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however, sent them packing as bank- before his Lordship and harangued rupts into the Gazeite ; and I shall the meeting ; but, Sir, though my never forget the deploring look and zeal is strong, my voice is weak, the mournful voice of the old man and I have considered it better to on the event, when he said to his give thus my sentiments in writing. son, “ Oh! Tam, man, had I have only just to add, that

, let weel byde !The application of should your readers find some of the these to our present subject is too arguments here which the great Pareasy to require comment. Let us liamenters, or Mr Malachi, have only alone," said the merchant to the used, remember that “ wits jump;" King of France; and we implore no and though I claim priority of commore of our own Government on this position to some of them, I candidgreat and important occasion. iy admit that I gave them ro hints.

At the great meeting in the Water- It is a common saying, “ that a good loo Tavern regarding us notes, I was story is not the worse of being twice present; and near, but towards the told” That, though a proverb, is left of the Lord Provost, who presid- not true, because the second telling ed there with the greatest propriety of a story is always less amusing supported by Lord Rollo and Sir than the first. But a good argument James Ferguson. I lay snugly in is the better of being repeated, since the pocket-book of the gentleman to truth then becomes clearer; and the whom I have dictated these my me- just views of this great question can moirs and opinions, and as little never be rendered too familiar to Tomy Puck, the tiny sprite mention those who regard the best interests ed in the poem of Anster Fair, of their country, sprung from the mustard-pot and I am, till death, called aloud, I at one time intend.

Sir, ed to have started from my friend's

Your obedient Servant, pocket, and to have stood upright

A Scotch Guinea Note.'

Woman's Smile.
In all man's paths, with ills prolific, It speaks of heaven, and we would ask,
Has Nature plac'd one great specific, For ever in the rays to bask,
His heart from care to wile,

Of gentle woman's smile.
Oh! yes ; there is a potent charm,
Which even the coldest heart can warm, On earthly joys, that we embrace,
In lovely woman's smile !

Plainly these characters we trace;

They cruelly beguile : 'Mid business, in which men are hurl'd, But we forget the small deceit, 'Mid all the pleasures of the world, When rich in the enchanting treat, And dissipation vile ;

Of constant woman's smile.
Ah! what a desert is the heart,
And what can real joy impart,

With those we love, who would not fly,
If wanting woman's smile!

Far from the world's keen Argus eye,

Even to a desert isle ? 'Tis this the soldier's courage warms, Who would not thus with gladness change That bears him safe o'er dread alarms, Each pleasure within fashions's range, And many a weary mile :

For partial woman's smile ? In watches that the sailor keeps, In dreams of home, even while he sleeps, Let those exult who change their health, He's bless'd with woman's smile! For premature old age and wealth,

For yellow gold and bile; The brightest sunshine of our days, I envy not their splendid lot, Is that on beauty's cheek which plays, Give me contentment in a cota Parting the lips awhile :

Oh! give me woman's smile !

Although we have the misfortune to differ tolo cælo with our learned and goodhumoured Correspondent, on the subject of the Currency, we have with much plea sure inserted his Letter, as exhibiting a sair defence of the present order of Scotch moneymatters. ED.


Or all countries, ancient or mo- name, was one of those whose fate dern, France has produced the excited the most lively interest ; not greatest number of illustrious women. so much from her rapk as from her There, the female sex rules with re- personal character, her exalted tam sistless sway, and there, more palpa. lents, and the memorable circumbly than any where else, has it left stances which attended her death. the stamp of its powers upon society. The words of this bigh-minded lady From the times of Clovis down to to the judges who condemned her the present day we notice a succes- are deserving of notice :-" You do sion of distinguished women. The me then the honour of bestowing State, in some instances, has been in- upon me the same treatment as upon debted to their valour for its preser- those great men whom you have asvation, as in the case of Joan of Arc. sassinated, and of sending me to en. In others, we have a Maintenon, a joy their companionship for ever.” Ninon, and a Pompadour, guiding In prison, she showed the most the helm of government according perfeci indifference to her fate. There to their wills, and ruling, by the was one victim (a man) who was united influence of beauty and talent, her companion in misfortune. He over monarchy itself. Then ap- was sadly broken down in spirit at pears a de Stael, exalting the sex by the doom which awaited him; but powers of intellect, which might when they were carried together to well excite the admiration and the the place of execution, she consoled envy of man, and rearing up monu- him tenderly, employing every efments of genius which will band fort to revive his courage. In those down her name to the latest time. cases where more than one were to

