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suspected murderers; but they have as instant, William Riley Perry, another yet eluded the vigilance of the officers of of Carlile's shopmen, was found guilty justice. Dundee Advertiser.

of publishing Palmer's Principles of Na. 17.-Convention of Royal Burghs. ture. The prisoner, with much effron. The Convention sat as usual at Edin. tery, defended his conduct, and said, burgh, on the 13th, 14th, and 15th in. whenever he was let out of prison, if his stant. No public business of importance, opinions remained unchanged, as in all however, came before them, except on probability they would, he would imme. the last day, when Mr J. W. Macken. diately recommence selling these works. zie moved that the report of the Com. He was sentenced to three years' im. mittee of last Convention, relative to the prisonment, and to give security in £.100 salaries and duties of its officers, should for his good behaviour during life. The be read, which having been done, Mr Recorder said, that sum would be en. Mackenzie called the attention of the forced against him in case of his persemeeting to certain resolutions, of which verance in offending the law, and a sehe had given notice, and which were cond offence will also make him liable similar in substance to what he had pro to the punishment of transportation. posed last year, with a view to lessen Right of the Convention to alter the the expenditure of the Convention, which set of Royal Burghs.-On Monday the amounted to nearly £.600 a-year, or 19th instant, the Provost, Magistrates, £.200 a.day, for every day it was con- and Town Council of Brechin, were vened,man expense which was quite in served with a summons of reduction and consistent with the present state of its declarator, at the instance of his Grace funds. Mr Mackenzie proceeded to pro. Alexander Duke of Gordon, Keeper of pose resolutions for the abolition, as un- the Great Seal of Scotland, the Right necessary, of the offices of depute-clerk, Honourable Robert Lord Viscount Mel. assessor, recorder, depute-agent, burghs'. ville, Lord Privy Seal, the Right How officer, &c., on the death or demission nourable William Dundas, Lord Clerk of the present incumbents, and that the Begister, the Right Hon. Sir William allowance of £.20 a-year to the clerks Rae of St Catherine's, Baronet, Lord Adof the Receiver-General should immedi. vocate of Scotland, and the Right Hon. ately cease, as they had ceased to per. David Boyle, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotform the duties for which it was grant- - land, Officers of State for Scotland. The ed, and because such allowance did not, object of this action is, to have certain in fact, go into the pockets of the Re- elections of the Magistrates and Counceiver-General's clerks, but of some other cillors of Brechin reduced and annulled, person, who performed no duties to the which is craved on the following grounds: Convention. Mr Inglis submitted, that Primo, The minute, order, act, or war. all the savings which the Hon. Member rant of the Convention of Royal Boroughs, proposed were mere cheese-parings and authorising the election of Magistrates candle-ends; for all his economy went in Brechin, dated 22d July 1820, is vi. only to effect an immediate saving of tiated and erazed in substantialibus, is £.20 a-year. For this reason, he would not duly signed, sealed, stamped, or testmeet the resolutions by moving the pre- ed, and is defective in the forms and sovious question. After considerable dis. Jemnities required by law : Secundo, the cussion, the vote was put on Mr Inglis's set or constitution of the Borough of motion, it being understood, that if it Brechin was fixed and settled, under the was not carried, it remained for Mr sanction of his Majesty's predecessors, Mackenzie to put his resolutions seria. according to certain terms, points, and tim, when the previous question was ne articles, as is instructed by a return made gatived by a majority of 16 to 13. to the Convention of Boroughs on 20

Mr Mackenzie then moved his first July 1709, and uniformly observed and and second resolutions, relative to the acted upon, until the date of the foreoffices of Depute-clerk, and Depute, said pretended minute, order, act, or war. agent, which were lost by a majority. 'rant of the said Convention. That the The third resolution, relative to the re- said Convention has no right, title, or corder, and the fourth, relative to the sa. authority, to alter, vary, change, in. lary paid to the Receiver. General, were novate, or modify the set or constitucarried. The fifth resolution, for with- tion of any Royal Borough ; and the said drawing the allowance to the Lord Ad. minute professing to alter, vary, or change vocate, and the sixth, for abolishing the the said set of the Borough of Brechin, is office of burgh-officer, were withdrawn illegal and unconstitutional, and absolutetill next year.

ly and intrinsically void and null. The ac24. Blasphemous publications.--At tion concludes, first, for reduction of the . the New Court, Old Bailey, on the 19th said minute, order, act, or warrant of the

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Convention, with all that has followed or granted by the Magistrates of Brechin, may follow thereupon : second, to have posterior to the election in 1820, made in it declared, that the Convention of Bo. terms of the Convention of Boroughs, are roughs has no power to alter, innovate, illegal and ineffectual: and, lastly, for change, or modify the constitution of any payment of the sum of five hundred Royal Borough : third, to have it found, pounds Sterling, less or more, as the exthat all the warrants, civil and criminal, pences of process and dues of extract. "


24 do.

