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of the truth. He left the army ; he'stu- which you have now occupied for so many died at the Serampore College ; and he years, have redounded much to the wel. became an active, intelligent, and devoted fare of the large body over which you in Missionary. (Hear.) He was called to some respect preside, I mean the galthe barracks one day, to visit a soldier, lant defenders of our country. (Hear, who was in great distress of mind, and hear.) And I know, and you have given evidently dying. What was his astonish- us proof of it this day, that to have a ment and surprise, at finding the soldier gallant, a brave, a loyal, a devout army, to be his own brother! His ministra- it is necessary to inculcate on them those tions were blessed to him. He, at the lessons of Divine instruction which caused time, was under the deepest conviction of Cornelius, the Roman Centurion, to be personal sin, and earnestly entreated the recorded as “a man of prayer and of Divine throne for mercy; and his end good works." (Applause.) I have great was peace. Before he was called to his pleasure in finding myself on the plathome in heaven, he indited a letter to his form, face to face, with so many Minismother, full of warm Christian love and ters of the everlasting Gospel, whom I affection, telling her they should meet in have the pleasure of knowing, and for glory. (Hear, hear.) The other brother whom I entertain so great a respect ; and laboured for many years in India. The I rejoice in the reciprocations of good state of his health prevented his longer feeling, which have this day been exstay in the church ; and he is now one of pressed, on the part of the various speak. the most active, intelligent, and useful ers, not only towards the Church to which members of my own denomination in you, as well as myself, have the honour England. (Hear, hear.) Blessings from to belong, and in which we are humble on high bring with them increased re- office-bearers, but in the catholic spirit sponsibility on our part. Much do I which has been evinced, and the good delight to contemplate the success with wishes which have been expressed, on which you have been favoured during behalf of the efforts that are now being the past year. Earnestly do I hope that made throughout the world at large, to that success may be continued and in- spread, far and wide, the knowledge of creased, and that your body may enjoy the Redeemer's name. (Applause.) the greatest of all blessings,—a continued Within the last two or three years, we and abiding faith, accompanied with con- have met to deplore the desolating judgstant communications from above. With ments which bave afflicted our species in this, Sir, the Wesleyan body never can this land, in this city; and the judgment suffer, come what may. I pray it never of another kind by which the food of a may suffer. (Loud applause.)

large portion of the people has been so The Rev. WILLIAM CHAL- seriously curtailed and injured. We MERS, A.M., Minister of the Maryle have to adore and thank God, that such bone Presbyterian Church, seconded the judgments have not overtaken the exer. Resolution ; which was supported by J. tions of such Societies as that which I ROBINSON KAYE, Esq., of Sum- have now the pleasure of addressing. merseat, near Bury, Lancashire.

(Hear, hear.) The Resolution calls upon The CHAIRMAN then put the Re- me to express, what I am most ready to solution, which was agreed to.