Women, and above all, French be executed together, it was deemed women, are more distinguished, in a favour to be guillotined first. The general, by gaiety and sprightliness, noise of the falling axe, the head than by other more energetic quali, tumbling from the trunk, and the ties; but, not unfrequently, these blood flowing in streams around, qualifications are blended with others were dreadful to the imaginations of of a grander character; and while those who came after. Being a the exterior is buoyant and airy, a woman, she had the precedence, but heart lies within endowed with more she proposed to her poor fellow-sufthan Roman virtue and Roman cou. ferer that it should be taken by him. rage.

“ It will, at least,” said she, “ save The Revolution, so pregnant with you the pain of seeing my blood human suffering, furnished many flow.” On arriving at the scaffold, such examples. In that awful con- she entreated this last favour of the valsion, no age, or rank, or sex, was executioner. He refused, alleging spared. Virtue and vice perished that bis orders prevented him from together. Royalty met the fate of complying. • You will not surely its meanest subject. Wisdom and deny a lady her last request ?” said folly, science and ignorance, prince, she with a smile. “Come, my good and priest, and peasant, were blend friend, grant me this small boon." ed in the same destruction. The The man relented, and her compascaffold which shed the blood of nion was first disposed of. Her apLouis, and his queen, and sister, was pearance is described as being noble also glutted with that of Lavoisier and interesting. She was dressed in and Robespierre ;--the one, the white, and her whole demeanour was amiable disciple of philosophy; the full of calmness and dignity. When other, the demon of cruelty and dis. her head was placed upon the block, cord.

and before the weapon of death came Madame Rolland, wife of the vir, down, she raised it towards the statue tuous Minister of the Interior, and of liberty, which was placed opposite authoress of those incomparable po- the guillotine. “Ah ! Liberty, what litical documents which bear his crimes have been committed in thy wame!" These were her last words. If you have received it, I rest on Another moment, and this noble spi- your politeness. It is enough that I rit was removed from the earth. am unfortunate, to claim your attenHer husband was horror-struck at tion." This was on the 13th of the her death, and died shortly after- month, and on the evening of the wards, broken-hearted.

same day she was admitted into his But noble and becoming as was presence. He had just stepped out the death of Madame Rolland, it of the bath, and was only half cloth. yields in interest to that of the beau. ed, when Charlotte was announced. tiful and heroic Charlotte Corday. She would have retired an instant Greece or Rome, in their most de- till he had finished his toilet, but he voted times, never produced a finer ordered her straightway to enter his instance of patriotism or intrepidity; apartment. and Brutus and Thrasybulus, with « What do you wish with me?" their glory around them, can hardly were his first words, as he cast bis claim a higher rank among the libere lascivious eyes on the beautiful girl, ators of mankind than this young who stood undauntedly before him. heroine. She lived in the town of “ I demand justice," was her reply. Caen in Normandy, one of the pro- I come to plead the cause of the vinces of France, and appeared in unfortunate Deputies who have taken the hottest period of the Revolution, refuge at Caen." She held a scroll when Marat, the infamous friend of in her hand : it professed to be their Robespierre, was on his pinnacle of petition, and Marat took it from her power. This man, a native of Ge- and glanced it over. It was never neva, was originally of low origin, known how this petition came into having been at one period of his life Charlotte's possession. It has been a hawker of toys about the streets of alleged that one of the unbappy De. Paris. He afterwards became edi- puties was her lover, and that he intor of a revolutionary journal; and trusted it to her hands for the pur. at length, by dint of talent and pose of being delivered to the tyrant. finesse, was appointed a Deputy to It has also been conjectured, that if the French Convention. Here he he had granted its prayer, and exdistinguished himself by that sort of tended mercy to these persecuted eloquence which takes among the men, she might for the time have vulgar, and still more by the fero- waved her fatal purpose. Another cious nature of his propositions, and a more probable opinion is, that which made him noted for cruelty, it was framed by herself, to serve as even in this sanguinary assembly. an excuse for intruding upon Marat, His deeds it were vain to relate. and enabling her more easily to carry They realised all that fiction has told her scheme into execution. Be that us in its wildest tales, and more than as it may, it produced no effect upon realised the barbarities attributed by his savage heart. He read it with history to Antiochus and the worst

