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fact that we possess it is in itself an evi- lead the blind. He first makes men disdence that God wills that we should ciples, and then He makes them Miniscommunicate it. And whilst He has ters; and we in the provinces greatly been making the continents of the earth rejoice, that you look carefully for men and the islands of the sea willing to who have experienced a sound converreceive the Gospel at our hands, we feel sion from sin to holiness, and who are constrained to rise up and redouble our called of God. O, if we get such men, diligence, in order to communicate this (and we have had them furnished hithergracious boon of heaven to man. (Ap- to in sufficient abundance,) we shall, in plause.)-You also hold it as a princi- continuance here, on these anniversary ple, that the Gospel itself, unacconipa- occasions, have tidings of success brightnied by the Spirit, will not effect the er and more extensive than even the past conversion of the world ; and therefore has been! It rejoices us, too, that we you lay it down as a principle, that the have a discipline that watches over our friends of Jesus and of the Heathen Missionaries ; that, under the influence should pray for the outpouring of the of that discipline, they are living in love, Spirit. In that we are also all agreed; and in the exercise of holy self-denial; and I rejoice in the distinct and frequent and it is on account of their devotedness reference that has been made this day to to Christ, subject to the Spirit's ipfiuthe influence of the Spirit as necessary, ence, that we regard the continuation of and as sufficient, when afforded, to ren- the Divine blessing as secured to the opeder the means of salvation effectual. rations of this Society. It will be, to (Hear.) O let us in the one heart and the end of the world, " Like Priest, like mind give ourselves to prayer ! The people." (Hear, hear.)......... It rejoices more fully we realise our dependence us, also, that it is one of our principles, upon the Holy Spirit for success, the that, while the sheep are to be gathered greater will that success be. The more into the fold, the lambs are to be deeply parents feel their dependence shielded and duly fed. It has formed upon Divine influence for the conversion matter for regret to some of us, that the of their children, the more likely are school did not earlier rise up everywhere they to see, and the more speedily will by the side of the Wesleyan-Methodist they see, their children born of God. chapel. We believe, that if our youth And in proportion as we have this Spirit, had been more generally and fully train. we shall be found to honour the Son, ed, at an earlier period of our Conand to benefit our ransomed world for nexional history, we should have had whom the Son died.......... You, further, even greater peace and prosperity, and a hold it to be a principle, that it is the wider spread of our holy principles, than duty of all who possess the Gospel to we have now. (Hear, hear.) But send that Gospel to those who have it blame not our fathers. The primitive not. (Applause.) We rejoice that this Methodist Preachers were giants in their principle is taken up so generally. Our days. (Loud applause.) They were children have taken it up. The poor occupied in felling the forest-trees, and have taken it up. The rich have taken in draining the mi rass. (Hear, hear.) it up. It has become a maxim in the They had not time to attend much to provinces, and I doubt not in the metro- the nursery and the rearing of the polis too, that to do something for the plants. (Hear.) God has favoured us conversion of the Heathen is part and with more propitious times and better parcel of every Christian man's duty. opportunities; and at home we now see (Applause.) And I can assure you, that the school rising in connexion with the recent events have but confirmed rich chapel, and we trust that this will be and poor, so far as I have had an oppor. multiplied. (Hear, hear.) But abroad, tunity of judging, in the determination on your Missionary stations, you have to give more, to labour more, and to begun right. You have begun to give pray more in this great cause. (Hear, the Gospel with the elements of educahear.)......... Sir, it is one of our princi- tion to the infant mind, at the same time ples, also, that the Gospel, in order to be that you address the adult ; and often effectively preached, must be preached your seminaries for the young are in by men who have themselves been at the advance of your efforts for the adult. fuot of the Cross, and are themselves the Go on and prosper. Be assured that the subjects of a Divine change. (Hear, bearts of all who love God and His hear.) We trust that we shall ever hold Christ are with you. (Loud applause.) that principle sacred; for Christ does Be assured, that you have all in heaven not ordinarily, or generally, send the on your side. (Renewed applause.) Be dead to raise the dead, or the blind, to assured, my dear friends, that, if any of great de