do, my devout gratitude to God, for the CHARLES COWAN, Esq., M.P. great blessings He has continued among for Edinburgh,—Before saying a few us as members of various Christian comwords, in support of the Resolution which munities, and the promoters of Christian I have the honour to propose, allow me Missions ; and it ought to fill us with to congratulate you, and this large asa astonishment, that our exertions should sembly, on the position which you have not have been paralysed by a correspondthe honour to occupy this day. I say, ing infliction upon the means which Sir, which you have the honour to occupy, have been placed at the disposal of the because I think that an efficient and managers of these Christian Missions. I faithful Minister of our beloved Queen rejoice, on the other hand, in the assur-(loud applause)—confers upon himself ance, that not only has there been no additional honour, in meeting, as he diminution, but a substantial increase does, hundreds of Ministers of another has taken place in the revenue of this class, who are associated with him upon large body; and I think we are called this platform, for another purpose. (Ap- upon to express our gratitude that such plause.) Sir, I happen to know,-and is the case. (Applause.) It would be Í say it not with Aattery, because it is an awful blot if even one of those assosubstantially true,,I happen to know, ciations, which are now in the habit of that your services in the high position assembling about the month of May within these hallowed walls,-it would That this Meeting expresses ils debe an awful blot, I say, if their exer. vout gratitude to Almighty God for the tions had been paralysed and crippled. increased resources placed at the disposal I rejoice, therefore, to be assured,—and of the Committee, by the augmentation all that I have had the privilege of hear- of the Society's Income during the last ing to-day tends to confirm me in the year ; and cherishes the hope that the belief,—that this great work will con- same spirit of liberality may continue to tinue to be supported by the contribu- manifest itself, and speedily render the tions and prayers of this large and grow. funds more fully commensurate with the ing association. (Applause.) It would wants of the great work which they are be presumptuous in me to detain this intended to promote.Meeting; but having the honour of The Rev. WILLIAM BEVAN, being a humble office-bearer of the Free of Snow-Hill Congregational Church, Church of Scotland, I can never forget Wolverhampton, said, -Sir, the referthe kind welcome which I received im- ence which this Resolution makes to the mediately before our exodus from the information already laid before the Meet. Scottish Establishment nearly seven years ing might seem to render it superfluous ago; and I can never forget the kind in me to offer any reasons for its support. counsel and sympathy afforded by so I am sure that there is no member of many of the Reverend gentlemen whom this Society anxious for the advance. I have now the pleasure to see on this ment of the honour of Christ through platform. There are many points of re- its instrumentality, in conjunction with semblance amongst us; and, although that of kindred institutions, who will there are some points of difference, I not give God thanks that He has enbelieve we are substantially united in larged, at its disposal, the measure of prosecuting the great work at home and the silver and the gold which are His. abroad which it is given to us, as a From the favour of which this is one Church, to carry forth. (Hear, hear.) expression,—from the growing success And I may say, that, although our re- which adds expression to expression of venue for seven hundred Ministers does the favour of Him whom you serve, not greatly exceed £80,000, or about towards the work which you endeavour £120 for each,-(I say it not in a spirit to do; you may well take up the observa. of reproach, but with feelings of regret,) tion of my valued friend, Mr. Chalmers, small as it is, it is actually more than is and look upon your present position, not received by many working Clergy of the only as a position worth maintaining for Church of England. (Hear.) I trust the glory of the King of kings, but a there is some advantage in the members position demanding of you that you send of evangelical denominations meeting on the army in advance, well furnished, occasions of this kind. We are apt to going on “conquering and to conquer forget, when carrying on our own work yet more. (Hear, hear.) I say this on entirely by ourselves, the various claims he ground of your own statistics. They which other sections of the church of have not been undervalued by the Rev. Christ have upon us; and we are apt to

Doctor who seconded the first Resoluforget that precept of the Gospel by which tion, although he made a reference but we are exhorted to “provoke one another to one of the items. I have compared to love and to good works." I sincerely these items in the Report of the last hope that we shall be enabled to congra- year with the present; and I come to tulate each other on the result of this this conclusion, that in every sense in Meeting, and on the result of our having which you can regard prosperity to be undertaken to carry forth, with greater desirable,—in every point of view in vigour, greater self-denial, those most im- which you can trace the result of the portant operations which God has so sig- Divine wisdom and blessing, you have nally blessed, and in the carrying on of reason to rejoice, and take your present which we are entitled to expect His bless. prosperity as an omen of better days, ing. (Hear, hear.) I trust if we are spared and more abundant blessing to come. to meet together again, we shall be pri. (Applause.) For, Sir, I find the in. vileged to congratulate one another on a crease for the year thus,still larger measure of success; for we are not entitled to limit the measure of

Circuits .... blessing which God has promised to the

Chapels and preaching-stations

Missionaries and Assistants work carried on by those who are fellowworkers with Him. (Loud applause.)

34 690 34

Other agents-stipendiary and
unpaid ...

