 0 Ditto. 50 0 0 20 0 0 Ditto. 20 0 0

12 000 Ditto. 20 0 0 6 0 0 50 0 0 300 No Sales

000) 0 0 0 이 20 0 0 4 0 0

00이 0 0 0 25 0 0 10 0 0

ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th of

Feb. and 20th of March 1826; extracted from the London Gazette.


Adeock, W. and T. Birmingham, grocers
Addis, J. Abergavenny, tailor
Addison, G. W. Dalton, Yorkshire, worsted-spin-
Airey, J., and N. Aspinall, Liverpool, soap-boilers
Albany. J. Ware, Hertfordshire, barge-master
Angelby, A. Devonport, victualler
Arrowsmith, J. Salford, currier
Arscott, S. Buckfastleigh, Devonshire, wool-dealer
Arthington, K. M. and R. Birkett, Lancaster,

Ashcroft, J. Altringcham, Cheshire, grocer
Askey, T. College-house, Hackney-road, dealer
Austen, J. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, builder
Ballin, S. Wooton Underedge, silversmith
Bankard, C. and W. Benson, Bowling, Yorkshire,

worsted-spinners Barber, J. and Co. Cornhill, stock-broker Bardon, w. York, draper Parfoot, w. sen., and W. Barfoot, jun. Winborne

Minster, Dorsetshire, timber-merchants Barnard, T. Strand, silversmith and wine-mer

chant Barry, W. Bruton, Somersetshire, dealer Bassano, C. Jermyn-street, oilman Bates, W. Halifax, Yorkshire, woolstapler Bates, H. Sowerby, Yorkshire, tanner Baxter, J. Darlington, Durham, banker Beale, W. Union-street, Southwark, hat-manufac

turer Beaumont, H. Liverpool, merchant Beeley, J. E. and Co. Birmingham, druggists Bennett, B. Brighton, builder Benson, J. York, merchant Benham, W. and P. Spanier, Old Trinity-house,

Water-lane, ship-agents Blaber, H. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, merchant Blyth, M. Usk, Monmouthshire, shop-keeper Bonsall, R. Liverpool, timber-merchant Boucher, W. Birmingham, jeweller Bradley, J. Liverpool, bookseller Braddock, J. and J. Jackson, Macclesfield, silk

manufacturers Brenchley, J. and J. Milton, distillers Bristow, J. and Co. Worcester, curriers Briddow, S. Manchester, provision-broker Brine, T. Southampton, common-brewer Brine, T. and w. Cheeseman, Southampton,

common-brewer Brindley, J. and T. Funsbury, Kent, ship builders Brown, W. and Co Liverpool, merchants Brown, J. Liverpool, cabinet-maker Brooksbank, W. North Bierly, corn-merchant Broughton, C. D. and Co. Nantwich, bankers Brown, T. Mile-end-road, picture-frame-maker Cannan, D. Lothbury, merchant Capel, W. Mark-lane, merchant Carter, J. Oxford-street, furrier Challenor, J. Stones-end, grocer Chesney, E. Liverpool, tailor and draper Cheeseman, W. Portsea, Southampton, common

brewer Chesterton, J. Warwick-street, Cockspur-street,

Charingcross, tailor Clay, T. Macclesfield, silk-throwster Cockle, J. Ashton, Birmingham, leather-dresser Cooper, S. jan., Bury St. Edmunds, hatter Cooper, J. sen., and J. jun. Trowbridge, Wilts,

clothiers Cooper, J. Moorside, Oldham, Lancashire, cotton

spinner Cooper, E. Kingsland-road, cheesemonger Connah, w. Chester, wine-merchant Copeland, J. Burslem, Staffordshire, grocer Corbet, J. Birmingham, currier Coward, W. Southampton, dyer Craig, G. Allerton-street, Koxton N Town, oilCrosthwaite, J. Fenchurch-street, wine

merchant Crook, W. Liverpool, bleacher Crossley, J. Union-court, Old Broad-street, mer

.chant Cullingford, J. Parliament-street, Westminster,

wine-merchant Curtis, s. Addle-street, warehouseman

Curtis, T. Barnes, maltster
Cussons, G. Manchester, cotton-spinner
Dandy, C. and M. A. Hackney-road, dealers
Day, H. Speldhurst-street, Burton-crescent, linen.