Young woman," said he, of the Roman Emperors. Suffice it you have come upon a useless to say, they aroused the spirit of errand. The fate of these men is Charlotte Corday; and with a per- sealed. I have already given orders fect conviction of the consequences for their apprehension. Their deaths of such an attempt, she formed the will soon follow.” “ Villain !" cried vast design of ridding her country of Charlotte ; and drawing a poignard one whom she considered its bitterest from her bosom, she plunged it into

the heart of the monster. He reeled For this puspose, she came to backwards, and fell upon a couch. Paris, and on the morning of the His only words were, “ Traitress, 12th of July 1793 wrote to Marat, you have murdered me-seize her informing him, that she had matters seize her!” She gave him but one of the deepest importance to commu- look of disdain and horror, and nicate, and requesting an immediate dashing down the bloody weapon, audience. To this no answer was strode with fearless grandeur out of returned ; and she again addressed the room. to him a note in the following words: She went home leisurely, nor made -"Have you received my letter? the slightest attempt to escape. Her

& sneer.


mind had been made up as to the “ 'Tis crime which brings disresult of the dreadful tragedy she grace, and not the scaffold.” had just acted. Meanwhile, the The front of the Tuilleries was the report that Marat was killed spread place selected for her execution. A like wildfire over Paris. A sort of multitude of people had assembled dreadful anxiety and suspense per- to witness the ceremony; among vaded this vast metropolis. Vice others were crowds of barbarous trembled at the loss of its most women, who drew together for the terrific minister, while all the no

express purpose of insulting her last bler and more heroic passions were moments. However, when she came wrought into estacy, at the reported forth from the prison, she appeared destruction of one of the most exe- so lovely and interesting, that their crable wretches that ever disgraced base purpose was laid instantly aside, humanity.

and not a voice was raised against Charlotte was apprehended, but her. She was elegantly dressed, and she exhibited no sign of fear; and appeared smiling upon the scaffold; when told that death would assured her dark and beautiful locks waving ly follow the deed she had commit- gracefully over her shoulders. When ted, she heard it with the most sove- the executioner removed the kerchief reign contempt. On being brought which covered her neck and bosom, before the tribunal, and questioned she blushed deeply, and when her as to ber motives for killing Marat, head was held up after death, it was she showed the same unshaken firmó observed that the face still retained ness. She defended the deed on the this mark of offended mod sty. A grounds of justice and necessity. deep feeling was produced among Marat, though not tried and con- the spectators, all accustomed as they demned by an official tribunal, was were to such scenes; and when the already looked upon by his country fatal axe descended, there was a as a criminal deserving of death. shudder, which showed that the She only did that which the laws death of this young heroine excited ought to have done, and which fua admiration and pity more than any ture times would applaud her for do- thing else. By an emotion of genering. “ I slew him," continued she, ous respect, almost all the men un" because he was the oppressor of covered themselves ; those of her my country-I slew him, that France own sex who came to revile her might have rest from his cruelties— stood mute and abashed. Many of I slew him, to save the lives of thou- both sexes were observed to weep; sands who would have perished by and when the crowd separated,' it his decrees ; and my sole regret is, was with a melancholy which proved that I did not sooner rid the earth that, even at this dreadful period, the of such a monster."

