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4 March

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Chaplain Newburgh, h. p. Belleisle Garrison

Unattached. 31 Dec. 1823 Adjutant Would, (Lieut.) 56 F. on passage from To be Licut. Col. of Infantry by purchase. Mauritius

12 do. Adjutant Brande, (Cornet) 3 Huss. Ger. Leg. Nord Major Higgins, from 13 Dr. 25 Feb. 1826

heim, Hanoverquart. Mast. Johnston, 67 F. Poona Torte To be Major of Infantry by purchase. Quart. Mast. Gott, R, Staff Corps Quart. Mast. Herring, Ret. Full-pay 71 F. Beth

Capt. Lord G. Bentinck, from 75 F. 25 Feb 1826 nal Green

22 Dec. 1825 Quart. Mast. Ashton, h. p. Ayr Fenc. Cav.

To be Captains of Infantry by purchase.

23 Jan. 1826 Medical Department.

Lieut. Malet, from 8 Dr.

25 Feb. 1825 Lieut. C. A. Campbell, from 31 F.

do. Staff Surg. Hen. Glasse, M.D. h. p. Droxford, Lieut. Moore, from 80 F.

4 March Hants 7 Jan. 1826. Lieut. Langmead. from 44 F.

do. Staff Assist. Surg. Morgan

Licut. Ruxton, from 31 F.

do. Assist. Surg. Lange, 2° Lieut. Dr. Ger. Leg. Papenburg, Hanover

27 do. To be Lieut. of Infantry by purhcase.

Ensign May, from 29 F. 25 Feb. 1826
Lieut. Ainslie, from h. p. Lieut. vice
Lewis, exch. rec. dift. 29 Jan. 1826

To be Ensigns by purchase.
Cornet Wodehouse, Lieut. by purch.
vice Malet, prom.
25 Feb. W. 0. Atkinson

4 March 1826 Francis Macnamara, Cornet do. R. Bolton

do. Cornet Maxwell, Lieut. by purch. vice

J. H. Mathews
Baker, prom.

18 do.
Charles Abbott, Cornet


W. W. Drake, 'Ensign by purch. vice Lieut. Lewis, from 4 Dr, rec. diff. with Lieut.
May, prom.

25 do. Ainslie, h. p.
Ensign Evans, Lieut. by purch, vice
Campbell, prom.

do. Resignations and Retirements.
T. Pearson, Ensign
S. P. Barnes, Ensigo by purch. yice

Lieut. Col. Ralph, h. p. York Fuzileers
Mills, prom.

19 Jan.

Lieut. Col. Stanser, Royal Marines
Ensign Dalton Lieut. by purch. vice

Capt. OSullivan, h. p 4 Irish Brigade
Woodward, 38 F.

9 Feb.

Capt. Milbanke, h. p. 47.F.
H. T. Beresford, Ensign


Capt. M. of Westmeath, h. p. 3 F.
G. Thompson, Ensign by purch. vice

Capt. Lombard, h. p. 94 F.
Price, prom.

18 do.

Capt. M'Gregor, h. p. Port. Sery,

Capt. Welch, So. Gloster Mil.

Lieut. Hartford, h, p. 66 P.

Ensign Biggar, h. p 15 F. Major Higgins, from 13 Dr. Lieut. Col. of Inf. by

Ensign Gordon, h. p. 25 F. purch. vice Stanser, ret.

25 Feb. Capi. Lord George Bentinck, from 75 F. Major

Ensign Murphy, h. p. 4 Irish Brigade ... of Inf. by purch.

do Lieut. Malet, from 8 Dr. Capt. of Inf, by purch.


do. General Hon. W. Stapleton, Douglas Lieut. Campbell, from 51 F. Capt. by purch. do.

5 March 1896 Ensign May, from 29 F. Lieut. of Inf. by pur. do Lieut. Col. Tryon, h. p. 88 F. Cheshire 10 đơn Retirements. Capt. Robert Barrowes, 4 Dr. Cambay, Bombay

29 Sept. 18:25 Lieut. Col Stanser, Royal Marines

Capt. Birch, 38 F. India

Sept. Brevet Lieut. Col. Gore, h. p. R. York Fuzileers Capt. Fawson, h. p. 59 F.