the Lord's real followers are for a time regret very much that it was not in my opposing you, Christ will shed light on power to attend here at the earlier portheir minds and hearts. (Hear, hear.) tion of your proceedings, and listen, with They cannot continue enemies of this the attention and interest which I am cause. (Hear, hear.) They must apos- sure they deserve, to the statements contatise from Christ, before they can be- tained in your Report, and in the come confirmed opponents of the great speeches of the gentlemen who have preMissionary cause. (Repeated plaudits.) ceded me. But I am happy still to We pray God, that every vestige of pre- have the opportunity of offering my hume judice, and every cloud of mistake, ble testimony of the high esteem in which makes any one of Christ's follow- which I hold the Christian usefulness ers an opponent, less or more, of this and the Missionary exertions of the cause, may be dissipated. For we know Wesleyan body. (Applause.) Regard. that, as the true light shineth, as the ing the Wesleyans as essentially Mishallowing dews of heaven descend, and sionary in their very constitution and in as the shadow of the cross of Christ their character, I have always felt that it comes over each of them, they will vow is due to them to acknowledge, that the allegiance to this cause like us, they will awakening wbich took place during the emulate us in zeal and in effort, and last generation, and the consequent im“crown Emmanuel Lord of all.” (Ap. provement which we now witness, in plause.) Let us but have the love of respect of the state and the condition of God shed abroad in every heart," and religion, are attributable, in we shall see a friend in every man, gree, to their Missionary exertions at woman, and child. I do rejoice that the that period. (Applause.) But if those children have taken it up. In my own exertions were necessary at that time, Circuit, last Christmas, our children believe me, it will be found that they are have raised about £70 for your Juvenile not less necessary, and that there is no Offering. (Applause.) The zeal with less cause to stimulate you to similar which many of them went about their exertion, during the age in which we work was most honourable. But I beg live. (Hear, hear.) Sir, I believe the pardon for occupying so much of your time is coming when the great bulwarks time. I can only say, that I have been of Christianity, which we have latterly led to make these remarks about princi- been in the habit of supposing to be ples, because, ever since I entered this almost unassailable, are likely to be room, I have felt that we were standing again assailed, and will have to be on a rock, under the banner of the King sternly, and firmly, and vigorously de. of kings, and that all opposition to this fended. (Hear, hear.) I believe that the cause must be just like that which is great enemy of mankind--and there are offered by the pebble which meets the signs and symptoms of it which it beocean-wave as it comes with the swelling hoves us to regard—is girding himself tide. (Reiterated plaudits.) I feel that for ano:her effort. Probably it may be all opposition to this cause must be just his last effort; and in proportion as he like the morning cloud, that flits upon sees his end approaching will his effort the mountain-side, in opposing the rising be more vigorous, more malignant, and

(More applause.) God is with more bold. There are symptoms, also,

God is with us, I say. (Great which may lead us to suppose, that this plaudits.) But not one vaunting word favoured country, with all its advantages shall I utter. The dust is my place. and responsibilities, may be, in a great And I believe the directors of this great degree, the scene of this struggle. (Hear, Missionary Society, and those who are hear.) Already we see the dark-winged most zealous in supporting it, lie deepest messengers of the evil one scattering in the dust. (Hear, hear.) Not unto their insidious poison amongst all classes us, not unto us, but unto Thee, O Em- and orders throughout the length and manuel, be the praise and glory of every breadth of the land. In the dense atom of success for which we give masses of our manufacturing populations, thanks this day! (Applause.) With in the crowded streets and alleys and these remarks, I beg to second the Reso. lanes of our over-peopled towns, they are lution.

disseminating their infidel and immoral The CHAIRMAN put the Resolu- publications, sapping the foundations of tion to the Meeting, and it was agreed to Christian truth, dissipating the hopes of unanimously.

the uninformed poor men, whispering GEORGE ALEXANDER HA away the evidences of Christian truth, MILTON, Esq., M.P. for the Univer- pandering to the improved intelligence sity of Dublin, said, Mr. Chairman, I and knowledge of the lower classes, tell.

sun, us.

