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HENRY S. King & Coi's

HONOR BLAKE; the Story of a Plain Woman. By Mrs. KEATINGE, Author of " English Homes in India." Two vols. crown 8vo.

II. THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA. By HESBA STRETTON. Author of “ Little Meg,” &c. &c.

III. SEETA. By Col. Meadows Taylor. Author of “ Tara,” &c. In three vols.

IV. A LITTLE WORLD. By Geo. Manville Finn, Author of " The Sapphire Cross,” “Mad,” &c.

v. THE HIGH MILLS. 'By: KATHERINE SAUNDERS. Author of "Gideon's Rock," "The Haunted Crust,” &c.

. VI. OFF THE SKELLIGS. By Jean IngLeow. In four vols.

VII. SQUIRE SILCHESTER'S WHIM. By Mortimer COLLINS. Author of “The Princess Clarice,” “Marquis and Merchant,” &c. Three vols.

VANESSA. By the Author “Thomasina,” &c. Two vols.


CURL SERVICE. By J. T. Listado. Author of “Maurice Rhynhart.”

Two vols.

HENRY S. KING & Co. 65, Cornhill, LONDON.

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