14 Feb. 1826 Capt. Milbanke, h. p. 47 F.

Lieut. Robert Maxwell, 11 Dr. Meerut Capt. O'Sullivan, h. p. 4 Irish Brigade

27 Aug. 1825 Lieut. Hartford, h. p. 66 F.

Bichner, 1 F. India .


Aug. Torrens, 58 F. India


Fenton, 54 F. on board the Indiana Hos 8 Dr. Cornet Wodehouse, Lieut. by purch. pital Ship, at Arracan, Kingdom of Ava vice Malet, prom. 25 Feb. 1826

15 Aug F. Mac Namara, Cornet


Close, 86 F. found drowned in Ireland Comet Maxwell, Lieut. by purch. vice

Graham, R. Afr. Col. Corps, St. Mary's Baker, prom. 18 do. River, Gambia

26 Oct. C. Abbott, Cornet

do. --Foss, R. Afr. Col. Corps Sierra Leone 29 F. W. W. Drake, Ensign by purch. vice

29 Sept. May, prom.

25 do.

Gualy, h. p. Queen's German Reg. 9 Nov. Ensign Evans, Lieut. by purch. vice Paterson, i Vet. Bn. Galway 23 Jan. 1826 C. A. Campbell, prom.


Elliott, of late 2 Vet. Bn.
T. Pearson, Ensign

- Brisac, h. p. 30 P. Lisbon

Lieut. Burn, from 2 Vet. Comp. Lieut.

Robbius, h. p. 44 F. Dublin 18 Jan. 8 April 1825

Codd, h. p. 66 F. Dankirk 28 Dec. 1825
S. P. Bonnes, Ensign by purch. vice

Sir H. M Lean, Bt. h. p. 100 F.
Mills, prom.

19 Jan. 1826

Von Bibra, h. p. Corsican Rang, drowned
R. Allen, Ensign by purch, vice Carey, in Van Dieman's Land

4 March
Bisset, h. p. 90 F. Nantes

12 Sept.
Ensign Dalton, Lieut. by purch. vice Ensign Ussher, 44 F. Fort William, Bengal
Woodward, 38 F.
9 Feb.

21 July H. T. Beresford, Ensign

do. Ensign Thompson, of late 3 Vet. Bn. Edinburgh G. Thompson, Ensign by purch. vice

27 Feb. 1826. Price, prom.

18 do. Adjutant Lieut. Gledstanes, 44 F. on board the Ordnance Department-Royal Engineers.

Hospital Ship at Arracan, Kingdom of Ava

15 Aug. 1825 20 Lieut. Larcom, 1st Lieut. vice Elliot

Ensign Bruno, h. p. Corsican Rang. Naples 9 Feb. 1826

23 Jan. 1826 Gent. Cadet G. Burgman, 2d Lieut. 5 March Apothecary Bell. h. p. Bellville, Co. Down 23 do. E. Aldrich, do.

do. Deputy Purveyor G. F. Mucklow, h. p. Walworth -R. N. Buli, do. do.

28 Feb.

CLOSC, 86 p.tacan, King the Indiana Septe

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Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.3.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock after. noon. The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.

Attach. 1826. Ther. Baro. thach. Wind. Weather. 1826. Ther. Baro. Ther. Wind. Weather.

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Frost morn, day dull. Cold, hail, sleet aftern. Shrs, snow, and sleet. Shrs. hail, and snow. Morn, snow, fair day. Fair, sunsh. cold. Foren, fair, hail aftern. Cold, with showers. Cold with showers hail. Frost mom. day cold.

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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. Soon after the date of our last, sowing of oats commenced in the early districts; the operation was performed with difficulty, by reason of continued high winds. Beans were all got in on coarse lands by the 20th, and oats before the end of March. In the higher districts, sowing of oats is yet scarcely over. The soil is in general so dry, as, to prevent a regular braird on stubborn lands. Beans and pease appear above ground. Planting of potatoes has commenced in the lower districts; and preparing ground for that valuable root is going fast forward.

The depth of rain since the date of our last does not amount to half an inch. The temperature, with the exception of a few days in the end of March, has been mild ; and on lands in good condition, wheat has a fine appearance ; on light lands, the foliage is somewhat yellow, Young grass is in a forward state, and clover plants have stood the winter well. Prices of grain have improved a little since the middle of last month. Wheat sells freely at from 29s. to 315. od. old measure. Oats have advanced is. to Is. 6d. per boll; and pease are more easily sold. The scarcity of potatoes has kept up the price for seed of that article. Hay has fallen two-pence per stone in price since our last.