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16 F. July &--Lord Napier elected one of the Representative Peers of Scotland.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. June 24. Mr John Kirk ordained Minister of 19 the Parish of Barrie,

30-The Rev. William Logie presented by the King to the Church and Parish of Kirkwall and St Olay.

- The United Associate Congregation of Anstruther gave an unanimous call to Mr Alexander Shaw, to be their Pastor.

July 15.-The Rev. Robert Allan inducted as Assistant and Successor to the Rev. Andrew Gib- 27 son, Minister at Muckart.

42 -The Associate Congregation of St An. 29 drew's Street, Leith, gave an unanimous call to Mr John Smart to be their Minister.

29.-Mr Wm. Crow presented by Mr Erskine of Balhall, to the Church and Parish of Menmuir.

- The Rev. Alex. Niven presented by the Earl of Kinnoul to the Church and Parish of Balfron.

Life Gds Lieut. Douglas, Capt. by purch. vice
Lord Belhaven and Stenton, ret.

30 June 1824.
Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Cuthbert, Lieut.

do. Cornet Hon. G. W. Edwards, from 17

Dr. Cornet and Sub-Lieut. do. 9 Dr. Gds. Capt. Chamberlayn, Major by purch.

vice Lieut. Col. Gordon, ret. 1 July
Lieut. Knox, Capt.
Cornet Smith, Lieut.

do: 50
Curtis, from h. p. 7 Dr. do.
J. Osborn, Cornet by purch. vice Payne

24 June 1 Dr. T. G. Skipwith, Cornet by purch. vice Beaumont, ret.

8 July
Cornet H. T. Lord Pelham, from 15

Dr. Cornet vice Sparrow, h. p. 17 Dr.
rec. diff.

21 June
Ensign Warde, from 4 F. Cornet by

purch. vice Pringle, prom. do. 20 Troop Serj. Maj. Kinkie, Quart. Mast. vice Rogers, dead

1 July
Cornet Shedden, from h. p. 17 Dr.

Cornet (paying dift) vice Lord Pel-
ham, 6 Dr.

24 June
R. F. M. Greville, Cornet by purch.

vice Edwardes, 2 Life Gds. 30 do. Gren. Gds. Lieut, Vernon, Lieut. and Capt. by purch vice Bruce, ret.

8 July G. V. Wigram, Ens. and Lieut. by purch.

do. IF.

Lieut MCombie, from h. p. African
Corps, Lieut. vice Graham, 17 F.

24 June
A. H. Ormsby, Ens. vice Glover, 2

29 do. T. Bryne, do.

30 do A. W. Alloway, do. by purch. vice Warde, 7 Dr.

24 do. Ensign Lord F. Lennox, from 62 F. Lieut. vice Bourke, dead

do. Capt Ball, Major by purch. vice Lieut Col De Courcy, ret.

do. Lieut. Baynes, Capt.

do. Ensign Calder, Lieut. *

Clark, from 76 F. Ens. 8 July J.J. Fenton, Ens. vice Berwick, Afri. can Colonial Corps

26 June Ensign Carr, Lieut. vice Orr, dead

29 Dec. 1823. -- -Sraith, Lieut. vice Clancy, dead 97

Ensign Mackenzie, late of 70 F. Ens.

25 June 1821. G. M. Archer, Ens.

26 do. Lieut. Graham, from 1 F. Lieut. vice Harrison, h. P. African Corps 24 do.

Vignoles, from h. p. Royal Art. Lieut. vice Sullivan, h.p. rec. dift. do. C. C. Hay, Ens. vice Soden, 2 W. I. R.

27 do Bt. Major Hughes, Major vice Craig. 2 W. I. R.

