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men is in active operation. We have an excellent house, in which they are met, by myself and colleague, three times a week, for instruction in reading, writing, and Christian theology. These young

men, numbering between ten and twenty, are pious and devoted, ardent in their desire to be instructed and become useful,- the hope of our churches in Feejee.

FEEJEE.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. John Malvern, dated Lakemba,

March 23d, 1850. THROUGH the Divine blessing, I am of his courtiers have followed his examthankful to tell you, that myself and ple, one of whom is now under deep confamily are still in the enjoyment of tole- victions of sin. Many of his subjects in rable health,-a great blessing in any this and in the outer islands, in honour of part of the world, but especially so in His Majesty, have also outwardly bowed Feejee. As long as health continues, down to Jehovah; and, however questhings go on pretty smoothly; but sick- tionable their motive, are now brought ness makes the path rough and trying. within hearing of the Gospel.

During the past few months we have Our children's school, which before had much to try us in our work ; but, averaged about twenty in number, has on the other hand, a great deal to cheer increased to upwards of a hundred. Seand encourage us,-abundant evidence veral of these, who are under the care of that we do not labour in vain. The our wives, have lately been deeply conRomish Priests_busy, indefatigable, and cerned about their souls ; and some of bitter enemies of the true Gospel -have them say they are made very happy, and caused us much anxiety and trouble ; that “ Jesus is very precious to them.” but the Lord has confounded them, and The Papists tried every maneuvre to brought them lower in the estimation of gain the King; but in vain. They are the people than ever. War, also, has now using every means in their power to threatened to destroy our comforts, if not win him over to them, or turn him back our lives, and to blast the cause of God : to Heathenism. The Lord rebuke them ! this, however, has been overruled for Glory be to His name, He has done so ! good, and for the real advancement of Every attempt they make to propagate the kingdom of Christ.

their system turns against them. BeDistressing as were our apprehensions cause they cannot succeed, they have of the war, an account of which has been tried what effect intimidation would given you by Mr. Lyth, our hearts were have; but it is all fruitless. They have gladdened, in the midst of our fears, by told the people, that a French man-ofits being made the immediate cause of war will soon be here, and then they shall Tuinayau's (the King of this and be punished for rejecting the Romish relimany adjacent islands) embracing the gion; and that the whole of their books, profession of Christianity, an event including the Bible, (their great enemy,) which our brethren before us, shall be collected together and burned. well as ourselves, had long desired to They, however, generally find us at hand, see ; but had thought it almost useless to correct any unfavourable impression to entertain any hope of him. What they may make; and, by the blessing of may we not expect at the hand of the God, everything they say and do is Lord ? But the other day, this man rendered futile. was so confirmed in his Heathenism, The Gospel of Christ, in defiance of that it seemed next to an impossibility every obstacle, continues to triumph gloto move him; and we had frequently riously in these dark places of the earth. said, that we thought Tuinayau, after The Redeemer seems to have claimed all the trouble and prayers bestowed Feejee for His own. The Heathen are upon him, would die in his sins. Now

continually throwing away their idolatry, he delights to hear the word of God read renouncing the superstition of their fa- : to him, attends the chapel every Sabbath thers, and embracing the religion of the morning, and pays great attention to the Saviour. Heathen temples are every preaching : he has family worship regu- where to be seen tumbling into ruins ; larly conducted in his house, morning and their votaries, instead of being deand evening. He has lately said, that the luded and tormented by their deceptive words of the Bible have got hold of his oracles, are found worshipping in the mind; and we have good ground to temple of Jehovah, and consulting “the believe that we shall yet see him more oracles Divine,” which are able to make, than nominally and in public profession and have made, many of them “wise converted. His heathen Priest and several unto salvation," Great numbers, at pre


sent, are mere professors of Christianity. are happy in the love of God. The We do not pretend to say that they pos- work of this extensive Circuit has besess vital religion; yet even they are come far too much for two Missionaries very much better than they were in their to attend to. We are often greatly perheathen state. But there are many- plexed to know what to do, in order to and their number is constantly increas- meet the pressing demands of the people, ing-who have truly repented, and have who on all hands are begging for teachbelieved on the Lord Jesus Christ, and ers to instruct them. The Lord has are saved. They well know what it is raised up considerable native help; but to have their sins, which were many, there are several places that we cannot all forgiven them, and from day to day possibly supply.


Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Joseph Waterhouse, (a Son of the lamented Rev.