The Spring markets have been well supplied with horses. Draught horses brought prices nearly as high as last Spring. Horses for harness or the saddle felt no depression in price. Milch cows are a shade higher than at the end of Autumn: fat beasts have paid little for their Winter keep : lean stock meet a dull sale, and prices rather looking down, but grass parks let quite as high as last year. Vegetation is rather more forward than usual at the same period of the season. The season for planting deciduous forest trees, oaks excepted, was over by the 7th of the present month. A great breadth has this year been laid under forest trees, but the boisterous winds towards the end of March were unfavourable to the operation of planting.

Perthshire, 13th April 1826.


Course of Exchange, London, April 11.- Amsterdam, 12:10. Ditto at sight, 12 : 7. Rotterdam, 12 : Il. Antwerp, 12:11. Hamburgh, 38 :0. Altona, 38: 1. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 80. Ditto, 26 : 10. Bourdeaux, 26 : 10. Frankfort-00the-Maine, 1564. Petersburgh, 81, 3 U. Berlin, 7. Vienna, Eff. fo., 10:28. Trieste, ditto, 10 : 28. Madrid, 356. Cadiz, 35). Bilboa, 354. Barcelona, 35. Se ville, 35. Gibraltar, 31. Leghorn, 47. Genoa, 43. Venice, 26. Buenos. Ayres, 43. Naples, 384. Palermo, per oz. 114. Lisbon, 50%. Oporto, 51. Rio Janeiro, 44. Bahia, 47. Dublin, 14-Cork, 14 per cent.

Prices of Bullion, poz._Portugal Gold in coin, £.0.0.0. Foreign Gold in bars, £.3.17.168.-New Doubloons, £.3.14.6. New Dollars, 4s. 94d. Silver in bars, standard, 4s. 118d.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 15s. 9d. a 0sCork or Dublin, 15s. 9d. a 20s.-Belfast, 15s. 9d. a 20s.-Hamburgh, 20s. a 30s.- Madeira, 20s.-Jamaica, 258. a 30s.-Home, 68. a 8 Gs.-_Greenland, out and home, 0 a 0 g

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from 220 March to 12th April 1826.

March 22. March 29. April 5. April 12.

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Bank Stock..........
3 Pcent. reduced...
3 cent. consols.....
34 pcent. do........
4 y cent. do...................
Ditto New do.................
India Stock....................
- Bonds.......................

4 5 pr.

7 pr.

2 pr.
Exchequer bills,.................

5 pr.
5 pr.

7 pr.

7711 Consols for account..........

1961. 50 Coil French Rentes......................J65 f. 75 c. 97 f.

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Prices of Stocks.-Edinburgh, 17th April 1826.

Shares. | Paid up.1 Price. · Royal Bank of Scotland,...........

£.100 0 0 £. 100 0 0£. 170 00 Bank of Scotland, ......

83 6 8 83 6 0 No Sales. Commercial Banking Company of Scotland,... 500 0 0 100 0 o Ditto. National Banking Company,.......................

100 0 0 0 0 0 Ditto. British Linen Company,.........................

100 0 0 100 0 o Ditto. Edinburgh Friendly Insurance Company,...

100 0 0 1000 0 0 Caledonian Fire Insurance Company,...........

100 0 0 10 00 14 00 Hercules Insurance Company,..........

100 0 0 10 00 13 0 0 North British Insurance Company,............ 200 0 0 Oo No Sales. Edinburgh Life Assurance Company,............

100 0 0 10 00 Ditto. Insurance Company of Scotland, .........

10 0 0 10 00 10 0 0 Scottish Union Insurance Company,.........

20 0 0 1 0 0 0 17 0 West-of-Scotland Insurance Company,.....

10 0 0 10 0 of No Sales. Edinburgh Coal Gas Company, ............

25 0 0 17 2 6 Ditto. Ditto Oil Gas Company,...............................

25 0 0 16 10 0

Ditto Leith Oil Gas Company,......................