25 do. Lieut. Ewing, Capt.

do. Ensign Dirom, Lieut.

do. C. Sturgeon, Ens.

do. Capt. Landon, from h. p. 70 F. Capt. vice Franklyn, cancelled 21 do.

- Chambers, from 99 F. Capt. vice Jolliffe, h. p. Bourbon Reg. do. Ensign Minchin, from h. p. 100 F. Ens. vice Boileau, 2 Vet. Bn

d o. W. N. Thomas, do. vice Burrows, African Colonial Corps

28 do. Gent. Cadet E. Thowld, from R. Mil. Coll. do, vice Bagot, 62 F. 24 do.

W. Zuhlcke, from R. Mil. Coll. do. vice Woodburn, dead do. W. D. Hewson, do. vice Smith, dead

25 do. Lieut. Vander Meulen, Capt. by purch.

vice Mackay, ret. Ensign O'Brien, Lieut. A. Erskine, Ens.

do. Gent. Cadet. J. J. Louth, from R. Mil.

Coll. Ens. vice Mackenzie, R. African
Colonial Corps

3 July Ensign Gill, Lieut. vice Ross, 2 W.I.R. H. M. Ot way, Ens.

do. S. Hood, do. vice Conran, 2 W.I.R

28 do. Ensign Bagot, from 38 F. do. vice Lord F. Lennox, 7 F.

24 do. Bt. Lieut. Col. Gubbins, from 75 F. Lieut. Col. by purch, vice Mackay, ret.

8 July J.J. H. Boys, Ens. vice Patterson, Al. rican Colonial Corps

27 June Bt. Maj. Stewart, Maj. by purch. vice Gubbins, 67 F.

8 July Lieut. Orr, Capt. Ensign Vernon, Lieut. G. Davison, Ens.

do. Gent. Cadet, C. Clark, from R. Mil. Coll. Ens vice Langmead, 44 F.

24 June Hon. C. Gordon, Ens. by purch. vice Clark, 8 F.

8 July R. Harper, Ens. vice Congreve, dead

25 June Ensign M‘Alpin, Lieut. vice Fraser, African Colonial Corps

do. N. Cameron, Ens.

do. Gent. Cadet, G. Reeves, from R. Mil.

Coll. Ens. vice Splaine, African Col.

1 July
R. Kelly, Ens. vice Lisle, dead 25 June
Hosp. Assist. Brown, Assist. Surg. vice
Whitney, 90 F.

8 July Serjeant Carr, Quart. Mast. vice Paul, dead

24 June Hon. C. Monckton, Ens. by purch. vice Hartopp, ret.

1 July Lieut. Rafter, from h. p. 84 F. Paymaster

24 June T. A. Souter, Ens. vice Oxley, African Colonial Corps

si do.

30 do. Ensign Leslie, Lieut. by purch. vice Scott, ret.

1 July


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Lienester uter. Eas. by purch, July

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1 July


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97 F. W. T. Stannus, Ens.

Hospital Staff.
F. C. Barlow, Ens. vice Burlton, Afri-

• Assist. Surg. Fenton, from h. p. 15 F. Assist. Sarg.

Assist. can Corps

do. Surg. Vassail, from h. p. 24 F. Surg.

'vice Hosp. Assist. Fergusson, African Colonial Corps

25 June 1894. I do.

Acting Hosp. Assist. Bell, Hosp. Assist. vice Wilson, Capt. Hill, from h. p. Bourbon Reg.

2 W. I. R. Capt. vice Chanibers, 29 F. 24 June

P. Campbell, do vice Geddes, Af. Col. Corps 8do. Rifle Brig. G. Mackinnon, 2d Lieut. vice Robertson, African Colonial Corps 29 do.

Exchanges. 1 W. I. R. Lieut. Myers, Capt. by purch. vice Hall, ret.

24 do.

Capt. Christie, from 5 Dr. Gds. rec. dift. with Ensign Johnston, Lieut.


Capt. Hay, h. p. 37 F.
J. Pentland, Ens.


- Bond, 'from 17 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Maj. Craig, from 24 F. Lieut. Col. 25 do.

Johnston, h. p. 19 Dr. - Hill, from h. p. 6 W. I. R. Maj. M'Lean, from 44 F. with Capt. Jacob, 65 vice Joly, cancelled

24 do. Lieut. Ross, from 50 F. Capt. 25 do.

