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three months, been made in the national greatest proofs. Let it not be supposed church; now a storm of bate has broken that we have preached the Gospel in the forth against the Bible of the Protestants, public streets of this capital by Romish and then against those who are said to toleration :

: no, this has been allowed only have changed their religion. And often by the nobler spirit of the Haytian people. has it been said, that those who are But, alas ! even Hayti is capable of learncapable of being traitors to their religion ing intolerance from Rome, whose insinuby changing it for another, are capable ation of themselves into civil and political of being traitors to their country also. power she nevertheless fears, and justly Then again, at other times, it has been deprecates, and long has steadily and stuinsinuated that the Bible has preceded diously opposed. But Romish hate and British power in the South Seas, and bigotry are the same in Hayti as elsethat it is still holding millions in slavery where: truth is making a slow, but both in India and the United States. sure and steady, march here, and Rome is Harangues of this description, as may be restlessly jealous. Above all, she dreads easily supposed, would prove exciting, our schools, and therefore the blow has especially in a country where by far the been principally aimed there. Eight of majority are Priest-ridden, and sunk in our young members have been sent on the deepest superstition; and where even board ; and, notwithstanding the strong those who do reflect are in danger of disavowal of religious persecution, being led away by bigotry and narrow they were forbidden to pray together, views. You will not, therefore, be sur- and their Bibles and other religious prised to learn, that some slight out- books were taken from them. These break of feeling has taken place against are indeed painful circumstances, and us; and that several of our members have given rise to all sorts of rumours, have been sent on board men-of-war, and, amongst the rest, that the women not indeed from any avowed motives of were to have their share also, in some religious persecution, but on the plea way or other, in what had befallen the that men


were greatly needed for I am, however, thankful to say, the formation of a navy which is now that matters have been carried no farther, on foot. This might pass very well but and that our people have shown both for the prominent peculiarities of the firmness and prudence during the threatcase, which cannot be misunderstood: ening storm; and the strong disavowal for even in the severest impressments, it of any intention to persecute gives rea. was never known that men already under son to hope, that the matter will end military service should be unceremo- where it is for the present. niously sent on board ships of war to Rome has thus given us a painful serve as sailors, unless they had been lift; for that good will ultimately result guilty of some misdemeanour; nor has from what has transpired, there can be no it been at all customary for masters of doubt. True, the cloud was dark and public schools to be hurried off to serve threatening, and it is not yet quite passed as sailors. These things, however, in away ; but it has placed Romanism and this case, have been done ; and, I regret Christianity in juxta-position with each to say, that our school at Port-au-Prince other; and while the hateful intolerance was shut up for nearly three weeks, and of the one has been afresh held up to that the one at the Croix des Bouquets view, the mildness and forbearance of has been closed from the 24th of March the other have been rendered more conto the present time.

spicuous. It would answer no purpose to enter And this is yet more evident with reinto all the details of an unworthy at- gard to Jérémie. At that place, I regret tempt at persecution, of which all are to say that innocence and truth are suffer. now ashamed; but it is infinitely to be ing. The building of our chapel, which deplored that the present authorities of was begun there in the latter end of last the country should have suffered them. year, and which was more than half finishselves to be influenced by a priesthood ed, has been arrested in its progress by who never did anything for their long- the local authorities of the place; who, it suffering country, but kept it from gene- is to be feared, have suffered themselves ration to generation in the most deplorable to be controlled, and even led to the violaignorance. Let it, however, be said, to tion of the constitution of their own counthe honour of the Haytian nation, and try, by priestly influence and intolerance. of the Haytian authorities, that there is Thus does Popish influence, for the mo. nothing persecuting in their character, ment, triumph over the liberal laws of a They, left to themselves, are perfectly to- well-intentioned people, who long had lerant, and of this we have latterly had the given entire freedom to religious worship. from whence they had been will prove very acceptable, and will, I taken. It was at once a pleasing and a hope, have a good influence upon the mournful sight. It was pleasing to think Missionary receipts of this branch for that so many rational and intelligent the present year.