827 The Resolution which I have the honour

Church members to move is,




I do not mean-mistake me not-I do the towns and villages of that country,
not mean that you are to limit the mea- and penetrating through the passes of the
sure of the Holy One of Israel to this neighbouring Switzerland, there estab-
arithmetic. You are rather to look at it lishing for the honour of Christ the
in this point of view :-Here is not only ordinances of His church. (Hear, hear.)
so much ground possessed, here are not But I will not take you over the extent
only so many focal centres of light of the ground. Look at Spain ; there
created --but here are the depositories are your Missions. India, Ceylon,
of an influence at once truthful and there have they won trophies of salva-
divine, from which the leaven is now tion, If I go to the islands of the
spreading, and from which it will go on Southern Seas, amid all that is interest-
to spread. The progression of intelli- ing there, in the labours of other Mis-
gence and piety, under the Spirit of God, sionaries who have toiled hard and long,
no man can compute-and, blessed be I find none of them exceed your toil
His name, no man can bound. View your for the Friendly Islands and Feejee.
advanced posts in this light, and then (Applause.) If I go to New Zealand,
you will see, in the work before you, a I find you have been instrumental in
grandeur ever growing more radiant, - reducing barbarous cannibalism, and in.
an approval from on high, ever becoming fusing into the hearts of men a spirit of
more cheering,-a blessing shed upon love and peace. And what shall I say
the world, ever increasingly appreciated, of Africa? Myself brought into public
-until you feel that while, with all hu- life in connexion with an institution
mility, you have been but the instru- which broke the last shackle of the
ments in the hand of the Mighty,--the British slave, what shall I say for my
hand of the Mighty has upheld you, and hope of Africa ? what shall I say for my
carried you forward to the destined con- hope of the lands to which the Africans
summation. (Applause.) Your Mis- have been removed, from the land of
sionary Society realises, to my mind, the their birth, as to the land of their
vast idea of the Missionary work—the graves ? I find simple Christianity, and
proper idea—that which begins at Jeru- your own plain, earnest Methodism, al-
salem, and that which then advances to the ways,
world. On whichever side I turn, I find

" When unadorn'd, adorn'd the most "-
your communions, in this happy land of
ours, ever intent upon Missionary spoil. breathing upon that burning surface a
If I turn to Ireland, -unhappy, famished cooling air--invigorating and training
Ireland, -famished for her food, but fa- men for enterprises of commerce, while
mished yet more for the bread which calling them to the enterprise of the
liveth for ever--(hear, hear)—there I skies, and setting before the world a
behold your labourers zealous, patient, specimen of that civilisation after which
intelligent, prayerful, seeking to gather they have imagined, but imagined in
from the gloom of superstition, and the vain,-which they have sought through
dominion of priestism, the immortal other media, but sought in vain :-
minds of those who come of a race once and now, to the honour of Christ,
illustrious for the height of their culture, Africa, elevated from its lowest point
the purity of their morals, the simplicity of debasement, bids fair to resume her
of their faith. You go to win Ireland pristine place, not only among the
back to the point whence spiritual op- learned, but the pious, of the world.
pression has led her; to raise her from Who can estimate the value, but who
a degradation at once profound in all its can estimate the responsibility, too,
social aspects, and fearful in its spiritual attaching to our colonial possessions
results. (Hear, hear.) And if I travel There you extend your sympathies, and
to the continent of Europe, I find there your care provides. (Applause.)
amidst the mysticism—the half my. Now, Sir, I said that the scope and
thology, half Christianity of Germany, labours of your Society realise to my
that there you lift up the pure testimony mind the great Missionary idea, not in
of Christ, and there you exalt the its fulness, but in the opening of those
supremacy of God's revealed truth. doors through which you have yet to
(Hear, hear.) If I go to France, and travel, until you cover the wide surface
ask what shall be the preserving influ. of the world. I look upon the existing
ence that will harmonise her discord- conjuncture of providential circumstances
ances, establish her authority, and illu- with our Missionary progress somewhat
mine her people with more than the after this fashion. God first stirred His
lustre of politeness or invention ?-I find church to the discovery of the world's
your agents, ever and anon, permeating necessities. He then awakened in llis