Day, W. F. Hammersmith, saddler
Dawson, R. Norwich, linen-draper
Dawson, A. Huddersfield, fancy-cloth-manufac-

Deudney, J. St. Mary at-hill, cheesemonger
Dilworth, J. and Co., Lancaster, bankers
Dilworth, J. Lancaster, banker
Dodson, N. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer
Dodsworth, T, Knaresborough, York, linen-ma-

Donkin, B. Dock Head, Surrey, tanner
Drake, J. Walworth, hop-merchant
Drimock, J. Bridgend, clothier
Eaton, R. Swansea, Glamorganshire, banker
Edmunds, J. Worcester, leather-cutter

W. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer
Evans, W. Basinghall-street, factor
Fairbairn, J. F. Bedford-street, auctioneer
Fielden, J. L. B. Manchester, victualler
Fisher, J. Deptford, tailor
Fleming, H. Fleet-street, printer
Forbes, J. Oxford-street, druggist
Forster, S. Manchester, tailor and draper
Fountain, J. Norwich, manufacturer
Freese, P. C. Winchester-street, insurance-broker
Fricker, C. Staines, broker
Fulton, T. Change-alley, insurance-broker
Gammon, J. Elder-street, silk-manufacturer
Garrett, T. Nantwich, cheese-factor
George, S. sen., and S. George, jun., Bristol,

sugar-refiner's Gentle, H. Walcot, Somersetshire, builder Gething, J. Wellington, tailor Goddard, J. Bristow, Norfolk, inn-keeper Gold, J. Brunswick-row, Hackney-road, tea-dealer Gondey, J. M. Liverpool, cabinet-maker Graham, J. Waterloo-place, upholder Graham, J. Gloucester-street, Queen-square, tailor Granger, C. Caseley, Staffordshire, coal-master Gregory, J. Manchester, cotton-spinner Greenshields, J. Oxford, builder Greener, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship-broker Gregory, J. Manchester, cotton-spinner Green, J. Leicester-street, printer Greenwell, J. R. Sherburn-mill, Sherburn, Dur.

ham, millers Greenhow, W. Manchester, cotton-manufacturer Grisdale, T. Whitehaven, timber-merchant Grueber, s. H. and H., Hope-mills, Denbigh,

spinners Harvey, W. Belper, Derbyshire, rope-maker Harvey, W. Launceston, Cornwall, banker Hart, W. Aldgate, jeweller Harrison, J. Woodchester, Gloucestershire, clo

thier Hargrave, J. Mirfield, Yorkshire, corn-miller Hastings, R. Great Sutton-street, silversmith Haynes, W. W. Neath, Glamorganshire, banker Haywood, M. Wood-street, Cheapside, warehouseHeaton, M. Royds-house, Hawarth, Yorkshire,

worsted spinner Henesey, R. Drury-lane, timber-merchant Heron, J. and T. Manchester, cabinet-makers Hewit, N. R. Buckingham-place, Fitzroy-square,

engraver Higginbottom, S. Macclesfield, Cheshire, silk.

manufacturer Hill, H. and T. Tickell, Watling-street, iron-mer

chants Hill, W. Old Ford-mill, Bow, miller Hodgson, W. Ingrow-bridge, Yorkshire, worsted

and stuff-manufacturer
Hoey, M. Liverpool, victualler
Hogstlesh, J. Tottenham-court-road, grocer
Holland, E. Cheltenham, grocer
Hood, B. Trafalgar-street, Walworth-road, baker
Horne, E. and C. Wellan, Jermyn-street, St.

