Зображення сторінки

Colonel Peter Murray, was adjudged to £.22,213,622 sterling, and the net sur.
Master William Gowan, (son of Mrs plus to £.2,274,646.
Gowan, London-Street,) dux of the se- Hunterian Museum, Glasgow.-Rattle.
nior Latin Class, who was also dux of snake.The Hunterian Museum has been
the Geography Class. The following is a fately enriched by the present of a living
copy of the inscription :

Rattlesnake. The reptile is enclosed in
Præmium Moravianum in Schola Edinensi a large box fronted with glass, defended

by a grating of wire. It is perfectly live. PUERO OPTIME MERITO CONDISCI- ly, although since its arrival it has taken PULORUM

nothing but the portion of the yolk of two DUCI.

eggs. Living mice and young birds have A.D. MDCCCXXIV.

been introduced, but without its taking Another gold medal was adjudged to the smallest notice of them. Frogs, also; the dux of the senior Greek class, Mas. but they were found entwined in its ter Basil Bell, son of Mr John Bell, Cha. folds-or even perched on its head-withpel Hill, Berwickshire, bearing a suitable out suffering the smallest injury, or as inscription in the Greek language. much as attracting its notice. A rabbit,

A similar gold medal, the bequest of however, did not fare so well; the little the late Mr William Ritchie, who was animal had been scarcely put into the for twenty-three years one of the teachers box, when the snake daried at it, and of this school, was awarded to Master bit it, retiring, as it were, at the same George Cotton, (son of Mr Cotton, tobac- moment, and coiling itself up in its folds. conist, North Bridge,) as dux of the se- The deadly nature of the bite was soon cond class, and

conspicuous. In about a minute, the The Macdonald premium, being a rabbit was seized with convulsions, and, beautiful silver medal, bearing the arms after three minutes more, expired, in apof Macdonald, finely embossed, was ad. parently dreadful agony. The snake did judged to Master John Whyte, (son of not subsequently take the smallest no. Mr John Whyte, printer, Lawnmarket,) tice of its victim, but moved about as dux of the third class.

though its prison inclosed nothing but Union Canal.The beneficial effects itself. of the Union Canal become daily more 20.- Manchester. It appears that the apparent. We observe ground adverti- payments made by the Manchester Clerk sed to be feued along its banks; and the Society to 177 members and their fami. proprietors of lands adjoining find an lies in distressed circumstances, since its easy outlet for all sorts of produce. On establishment in 1802, amounts to no less the estate of Baberton, only four miles a sum than £.15,769, 14s. ld. The per. from town, a new quarry has been open. manent fund of the Society, amounting to ed, yielding excellent stone for building, £.16,174, 19s. 8d., has been principally of which the builders in Edinburgh have laid out in the purchase of chief rents, begun to avail themselves at a cheap and is now producing £.750 per annum. rate, by the easy access which the Canal The annual subscriptions are about £.600, affords.

making a total of income to the Society 14-Revenues, fc. of the East India of £.1350. The claimants now on the Company.The accounts of revenues books are 18 sick and infirm members, and disbursements of the East India 60 widows and their 47 children, and 25 Company for the three years 1819-20, orphans, at a charge of £.1326 per an1820-21, 1821-22, the latest period to num, according to the present allowance, which they can be made up, with ani es- which is only one half of what was origi. timate for 1822-23, have been printed nally intended, and allowed up to the year by order of the House of Commons. 1821, when the Committee were reluc. The territorial revenues of the Presiden- tantly obliged, from the rapid increase of cies of Bengal, Fort St George, and Bom claims, to reduce the allowances to the bay, and the dependencies — Bencoolen, amount of the annual income, according and the Prince of Wales's Island were, to the rules of the society. It is a fact worin 1821-22, £.21,803,207 sterling ; the thy of particular notice, that the circumcharges on it £.17,732,516, to which is stances of a rumber of individuals, (who to be added, £.1,935,390, interests on at one time were among the first of re. debts in India, and £.208,038 expense spectable merchants, and who became of St. Helena. When these three sums members of this society, rather as patrons are deducted from the revenues, there than from interested motives,) have so appears a net surplus revenue arising changed since, that they or their families from the territory of India of £.1,927,263. have actually become claimants on the In 1822-23, it is estimated that the funds. Letter in the Manchester Guar. gross revenues will have amounted to

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son, dead



19 F. Bt. Major Lockyer, Maj. by purch. vice

Broomfield, ret. 22 July 1824 July 22. The Rev. Mr Henderson ordained

Lieut. Rose, Capt.

do. Minister of the Parish of Carmunnock.

