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Extract from the Trial of the Mutineers on board the Bantry Bay Squadror,

by a Naval Court Martial, held on board the Gladiator, in Portsmouth Harlour

. 553 Trial of Governor Wall, by a Special Commission, directed to tbe Chief

Bzron Macdonald, Judges Rooke and Lawrence, and the Recorder, af the Old Bailey'.

500 Particulars of the wilfulloj casting away of the Brig Adventure, for the

Purpose of defrauding the Underwriters, for which Richard Codling, her Captain ; John Reid, Supercargo; and George Easterby and Wile lian Macfarlane, Owners of the said Brig, were tried at an Admiralty Sessions, at the Old Bailey . .

. 50s General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 1801 to Decemler 1802

571 Ausrage Prices of Grain for the Year 1802

572 Prices of Stock for the Year 1802

573 Supplies granted by Parliament for she Year 1802 : Taies imposed in the Year 1802 . A List of the Public Bills which received the Royal Assent in the Course

of the Second Session of the First Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ...

591 Meteorological Journal


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STATE PAPERS. Message from his Majesty to the House of Commons, Feb. 15 i 604 The like, April 27 His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, at the Close of the

Second Session of the Imperial Parliament, June 23 Lords Protest agninst the passing of the Malt Bill .

605 Message from his Majesty to the House of Commons, June 11 , 606 His Majesty's Speech to both Houses, on opening the Third Session of the Imperial Purliament, November 23 . .

. 507 Definitive Treaty of Peace l'etween the French Republic, his Majesty the

King of Spain and the Indies, and the Batavian Republic for the one Part); and his Majesty, the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (on the other Part). .

. 608 Separate Article to the Definitive Treaty, added thereto, March 27 614 Separate Convention between France and the Batavian Republic, erplana

tory of the 13th Article of the Definitive Treaty between France, Spain,

and Holland, on the one Part, and Great Britain on the other Partib. Proclamation ly the king ..

615 The like, declaring the Conclusion of the War Ertract of a Letter from his Excellency Lord St. Helen's to the Right Hon. Lord Hawkeslury, dated Petersburgh, April 2

. ib. Convention

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Convention between his Britannic Majesty and the United States of America,

touching the Difficulties arising in the Execution of the Sixth Article of the Treaty of 1794

616 Notice issued in Consequence of the Convention with the American States,

on the sth of January , Letter from the Secretary of State to Colonel Hislop, April 2 , 619 Official Note delivered by the Reis Effendi to Alexander Stratton, Esq. July 29

. . ib. Treaty of Peace between the French Republic and the Regency of Tunis ib, Letter of Hamouda, Pacha Bey of Tunis, to the First Consul of the French Republic

er · · 621 Decree respecting Emigrants, published at Paris April 27 . ib. Address to the Legislative Body of France, on the 6th of May 1802, when the Treaty of Amiens was communicated to them .

023 Treaty concluded the 20th of May 1802, between the French Republic and

his Serene Highness the Duke of Wittemburg . in 625 Treaty concluded between France and the Prince of Orange : 626 Definitive Treaty of Peace between the French Republic and the Sublime * Ottoman Porte

627 Message of the Consuls of the Republic to the Conservative Senate, July 29,

629 Senatus Consultum, August 2

630 Circular Letter of the Minister of the Interior to the Prefects of the different Departments, August 4

631 Project of a Senatus Consultum for organizing the Constitution . 632 Senatus Consulte for organizing the Constitution, August 4

633 Article taken from the Paris official Paper, the Moniteur, August 9 Treaty between the French Republic, Prussia, and Bavaria

640 Decree of Mederic-Louis-Elie Moreau de Saint Mery, issued at Parma, October 23

. .

, 041 Constitution of the Italian Republic

.: 642 · Proclamation of the Italian Republic, issued by a Committee of the Government, at Milan, February 0.

. 646 Dispatch from the French Minister of Foreign 4ffairs to the French Chargé

linistonner ď Affaires Bacher, at the Diet of Ratisbon, February 14 . 048 The Vice-president of the Italian Republic to his Fellow Citizens . 650 The Council of State of the Italian Repullic to the First Consul of the French * Republic, President of the Italian Republic, April 5 . . 651. Letter to the Holy Father, from those new French Bishops who have occupied

Episcopal Sees without being instituted by the Holy See . . ib. Decree of Alsolution and Dispensation granted by the Cardinal Legate to

thuse of the new French Bishops who, without the Apostolic Institution

of the Holy See, have occupied Episcopal Sees* . . ib. Proclamation of the Government of the Bishopric of Munster on the Ens trance of the Prussian Troops into that Country, July 27 : 652


Full Powers of the Empire for the Deputation, charged with the Discussion

of the Points which remain yet to be regulated for the Fulfilment of the
Peace . . . .