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church a sympathy with the world's had adumbrated, but all that the Prowoes. Now He has made all things phets had seen, and all that Psalmists tributary to the enterprise of His church, had sung; and then, rising from the for the relief of those woes and necessi- grave, He gathered His disciples again ties. We must improve these advan- around himself; and of what was it to tages, and it is at our peril that we look speak? He had disclosed to them His back, lest, in the inscrutable mystery truth, and promised the Spirit “to bring of His providence, He take away from all things to their remembrance," and us, and give to others worthier of them, make them His witnesses. “Behold,” the facilities of His providence, and the said He, “all power in heaven and on mighty power of His grace. (Hear, earth is given to me. The Father hath hear.) Look back, Sir, with a world heard my cry, and hath seen my tears. before us! Look back, with angels He hath glorified the Son; and now, hailing us on! Look back, with all henceforth, it is the mission of the Son events ministering to our advance! Look to glorify Him. I have told you, that back, with Christ Himself at our head, I am going from this earth to heaven, giving us victory after victory, to invite but not to forsake it. Upon this world and command us forward! (Applause.) are je to go for me; and as ye go, No, Sir; if in the day of anxiety, if in there is the promise of my Father ; I

the day of depression, if in the day am its guarantee, and I will not suffer , when success seems to flag, we hear the the Spirit to fail. Go ye into all the

sound,“ Christ expects every man to do world; and when your work is arduous, his duty," how is that sound deepened, and the days are gloomy, and the nights and how is its proper conviction in our are long, and all men are against you, minds strengthened, when it comes from and devils stir up distraction around the fields that are whitening to the har- you, then remember that I am with you vest! (Loud cheers.) One sentiment still upon the mission of God's love, and more, and I will not further intrude so abide ye unto the end." (Applause.) upon the patience of the Meeting. (Ap- Who can look upon the aspect of the plause.) Ever carry with you this idea, world at this moment, and not see and that you are associated with the work feel, that He is upon His glorious throne, of God's Gospel by no accidental rela- with His holy catholic church, and with tionship. (Hear, hear.) Your work of

your own institution, which is not the Missions, our work of Missions, the least—long may it be among the greatwork of Missions in every part of the est !-of the thousands of Israel ? (Loud church, is no incidental ibing in con- applause.) Do I look to commerce ? nexion with the kingdom of Christ. It Let my esteemed friend, from an old and is the thing—he one thing—the only familiar locality in Lancashire, which I thing. (Loud and vehement applause.) love still,— let his testimony be witness, What was His presence in the land of how the highways of commerce are being Judea, but a Mission from heaven to prepared before the nations through the earih ? Where did He travel, but operations of our Missionaries. Therewhere there were minds to be instructed, fore do I claim the support of commerdiseases to be healed, souls to be saved ? cial men. (Hear, hear.) What shall I (Applause.) What was the commis say of the political relationships upon sion given to His friends, wbilst He which our eyes travel, till we become lived, in this blessed toil? He sent involved, oftentimes, in inextricable mysthe twelve, and He said, “Go ye not tery, and we come from human confuinto the way of the Samaritans, nor into sion and the upheavings of revolution, the way of the Gentiles enter ye.” They and say, " Where will all this end ?" were to be limited to the southern por- But let us look to the land of the Southtion of the sacred land; but then He ern Seas, and the people of the African called “seventy others also,” and He coast, and of the African interior, and sent them bither and thither to every behold what the Gospel of Jesus Christ place to which He purposed Himself to doth for the kingdoms of men : how it go. And the spirit of His presence was setteth up the throne of justice, provideth with them ; as, in their mission, they for the widow and the fatherless, breakendeavoured to win the hearts of men eth the bands of the enslaved, and smitto their Lord. (Hear, bear.) He con- eth down the sceptre of the despot. summated His work of instruction by And shall we turn to philosophy ? To His atonement. Dying on the cross, what are we indebted for researches and He realised all that He had taught; discoveries in the most unknown porsummed up in His own glorious propi. tions of the world, in this our day, but tiatory person not only all that types to our intelligent Missionaries? Who