Ens. Stirling, Lieut.

do. 29. The Rev. G. Mackenzie admitted Minister

R. F. Poore, Ens.

do. of Skene.


Ens. Young, from 18 F. Lieut vice 30. The Rev. Alexander Walker presented by

Church, dead

12 Aug. the King to the Church and Parish of Elgin. 21

2d Lieut. Booth, Ist Lieut. vice Brady, Aug. 13. Rev. Dr Lee of Canongate appointed

African Col. Corps

15 July Minister of Lady Yester's Parish, Edinburgh.

Ens. Pentland, from 1 W. LR. 2 The Associate Congregation of Original Burgh


do. ers, Cowan's Yard, Stirling, gave a unanimous

Major M.Laine, from h. p. 3 Ceylon R. call to Mr William Mackray, A.M. to be their

Major vice Gordon, 10 F. 29 do. Pastor.

26 14. The Rev. John Kerr presented by his Majesty

Ens.Babinton, from 18 F. vice Roberts, dead

19 Aug to the Church and Parish of Polmont.

R. J. E. Rich, Ens.

do. Rev. Dr David Lamont to be one of his Ma

29 Quart, Mast. Serj. Kneebone, Quart. jesty's Chaplains in Ordinary in Scotland.

Mast. vice Mitchell, dead

15 July. Mr James Nicol, A.M. presented to the Church

39 Bt. Lieut. Col. Lindesay, Lieut CoL by and Parish of Leslie.

purch. vice Sturt, ret.

12 Aug. 16. The Associate Congregation of Kilpatrick

Bt. Maj. Macpherson, Maj.

do. gave a unanimous call to Mr William Nicol to be

Lieut. Caldicott, Capt,

do. their Pastor.

Ens. Leckie, Lieut.

do. 19. Rev. John Murray elected one of the Minis

G. C. Borough, Ens ters of Aberdeen.


Lieut. Marshall, Capt. vice Cuthbert. The Associate Congregation in Potter-row,

22 July Edinburgh, gave a call to Mr John Smart of Stir.

20 Lieut. Hay, from 54 F. Lieut. do ling to be their Minister. Mr Smart had pre- 51 Lieut. Tyndale, Capt by purch. vice viously a call from the Congregation at St. An

James Ross, ret.

5 Aug drew's-Street, Leith, which he has preferred.

53 Lieut. Halcott, from 87 F. Lieut. vice 30. The Rev. Archibald Bennie to be Minister

Anstice, h. p. 22 Dr. 29 July of the West Church, Stirling.

54 C. Warren, Ens. vice Hay, 48 F. 22 de

60 Serj. Maj. Liddeel, from 7 F.2d Lieut. II. MILITARY.

and to Act as Adj.

19 Aug. Brevet. Capt. Ovens, h. p. (employed as Chief

W. Smith, Ens, vice Cogan, dead
Engineer in New South Wales,) Maj.

29 July in the Army

29 July 1824. 71 Ens. Connor, Lieut, vice Coates, dead Capt. Pudner, East-India Company's

19 Aug. Service, and Paymaster of Comp. De

Ens. Seymour, Ens.

do. pot at Chatham, to have local rank 72 Lieut. Murray, from h. p. 94 F. Lieut. of Capt. while so employed 22 do.

vice Rose, exch.

da A. Nicoll, late a Serj. 149 F. and Fort 73 Maj. Bamford, from 97 F. Maj. vice Adj. in Canada, to have rank of Ens.

Cameron, h. p. York Chass. 12 do. while so employed

5 Aug

77 J. Lomax, Ens by purch. vice England, 4 Dr. Gds, Capt. Chatterton, from 7 Dr. Gds. Maj.

12 Dr.

19 do by purch. vice d'Este, prom. 22 July 79 Capt. Marshall, Maj. by pareh. vice Lieut. Nugent, Capt. by purch. vice


29 July Chatterton, 4 Dr. Gds.


Lieut. Browne, Capt. by purch. vice
Cornet Unett, Lieut.

Marshall, prom.

19 Aug. J. Bolton, Cornet

Ens. Maule, Lieut.

do. Serj. Maj. Hickman, Riding-master,

T. Crombie, Ens.

do. from 15 Dr. Cornet

15 do.