Lieut. Warren, from 54 F. with Lieut. Campbell, Ensign M.Vicar, Lieut.

h. p. 24 F. -Henry, Lieut.


Lacy, from 75 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Sal-
Lieut. Griffiths, from h. p. Art. Driver, mon, h. p. 10 F.

26 do - Sparks, from 2 W. I. R. with Lieut. Wig.
Henry,from h. p. 32 F. Lieut. do. more, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.
M'Ghee, from h. p. 36 F. Lieut.

Lewis, from Ceylon Reg. with Licut. Em. do.

lie, h. p. 83 F. Lieut and Quart. Mast. Hughes, Lieut.

Paymaster Wood, from 15 F. with Capt. Walker, 27 do.

b. p. 44 F. Ensign Soden, from 19 F. Licut. 27 do.

Assist. Surg. Cutler, from 2 Life Gds, with Assise
Conran, from 61 F. Lieut. 28 do. Surg. Gilder, h. p. Gren. Gds.
- Glover, from 1 F. Lieut. 29 do.

Resignations and Retirements.
J. M'Donnel, Ens. vice Wetherell, dead

25 March Major Gen. Macquarie, from 73 F.
R. Grey, Ens.

25 June

- Sir C. Holloway, from R. Engineers. J. Brennan, Ens.

26 do. Lieut. Col. Gordon, 2 Dr. Gds. W. Lardner, do.

27 do.

De Courcy, 8 F.
A Tomkins, do.

Mackay, 67 F.
Assist. Surg. Ritchie, Surg. vice Tedlie, Capt. Lord Belhaven and Stenton, 2 Life Gds.

1 July

Bruce, Gren. Gds. Ceylon R. Hosp. Assist. M‘Dermot, Assist. Surg. Mackay, 48 F.

vice Hoatson, dead 25 Dec. 1823. - Hall, 1 W. I. R.
Royal Af. Maj. Gen. c. Turner, Col. vice Sir C. Lieut. Leslie, 97 F.
Col. Corps M.Carthy, dead 1 July 1824. Cornet Payne, 7 Dr. Gds,

Lieut. Fraser, from 78 F. Capt. vice --Beaumont, 1 Dr.
Sparks, dead,

25 June Ensign Hartopp, 88 F.
- M'Combie, from 1 F. Capt. vice
L'Estrange, dead

Appointments Cancelled.

1 July Ensign Erskine, Lieut.

25 June

Major Joly, 2 W. I. R.
Greetham, Lieut.

Capt. Franklin, 27 F.
Berwick, from 10 F. Lieut
26 do.

- Patterson, from 75 F. Lieut. Major Gen. Macquarie, late of 73 F. July 18:4.

27 do. Major Maxwell, Royal Art. at Pau 18 June - Burrows, from 31 F. Lieut. - - Kuper, h. p. 3 Hussars Ger. Leg. Verden 28 do.

3 July 2d Lieut. Robertson, from Rifle Brig. Capt. M'Combie, African Col. Corps Lieut.

-- Robinson, h. p. 53 F.

6 July 1894. Ensign Oxley, from 96 F. Lieut. 30 do. Lieut. M'Kenzie, 5 F. Dominica

7 June Splaine, from 81 F. Lieut.

---Orr, 16 F. Badula, Ceylon 28 Dec. 1823 1 July

Clancy, 16 F. Kandy, Ceylon 30 do. Burlton, from 97 F. Lieut. 2 do.

Church, 20 F. Portsmouth 25 June 1891 Mackenzie, from 18 F. Lieut.

Campbell, h. p. 1 F. Glasgow 9 May 3 do. Lock, h. p. 10 F.

15 Feb J. M. Calder, Ens.

25 June

Summers, h. p. 62 F. Ramsay, Isle of Man J. Stapleton do. 26 do.

16 June Hosp. Assist. Geddes, Assist. Surg. vice

Gordon, h. p. 71 F.

29 May Picton, dead

8 July

Crane, h. p. Royal Art. Portsea May 2 Vet. Bn. Ensign Boileau, from 31 F. Ens. vice - Allan, h. p. Queen's American Rang. New Ella, ret, list. 24 June 1824. Brunswick

14 Oct.

MKenzie, h. p. 1 Light Dr. Ger. Leg. Unattached. drowned in Hanover

9 June Maior D'Este, from 4 Dr. Gds. Lieut. Col. of Inf.

- Muller, h. p. Bruns. Inf. 24 Sept. 1892.