kinder affections were not unsuscepShe heard the sentence of death tible of emotion. passed upon her with an unconcern - When on her way to the scaffold, which would have done honour to a circumstance occurred, which, from stoicism itself. For a short time its romantic nature, well deserves to she conversed with her counsel and be mentioned :-A young man named some of her friends, and rising up, Adam Lux, a commissary from Maywalked quietly away to the prison. ence, was at this moment accidentalDuring the interval between her con- ly passing. He saw her, and in an demnation and death, she wrote instant fell in love with her. His three letters. Two of these were to heart became so overpowered with her friend Barbouroux, relating her this strange affection, that, from lov. adventures from the time of her ing her, he came at length to love quitting Caen. The third, to her fa- the guillotine regarding it as a sather, was couched in the most so- cred altar, at which the blood of lemn and affectionate strain, and royalty, and beauty, and virtue, was concluded with the celebrated line offered up. He immediately publishof Corneille,

ed a pamphlet upon the occasion “ C'est le crime qui fait la honte, proposed to erect a monument to et non pas l’echafaud.”

her memory with the inscription, “Greater than Brutus," engraved up. Pætus the honour of a virtuous on it--and in a sort of phrensied en death! She again appears in the chathusiasm invoked her shade from the racter of those magnanimous French Elysian fields, where it dwelt with women, who accompanied in the prothose of the illustrious victims of the scription, in dungeons and punishRevolution. This brought him the ments, their parents, their sons, and doom to which he aspired. He was their husbands, through the midst thrown into the prison of La Force, of our Revolutionary tarments *."

. and afterwards executed. During con. And it was under the influence of finement, his whole talk was of the such feelings that Charlotte Corday heroic object of his affections.

performed that act, which virtuous Such was the fate of Charlotte and generous minds, so far from conCorday--an honour to human na- sidering a crime, will look upon as ture-and above all, an ornament one of the most heroic deeds of reand an honour to the sex of woman. corded history. Had she lived in ancient times, sta- One of the first acts of the Freneb, tues and columns would have been after the death of Marat, was to give erected to her memory; her name him a sumptuous funeral. For this would have lived recorded in the an. purpose, a vast sum of money was nals of time, and she would have raised by public subscription, and stood in the foremost rank of patriots. his body, followed by crowds of poliIt was the influence of a lofty and tical adorers, was carried to the Parlromantic feeling which led her on to theon. There it lay in state for the commission of that crime which many days. The coffin was allowed will immortalize her. Woman is the to remain open, and the body of the child of feeling. From this source regicide was exposed to the view of spring up all her good and bad qua- countless multitudes who thronged lities. It is seldom ambition or po- to see it. It was at this time the licy which leads her on to any enter- hottest season of the year, and the prise: it is the passions. It is jea- face of the corpse having become black lousy, or love, or revenge, or pity, by the process of decay, it was whitewhich are the stirring spirits of all washed, the better to preserve it in a her deeds. “Why else," to use the condition to be seen, till the day of the language of a modern French interment arrived. He was at last writer, “is she sometimes that atro- buried in a place allotted for sages cions Cleopatra, presenting a poisoned and heroes, regarded by his friends cup to her rival and her son, --some- as a martyr for liberty, and by all times that sacrilegious Amelia, who good men as one of the worst chawished to immolate her benefactor,racters who has appeared in modern or the haughty Roxana, ready to de- times. liver to the dagger of an assassin the But mark the changes of human heart of Bajazet, because insensible opinion ! This man, who was interred to her charins ? Sanguinary and im- so sumptuously-this man, whose replacable in revenge, she pushes putation among the Revolutionists cruelty even to rage, for the same stood so high, was at last denied a reason that she carries virtue to the grave. His superb coffin was torn most sublime excess ! She is Alcesta, from the vault in which it had been dying for her spouse ! She is an In• placed, and broken in pieces ; while dian,

throwing herself on the funeral his carcase, dragged from it by the pile which consumes her husband ! mob, was thrown like carrion into She is a Lacedemonian, sacrificing her one of the public sewers which runs son, shamefully escaped from a defeat! into the Seine. His memory has met She is Eponina, devoting herself with with a fate even worse than his body, Sabinus to the long horrors of misery and will be accursed to the latest and exile ! She is Arria, showing to posterity.

• Virey, de la Femme.

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