ing them, as of old, that "knowledge is united, too, in one object. That object power," and that if they will but take is to resist the progress of error and of the fruit of the tree of unsanctified know, infidelity ; (plaudits ;) to be the instruledge, their eyes will be opened, and ments of rescuing their fellow-creatures they shall become like gods. (Hear, from the slavery of sin and of Satan, and hear.) We may trace them also in the extending the kingdom of their Lord persons who miscall themselves philoso. and Saviour. These are the common phers, but who nullify the word of God objects of all who hold in common the by making it subordinate to their really fundamental principles and doctrines of unphilosophical speculations. (Loud ap- Christianity. And now is the time when plause.) May we not also trace their men should look, not at the minor points efforts among those miserable Rational. upon which they differ, but at these ists, who deity their puny and perverted greater points, upon which, as Christians, reason, and place it upon the throne of they all unité. (Applause.) Not being our Lord and Saviour ? (Hear, bear.) myself a member of the Wesleyan comMay not the efforts of the enemy of man- munity, I have felt it a pride, privilege, kind be traced also amongst other classes and gratification to attend here this day, of the compunity ? May we not, alas ! for the purpose of telling you that I trace them, in some instances, at least, enter, with all my heart, into your obeven in our own pulpits, substituting jects, and that I wish you “God speed.” weak and dead ordinances for the life- The Resolution which has been put into giving iruths of the Gospel ? (Loud ap- my hand points out the mode, the effectplause.) And can I exempt our Senate ? ual mode, by which we weak mortals (Hear, hear.) Have we not often there may expect to contribute towards the a confusion of right and wrong, of truth achievement of those vast, important, and error, and ihe substitation of a and eternal objects. It states, miserable worldly expediency for the That, convinced that it is not by immutable principles of the word of might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, God? (Great plaudits.) Under these suith the Lord of hosts,' that the diffusion circumscances, it is cheering to see those of Christianity throughout the world is to who call themselves the soldiers of Christ be effected, this Meeting earnestly remarshalling themselves together for this commends that, in connexion with a more renewed contest. Nothing can be more vigorous and extensive application of the gratifying than the spectacle which this other divinely-instituted means, more great city and this room present at this earnest prayer be offered that those period of the year. Here we have the means may fully answer the end for companies of the Christian army, the which they have been appointed by the regiments of the Christian army,-- differ- great Head of the church.ing, perhaps, in uniform, differing, per- I have much pleasure in moving that haps, in their facings, but all united Resolution. (Loud applause.) under one banner,- (vehement applause,) GEORGE SMITH, Esq., of Cam-Darshalling themselves, and preparing borne, said,-I feel that this great and for the campaign of the ensuing season. glorious work needs the support of your (Hear, hear.) There we have the Mis- prayers. I am, and have been, its de. sionary Societies; and glad am I to see voted servant for the last five-and-twenty the Wesleyan Missions in such goodly years; and I assure you, therefore, that array, occupying so prominent a place the principles which are laid down in among the Missionary institutions of the the Resolution, are principles which I land. (Loud applause.) Then we have cordially and heartily approve. (Loud the great educational institutions, the plaudits.) It was just now said, that various Societies for the promotion of we cannot stay this great work; (upChristian truth, the Sabbath Observance roar;) and, in the sense in which the Societies, the Ragged School Unions, remark was made, I quite concur in it. the Bible Societies, and the Jews' Soci- But, Sir, the work may be stayed. eties. These are the regiments of the Turning to the pages of history, I find Christian army; and it is cheering to see that, when the first Missionary Society them associated together on occasions was started, and its agents went about like this. Among these regiments there the coasts of the Mediterranean, and can be no dissension, there can be no Christian churches were raised up which disunion, there should be no jealousy; studded the centre of the world's popu(loud applause ;) for they are all united lation, that even then a blasting influunder one Leader, and the attribute of ence did arise, and that the cause of God that Leader is unbounded, disinterested was stayed, and these churches were at love. (Much applause.) They are length, under a malign influence, blotted out from the map of the world's Christi. this large assembly to-day. It cheers anity. I know the cause of God may be my beart that you, Christian friends, stayed, then ; but woe be to that man have come up to this Jerusalem to parwho would stay it. (Applause.) Woe take of this feast,—to see you at your be to that man who attempts it. (Up- post rallying around our Missionary roar.) I would speak now for the pur- standard, and giving a fresh pledge of pose of directing the attention of the fidelity to this holy work. (Hear, hear.) Meeting to means by which every man I hope we shall all cherish and cultivate may associate himself with a power that the spirit of prayer; that we shall pray can never be stayed. This Resolution more as individuals ; that we shall reallies us to God, associates us with the member this holy cause at the domestic Spirit of the Most High, unites us to altar ; that we shall pray for it when we the power which subdued our own souls, assemble to cultivate Christian friend. and made us his agents in the dissemi- ship and social intercourse ;—that all nation of the Gospel throughout the these occasions will be more than they world. I thank God that we have an have ever yet been sanctified by prayer. interest in this matter, that we are allied In the sanctuary, too, I trust we shall to His own Holy Spirit, and that we never forget the cause of Missions ; and stand here instruments to promote bis that, whether as Ministers or members of great and glorious work. (Great applause, Christian churches, we shall have a great drowning partial uproar.)