The fact is, that at the above-named another religion, as, indeed, truly it is to place, every kind of hate has long been that of Rome; yet we must not lose vomited from the Romish pulpit ; and sight of the fact, that for now upwards there can be no doubt, that the building of thirty years Hayti has had an oppor. of our chapel has, in consequence, been tunity of seeing and judging what evansuspended by high authority. Obloquy gelical religion is ; nor are there wanting of every kind is cast upon our interest. those in this country, both in and out of ing and worthy people of that place; but power, who are quite capable of apprethey stand fast, and silently adorn their ciating pure Christianity ; and we may profession.

confidently expect that Satan will in this, The circumstances through which we as in all other cases, defeat his own purhave passed in this country, and through poses, and that the wrath of man shall which we are still passing, and which be made to praise God. may even continue beyond our expecta- It has been truly gratifying and entions, although painful in the extreme, are couraging to observe that, notwithstandby no means surprising; for, setting aside ing all that has occurred, the parents all consideration of the restless powers of of the children that attend our school darkness that are ever armed both against have manifested, and do still manifest, God and man, it must not be forgotten their decided attachment to this instithat our aims and motives are not only tution. That we should have lost some, difficult to be understood, but difficult might have been expected; but I am to be believed, by those whose corrupt not aware of any that have left us in hearts blind their intelligence, and make consequence of the finger of scorn having them willing to believe a lie. To sup- been pointed at us, although this may pose that we have nothing else in view possibly have been the case, for our but the present and eternal happiness of numbers are not quite what they were, our fellow-beings, is very difficult for an There is, however, nothing discouraging uneducated and narrow-minded politi- with regard to our school at Port-aucian, whose weak imagination pictures Prince; but the one at the Croix des in the far future some frightful and ulte- Bouquets is closed, and its worthy and rior results; which, together with the respectable master is still held on board, settled hate of a corrupt Clergy, bent on more as a prisoner for some crime than anything but the diffusion of light of otherwise. any kind, renders it truly remarkable There are now in this harbour three that we should have been so long allowed American men-of-war : the object of their peaceably to make inroads upon igno- visit has reference to financial claims on rance and superstition. Although, as in the part of the American Government, all other Popish countries, plain, un. which there is every reason to hope will adorned, and unincumbered Christian be amicably arranged. truth-that is to say, the Gospel and I am thankful to say that we are all nothing but the Gospel-is regarded as pretty well in the District.

Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Henry Hurd, dated Grenada,

March 26th, 1850.
I BEG to acknowledge the receipt of a tention paid to the wants of the people,
box, per Apollo," containing boxes, so very different from the floating “black
Collectors' book, Hints, &c., &c., which

beings had been rescued from the hor. In preparing my Reports for the last rors of slavery : it was mournful to think year, it quite escaped me to mention that of the many thousands who, every year, we had received, during the year, an acces- are stolen from their native land, and are sion to our labouring population of about not so highly favoured as to fall into the one thousand re-captured Africans. I went hands of our British cruisers. Among on board two of the vessels, the “ Ceres" the number I saw persons of all ages, and “Brandon,” the latter being a from the little lisping infant to the hoary splendid ship of about one thousand tons' head bowed down with the weight of burden, and was very much pleased with years. Such is slavery ! it has no pity, the ample and excellent accommodation no compassion. Ah! it is an accursed which they afforded, as well as the ato system, and must, sooner or later, draw

holes »

down the indignation and wrath of Hea- local contributions, &c., to accomplish ven upon the nations that encourage it. the following objects :—First, to build a

Good is frequently brought out of Mission-house near our chapel at La evil; and most sincerely and devoutly Baye, to be occupied, in the mean time, do I hope and pray that it may be so by our Catechist, and thus save the with reference to these people thus annual rent of £30, which we are now brought to our shores. Already a great paying. I must enlarge the chapel at many of them have been brought under Constantine, that it may accommodate our influence and teaching. The plant- about one hundred persons more than at ers in general are anxious that they present. Our prospects here are very should receive religious instruction; and cheering, and the want of room cripples from several I have received communi. our energies. The present chapel is of cations on the subject. At the last stone, covered with slates, and we intend Session of the Legislature I peritioned that the enlargement shall be of the for a grant of £250, to assist me in en- same, to correspond. The members en. larging our chapels, and thus meeting the ter into the subject most heartily, and wants, so far as chapel-accommodation is promise me every assistance. Then, in concerned, of these pewly-arrived emin the next place, we want more room in grants. I have very much pleasure in Town ; but how to accomplish it is the informing you that this sum has been chief difficulty. We intend to meet all granted by a unanimous vole. This is these expenses, so that there may not be in addition to the appual sum of £120 one shilling of debt. for our four day-schools, which now re- All these works I must superintend gularly appears on the colonial estimates. myself, and this in addition to all my By this you will see the anxiety of our other duties ; but I feel that I cannot do colonial Parliament for the religious in- too much for God. I never feel so happy struction of the people, and the friendly as when actively engaged in his blessed feeling which is entertained towards us work. Pray for me, that I may have as a church.

wisdom and strength according to my I purpose, with this grant and with day.