James's, dress-makers
Howell, R. Alhampton-mill, miller



Hawes, G. H. City-road, linen-draper

Rice, J. and T. Travis, Manchester, machineHudson, T. York, cabinet maker

makers Hunt, J., W, Winch, and W. Hunt, jun., Stew. Robinson, Moses, and w. Partridge, Birming. art's-buildings, Battersea-fields, engineers

ham, wharfingers Hurt, G. King-street, Cheapside, furrier

Rodgers, J. and T. Parker, Oldham, Lancashire, Husband, J.;Great Pulteney-street, Golden-square, iron-founders cabinet-maker

Rolls, S. P. Old Fish-street, ironmonger Hutchinson, G. Bordesley, Birmingham, dealer Roscoe, R. Liverpool, merekant Isaac, J. and Co., Gray's-inn-lane, carpenters Rowlinson, R. and J. M'Culloch, jun., Liverpool, Jacklin, T. Nottingham, machine-maker

merchants Jackson, T. Hare-lodge, Essex, livery-stable-keeper Russell, W. Syndhurst, Southampton, maltster Jenkins, T. Cirencester, Gloucestershire, cheese- Rutherford, Á.P. Shadwell, High-street, London monger

druggist Johnson, G, King Stanley, Gloucestershire, wool- Rutland, J. Oxford-street, silversmith broker

Sadler, H. and T. Oxford, grocers Johnson, J. Smithfield-market, victualler

Samuels, E. J. Great Prescott-street, Goodman's. Johnson, A. and G. York, merchants

fields, jeweller Jones, J. L. Foley-place, medicine-vender

Samuel, c. Mile End, cow.dealer Jones, R. Cateaton-street, warehouseman

Sarson, H. J. St. Swithen's-lane, dry-salter Joyner, J. and Co Romford, bankers

Schwieger, G. E. P. Moleford-court, Fenchurch. Keel, T Bristol, grocer

street, merchant King, S. W. and J. Bonsor, Maiden-lane, wood- Scott, J. Birmingham, ironmonger street, laceman

Scholfield, J. Rochdale, Lancashire, brick-maker King, W. J. Battersea, turpentine-merchant Scott, G. Ratcliffe Highway, Middlesex, eating. Kingsland, J. and G. Portsea, slopsellers

house-keeper King, S. Poplar, boat-builder

Self, S. Norwich, grocer Kingsford, J. Fenchurch-street, corn-factor Shaw, J. and Co., Mole green, cloth manufacturers Kings, R. Ledbury, Herefordshire, innkeeper Shillito, M. jun., Purston-Jacklin, Yorkshire, Lafone, S. Toxteth-park, Liverpool, tanner

corn-merchant Langdon, J. H. Lambeth, grocer

Shute, T. and S. Crediton, Devon, woollen-manu Leach, S. T. and Co., Charles-street, music-sellers facturers Leadley, J. Fetter-lane, wholesale stationer Shuttleworth, T. and Samuel Warren, Stockport, Leech, J. Hurstbourne-priors, corn-dealer

Cheshire, coach-proprietors Leech, J. Salford, Lancashire, dyer

Simpkin, C. and T. Leek, Staffordshire, mercers Lloyd, J. Commercial-road, linen-draper

Sisson, H. Carlton, Godling, Nottinghamshire, Lovekin, P. Kensington, builder

miller Lowe, G. Manchester, sizer

Slater, J. R. B. Wylde, and J. Slater, Bradshas, Lucas, c. London, merchant

Lancashire, calico-printers Luff, J. Tintern, timber-merchant

Smith, T. Pennington, Lancashire, cotton-manaLunt, J. B. and R, Liverpool, soap-boilers

facturer Mac Caskery, B. Manchester, draper

Smith, D. Regent-strect, and King-street, GoldenMaine, w. Clifton-street, Finsbury, currier

square, coach and harness-maker Manger, J. Great Surrey-street, Blackfriars-road, Smith, T. Congleton, Cheshire, leather-seller wadding-manufacturer