82 Lieut. Mortimer, Capt. vice Field, 4 Dr. Assist. Surg. Thompson, from 59 F.


9 March Surg. vice Tod, dead

5 Aug.
Ens. Greene, Lieut.

12 Aug. Paymaster Wildey, from h. p. 40 F.

J. Trollope, Ens.

do. Paymaster, vice Kerr, exch. 12 do. 84

Capt. Colomb, from ho p. 37 F. Capt 7 Lieut. Hill, Capt. by purch. vice Gor

vice Tonson, exch. don, ret.

29 July

86 Lieut. Grey, Capt. by purch. vice Hogg. Cornet Broadhead, Lieut.


do. A. W. Biggs, Cornet


Ens. Close, Lieut. 12 Lieut. Pallisar, Capt. by purch. vice

P. Le Poer Trench, Ens.
Craufurd, Cape Corps

do. 87 Lieut. Mildmay, from h. p. 22 Dr. Ens. England, from 77 F. Lieut. 19 do.

Lieut. vice Halcott, 53 F. 29 July 15

Capt. Lane, Major by purch. vice Booth, 88 W. P. Gallway, Ens. vice Boyes, o W. ret.

I. R.

do. Lieut. Temple, Capt.

do. 92 Capt. Cameron, from h. p. 79 F. Capt Cornet Musgrave, Lieut.

vice Phelan, exch.

19 Aug. J. Shelley, Cornet

do. 97 Maj. Paterson, from h. p. York Chass 1 F. Ens. Williamson, Lieut. vice M'Combie,

Maj. vice Bamford, 75 F. 12 do
African Col.

98 Lieut. Goodiff, from h. p. 31 F. Lieut. J. Campbell, Ens

vice Logan, exch.

do. 5 Ens. Hiu, Lieut. vice M-Kenzie, dead Rifle Brig. W. Lloyd, 2d Lieut. by purch. vice

8 June
Dayrell, 10 F.

22 July J. W. King, Ens.

Lieut. Molloy, Capt. vice Skeill, dead 10 2d Lieut. Dayrell, from Rifle Brig.

5 Aug. Lieut, by purch. vice Birch. ret.

2d Lieut. Maclean, 1st Lieut. do. 22 July

C. Bagot, Page of Honour to the King, Major Gordon, from 21 F. Major, vice

2d Lieut. Rudsell, h. p. 3 Ceylon Reg: 29 do. 1 W. I. R. E. G. Ellis, Ens. vice Pentland, 21 F. 11 W. L. O'Halloran, Ens. vice La Roche,

15 July. res.


5 Aug

42 July

12 Aug.


11 Jan. 2 Ensign Spence, Lieut. vice M'Carthy, 18 Ens. Latouche, Lieut. by purch, vice


do French, prom.

15 July

Ensign & Adjut. Curry, rank of Lieut. G. H. Peel, Ens.

6 Aug. T. C. Graves, Ens. vice Young, 20 F.

Ensign Sutherland, Lieut. vice Dunne, dead

7 do


12 Aug

p. 16 F.

8 May

2 W. I. R. E. E. Nicolls, Ens. 7 Aug. 1824 Capt. Mahon, from 29 F. with Capt. Hon. J. H. F. W. Watson, Ens.

22 July Cradock, h. p. 3 W. I. R. Hosp. Assist. Murray, Assist. Surg.

French, from 81 F. with Capt. Scoones, h. Ensign Boyes, from 88 F. Lieut. do.

29 do. Hart, from 82 F. with Capt. Brutton, h. p. Staff Assist. Surg. O'Beirne, Surg. vice 75 F. Ritchie, dead

5 Aug

Driberg, from 83 F. with Capt. Haggerson, Cape CBt. Maj. Craufurd, from 12 Dr. Major Ceylon Reg. Cav.) by purch. vice Somerset, dead do.

Heard, from 87 F. with Capt. Moore, h. p.
R. Af. Lieut. Brady, from 21 F. Capt. vice 101 F.
COL C. M'Combie, dead

15 July Cornet Simpson, from Royal Horse Gds. rec. diff.
D. Turner, Ens. vice O'Meara, dead do. with Ensign Lord Russell, h. p. 48 F.
Capt. De Barrallier, from h. p. 32 F. Ensign Thompson, from 8 F. rec. diff. with Ens.
Capt. vice Baynes, exch.