Cornet Spier, b. p. Waggon Train, Calais by purch. vice Major Gen. Macquarie, ret.

14 May 1894. 1 July 1824. 2d Lieut. Wilson, late Inv. Art. Woolwich 12 July - Somerset, from Cape Corps Cav, do. by

- O'Brien, h. p. 21 F. Sligo

8 June purch. vice Major Gen. Sir C. Holloway, ret.

Ensign Smith, 47 F.
'17 do.

Congreve, 77 F.
Ordnance Department.

O'Meara, African Colonial Corps 2d Capt. Butts, Capt.

18 June 1824.

Archer, h. p. 12 F. Lymington 9 July - Maunsell, from h. p. 2d Capt.

Whiteford, h. p. Campbell's Rec. Corps 1st Lieut. Woolcombe, do

28 April 2d Lieut. Trebeck, Ist Lieut.

- Cogan, 68 F. killed by lightning at Quebet Gent. Cadet Boger, 2d Lieut.

9 June do. 1st Lieut. Ramsden, from ho p. Ist. Lieut. vice

- Gunn, late 3 Royal Vet Bn. Edinburgh Monro, h. P. 23 do.

5 July Symons, from h. p. do.

24 do.

Quart. Mast. Rogers, 10 Dr. Dublin 5 June Bt. Major and 2d Capt. Ord, Adj. vice Stewart,

- Mitchell, 29 F. Tralee

3 do. res. Adj. only

1 July

Medical Department.
Chaplains' Department.

Surg. Todd, 4 Dr. Kaira, Bombay 20 Feb. 1824.

- Ritchie, 2 W. I. R. St. Jago, Africa The Very Rev. R. Hodgson, D.D., Dean of Car. lisle, Chaplain General to the Forces, vice

28 March Braid, h. p. 81 F.

18 June Arehdeacon Owen, dead 12 July 1824. Staff Assist. Surg. Kent, London 31 May.

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Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock after. noon. The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.

Attach. 1824. Ther. Baro. At on Wind. Weather. 1824. Ther. Baro. The Wind. Weather.


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ᎪᏀᎡᎥCULTUᎡᎪᏞ ᎡEPOᎡᎢ . THE weather has continued dry since the date of our last ; the depth of rain does not amount to one inch. The mean temperature, from the middle till the end of July, was something above 60%. The mean for what is past of the present month is about 58°, Under this genial temperature, with so little moisture at the root, the ripening process has come forward with rapidity. In early districts, shearing has already par. tially commenced, and will be general within a week from this date. In the higher districts, little will be cut before September. Notwithstanding the very scanty supply of moisture throughout the summer, the crop has for the most part a fair appearance. Wheat, on retentive soils, and in early situations, promises an abundant return; the ear, though short, in many instances is plump and well filled, and, if well got in, will yield an excellent sample. Barley, with few exceptions, is a full crop, and begins to colour Oats, for the most part, are rather short in the straw, but carry a fine pannicle. Early varieties are nearly ready for the sickle, on low grounds, and some has already been cut. Beans and pease are well podded, and, upon the whole, no part of the corn crop appears at present to be deficient of an ordinary return. Potatoes, it is feared, will not swell freely without a full supply of moisture. Turnips are much in want of rain on light or dry lands; and the after-cutting of clover comes forward slowly. Pastures would also improve by moderate warm showers. A more propi. tious season for cleaning fallow grounds could not be wished, and this operation has been conducted to the farmers' satisfaction. The dung is plowed in, and the ground is ready for the wheat-seed furrow. Hoeing of turnips is about over, and farmers are ready for the labours of the harvest.

Wheat has fallen in price, and ordinary samples are almost unsaleable. Best wheat in the Northern markets only brings about 26s., and much has been sold lately at 22s. to 258. The fine appearance of the crop, together with the stock on hand, renders purchasers shy. Barley sells at from 24s. to 26s., but in this article there is little doing Oats begin to look down in price, and it is not yet certain whether the ports will open on the 15th for foreign oats, but that will be decided before this can go to press. Perthshire, 13th August.

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