Smith, J. G. High-street, Borough, cheesemonger Martin, T. Liverpool, merchant

Solomon, H. Narine Parade, Brighthelmstone, Mare, J. Shelton, china-manufacturer

boarding-house-keeper Marshall, W. St. Mary-at-hill, coffee-house-keeper Soper, W. Buckfastleigh, Devonshire, serge-maker Maynard, J. Southwark, wine-merchant

Splatt, F. T. Exeter, cabinet

maker Mears, W. Berkenhead, Chester, hotel-keeper Stammers, J. Jermyn-street, St. James's, uphol. Mead, M. and C. E. Macomb, Battersea, colour. sterer makers

Sweetman, S. B. Pentonville, stockbroker Mercer, J. and J. Eccleston, Lancashire, paper- Swindles, J. Hyde, Cheshire, grocer makers

Taylor, J. and T. Collenge, Castleton, Rochdale, Merryweather, S. Longham, Dorsetshire, miller Lancashire, roller-makers Merryweather, W. Long-acre, coach-maker Thompson. O. Wells-row, Islington, plumber Milner, G. Derby, silk-manufacturer

Thomas, T. Osnaburgh-street, New-Road, builder Mitchell, R. Birmingham, jeweller

Tonge, T. Manchester, malt and hop-dealer Moore, J. Clerkenwell, boot-maker

Tweinlow, J. Oldham, cotton-spinner Moreton, R. Derby, builder

Wainhouse, J. Halifax, Yorkshire, dyer
Mott, B. Liverpool, corn-dealer

Walker, T. Northshields, butcher
Murton, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, shoe-maker Walker, R. Newcastle upon Tyne, grocer
Newton, S. Manchester, plumber

Warland, H. Lad-lane, silk-warehouseman
Newmarch, J. Manchester, warehouseman Watson, R. Birmingham, chandler
Norwood, J. Swine-fleet, Yorkshire, linen-draper Webb, J. Romsey, Southampton, tanner
Noyes, R. Great Andrew-street, Seven Dials, tal- Wells, J. jun. Reading, mealman

Whiteley, R. Salford,

Lancashire, grocer Oliver, W. sen. Manchester, dyer

Whitehead, R. Norwich, dyer O'Neile, A. F. and T. Martín, Liverpool, mer- Whitehead, W. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, woollechants

manufacturer Ormond, J. Clayton-heights, Yorkshire, calico- Williams, 0. jun., Broomsgrove, Worcestershire, manufacturers

tanner Palmer, R. Coleshill, Warwickshire, maltster Wilkinson, W. Keighley, Yorkshire, worstad. Partridge, T. Forebridge, Stafford, maltster

Pearce, S. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, stone-mason Williams, W. Fenchurch-street, merchant
Penny, W. Fareham, Hampsbire, common-brewer Williams, W. L. Fleet-street, tavern-keeper
Perring, R. Modbury, Devonshire, banker

Wilson, T. E. Frith-street, Soho, auctioneer Petty, A. Manchester, merchant

Williams, J. jan., Penge-place, Surrey, coffee Petty, G. Bawtry, Yorkshire, maltster and spirit

broker merchant

Wilkinson, W. and J. Mitchell, Keighly, YorkPhilps, J. West Wycome, Bucks, paper-manufac- shire, cotton-spinners turer

Wilkinson, W. Broad Carr, in Elland, Yorkshire, Pigot, J. Norwich, grocer,

merchant Pollard, J. Guiseley, Yorkshire, cloth-maker Wingfield, T. Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, cottonPotts, J. Denton-hall, Nether-Denton, Cumber- spinner land

Winsor, W. Ivy-bridge, Devonshire, vietualler Pott, P, White-street, Borough, dealer

