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An. 18. Car. I.. It may very justly be inquired, What could occa1642. fion such an Absence, at a Time when so great a

Number of Resolutions pats’d, deeply affecting the November,

Conftitution of this Kingdom?-A brief Recapitu-
Jation of some Transactions in our last Volume will
supply an Answer.

be remembered that there was a Call of the House on the 16th of June last; and, on that Occasion, a Resolution pass’d, by a Majority of 147 Voices against 91, That none of the Absentees should be admitted to take their Seats, till they had made their Excuse to a Committee appointed for that Purpose, and that Excuse reported and allowed of by the House. Most of the Members then absent, whose Names are entered in the Commons Fournals of that Day, were with the King at York; and as they could have little Reason to expect That Excuse for their Absence would be accepted by the House, it is very probable few of them ever returned. -Add to this, That

After the King had issued his Commission of Array many more Members left the House, and went into their several Counties to put the fame into Execution : And others were fent, at the fame Time, by the Parliament to execute their Ordinance for the Militia ; most of the Deputy-Lieutenants being Members of the House of Commons.

When the Commons, on the eleventh Day of August last, voted, That they would support the Earl of Elex with their Lives and Fortunes, they also resolved, That every Member, then absent, should declare himfelf at his next coming into the House; which undoubtedly kept away many who had not Courage enough to make that Declaration; whilst fome others, of a more refolute Difpofition, lost their Lives, on both sides of the Question, at the late Battle of Edge-Hill. Lastly,

During the Months of August and September last, near fifty Members had been expelled the House; and, though Writs were issued out for supplying their Places, it is hardly to be imagined that many new Elections could be made at a Time when the


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Orders of the House of Commons were as little re- An. 13. Car. I. garded by the Sheriffs and returning Officers of some

1642. Counties, as the King's Proclamations by others;

November, and when a considerable Part of the Kingdom was covered by two opposite Armies.

The Names of the Members fo expelled, with the Reasons of their Expulfion, and the Places they served for, may not be improper ; as they tend to Hlustrate many Passages in the succeeding Volumes of this Work, a

MEMBERS expelled in the Month of August, 1642. 4 * Robert Hide, Serjeant at

at} New-Sarum. Law, 5 *Sir Ralph Hopton, Knight} Wells.

*Thomas Smith, Esq; Bridgewater, 8 *Sir John Pawlett, Kt. *Sir John Stawell, Knight Somersetshire.

of the Bath, 9 Sir Nicholas Slanning, Kt. Penryn. 10 John Griffith, Efq;

Beaumaris, 11 * Edward Hyde, Esq; Saltah. * Robert Holborne, Efq;

*Sir William

Penyman, } Richmond.
* Edward Kirton, Efq;

Milborn-Port. 12 * John Coventry, Esq; Evesham.

*Sir Edward Rodney, Kt. Wells. 16 * Nicholas Weston, Esq; Stafford.

*Col. George Goring, Portsmouth. 20 *Sir John Packington, Bart.. Aylesbury. - *Sir H. Herbert, Knt. Bewdley.

* Samuel Sandys, Esq; Droitwitch.
The three last for executing the Commission of

22 *Gervase Holles, Efq; Grimsby.

A 2


a For those Places distinguished thus * the Journals only take Notice of Writs being issued for new Elections; and where we have not mentioned the Reasons for the Expulsion of the respective Members, none are affigned by those Authorities,

Sir William Wid-} Northumberland.

An. 18. Car. I. Aug. 26. Sir William Wid1642.

drington, Knt.

Sir William Carnaby, Kt. Morpeth. November,

The last two for refusing to attend the Service

of the House.

29 Orlando Bridgeman, Esq; Wigan.

For assisting Lord Strange at Chester.

Roger Kirkby, Efq;
-30 Sir Richard Cave, Knt.


MEMBERS expelled in September, 1642.
2. *Christopher Lewkener, Esq; Chichester.
6 Sir William Savile, Knt.

and Bart.

Bellasys, Esq; Yorkshire.
John Bellasys, Esq; Thirske.
Sir Henry Slingsby, Bart. Knaresbrough.
Sir Thomas Danby, Knt. Richmond.

} Old Sarum.

— Sir George Wentworth

, of } Pontefract.

