The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America

Chelsea Green Publishing, 24 . 2015 . - 176 .

Meet the essential Bernie Sandersan authentic and uncompromising champion of the people.

Independent United States Senator Bernie Sanderswith a thirty-five-year career in public service, first as Burlington, Vermonts mayor, then as Vermonts sole representative to Congress, and currently as a United States senatoris now campaigning to become president of the United States. His goal is to build a movement to take back our country from the rich and powerful, and return it to its rightful ownerswe, the American people.

Sanders common sense, populist message is resonating with Democrats, Republicans, independents, as well as ordinary working- and middle-class Americans from all walks of life, including millennials, seniors, veterans, immigrants, environmentalists, union workers, and more.

In this short, accessible book, author Jonathan Tasini draws heavily from Sanders ample public record of speeches, statements, and interviews, and couples his working-class spirit with specific legislation he has championed on a number of core proposals that comprise a broader peoples agenda for America, including:

  • A national, single-payer health care system;
  • Free public higher education;
  • Taking on wealth and income inequality;
  • Preserving Social Security;
  • Caring for our veterans;
  • Ensuring civil rights for all;
  • Combatting climate change;
  • Reforming Wall Street, and much more.

The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America is a must-read for anyone who shares a vision for a forward-looking, sustainable, and more just United States of America, and is eager to change the course of history.


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Jonathan Tasini is a writer, organizational strategist, and an economics and political analyst. He is the author of Its Not Raining, Were Being Peed On: The Scam of the Deficit Crisis; The Audacity of Greed: Free Markets, Corporate Thieves and The Looting of America; They Get Cake, We Eat Crumbs: The Real Story Behind Today's Unfair Economy; and The Edifice Complex: Rebuilding the American Labor Movement to Face the Global Economy, a critique and prescriptive analysis of the labor movement (1995). He has been widely published, including in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Business Week, Playboy Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. He is the founder, editor and publisher of Working Life, a leading progressive blog on work and the economy. He served as president of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981) for thirteen years.