Woolcombe, H. Duke-street, Aldgate, stock-broker Powell, R. Bristol, mason

Wood, W. Gray's buildings, St. Mary-le bote, Powell, T. Mary-le-bone-strect, Piccadilly, tailor carpenter Pratt, H. J, Bombroff, and G. B. Goodwin, Leices- Woalls, J. and C. Winchester, linen-draper ter, bobbin-maker

Wride, s. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant Radlay, J. Liverpool, tavern keeper

Young, E. Wakefield, Yorkshire, woolstapler Riches, J. East-street, Manchester -Square, boot. Young, J. Manchester, warehouseman maker

Youngman, P. Witham, Eseex, bookseller


March 1826; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Aitken, James and Co, merchants and coopers in M‘Phail, John, calio-printer at Long Govan, near Leith

Glasgow Algie, James, baker and grain-dealer in Paisley Miller, James, merchant in Glasgow Anderson, George Hay, ship-builder in Leith Muirhead, Robert, ironmonger in Glasgow Andrew, Allan, and Co. cotton-yarn merchants in Murdoch, John and Co. yarn-merchants in Paisley Kilmarnock

Nicol, George, junior, grocer in Dundee Arnot, Peter, grain-merchant in Gorbals, Glasgow Ogilvy, William, spirit-merchant, Canongate, Arnot and Co. distillers at Langholm distillery

Edinburgh Banks, James, merchant in Leith

Pickard, G. and H. merchants in Edinburgh Brown, John, shoemaker, Prince's-Street, Edin- Rae, William, draper in Glasgow burgh

Ralston, William, merchant and auctioneer, St. Calder, Joseph and Sons, silk-manufacturers and Mary Wynd, Edinburgh

hatters, and Calder and Co. hatters in Edin- Robertson, Alexander, flax-spinner, St. Clairtown burgh

Ross, John, coach-proprietor and horse-dealer in Campbell, A. and D. and Co. merchants and ware- Beith housemen in Glasgow

Sanderson, William and Son, tallow-chandlers and Carson, William, oilman and tinsmith in Edin- merchants, Leith Walk, Edinburgh burgh

Sanderson, James, grain and cattle-dealer, and far. Colquhoun, Thomas, printer in Edinburgh

mer at Wick Cook, Robert, smith and wood-merchant in Glas- Scott, Allan and James, and Co. timber and lead. gow

merchants in Glasgow Clark, Alexander, miller in Dundee

Scott, Robert, leather-agent and merchant in Clark, William, ship-owner and stone-merchant Glasgow in Leith

Service, Robert, merchant and spirit-dealer in Connal, John, and Co. brewers at Finnieston, Greenock

near Glasgow, and Ebenezer Connal and Co. Shillinglaw, and Scott, builders in Edinburgh distillers there

Soutter, Andrew, ironmonger in Kirkaldy Craig, Peter, spirit-dealer, Cowgate, Edinburgh Sheppheril, Thomas, wine and spirit-merchant Crawford, Alexander, junior, corn-merchant in in Leith North Berwick

Spinks, Charles, vintner in Edinburgh Crichton, Hugh, paper-maker, at St. Leonard's, Steven, William and Co. hat-manufacturers in Lasswade

Edinburgh Dawson, J. and J. and Co. brass-founders in Glas

Strachan, John, merchant and manufacturer in gow

Dundee Duncan, William, thread-manufacturer in Dun. Sutherland, James, builder in Edinburgh dee

Thomson, John, and Co. merchants and agents Elder, John Alexander George, baker and spirit- in Edinburgh dealer in Perth

Turner and Boyd, merchants in Edinburgh Forrester, Alexander, grain-merchant in Alloa Whillas and Kilpatrick, builders in Edinburgh Finlay, Connal, and Co. merchants in Glasgow Wilson, James, commission-agent in Glasgow Findlay, William, wright in Glasgow