12 Aug.

Byron, h. p. 42 F. Vet. C. Capt. Mackenzie, from h. p. York Light

Bennet, from 68 F. with Ens. Bernard, h. Newf.} Infantry Volunteers, Capt. 25 July 1 Vet. Bn. Ens. Russel, from h. p. 6 F. Ens. (re- Quart. Mast. Cockburn, from 17 Dr. with Lieut.

pay the diff. he rec. upon exch. to Nicholson, h. p. 8 Dr.
h.p.) vice Karr, ret. list. 29 do.

Surg. Walker, from 32 F. with Surg. Bampfield, 2

Lieut. Gray, from h. p. 6 F.Lieut. vice h. p. Meuron's Regt.
Pope, ret. list

15 do. Assist. Surg. Latham, from 57 F. with Assist. Vet. Co.'s Bt. Lieut. Col. Burke, from h. p. Doyle, h. p. 35 F. for Newf. Dillon's R. Maj.

25 do. Capt. Pilkington, from h. p. 5 F. Capt.

Resignations and Retirements.

Major Gen. Lamont, late of 92 F.
Rudkin, from h.

100 F. Capt.

Colonel Earl of Granard, Longford Militia.

Major Booth, 15 Dr.
Lieut. Campbell, from b. p. 72 F. Lieut.

Broomfield, 19 F.

Capt. Gordon, 7 Dr.
Croly, from h. p. 81 F. do. do.

James Ross, 51 F.
Daunt, from h. p. 62 F. do. do. Lieut. Birch, 10 F.
Stanley, from h. p. 15 F. do. do. Ensign La La Roche, 14 F.
Dunne, from h. p. 25 F. do. do.
Ingall, from h. p. 70 F. do. do.

Ensign Clarke, from h. p. 50 F. Ensign Major Gen. D. Campbell.


Prevost, from 67 F. Bath 9 Aug. 1824.
Philpot, from h. p. 62 F. do.

Lieut. Col. Warren, 47 F.
Walker, from h. p. 90 F. do.

Major Percival, late of 18 F. Malta
Ashton, late 12 F. Egham

14 Aug. Unattached.

Richardson, late 5 Veteran Bn. Amboise, Major Campbell, from 97 F. Lieut. Col. of Inf.


24 May by purch. vice Major Gen. Lamont, ret.

Capt. Gell, 1 F. at Chingput, on march for Trí

chinopoly 10 July 1824.

18 Feb.

Rotton, 17 F.
Royal Military College.

Field, 82 F. Mauritius

8 March Capt. Clias to be Superintendent of Gymnastic Ex

Yorke, 95 F. Malta

1 July ercises, with rank and pay of Capt. in the

Skeil, Rifle Brig. Army while so employed 5 Aug. 1824

Lumsdain, late Invalids, Invergellie, North Britain

17 Nov. 1823. Garrison.

Thompson, late Garr. Bn. near Birmingham

24 June 1894. Lieut. Col. Belford, of late 3 Vet. Bn. Fort Maj. Allott, late 5 Vet. Bn. Hague Hall, Yorkof Dartmouth Castle, vice Wright, dead


15 do. 12 Aug. 1824. J. Wingate Weekes, h. p. Nova Scotia FenStaff

cibles, and Town Adj. of Cape Breton, Cape Breton

23 do. Bt. Maj. Cochrane, h. p. 103 F. Inspect. Field Off. Lieut, Roberts, 26 F. Militia, Nova Scotia, with rank of Lieut. Col.

Skelton, 46 F. Belgaum, Madras 10 Feb. in the Army

15 July 1824.
Cottman, 60 F. Barbadoes

2 July Capt. Bentley, from late 1 Vet. Bn. Staff Capt. at

- Coates, 71 F. Glasgow

28 do. Chatham, vice Dalgetty, ret. list

Dunne, 2 W. I. R. 19 Aug. 1824.

M.Carthy, do.

· Hayter, Royal Engineers, Colombo Commissariat Department.

21 March

Wright, Fort Maj. Dartmouth Castle Comm. Clerk, T. Walker, Dep. Assist. Comm.

Sir J. Foulis, Bt. late Invalids, Dublin Gen. 13 July 1824,

3 June T. Stafford, do.

do. Bailey, h. p. 6 F. Brough, Westmoreland W. Bishop, do. do.

29 do. J. Findlay, do.

