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CHA P. · X1.

Parliamentary Proceedings continued.-Budget for the Year brought for-

ward.Conversation in the House of Lords on the Definitive Treaty..
-Sir Francis Burdett's Motion for an Inquiry into the Conduct of the
late Administration - Amendment moved by Lord Belgrave-with-
drawn-original Motion negatived by a great Majority.New Militia
Bill.-Motion to take into consideration the Definitive Treaty on the
14th of May>in the House of Lords by Lord Grenville--in the Com-

mons by Mr. Windham-Debates thereon in both Houses.- Motions

by Lord Carlisle for Papers relating to the Definitive Treaty in the

Lords--by Mr. Elliott in the Commons-Debates thereon in both

Houses.-- Motion by Dr. Lawrence for Papers respecting East India




Debate on the Definitive Treaty in the House of Lords. Speeches of Lord

Grenville, Duke of Norfolk, Lords Pelham, Mulgrave, Auckland, Caer-
narvon, Westmoreland, Ellenborough, Darnley, Rosslyn, Duke of Richa
mond, Lord Eldon (Chancellor), Camden, Hobart, Spencer.---Lord
Grenville's Address lost. - Address moved in the Commons same Day by
Mr. Windham.-- Speeches of Lords Folkstone, Hawkesbury, Mr. T. Gren-
ville, Dundas - (Adjournment of a Day-Debate resumed) - Sir William

Young, Lord Castlereagh, Lord Temple, General Maitland, Dr Luw-

rence, Chancellor of the Erchequer, Mr. Sheridan----Division---- Mr.

Windham's Address negatived.





- C H A P. XVI,

State of Europe at the Conclusion of the Treaty of Amiens--of Russia

-of the Emperor Alexander-- Austria--Prussia-smaller Pouers of
Europe.- Affairs of France.--Separate Convention between that Power
and Batavia, in Violation of the Spirit of the Treaty of Amiens.-
Tunis submits to France.--Dissatisfactions in Switzerland and in the
Republic of the Seven Isles.- Publication of the Concordat, and new
Arrangements respecting Religion.--Catholic Religion restared in France
-Ceremonies thereat.--- Act of Amnesty in Favour of the Emigrants.
-Reelection of the First Consul for Ten Years--and for Life.-- Su-
cess at St. Domingo.-Great Power and Dominion of Bonaparte. 198


Expedition to St. Domingo.--Prolable Value of that Colony to France

State of it at the Time of the Expedition-Force of the Armament.--
Character of Toussaint L'Ouverture.- Arrival of the French Fleet, and
Army, at the Cape--Resistance experienced-Success-Cape burned-
Surrender of many of the black Chiefs--all the Coast repossessed ly the
French.--Negotiation with Toussaint broken off-Toussaint declared a
Rebel-Generals Le Clerc, and Rochambeau, Ga march against him.-
Reinforcements arrive from France.-Plan of the Campaign partial
Success and Defeat.-Attack of Toussaint in his Intrenchments, and
complete Defeat.-Reverse of Fortune for a Moment--final Success of
the French. Toussaint surrenders with his Generals on Terms--violated

arrested and sent home to France-imprisoned, and dies.- IVar begun

:: 209

Guadaloupe.-Pelagie assumes the Command there-captures the Governor

Lacrosse, and dismisses him the Island. --General Richepanse arrives with
' the Troops from France-lands without Opposition and finally sub-

dues the Island. - Restoration of Tranquillity.- Affairs of Switzerland
at the Close of 1801.-- Aloys Reding goes to Paris to negotiate with
Bonapartém Success- Adoption of his Plan of Government---reversed by
the revolutionary Party, and a new Constitution formed-rejected by
the democratic Cantons. Independency of the Valois pronounced con-
trary to their Wishes.-Confederation of Uri, Schweitz, and Underwalden.
- Address to the French Government and to the Helvetic Republic - Procla-
mation of the Helvetic Governmentthe smaller Cantons prepare for Re-
sistance-Commencement of HostilitiesDefeat of the Troops of the Hel.
vetic Republic by the Peasants of Baden. --Messrs. De Watteville and
Erlach iake the Command--and march' against Berne.- Surrender of
that City.--Helvetic Government expelled--and Retreat to the Pays de
Vaud - supplicate the Assistance of France. - Ancient Government
assembles at Berne -- Forces raised and placed under General Bachman,

to act against the Helvetic Government.--Fribourg taken-general Action
- in the Pays de Vaud-Helvetis Army totally defeated. --- Arrival at

Lausame of General Rap-publishes Bonaparte's Determination to
protect the Helvetic Republic.- French Army ussembled on the Frontiers
under General Ney.--- Armistice.-- Praceedings of the Diet at Schweitz-
their Answer to Bonaparté.-- French Army enters Switzerland. --Great
Britoin determines to interfere-Mr. Moore dispatched to Switzerland. --
Helvetic Government reinstated at Berne.- Dissolution of the Diet at
Schweitz--and complete Subjugation of that Country to the French Force.