Wooley, Knt.
Sir Thomas Ingram, Knt. Thirske.
William Mallory, Esq; Ripon.
Richard Aldburgh, Esq; Aldburgh.
The last nine for neglecting the Service of the

House, and setting their Hands to a Petition
contrived in Yorkshire, and fent up to Par-

liament. b
Sir John Strangwayes, Knt. Weymouth.

For neglecting the Service of Parliament,

Sir Richard Lee Bart. Salop.
-Sir Robert Howard, Knt.
of the Bath,

} Bishops-Cafle.
7 Sir Chrift. Hatton, Knt. Higham Ferrers.
Sir Robert Hatton, Knt. Castle-Rising.
These four for executing the Commission of

Array after it was declared illegal, and for not appearing on Summons.

Sept. b This Petition may be found in our Eleventh Volume,

Sept. 7. Geoffrey Palmer, Efq; Stamford.

An. 18. Car, I.

1642, For not appearing on Summons.

November, -Henry Coke, Esq;

-Sir Tho. Fanshaw, Knt. Lancaster.
These two for neglecting the Service of the

House, and not appearing on Summons. 12 Rich ard Rogers, Esq; Dorfetfire.

For sending Forces into Sherborne Castle. - Richard Herbert, Esq; Montgomery, For putting the Commission of Array in Execu

tion in the County Salop. 16 * Tho. Chicheley, Esq; Cambridgeshire. 18 Sir Bevile Grenville, Knt. Cornwall.

Newport, Ile of

Wight. 23

Knt. of the Bath. 29 Sir Ralph Sydenham, Knt. Boliney.

22 Lord Viscount Falkland,}

Sir Frederick Cornwallis,} Eye.

We meet with no Expulsions of Members in Otober ; but, on the 24th of that Month, one Gentleman was in very great Danger of losing his Seat, if he had not instantly complied with the Terms required by the House for his Continuance in it: For we find in the Journals of this Day, That the Vote for affisting the Earl of Elex, &c. being read to Sir John Evelyn, Member for Blechingley, and his Answer demanded, he desired Time to consider of that Vote; upon which he was ordered to withdraw. Then the House fell into Consideration of the Quality of his Offence; and finding, That if any Member might have Liberty, when a Question was proposed, to refuse giving any Answer, it would destroy the Course and Proceedings of Parliament: It: was thereupon resolved, “That the said Sir Johna Evelyn shall be suspended from the House, disarmed by the Deputy-Lieutenants of Surrey, and committed Prisoner to the Tower during the Pleasure of that House,'-But Sir John Evelyn defiring to be heard



An. 18. Car. I. before Judgment given; and, his Request being

1642. complied with, he declared himself in the Affirmautive to the Vote concerning the Earl of Essex, and November,

offered to lend 100 l. upon the Propofitions. The House accepted his Answer and his Offer, and immediately ordered, That the former Votes and Sentences should be revoked.

Thus much may suffice to give a View of the State of the House of Commons during the last five Months: We shall, now, proceed with the Business of Parliament.

Both Houses had been busy in making Orders for opposing Sir Ralph Hopton's Armament, in the West of England, and the other in IV ales, mentioned in Secretary Nicholas's Letter; which had been communicated to the Citizens of London at the Guildhall, by the Earl of Pembroke, on the 27th

of the last Month. Proceedings to These two new raised Armies appeared so formi-. wards a Peace. dable to the Parliament, that, in all Probability, it

stirred up the late Motion for settling a-Peace, and brought on the further Confideration of it this Day, November 2. The Result of which was, That to prevent the further Effusion of Blood, and to settle the present Distractions of the Kingdom, a Conference should be held, in which the following Letter should be communicated to the Commons, which the Committee of Safety had received from their Lord-General, in answer to one wrote to him on this Occasion.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

Have received a Letter from you, that mentions an sex's Letter on that Occasion.

bumble Petition to be directed to his Majesty, to Save the Effitsion of more Blood. In the firjt Place, I ought to acknowiedge the Favour of your desiring to hear from me, before you send it. In the second Place, To declare that an happy Accommodation for the Advancement of Religion, the Flourishing of this Kingdom, with its antient Rights, the Saving the Effusion


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