.. . 653
Report made to the First Consul of France, in the Senate, ly the Minister

for Foreign Affairs, Sitting of Saturday the 21st of August 1902, stating

the Conclusum on the German Indemnities . . . if
Note of Baron de Hugel, Plenipotentiary of his Imperial Majesty, addressed
· to C. Laforet, Minister Ertraordinary of the French Republic, 062
Note addressed ly the Imperial Plenipotentiary to the Deputaiion, informing
them ojo his Accession to the Conclusums of the 16th . . 664
Definitive Conclusum adopted by the Deputation of the Diet of Rotiston, on

the 21st of October 1802, and the Opinion of Austria on the general
Plan of Indemnities


Note presented at the Diet of Ratisbon, on the 25th of October, ly Baron

Bild, the Swedish Deputy for Anterior Pomerania i , 007

Royal Patent Ordinance relative to the Occupation of the Bishopric of

Osnaburgh, pullished in that Bishnpric .

. 669

The Deputies of all the Communes in the three Cantons of Uri, Schuitz, and

Underu'ald, to Citizen Verninac, Minister of the French Republic in



Representation of the Lesser Cantons of Switzerland to the First Consule

on the Subject of the Evacuation of Helvetia

. 669

Convention concluded between the Municipality of Zurich and the Com-

missary of the Helvetic Government
Comention letween the Helvetic Troops at Berne and the Insurgents tesirging
the Town

: 00

Bonaparté, First Consul of the French Republic, President of the Italian Re-

public, to the Eighteen Cantons of the Helvetic Republic, Sept. 30 671

Answer of the Dirt of Schuitz to the Proclamation of Bonaparté 672

State Paper, October 9


. . .073

Note verbale . . . .

, 674

Dispatch from Lord Hawkesbury to Mr. Noore, Ortober 10


Proclamation of the Council of IVar of the Suiss League to their Brothers

in Arms, October 12


Dispatch from Mr. Moore to Lord Hau kesiury, Oct. 31


Note addressed by the Diet of Schuitz to General Nay, October 26 ib.

Proclamation to the Helvetic People, from the Government of Helvetia 679

Dispatch from Lord Hau kesbury to Mr. Moore, November 25, 68!

The General in Chief to the Minister of the Marine, Fel. 9 . il.

The like, Feb. 9

• 684

The like, Feb. 27 ..


..' it.

Admiral Villaret Joyeuse to the French Minister of the Diarine and

Colonies, March 6

. 689

Cpy of a Letter from Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth, Commander

on the Jamaica Station, to Admiral Villaret Joyeuse, at the Cape,

Feb. 19

. ib.


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Proclamation of the General in Chief, Leclerc, to the Inhabitants of St. * Domingo

690 The General in Chief of the Army of St. Domingo to the Minister of the Marine and Colonies, May 3

. 691 The Same to the Same. . Extract of a letter from General Leclerc, at St. Domingo, to the Minister of Marine, June 11 .

-093 Speech of his Honour the Lieutenant-governor of Jamaica (General Nugent) to the General Assembly of that Island, June 17 .

694 Message from his Honour the Lieutenant-governor, sent over to the House of Assembly, on the 17th Day of June

695 Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Jamaica, Kingston, June 21 696 Message from his Honour the Lieutenant-governor, sent, over to the House of Assembly, June 21

699 Proceedings of the House of Assembly, June 22

700 Message of the President of the United States of America to the Congress, Dec. 15

. . : 701

CHARACTERS. Character of John Earl of Clare, late Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, ly Dr. William Magee

. . 705 Particulars of the Life and Character of Dr. William Robertson, by Professor Dugald Stewart ..

. . 711 Sketch of the Life and Character of the late Sir Eardley Wilmot, 718 Account of the Mamalukes, with the Characters of their principal Beys 726 Account of the Principal Characters of the Ottoman Empire in 1801 7732 Of the exterior Appearance and bodily Constitution of the Laplanders, &c. 734 Account of the Manner of contracting of Marriages, and Method of lathing, used by the Fins

. 733 Manners and Characters of the different Inhalitants of Egypt . 742 Some Particulars of the Life and Writings of the learned James Harris


NATURAL HISTORY. Account of the Pearl Oyster, and Pearl Fishery, on the Island of Ceylon Account of the Nile and Climate of Egypt .

755. Account of the Ophthalmia in Egypt, ly Witman . . . 757 Account of the Indigo-plant, and the Preparation of Indigo, by Citizen

Bulley An Account of the Tea Tree, ly Frederick Pigou, Esq. : 503


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