A History of England from the First Invasion by the Romans, Том 3

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Сторінка 12 - But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.
Сторінка 54 - No free man shall be taken or imprisoned, or disseised, or outlawed, or exiled, or anywise destroyed; nor shall we go upon him nor send upon him, but by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.
Сторінка 57 - ... towards our other barons of England, unless it ought to be otherwise, according to the charters which we hold from William, his father, the former King of the Scots.
Сторінка 345 - I, William Trussel, proctor of the earls, barons, and others, having for this full and sufficient power, do. render and give back to you, Edward, once King of England, the homage and fealty of the persons named in my procuracy; and acquit and discharge them thereof in the best manner that law and custom will give. And I now make protestation in their name that they will no longer be in your fealty and allegiance, nor claim to hold anything of you as king, but will account you hereafter as a private...
Сторінка 293 - Bamhorough, which in reality belonged to the crown. And that, to prevent delay in the administration of justice, parliaments should be holden at least once, and, if need should be, oftener than once every...
Сторінка 121 - No, Sir," replied Roger Bigod, " but by your partiality to foreigners, and your own prodigality, the realm is involved in misery Wherefore we demand that the powers of government be delegated to a committee of barons and prelates, who may correct abuses, and enact salutary laws.
Сторінка 71 - John was not less reprehensible as a husband than he was as a monarch. While Louis took from him his provinces on the continent, he had consoled himself for the loss in the company of his beautiful bride : but he soon abandoned her to revert to his former habits. The licentiousness of his amours is reckoned by every ancient writer among the principal causes of the alienation of his barons, many of whom had to lament and revenge the disgrace of a wife, or daughter, or sister.
Сторінка 54 - No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned or disseized, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any way destroyed ; nor will we go upon him, nor will we send upon him, unless by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.
Сторінка 233 - ... grace of God shall always be our common and unanimous resolve, that with respect to the rights of his kingdom of Scotland, or other his temporal rights, our aforesaid lord the king shall not plead before you, nor submit in any manner to your judgment, nor suffer his right to be brought into question by any inquiry, nor send agents or procurators for that purpose to your court.
Сторінка 32 - God and the church, had determined to humble himself, in imitation of him who for our sake had humbled himself even unto death ; that he had, therefore, not through fear or force, but of his own free will, and with the unanimous consent of his barons, granted to God, to the holy apostles Peter and Paul, to pope Innocent, and Innocent's rightful successors, the kingdom of England and the kingdom of Ireland, to be held of...

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