BAHAMAS. Extract of a Letter from the Rev. A. J. Thompson, dated Green. Turtle Cay,

Abaco, Bahamas, April 14th, 1850. I HAVE the pleasure of yours, dated we could pass, we ventured across the London, November 28th, 1849, for breakers, and after all our danger, which please accept my best thanks. through mercy, we were preserved in On the receipt of the “Stations,” we saw safety: the boat was lifted upon the our prospective appointments, and made frightful, foaming billow, and in the the necessary arrangements for our re- next minute sank down in the wide, moval; and it was not until after leaving yawning gulf, the sea threatening to our present Station, and we had been a swallow us up; but the stern of the week in Nassau to attend the District. boat was kept to the sea, and, that once Meeting, that we were favoured with the passed, all was safe. If the friends of information of our re-appointment again Missions could witness the poor Misto Abaco. We have felt no disappointment sionary crossing the pitch of the bar, in the change, as we were quite willing when ihe angry surges were breaking in to go, or willing to stay; and we hope the entire passage, and dashing against that the change will benefit the cause of us higher than our boat's mast, with our Divine Lord and Master, and that, what anxiety, would they watch the little wherever we are appointed to labour, the bark freighted with the herald of the furthering blessing of Almighty God Cross! And in view of such a scene, may attend our humble efforts.

could they think that their contributions Here the weather has been very un- were misapplied, or would they have the settled of late, so as to delay my visit to hardihood to say, “Stop the supplies ? " the out-stations for some days; and Through mercy, we passed in safety, and when it had sufficiently moderated, as we visited all our Stations. thought, we entered upon our tour; but Ai Great-Harbour, or, as it is now having gone a part of the way, we called, Hope Town, Litile Guava Cay, found the sea “breaking right across the our neat little chapel looks out upon the channel." However, having undertaken wide Atlantic; and the heavy sea rolling the voyage, and got on so far, and there in upon the beach, not fifty yards from being no other possible way by which the building, is truly grand, and fills the mind with awe and wonder. Vessels are the Lord's vineyard, has been called to seen very distinctly passing almost every his reward since the last time I visited. day; and as the ocean comes quite near Mr. Pearce was for many years an acceptto the “Elbow," they sometines come able Local Preacher at this settlement, very near to the land. Our people are and was well-known to the Missionaries poor, and can do but little towards the who have laboured in this part of the maintenance of the Gospel among them; field. For years past he was unable to but of their little many do of their dilic do any pulpit labour whatever ; but his gence gladly to give of that little. We little strength was exercised in meeting have already referred to the drought of his class. His end was peace. last year ; and but for the assistance of At Marsh- Harbour we are encouraged the Local Government in a supply of at the improvement in the spiritual state provisions, their sufferings would have of our members. Two were added at been extreme. Their poverty may be our last visit; but the great difficulty is inferred from the amount of the collection to get the people to attend the house of at the Lord's Supper for the poor being prayer, In visiting them at their houses, but 28. 2d. My endeavours have been and listening to the excuses as a cause of very much turned toward the young, ever absence from the public worship of God, since I have been here ; and I hope God their business pursuits are found to be may save some by my mouth.

the all-absorbing concern; and although At Cherokee Sound we have added a few assemble every Lord's day, and several to the church during the quar- meet and worship, who are indeed a little, ter ; but while we rejoice in an augment- little flock, others cannot be prevailed on ation of our numbers, we cannot report to come to the place where prayer is wont A corresponding increase in the receipts to be made. of the Circuit income. Those who are At Green-Turtle Cay we have our awakened to flee from the wrath to come hopes frequently blighted : the seed often are not only poor, but very poor. Lewis springs up; but, alas! it is as soon Pearce, an old and faithful labourer in choked or withered.


Extract of a Letter from the Rev. William Mason, dated Rossville, Hudson's-Bay,

November 26th, 1849. By the present express, which has has a house already built, near the site, lately arrived from York-Factory, I and his son-in-law was commencing to hasten to inform you of a few particu- build another this fall. On our arriving lars which have occurred since I last at Oxford, I was glad to learn that Mr. addressed you.