deal more of prayer. (Applause.) My The Rev. Dr. NEWTON.-Sir, conviction is, that, if there were more I rise not for the purpose of making a prayer, there would be less fault-finding. speech, but for the purpose of calling (Loud cries of “Hear.") My conviction the attention of the Meeting to two words is, that, if there were more prayer, there in this Resolution. The first is that would be more entire unity. My convery important word “prayer,”—“pray- viction is, that, if there were more prayer, er;" and I would that some here were we should have more strength, that a in a more fit state of mind and heart for power Divine would sustain us; for this holy and sacred exercise. (Hear, there is a Divine power in devotion,hear.) I am one of those who think that real devotion,—which takes hold of an there is nothing truly great or good to be almighty hand, and leans upon an omnidone, but as it is sanctified by prayer. potent arm; and “if God be for us, who (Applause.) The God we serve is a can be against us?” (Loud applause.) prayer-hearing God; and it is our inter. My conviction, too, is, that, if there were est, as it is our duty, at all times, and on a great deal more prayer, there would be all occasions, to invoke his blessing by a great deal more "giving;” and that is earnest, believing prayer. (Loud cheers.) the second word in the Resolution to We have pledged ourselves, again and which I shall take the liberty of inviting again, to this sacred duty, within these your attention. If we get so interested walls, in bygone years. Our pledges in the cause of Christian Missions, which have been recorded and published to the is the cause of the world's evangelisation, world; and we are sacredly bound, and the cause of God our Saviour, as to therefore, every one of us, who has at- pray much for its success, I am sure that tended a similar Meeting, and lifted up devotion will kindle up a light in the his hand in approval of the Resolutions, mind, and a fire in the heart ; and that _and bis heart, I trust, far higher than the mind being more enlightened, and his hand,—to engage in the holy exercise the heart more abundantly warmed with of prayer. (Cheers.) I take this oppor- heaven-descending fire, the hand will be tunity of reminding myself, and those opened; and then, if I have anything to who are kind enough to listen to me, that give, there it is, and I shall give it freely “the vows of the Lord are upon us;” and cheerfully. (Hear, hear.) O yes ! and I hope we are about again to pledge whilst I pray, surely I am willing to do ourselves to prayer, and that we shall not something for the promotion of that, as forget what we have done when we retire an instrument in the hands of God, for from this place. Some of us have to go which I pray. (Hear.) I have told my down into the provinces; and there, I friends in the country, that we are to thank God, that, generally speaking, have a good collection at this Anniver. and with scarcely an exception, we meet sary; and I trust the result will justify friends with pleasant faces, (hear, hear,) my expectation. (Applause.) I heartily warm hearts, and open hands,—who have support the Resolution. (Applause.) one heart and one way, and who are re. A Collection having been made, solved to do their utmost in this good The Rev. CHARLES PREST, of cause. (Plaudits.) I am pleased to see Hull, moved,