20 0 0 20 0 0 Ditto Edinburgh Portable Gas Company,........ 10 0 0 4 00 Ditto. Edinburgh Joint Stock Water Company,.... 25 0 0 25 00 Ditto. Forth and Clyde Canal Company ........... Average. 400 16 0 Ditto. Union Canal Company,..........................

50 0 0 0 of 3900 Australian Company,...............

100 0 0

No Sales Caledonian Iron and Foundry Company,...... 25 0 0 2 50 Ditto. Shotts Iron and Foundry Company,... ..........

50 0 0

0 0

Ditto Edinburgh and Leith Glass Company,..........

20 0 0 12 00 Ditto. Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Alloa Glass Co.... 20 0 0 North British Loan Company,....................

50 0 0

No Sales London, Leith, Edin., & Glasgow Shipping Co. 000 Scotch Porter Brewery Company, .............. 20 0 0 4 0 0 Leith and Hamburgh Shipping Company,... 000 Caledonian Dairy Company,.........

25 0 0 0 0 0

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th of

Feb. and 20th of March 1826; extracted from the London Gazette.

Adeock, W. and T. Birmingham, grocers
Addis, J. Abergavenny, tailor
Addison, G. W. Dalton, Yorkshire, worsted-spin-

Airey, J., and N. Aspinall, Liverpool, soap-boilers
Albany, J. Ware, Hertfordshire, barge-master
Angelby, A. Devonport, victualler
Arrowsmith, J. Salford, currier
Arscott, S. Buckfastleigh, Devonshire, wool-dealer
Arthington, K. M. and R. Birkett, Lancaster,

bankers Ashcroft, J. Altringcham, Cheshire, grocer Askey, T. College-house, Hackney-road, dealer Austen, J. Brighthelinstone, Sussex, builder Ballin, S. Wooton Underedge, silversmith Bankard, C. and W. Benson, Bowling, Yorkshire,

worsted-spinners Barber, J. and Co. Cornhill, stock-broker Bardon, W. York, draper Parfoot, W. sen., and W. Barfoot, jun. Winborne

Minster, Dorsetshire, timber-merchants Barnard, T. Strand, silversmith and wine-mer

chant Barry, W. Bruton, Somersetshire, dealer Bassano, C. Jermyn-street, oilman Bates, W. Halifax, Yorkshire, woolstapler Bates, H. Sowerby, Yorkshire, tanner Baxter, J. Darlington, Durham, banker Beale, W. Union-street, Southwark, bat-manufac

turer Beaumont, H. Liverpool, merchant Beeley, J. E. and Co. Birmingham, druggists Bennett, B. Brighton, builder Benson, J. York, merchant Benham, W. and P. Spanier, Old Trinity-house,

Water-lane, ship-agents Blaber, H. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, merchant Blyth, M. Usk, Monmouthshire, shop-keeper Bonsall, R. Liverpool, timber-merchant Boucher, W. Birmingham, jeweller Bradley, J. Liverpool, bookseller Braddock, J. and J. Jackson, Macclesfield, silk

manufacturers Brenchley, J. and J. Milton, distillers Bristow, J. and Co. Worcester, curriers Briddow, S. Manchester, provision-broker Brine, T. Southampton, common-brewer Brine, T. and W. Cheeseman, Southampton,

common-brewer Brindley, J. and T. Funsbury, Kent, ship builders Brown, W. and Co Liverpool, merchants Brown, J. Liverpool, cabinet-maker Brooksbank, W. North Bierly, corn-merchant Broughton, C. D. and Co. Nantwich, bankers Brown, T. Mile-end-road, picture-frame-maker Cannan, D. Lothbury, merchant Capel, W. Mark-lane, merchant Carter, J. Oxford-street, furrier Challenor, J. Stones-end, grocer Chesney, E. Liverpool, tailor and draper Cheeseman, W. Portsea, Southampton, common

brewer Chesterton, J. Warwick-street, Cockspur-street,

Charingcross, tailor
Clay, T. Macclesfield, silk-throwster
Cockle, J. Ashton, Birmingham, leather-dresser
Cooper, S. jan., Bury St. Edmunds, hatter
Cooper, J. sen., and J. jun. Trowbridge, Wil

clothiers Cooper, J. Moorside, Oldham, Lancashire, cotton

Cooper, E. Kingsland-road, cheesemonger
Connah, W. Chester, wine-merchant
Copeland, J. Burslem, Staffordshire, grocer
Corbet, J. Birmingham, currier
Coward, W. Southampton, dyer
Craig, G. Allerton-street, Hoxton New Town, o