Ineffectual Mission of Alr. Noore.- Arrest of Aloys Reding.-- Deputies
from all Parts of Switzerland arrive at Paris to form, with the assiste
ance of the First Consul, a new Constitution.


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CH A P. XIX, Continuntion of French 4firs. - Legion of Honour instituted.--Constituticat

- Joseph Bonaparte elected Grand Officer thereof:- New Constitutiua of France---accepted.- Situation of Bonapartémand of the Continent. * Austria.-- Journey of the Emperor to Presl'urg - Diet of Presburç.- Poland- Disturbance at Warsaw.--italy-King of EtruriaMisunderstanding between his Majesty and Bonaparté.- Sardinia - Aldication of the King in favour of his Brother. - Ligurian Republic.-Naplrs.

-Spain.--Treaty with Russia. Seizure of the Property of the Knights of Malta.- Journey to Barcelona.--Interview beturen the Emperor of Russia and King of Prussia at Memel.--Turkish Empire.- New Ree public of the Valais. - German Indemnities.---Russian Interference.Rupture threatened respecting Passau-Plan accepted- Considerations thereon.-Sweden and Denmark.-Batavian Republic. ... 243

CHA P. XX. British Colonies.- Sierra Leona--Institution of the Company-Introdas

tion of the Nova Scotia Negroes--their ill Conduct, and fatal Consequenies--captured by the French-growing Prosperity_State in 1798Maroons introduced -Rebellion of the Nova Scotia Settlers-assisted by the Natives--Conflict and Truce probable Consequences. Insurrection of the Negroes in Tolago-suppressed.-Revolt of the Black Troops in Dominica complete Discomfiture of the Revolters.-Jamaica-Message of the Governor to the House of Assembly, praying an Establishment of 5000 men-refused-Reasons assigned further Disputes. -America - Message from the President to Congress Reduction of the Taxes.- Effect of the Peace on the Commerce of the States, and of the Cession of Louisiana to France.- Negotiations at Paris-fruitless.- Depót at New Orleans interdicted ly Spain.-Resent ment of the American Nation-proballe Consequences.


CH A P. XXI. Affairs of India.-Private Trade.---Progress of the Governor-General to

Lucknow Consequences.-- Deposition of the Nabob of the Carnatic.Installation of Arcem ul Dowlah on the Musnud of Arcot.--Discontents in Malalar.- Divisions of the Mahrattas.- Prospect of a Mahratta War.Riturn of the Indian Army from Egypt-Honours paid to them.-General Reflections - and Conclusion.


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APPENDIX TO THE CHRONICLE. Official Letter from Major General Campbell, commanding the Forces in

the ceded Districts, to the Government of Muftras. · Dated January 1st, 1902, Camp at Tirnakull.

525 London Gazette, January 2, 1802 London Gazette, January 23 .


. ib. London Gazette, February 20

528 An Account of the Quantity of Sugar, Rum, Coffee, and Cotton, imported

into Great Britain from the Colonies of Surinam, Berbice, Demarara, and Essequibo; as also from the Islands of Martinico, St. Lucia, Tol'ago, Trinidad, and St. Eustatia ; for three Years previous to the 1st of January last, as far as the same can be made up; distinguishing each Year, as well as the Quantity imported from each Colony or Island ; together with the Net Amount of Duty paid thereon : An Account of all Places for Life or Lives, whether held ly Patent or

otherwise ; specifying the Dates of such Patents or other Instruments ly which such Places are held ; the Names of the Persons who told the same; and the Salaries and Fees lelonging thercto :- and also, a like Account of all Patents of such Places granted to any person or Persons in Reversion . .

. .

. 532 An Aucount of the Total Net Produce of all the Permanent Taxes for the Years ending the 10th of October 1801 and 1802

538 Estimated Annual Charge of his Majesty's Civil List, as laid before Par

liament in 1786, and actual Amount in 1802 . . 540 An Account of the several Sums paid from the Revenues of the Dutchy of

Cornwall, in Aid of the Civil List, during the Minority of his Royal -- Highness the Prince of Wales, in pursuance of his Majesty's IVarrants, · countersigned ly the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, with the Dates

of such iVarrants; with an Account of Interest thereon due to the 12th of Ang: 1783, when his Royal Highness came of Age, and took Possession of the said Dutchy ; together with a further Account of Interest, calculated to the 1st Day of February 1802

. . 542 Report of the Commissioners appointed for the Sale of the Land-tax 543 List of the Members returned to serve in the Second Parliament of the United Kingdom

546 Extract

3 M3

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