That the thanks of this Meeting be Society. (1.oud cheers.) I have aften presented to the Ministers who have ad. been struck by hat singularly terse, vocated the cause of the Society through. and almost quaint, observation of the out the year ; to the Treasurers, Secre. good Nehemiah, in mentioning the pertaries, and Committees of all Auxiliaries secution with which God's ancient people and Branch Societies; to the Ladies' were assailed in their passage to the Associations and Commitlees, for their promised land, — when the King of zealous co-op on; to the Juvenile Moab had hired a false prophet to proSocieties, and especially to the Collectors nounce a curse upon them ; with singuof the Christmas and New-year's Offer- lar simplicity and force, the good Neheings, and the kind friends who counte- miah says,—“ Howbeit, our God tumed nance them, for the handsome amount the curse into a blessing.” (Cheers.) I received from this delightful source of do devoutly hope,- hitherto we have had income ; to the Missionaries, Officers, reason to believe,-that, in the deep and and Contributors, on Foreign Sta- prayerful sympathy which it has awakentions, for their practical interest in the ed, and is still stirring, in the hearts of maintenance of the Funds of the Parent the best of our people,-(loud cheers,)Society, in addition to the support they that, in those expressions which this have afforded to their own Local Insti- opposition has called forth, of confidence tutions; and to the Members of other in the management of this Society, and Christian Communities who have kindly especially in the more abundant liberality aided the operations of this Society." which these proceedings have called

The Rev. JOHN SCOTT seconded forth, we have reason to adopt the senti. the motion.

ments of that good man whose name I The Resolution was then put to the have pronounced, and to say, “ How beit, Meeting by the Chairman, and declared our God has turned the curse into a to be carried, there being only one hand blessing." (Loud cheers.) There was, held up against it.

Sir, once upon a time, some very sage The Rev. JOHN BOWERS, of counsel addressed to a large meeting of Didsbury, then rose, amidst great cheer- the early adversaries of Christianity--the ing, to propose the next Resolution. He assembled Council and Senate of the said,-Mr. Chairman, I am thankful to Jews ;-a sentence uttered by Gamaliel, be permitted, after the lapse of several a celebrated Doctor of the Jewish law, years, to take the humble part that has which is as remarkable, in my humble been devolved on me this day. But, opinion, for plain, good, common sense, judging from the example of my Rever- -a very valuable, but, in certain quarend predecessor, I presume it is a gene- ters, somewhat rare, quality in these ral feeling, that the time has arrived at days ;-(cheers and laughter ;)—a senwhich the speakers shall do little more tence as distinguished for sound practithan simply propose the Resolutions cal wisdom as any of those celebrated confided to them. (Cries of “Go on.”) aphorisms which have descended to us I shall abide by that rule; otherwise Í from the sages of antiquity. His words could not have restrained the expression were these : “ Refrain from these men, of my regret, my deep and heartfelt and let them alone; for if this counsel or regret, at ihe manifestation, for the first this work be of man, it will come to time since I have had the happiness to nought; but if it be of God, ye cannot know and to be connected with this So- overthrow it, lest haply ye be found ciety, of any feeling which, to strangers fighting against God.” (Great cheering.) at least, must assume the form of hos- Is this work of human or Divine origin ? tility. (Hear, hear.) I am humiliated (General cries of “Divine.”) I will -I am ashamed before the Christian take that as your verdict. world—that even a few men of our own agreed upon it? (" Yes, yes.") Is that household, that men who have eaten of your united and solemn judgment ? the same bread, and drunk of the same (“ To be sure.") Then don't suffer it cup, as ourselves, should be found to lift to be a dead letter; don't render it, by up their hands against us. (Hear, hear.) any subsequent conduct, null and void. Still, Sir, though it is a painful circum- Make it operative. Take action upon it. stance to know that, in certain quarters, What say you ? That this is not the work this Society has at length been assailed of man, but the work of God. (Cheers.) with something like hostility, it is a Don't, then, impair it; don't slander it; cause of unfeigned gratitude that God (hear, hear;) don't hinder it. Don't has, in his most gracious providence, wound the hearts nor weaken the hands hitherto overruled those proceedings for of those venerable men-(tremendous the advancement of the interests of the cheering)-on whom have been devolved

Are you

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