Wyllie, William, grazier and cattle-dealer, TreesFisher, Thomas and Alexander, builders in Edin- bank, parish of Shotts, Lanarkshire burgh

Zuilt, John, distiller and spirit-dealer at BlairGowan, John and William, ship-owners and mer. gorts

chantss in Leith Gracie, Thomas, draper and cloth-merchant in

DIVIDENDS. Dundee Graham, Duncan, grazier and cattle-dealer, Blar- Forsyth, William, cabinet-maker and upholsterer hulachan, Perthshire

in Aberdeen; by Alexander Webster, advo. Gray and Co. potters, Fife Pottery, near Kirkaldy cate there Gray, Barclay Fyfe, merchant in Leith

Kent, Robert, banker, Kilmarnock; by William Gray, Henry, merchant, and manufacturer in Anderson, Commercial Bank there Glasgow

Lang, William, grocer, &c. Paisley, deceased; by Home, James, jeweller in Edinburgh

Robert Reid, grain-merchant there Hutchinson and Pettrie, builders in Portobello Mowat, James, perfumer, Edinburgh; by AlexImray, James, wholesale-stationer in Glasgow

ander Edington, leather-merchant there Law, Hugh and Sons, lath-splitters, joiners, and Maclachlan, Dugald, ship-owner, dealer in wool, wood-merchants in Leith

and grazier, Corruanan; by M‘Donald and Lockhart, Adam, flesher, and cattle-dealer in M'Gregor, wri in Fort William Newton-upon-Ayr

Stewart, John, junior, late grocer in Inverness Mackay, James, merchant, Union-Street, Glasgow by James Gray, merchant there Mackenzie, Alexander and Co. merchants in Leith West and Eckford, coach-makers in Edinburgh ; Mackie, George, builder in Edinburgh

by F. Burke, accountant there


BIRTHS. 1826. Feb. 21. At Norwich, the Lady of Capt. Wemyss, of the Scots Greys, a daughter.

23. Lady Minto, a son.

24. At London, the Lady of Captain Basil Hall, R. N. a daughter. 25. At Brighton, the Lady of Lieutenant-General Sir William Inglis, K.C.B. a son.

26. At Montrose, Mrs Smart of Cononsyth, a 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Nisbett, Cairnhill, a son. March 2. At Broadmeadows, Mrs Boyd, a stillborn child.

3. At Mellen dean, Lady Leslie, of twin daugh.

7. At 8, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Ramsay, a son.

8. At Union-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs James Ir. vine, a son

10. At Brightmony, Mrs Mackintosh, a daughter.

11. At Huntly Place, Inverness, Mrs Fyvie, of twin sons.

13. The Lady of William Macdowall, Esq. of Carruth, a daughter.

14. At Bonnington Bank, Mrs Wyld, Gilston, a daughter.

- At Edinburgh, the Lady of Henry Wight, Esq. advocate, a son. 15.

At Ford, Mrs Fraser, a daughter.

Feb. 18. At Fasnacloich, the Lady of John Stew Esq. of Earnslaw,

to Marion, daughter of the late art, Esq. of Fasnacloich, a son.

Francis Walker, Esq. - Mrs Borthwick, George-Street, Edinburgh, Feb. 8. By the Rev. Henry Grey, at Coaiston, a daughter.

Gilbert Young, Esq. of Youngfield, to Patricia, 19. The Lady of William Macdonald, Esq. of eldest daughter of the Honourable Wm. Maule, Ballyshean, a daughter,

of Panmure, M.P. At Dolphinton Manse, Mrs Aiton, a son, 9. At Edgerston, Roxburghshire, the Rev. James who died the following day.

Wight, to Miss Mary Leslie, Jedburgh. 26. At Millbank, near Glasgow, Mrs J. P. Old- 10. At 14, St. Patrick Square, Edinburgh, Mr field, a son.