The blessing of Als Hargrave the chief factor in charge of mighty God still continues to rest upon the district, had given orders that Mr. us, and we feel encouraged to go for Robertson should get timber cut, and ward, labouring to the best of our ability hauled home, for the Mission premises, to bring souls to Christ. Early in Sep. this winter; and that, early in the spring tember last I paid a second visit to Ox. of 1830, a carpenter would be sent up to ford, for the especial purpose of fixing erect the necessary buildings. upon the most eligible situation for our The newly-appointed Bishop of Ruintended Mission. We were favoured pert's Land is exceedingly zealous, a with journeying mercies, and, during our holy man, liberal in his views, and beneabsence, our habitations were kept in volent and kind to the poor. He arrived peace; for which we are grateful to God. here, on his way to the settlement, on After making every inquiry, both from September 23d, paid us a visit the the Indians and the Company's officers foliowing day, accompanied by his Chapat Oxford, and carefully examining the Jain and the Rev. James Hunter, from place, I decidedly think the west bay the Pas, and the Rev. J. Hunt. He preferable to the south. The west bay, was much pleased with what he saw : he near the Sucker River, possesses excel- examined the elder school-children in lent fisheries, which have never been sacred history, and they replied correctly known to fail, is a beautiful situation, to most of his questions. The whole has a southern aspect, well screened from party expressed their delight on hearing the north and north-west by high lands them sing, and Miss Anderson kindly and dense forests, and there is abundance promised to send them some presents on of wood and soil. A baptized Indian the arrival of their goods from York.

In consequence of the long continu- after a short illness; he was full of years, ance of mild weather, the Indians have though retaining his habits of industry remained at home, even until the present to the last. He heard and embraced the time: their attendance on the means of Gospel when your Missionaries first are grace has been very regular during the rived, and occasionally engaged in prayer whole time. It is almost as injurious to at the meeting. We trust that, through our temporal interests to have a pro- the merits of Christ, he has safely reached tracted fall as an early one : the latter the port of eternal rest.

He was a young may prevent our obtaining supplies, but man when La Perouse took Churchill the former causes the fish to rot by thou- and York-Factory; and he used to tell sands, as is actually the case this season. us that he well remembered expressing We continued our fisheries until all the his wish to attack the enemy with the fish had gone away; yet, out of eleven rest of the Indians. thousand, not one half are fit for human The country has sustained a great loss, food : we were fortunate in getting an and will be, consequently, exposed to ox and some sheep from the settlement. great suffering, by the non-arrival of one

All the Mission families of this place of the Company's vessels, with the whole are, thank God, in the enjoyment of year's outfit for the northern departhealth, peace, and happiness, and our ment. All hope of its arriving now is little village has been graciously pre- over, and an extra express is carrying served from disease and death, except in this sad intelligence to the authorities in one instance. Old Mr. Whitehead died England.

then rose,

Extract of a Letter from the Same, dated Rossville, Hudson's-Bay,

January 12th, 1850. We are all in the enjoyment of “ The speechless awe that dares not move, health, and peace reigns in our small And all the silent heaven of love," community. We thank God for his especially when on our knees in solemn preserving care over us, and the many prayer, until the tolling bell announced blessings poured upon our path during that another of those revolutions which the past year.

mark the epochs of time to mortals had On the last Sabbath in the past year for ever passed. The whole assembly we held our quarterly love-feast, and in


sang, “ Come, let us the evening I administered the sacrament anew," &c. of the Lord's supper to the meinbers of On Thursday, the 5th inst., we had our Society; all the classes had been pre- our annual school-festival; and in the viously met; and, from the more than evening the Indians delivered speeches, usually large attendance, and the testi- and the school children sang hymns and monies given, I could draw no other recited their pieces, to the great gratificonclusion than “The best of all, God is cation of all present; but especially of with us."

the parents whose offspring had the oppor. A few, I am sorry to say, have per. tunity of displaying their acquirements on mitted an inordinate attachment to this the occasion. “God save the Queen " was world to creep into their hearts; and a sung by the whole congregation, standcold formality is the result. In no in- ing; and the meeting, as it had begun, stance, however, was I called upon to so it was concluded, by prayer. exercise punitive discipline during the The school commenced on Monday, past quarter. While we grieve at the the 7th, with fifty-nine scholars. The apparent want of zeal in some, we rejoice Indians are very busy hauling their in the many clear and encouraging testi. quantum of wood to the school, and are monies borne by others, who love God desirous of assisting the Society, by way and his blessed service, and are seeking of contributions, in labour or provisions, full redemption through the blood of as the enclosed list will testify. Christ. - What we need is a fresh bap- Since receiving the intelligence of the tisni of the Holy Ghost. O Lord, revive Society's debt and want of means to supthy work!

ply vacant Stations, I have afresh resolved On Monday evening, December 31st, to reduce as much as possible the expenses we held our watch-night; on which of this Circuit, that is, without injuring solemn and very impressive occasion we or retarding the progress of the good experienced something of


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