Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours, Том 36

Передня обкладинка
F. Leslie Publishing Company, 1884

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Сторінка 93 - Vainly sped the withering volley 'Mongst the foremost of our band — On we poured until we met them, Foot to foot, and hand to hand. Horse and man went down like driftwood When the floods are black at Yule, And their carcasses are whirling In the Garry's deepest pool. Horse and man went down before us — Living foe there tarried none On the field of Killiecrankie, When that stubborn fight was done...
Сторінка 287 - After I had hearkened a while, I took by the tapestry that hung before the door of the chamber, and seeing her back was toward the door, I entered within the chamber, and stood a pretty space hearing her play excellently well. But she left off immediately, so soon as she turned her about and saw me.
Сторінка 52 - Such is the power of health, that without its co-operation every other comfort is torpid and lifeless, as the powers of vegetation without the sun. And yet this bliss is commonly thrown away in thoughtless negligence, or in foolish experiments on our own strength ; we let it perish without remembering its value, or waste it to...
Сторінка 255 - Sir, I am a true labourer ; I earn that I eat, get that I wear ; owe no man hate, envy no man's happiness ; glad of other men's good, content with my harm ; and the greatest of my pride is, to see my ewes graze and my lambs suck.
Сторінка 287 - I answered, as I was walking with my lord of Hunsdon, as we passed by the chamber door, I heard such melody as ravished me, whereby I was drawn in ere I knew how; excusing my fault of homeliness as being brought up in the court of France, where such freedom was allowed...
Сторінка 52 - ... and, in less time than it takes me to write it, the rest of the party dismounted, and, rushing in.
Сторінка 382 - The Lord bless thee and keep thee, The Lord make his face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee, The Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon thee and give thee peace ! — Num.
Сторінка 287 - Then she sat down low upon a cushion, and I upon my knees by her, but with her own hand she gave me a cushion to lay under my knee, which at first I refused, but she compelled me to take it. She then called for my Lady Strafford out of the next chamber, for the queen was alone.
Сторінка 158 - Upon this, the driver seized me fervently by the hand, and exclaimed : " How glad I am. I have been trembling in my seat for the last hour ; for when I looked at you, I took you to be a highwayman.
Сторінка 127 - ... by an immense number of small animals, which swam at different depths, and appeared to assume various forms. Those which were deepest looked like great red hot cannon balls ; whilst those on the surface resembled cylinders of red-hot iron.

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