James Robertson, merchant, Leith Walk, to LilLately. In Old Burlington-Street, London, the lias, only child of the late John MacEwan, Esq. Hon. Mrs Ferguson, of Pitfour, a daughter. Crieff.

At Edinburgh, Charles Campbell Stewart, MARRIAGES.

Esq. clerk to the signet, to Mary Henrietta,

daughter of the late Andrew Wood, Esq. surgeon, 1825. July 5. At New Norfolk, Van Diemen's Edinburgh. Land, by special licence, Lieutenant-Colonel S. H. 13. At Dumfries, Captain Henderson, or the Tod, of the Bengal establishment, to Mary, young. Honourable East-India Company Madras military est daughter of the late Captain Ewen Macdonald, service, to Isabella Grierson, third daughter of Griminish, North Uist.

Mr Grierson, Shillahill, parish of Drysdale. Sept. 13. At St. George's Church, Madras, the - Mr George Mortimer, musical instrument Honourable H. T. Graeme, Esq. Second Member maker, Edinburgh, to Agnes Thorburn, daughter of Council, to Miss E. A. Scott, niece of William of James Creighton,

Esq. Dumfries. Horsman, Esq. Madras Medical Establishment. 14. At Montrose, David Niddrie, Esq. surgeon

1826. Jan. 5. At Ekolsund, in Sweden, Baron there, to Miss Isabella Croll. Charles Gustavus Adlercreutz, Lieutenant in the 15. At Elie, Mr Andrew Thallon, merchant, royal horse guards, son of the late General Count Kirkaldy, to Miss Bethia, youngest daughter of Adlercreutz, to Margaret Seton, second daughter Mr Lawrence Kilgour, King's Kettle, Fife. of Dr Seton, of Preston.

16. At Mayfield, Williain Hope Mure, Esq. sur9. At Plantation Palmyra, East Coast, Berbice, geon, to Jane Gordon, second daughter of the by the Rev. A. Browne, A.M. senior minister of late James Robertson, of Mayfield, Esq. W. S. the Established urch of Scotland, in the united - At Bair Vadock, Dumbartonshire, William colony of Demerara, and Essequibo, Wolfert Tritton, Esq. only son of George Tritton, Esq. Katz, Esq. to Miss Susan Barclay, eldest daughter West Hill, Surrey, to Jane Dennistoun, second of the Hon. Simon Fraser, Member of the Coun- daughter of James Buchanan, Esq. of Ardeneocil of Government of Berbice; and at the same nel, grand daughter of the late, and niece to the time and place, Charles Mackenzie Matheson, Esq. to Miss Margaret Nicolson, second daughter

present Earl of Caithness.

- At Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, by the of the Hon. Simon Fraser.

Rev. Sir Henry Moncreiff Wellwood, Bart. the 31. Mr John Campbell, of Pictou, Nova Scotia, Rev. James Henderson, of Claremont Street Chato Miss Marion Campbell, third daughter of the pel, to Eleanor Rutherfurd, third daughter of late Malcolm Campbell, Esq. of Cornaig, island Professor Russell. of Coll,

- At Lambourn Church, Berkshire, Mr W. Feb. 10. At Hayes, Kent, Lord Dunalley, to Morrison, of Fenchurch-Street, London, to Anthe Honourable Henry Maude, youngest sister of nie, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Wright, Banff. Viscount Hawarden.

18. At St. George's Church, Bloomsbury, Lon16. At Samuelston Mains, Mr John Kesson, don, by the Rev. T. Curtis, Michael Tweedie, surgeon, North Berwick, to Tomina, only daugh- Esq. royal artillery, to Miss Forbes, daughter of ter of the late Mr Thomas Watson, farmer there. Richard Walter Forbes, Esq. Nolvenden, Kent

- At Elerig, Appin, Argyllshire, George Fer- 20. At Dumfries, John Erskine Gibson, Esq. guson, Esq. Quartermaster of the 91st regiment, surgeon, to Sarah M.Kenzie, eldest daughter of to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr Duncan Sinclair, Adam Rankine, Esq. merchant there. residing there.