Elmore, h. p. 72 F. Secunderabad

15 Dec. 1823. Hospital Staff

Laird, h. p. 86 F. Gateshead, Durham

22 July 1894. Staff Surg. Tully, Dep. Inspect. of Hospitals

Crean, h. p. 1 Gar. Bn. Stream's Town, 22 July 1824.

11 June Dr. Arthur, from h. p. Physician to the Forces,

Co. Mayo vice Denecke, h. p.

15 do.
Ensign Glass, late 6 Vet. Bn. Musselburgh

22 July Assist. Surg. Rosser, from h. p. 3 F. Assist. Surg. vice Wharrie, dead

M'Cabe, h. p. Cape Corps, Jersey 21 June

22 do. Hosp. Assist. Young, Assist. Surg. vice Law, dead

Bond, late 5 Royal Vet. Bn. Breewood, Stafford

17 July 14 Aug. E. J. Bulteel, Hosp. Assist.

7 April do. Paymast. Williams, 82 F. Mauritius Harrison, h.


83 F. Exchanges. Quart. Mast. Murray, h. p. Durham Fenc. Cav.

Feb. Major Macintosh, from 93 F. with Major Bozon, Surgeon Buchanan, h. p. 9 F. Glasgow h. p. 81 F.

Statt Assist. Surg. Law, Africa Bt. Major Cane, from 65 F. with Capt. Senior, h.

Vet. Surg. Harrison, h. p. York Huss. Teddington

27 May Meacham, from 24 F. with Capt. Stack, Erratum in Last Month's Army List in h. p.88 F. Capt. Phillimore, from Gren. Gds. rec. diff. with

the List of Retirements. Capt. Saunderson, h. p. 81 F.

For Lieut. Leslie, 97 F. read Lieut. Scott, 97 F. VOL. XV.

3 A

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14 Aug.

p. 18 F.



[blocks in formation]

Wheat. 1824.

Barley. Oats. Pease.

Quar. Potat.
Bls. Prices. Av.pr.

Loaf. p-peck S. d. s.d. s. d. s. d. s.d.s.d. s. d. s. d. s. d. d. d. lug. 18 493 200 330 29 0 230 27 0 18 0 230 180 920 9 10 25 36624 0 340 30 0 200 26 0 18 0 23 0 180 220

10 Sept. 1 281 220 33 0 27 3 19 0 23 0 170 210 170 210 9

8 687 20 0 320 28 7,19 0 230 160 200 160 19 01| 9 8
15 719 21 0 320 27 1 200 250 15 0 20 6 16 0 190|| 9 8

S. d.
Aug. 17|| 331 1 6

24) 365 1 6

31|| 422 1 5 Sept. 7440 1 3

14|| 282 1 3

[blocks in formation]

Wheat, 240 lbs.

Oats, 261 lbs. 1824.

Barley, 320 lbs.

Bns. & Pse. Oatmeal Flour, Dantzic. For. red. British. Irish.

140 lbs. 280 lbs. British. English. Scots. Stirl. Meas. s. d. s. d. s. d. & d. s. d. s.a.s. d. s.d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Aug. 19

250 320 150 180 22 0 22 6 29 0 31 0 260 270|| 180 210 16 6 22 6|| 50 26

25 0 31 0 150 17 6 22 0 22 6 290 30 01260 270 180 210 150-2050 Sept. 2

240 50 0 150 230 220 94 0 28 0 30 0 260 270 180 210 150 21 41 50 9

24 0 30 0 150 200 22 0 230 280 25 0 2601 160 210 150 200 | 50 16

24 0 30 0 150 190 220 230 28 0 - 25 0 260 160 210 150 20 Cil 46 47

[blocks in formation]

182 4.


Rye. Barley Oats. Beans. Pease. Oatm.

8. d. S. d. s. d. 8. d. s. d. S d. s. d. Aug. 7 58 159 7 33 6 25 10 36 138 3

14 57 9 59 4 33 0 28 7 34 11 37 3
21 58 0414 32 1 28 11) 35 336 7

28 57 391) 33 0 25 735 81 36 9 Sopt. 57 8 341 32 1 23 2 35 11 36 S


Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock after.

noon. The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.

Attach. 1821. Ther. Baro.



Ther. Baro.


Wind. Weather.


