Digest of Evidence Taken Before Her Majesty's Commissioners of Inquiry Into the State of the Law and Practice in Respect to the Occupation of Land in Ireland, Частина 2

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Сторінка 1118 - In most cases whatever is done in the way of building or fencing is done by the tenant, and in the ordinary...
Сторінка 1148 - It would be impossible to describe adequately the privations which they and their families habitually and patiently endure. It will be seen in the evidence that in many districts their only food is the potato, their only beverage water, that their cabins are seldom a protection against the weather, that a bed or a blanket is a rare luxury, and that nearly in all their pig and their manure heap constitute their only property.
Сторінка 1119 - Ireland, the landlord builds neither dwelling-house nor farm-offices, nor puts fences, gates, &c., into good order, before he lets his land to a tenant. The cases in which a landlord does any of those things are the exceptions.
Сторінка 1118 - It is well known, that in England and Scotland, before a landlord offers a farm for letting, he finds it necessary to provide a suitable farm-house, with necessary farm buildings, for the proper management of the farm.. He puts the gates and fences into good order, and he also takes upon himself a great part of the burden of keeping the buildings in repair during the term ; and the rent is fixed with reference to this state of things. Such, at least, is generally the case, although special contracts...
Сторінка 1123 - ... propagated in the towns wherein they have settled ; so that not only they who have been ejected have been rendered miserable, but they have carried with them and propagated that misery. They have increased the stock of labour, they have rendered the habitations of those who received them more crowded, they have given occasion to the dissemination of disease, they have been obliged to resort to theft, and all manner of vice and iniquity, to procure subsistence ; but what is perhaps the most painful...
Сторінка 1123 - Their condition is necessarily most deplorable. ' It would be impossible for language to convey an idea of the state of distress to which the ejected tenantry have been reduced, or of the disease, misery, and even vice, which they have propagated in the towns wherein they have settled; so that not only they who have been ejected have been rendered miserable, but they have carried with them and propagated that misery.
Сторінка 1112 - A reference to the evidence of most of the witnesses will show that the agricultural labourer of Ireland continues to suffer the greatest privations and hardships — that he continues to depend upon casual and precarious employment for subsistence — that he is still badly housed, badly fed, badly clothed, and badly paid for his labour.
Сторінка 1119 - ... which is thus employed to denote the necessary adjuncts to a farm, without which, in England or Scotland, no tenant would be found to rent it.
Сторінка 1164 - ... as to the amendments, if any, of the existing laws, which, having due regard to the just rights of property, may be calculated to encourage the cultivation of the soil, to extend a better system of agriculture, and to improve the relation between landlord and tenant in that part of our United Kingdom.
Сторінка 1122 - The great decline of agricultural produce prevented many of the middlemen, as well as the occupiers, from paying their rents ; an anxiety began to be felt by the proprietors, to improve the value of their estates, and a general impression was produced in the minds of all persons, that a pauper population spread over the country would go on increasing, and the value of the land at the same time diminishing, till the produce would become insufficient to maintain the resident population.

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