Crosthwaite, J. Fenchurch-street, wine-merchant
Crook, W. Liverpool, bleacher
Crossley, J. Union-court, Old Broad-street, mer.

chant Cullingford, J. Parliament-street, Westminster,

wine-merchant Curtis, S. Addle-street, warehouseman

Curtis, T. Barnes, maltster
Cussons, G. Manchester, cotton-spinner
Dandy, C. and M. A. Hackney-road, dealers
Day, H. Speldhurst-street, Burton-crescent, linen.

Day, W.F. Hammersmith, saddler
Dawson, R. Norwich, linen-draper
Dawson, A. Huddersfield, fancy-cloth-manufac.

Deudney, J. St. Mary-at-hill, cheesemonger
Dilworth, J. and Co., Lancaster, bankers
Dilworth, J. Lancaster, banker
Dodson, N. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer
Dodsworth, T, Knaresborough, York, linen-ma.

Donkin, B. Dock Head, Surrey, tanner
Drake, J. Walworth, hop-merchant
Drimock, J. Bridgend, clothier
Eaton, R. Swansea, Glamorganshire, banker
Edmunds, J. Worcester, leather-cutter
Elvidge, W. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer
Evans, W. Basinghall-street, factor
Fairbairn, J. F. Bedford-street, auctioneer
Fielden, J. L. B. Manchester, victualler
Fisher, J. Deptford, tailor

01d, allor
Fleming, H. Fleet-street, printer
Forbes, J. Oxford-street, aruggist
Forster, S. Manchester, tailor and draper
Fountain, J. Norwich, manufacturer
Freese, P. C. Winchester-street, insurance-broker
Fricker, C. Staines, broker
Fulton, T. Change-alley, insurance-broker
Gammon, J. Elder-street, silk-manufacturer
Garrett, T. Nantwich, cheese-factor
George, S. sen., and S. George, jun., Bristol,

sugar-refiners Gentle, H. Walcot, Somersetshire, builder Gething, J. Wellington, tailor Goddard, J. Bristow, Norfolk, inn-keeper Gold, J. Brunswick-row, Hackney-road, tea-dealer Gondey, J. M. Liverpool, cabinet-maker Graham, J. Waterloo-place, upholder Graham, J. Gloucester-street, Queen-square, tailor Granger, C. Caseley, Staffordshire, coal-master Gregory, J. Manchester, cotton-spinner Greenshields, J. Oxford, builder Greener, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship-broker Gregory, J. Manchester, cotton-spinner Green, J. Leicester-street, printer Greenwell, J. R. Sherburn-mill, Sherburn, Dur.

ham, millers Greenhow, W. Manchester, cotton-manufacturer Grisdale, T. Whitehaven, timber-merchant Grueber, S. H. and H., Hope-mills, Denbigh,

spinners Harvey, W. Belper, Derbyshire, rope-maker Harvey, W. Launceston, Cornwall, banker Hart, W. Aldgate, jeweller Harrison, J. Woodchester, Gloucestershire, clo.

thier Hargrave, J. Mirfield, Yorkshire, corn-miller Hastings, R. Great Sutton-street, silversmith Haynes, W. W. Neath, Glamorganshire, banker Haywood, M. Wood-street, Cheapside, warehouse

man Heaton, M. Royds-house, Hawarth, Yorkshire,

worsted spinner Henesey, R. Drury-lane, timber-merchant Heron, J. and T. Manchester, cabinet makers Hewit, N. R. Buckingham-place, Fitzroy-square,

engraver Higginbottom, S. Macclesfield, Cheshire, silk.

manufacturer Hill, H. and T. Tickell, Watling-street, iron-mer

chants Hill, W. Old Ford-mill, Bow, miller Hodgson, W. Ingrow-bridge, Yorkshire, worsted

and stuff-manufacturer
Hoey, M. Liverpool, victualler
Hogsflesh, J. Tottenham-court-road, grocer
Holland, E. Cheltenham, grocer
Hood, B. Trafalgar-street, Walworth-road, baker
Horne, E. and C. Wellan, Jermyn-street, St.

James's, dress-makers
Howell, R. Alhampton-mill, miller

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