{A. 55 3{A. 54

18{ 19{ 21{

A. 57

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the day



M.42 29.664 M.64 Aug. 1

Fair, with

A. 57

Foren. fair, .708 A. 66


Aug. 17{N.45 29.362 M.Co
A. 57
.216 A. 60


aftern.h.rain M. 45 .732 M.62

Dull, with
M.43 28.999 M.59

. 171 A. 63
rain aftern,

A. 54

Cble, 234 A. 59

aft. with hail.
M. 44
.755 M.60
Rain most

M.43 29.109 M.60
.732 A. 60

Day dull, part of day.

A. 561 .538 A. 60

but fair. M.45 .542 M.63



M.46 29.586 M.60 .380 A, 61

Fair foren.

Cble. .529 A. 59

show. aftern.
.327 M.59 Showery for

M. 46
.570 M.58

Rain for the
A 54 .378 A. 60)

A. 56


.689 A.58 M.48

555 M.58

Dull, with

M.39 .949 M.58
A. 55

.686 A. 58
sh. rain.

Fair, with

A. 54 .959 A. 62) sunshine.
M18 .761 M.58

Dull, but


.950 M.62 A51

23 .601 A. 53

Rain for the fair, warm.

A. 60
.925 A.62

M. 46
117 M.62

Sunsh, and

.914 M.61

Fair foren.
A. 60 -376 A. 62

A. 59
.998 A, 61

show, aftern.
.302 M.64

Morn. show.

M.17) 50.241 M.62
A.59 .410 A. 63

day fair,

A.57 .241 A, 59 even. h. fog. M,45 .425 M.63

Foren. dull.

.256 M.02

Fair, with
.482 A. 62
aftern. sunsh

.160 A. 63

foggy even. M.47 .416 M.63

Dull and

M.47 29.166 M.64
A. 58

Fair, warm
.115 A. 62
sunsh. after.

A. 59

.999 A. 64

sunshine. .531 M.63

Thu & ligh.

.988 M.63

Morn. dull. A. 57 .431 A. 60

with hail.

A. 59
.188 A. 62

day fair,sun. .489 M.62

Morn. cold,

.788 M 62
.574 A. 61
A. 57

Dull, but

E. day fair.

A. 57 .750 A.61
.630 M.62

Day fair,

M. 45

.735 M.60

301 A. 57

Dull, but fair
.296 'A. 63
h.rain night.

A. 53
.764 A. 59

and warm
.177 M.63
Fair. with


.720 M.60
A. 59

.186 A, 62

A.58 .720 A.60


.186 M.62
A 56 .239 A. 61}|

SW. Changeable.

average of rain 1.998 inches.

Cble. Day fair,

26{ A. 59

104A. 51


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28 M.41 29 M.11


12 M.45 13 M. 46 14 M. 163 13 M.17

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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. TAE harvest commenced in the lower districts about the 18th of August, but reaping went slowly forward till the 24th, by reason of frequent showers and heavy dews, attended with mist, which seldom cleared up till toward the middle of the day. From the 24th there was little interruption to the operations of harvest, and a considerable breadth of Wheat fields was clear by the end of August. In the higher districts, little was cut down till the commencement of the present month, and two-thirds of the Corn still remain standing. Though the temperature has been unusually mild, the ripening process goes forward slowly ; and the inequality of the braird in the early parts of summer is conspicuous, by the crop ripening unevenly. In the Carse of Gowrie, and Vale of Strathearn, where the Wheat and Oats are all cut down, and for the most part secured in the barn-yard, a few solitary patches of late green Barley are still to be seen standing. In the higher parts of Fife, and in some of the Highland glens, Oats still look green, mixed with some early plants, that are totally ripe. As hitherto, there has been no hoar frost. The ears have, in general, filled well. Wheat did not this season occupy the usual breadth, but the quantity is superior, and the produce will balance the deficiency of breadth ; the major part of that valuable species of grain is now secured in good condition. Barley carries a long, well-filled ear, and though mixed with greens, promises a full return. Oats are short and thin, but remarkably well furnished. Beans and Pease are well podded. Potatoes promise a fair return, and Turnips will be more weighty than usual. Upon the whole, it may be stated with fairness, that the crop, in general, is rather above than below an ordinary average.

The favourable appearance of the crop has already produced a fall in price in the Corn Market. Wheat has come down in price of late, and Oats, since the opening of the Ports for that article, are in little demand. Old Wheat only brings from 23s. to 258., new Wheat a shilling or two less. Oats bring from 17s. to 20s. In Barley there is little doing. The price of Cattle are stationary, and Horses meet with rather brisker sales than at the summer markets.

13th September 1824.

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