is it that has brought to light the mar- smiteth off their fetters, and exalteth vels of the Southern Ocean ? Who is it their souls to God. (Applause.) tha: can insure safety to discoverers, as The Rev. PETER M'OWAN, of they go beyond the boundaries of civili- Liverpool, said, -Sir, the circumstances sation looking after African lakes? The through which this great Society has peaceful, humble Missionary. Who been called to pass during the last twelve takes in safety, through a semi-barba- months have led myself, and I may say rous, if not an entirely barbarous, peo- the great body of the Society's friends in ple, those who go upon missions of poli. the provinces, to review the principles tical and commercial importance, so as upon which its operations are founded, to facilitate and secure the wise and and the great results that it has wrought right adjustment of international trans- And it affords me unspeakable accions ? Who but a Missionary of pleasure, on this occasion, to say, that your own institution ? (Loud applause.) that examination of principles and results What shall we say of philanthropy ? O, has issued in the confirmation of our where is the bright sample of philan- faith, in the exciting of our hopes, and thropy around which angels gather to in the increase of our zeal. (Hear.) I behold its glory but in the love of Christ ? cannot but feel that I and all who advoHe is at once the pattern of what human cate this great cause stand upon firm excellency is destined to be, and His is ground.

What are

our principles ? the glorious hand by which it is to be One of them is, that man, wherever he is. made such. And where shall we find a found, is fallen, a sinner, the victim of philanthropy to compare with the “love passion, the subject of guilt and misery. of Christ which constraineth us?" (Hear, Is not that at the very base of our operahear.) As the eye of piety strains its tions? It was the fact of man's fall nerve to catch a glimpse of the promise that justified the eternal Father in deliwhich assures a waiting church that the vering up His Son to be incarnated in the time of God's redeemed is well-nigh habiliments, the lowly habiliments, of come; and as the heart of piety, look- our nature, and to be made an offering ing upon all the abomination that is done for sin, and that justified the Son in layunder the sun, lifts up its voice to the ing down His life for the ransom of a lost Lord God of Sabaoth, and says, “O world. And when we consider that six Lord, how long, how long ? Let not hundred millions of our fellow-creatures the enemy vaunt himself';” and as the are in this fallen state, without God, and eye desires to see, and the heart to feel having no hope in the world, who, I ask the assurance, that the good time is com- this day, looking back upon what he has ing, let us look at the growth of our done to promote their recovery, can for a Missionary institutions, the warm heart moment think he has done too much ? of our Missionary churches, the full pur. or, in looking at what he has given, can pose of our Missionary heralds, and the for a moment think he has given too tokens of blessing which are accumulat- much ? or, in reference to prayer, can ing upon the records of every Mission- for a moment think he has prayed too ary Association; and then let our hearts much ? (Loud applause.) Sir, we in rejoice, and our tears be exchanged for the provinces are covered with shame to the glisten of hope and triumph. Even think that we have done so little, given so, come, Lord Jesus ;” come and give so little, and prayed so little for the recoThy people a willing heart to consecrate very of our lost heathen brethren.......... yet more to Thee. (Loud applause.) Another of the grand principles upon Come and give wisdom in greater mea- which our operations are based is, that sure to thein to whom is consigned the the Gospel alone supplies an adequate direction of Thy work. Come and bap- remedy for the wants and woes of our tize, with a richer unction, all who have fellow-men. That principle cannot be gone forth in Thy name to do Thy battle disputed by any friend of this Society, or and win Thy victory.

by any individual who believes in the

holy Scriptures. This is our maxim, "Come, Thou long-expected Jesus, Come and set all people free."

Revelation, not reason ; (loud applause ;)

the Gospel, not philosophy. (Renewed And let the church, with one heart, as applause.) And knowing that the Goswith one voice, strive, wrestle for this; pel is God's remedy, and that we possess care for no other striving, enter into no that Gospel, who can hesitate to say, other contest; and then the peaceful con- that it is his bounden duty to exert all quest, the radiant glory, and the fulness his powers, and all his influence, in order of that kingdom, shall be ours; and that that Gospel may be sent to those every nation shall bless the band which who have it noi ? (Applause.) The very

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