22. At Clifton, Sir William Francis Elliot, of 23. At the Hotel of the British Embassy, Paris, Stobbs and Wells, in the county of Roxburgh, Robert Shed Ion Scrimgeour, Esq. to Margaret, Bart. to Miss Boswell, eldest daughter of the late eldest daughter of the late James Wilson, Pro- Sir Alexander Boswell of Archinlerk, Bart. fessor of Anatomy to the Royal College of Sur. - At Glasgow, Charles Shirreff, Esq. to Chuis. geons, London.

tian, eldest daughter of James M.Nair, Esq. At Talisker, Isle of Skye, John Tolmie, Esq. 23. At Aberdeen, Andrew Richardson, Esq. ma. Uginish, to Margaret, fourth daughter of the late nufacturer, Edinburgh, to Frances Ann, second Dr D. M'Askill.

daughter of the late Rev. William Duncan, of the .- At Strichen, the Rev. James Anderson, mi- Grammar-school of Aberdeen. nister of St. Fergus, to Margaret, eldest daughter 28. At Raeburn Place, the Rev. Robert Cart, of Alexander Gavin, Esq. surgeon, Strichen. minister of Luss, to Georgina, daughter of the

- By special licence, at the residence of the late Thomas Henderson, Esq. Chamberlain of the Earl of Harrington, in the Stable Yard, St. city of Edinburgh. James's, Lord Southampton, to Miss Stanhope, - At St. Andrew's Chapel, Aberdeen, Alexan daughter of the Hon. Colonel Stanhope.

der M'Neill, Esq. advocate, to Anna Margaret, 24. Robert Fairbairn, Esq. writer in Dunse, to second daughter of the late Keith Turner, Esc. Jean, eldest daughter of John Kay, Esq.

of Turnerhall. 25. At Borlum, William Fraser, Esq. Dell, to - At Mollance, Alexander B. Blackie, Esq. Mary, eldest daughter of William Fraser, Esq. wine-merchant, Leith, to Isabella, eldest daughter Borlum.

of John Napier, Esq. of Mollance. 27. At Quidenhamn, the seat of the Earl of Albe- Lately. In the parish church of Temple

Miglury, marle, Henry Frederick Stephenson, Esq. of the county Tyrone, James Cross, Esq. 2d royal vete. Middle Temple, barrister at law, to Lady Mary ran battalion, youngest son of James Cross, Esq. Keppel, second surviving daughter of the Earl of Gorbals, Glasgow, to Eliza, danghter of Captain Albemarle.

Hardinge, of the Donegal regiment. 28. At Leith, William Wardlaw, Esq. to Mary Ann, only daughter of Robert Douglas, of Preston, Esq.

DEATHS. At Ayr, John Boyle, Esq. of Robsland, to 1825. March 13. Drowned, while swimming Miss Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr cross Macquarrie River, Van Diemen's Land, Nr James Goudie, ship-builder, Ayr.

John Scott, lately builder, Brown-Street, EdisMarch 1. At the Royal Lodge, Windsor, the burgh. Right Honourable Lord Strathaven, M. P. to Lady June 25. At Cape Coast Castle, Africa, Lieute Elizabeth Conyngham, eldest daughter of the nant Jonas Oxley, of the Royal African colonial Marquis of Conyngham.

corps; and lately, aged 17, Calin, his son, became At Knock, in Sky, the Rev. John Macrae, also a victim to that unhealthy climate This minister of Glenshiel, to Jamesina Fraser, young- meritorious officer was a native of Montrose, and est daughter of Norman Macleod, Esq.

was promoted from the ranks entirely by his own 6. At Whitelaw, Adam Thomson, Esq. Chester- merit, and at all times stood in the highest esti hill, Northumberland, son of James Thomson, mation with his superior oflicers.

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