John Waterhouse,) dated Hobart- Town, Van-Diemen's Land, February 26th,

1850. On December 14th, when in South lands; and have been much encouraged Australia, I received a letter from the by the interest which has been re-awakRev. Walter Lawry, urging me to pro- ened in the Feejee Mission. In the ceed as soon as convenient to New-Zea- course of my journeys, I have often been land, viâ Hobart-Town, in order that I deeply affected at the remembrance that might take the first opportunity that I was visiting the very spots in which might present itself of embarking from my late father engaged in his last public Auckland for Feejee. From the bereaved I felt deeply as I entered the state of that Mission, I felt it my duty chapel in which he made his last Misto comply with Mr. Lawry's request; sionary speech ; and I was thankful to and in six days I was on board the vessel hear many a deep sigh Ascend from which conveyed me hither. On the amidst the congregation as I advocated morning of the day of my departure from the cause which lay so near his heart, Adelaide, I attended a breakfast, to which and which he has bequeathed to me,the officers of the church had invited that of cannibal Feejee. My departed me and some of my personal friends. I parent went home from that place of seized the opportunity of pleading for worship to die. By the grace and propoor Feejee; and suggested that the vidence of God, I go to Feejee to devote company present should engage to sub- myself, unreservedly, to the responsible, scribe, at least, £50 sterling per annum but sublime and heavenly, work of preach. for five years. To my great joy L86 ing Christ crucified to the Anthropophagi were raised in this manner.

of Polynesia. May the God of my father Since my arrival in this island, I have, bless my labours abundantly! at the pressing request of the friends, I hope to sail for Auckland early in aitended the Missionary Meetings in April. I trust my honoured fathers will Lauceston, Longford, Evandale, West. not forget to pray for their unworthy son hury, Campbell-Town, Ross, and Oat.

in the Gospel



Extract of a Letter from the Rev. William C. Holden, daled Pori-Natal,

April 12th, 1850. Another quarter has passed away, are a very important and valuable addis and to us it has been one of exciting tion to this colony. interest. The large influx of emigrants The settlement of “ Verulam " is puts every thing and person in motion. situated on the Umthloti River, about No sooner has one vessel discharged her twenty miles distant, along the coast, to cargo of human beings, than another the north-east of D'Úrban. It is a beauarrives.

tiful and romantic neighbourhood, diverAmongst the many who are thus sified by hills and valleys of every size, pressing to our shores, are a number of and form, is richly wooded, and has the English Wesleyans. About twenty-five river running through the whole of the or thirty church-members have already settlement. The site of a town is arrived, chiefly under Mr. Trons. These already selected, and is being surveyed.


A few families are already upon it, and and stability to the edifice, and that along others are daily expecting to follow. In this fine line of coast there may indeed a short time, both the town Ewen and be a peaceful and prosperous people, the outside allotments will be ready for bringing glory to God, and making the their respective occupants; and, with land as the garden of Eden. the blessing of God, after a year or In the Bay, our old English chapel is two of effort and privation, I doubt not much too small for our English congrebut they will be in circumstances of gation. The completion of our comfort.

chapel has been delayed by circumThe settlement is situated on the stances over which we had no control; direct line of road to Zulu-land; and it but I think there is a prospect of being is a matter of great importance to have able to open it in a few weeks, when a number of pious people along our comfort and usefulness will doubtless this line of country, on account of the be greatly increased. many natives residing upon it, and Some of our people sustain spiritual of others who will be continually coming loss on their voyage out, which is not to into the colony ; for I hope the object be greatly wondered at; but their case of our friends will be rather to improve is made very much worse, if on their the natives than drive them away. I'hree arrival they do not immediately unite Local Preachers are amongst the parties themselves with the church of Christ, who have already gone out; and most and place themselves under the pastoral of the members appear to be devoted care of their Minister. Christians, enjoying the power of reli- It should be a source of great gratifi. gion, and anxious to diffuse its influence cation to them to know that they are not around them. Notwithstanding my very coming to a place where they will have great efforts to meet the wants of this to be set down in the solitary wilderness, rising Circuit, our friends at Verulam without the means of grace, or any one would have to be without the means of to care for their souls ; but that already grace, were it not for the assistance of provision is made for their spiritual Local Preachers ; for at the most I can, wants, the same, in kind, as in their as yet, only devote one Sunday in the fatherland. quarter, and one week-evening in the Our work among the natives continues month, to them.

much the same as before, only that in We have another English congre. the summer our congregations are not gation formed about ten miles on this usually so large, or our success so great, side of Verulam, which can only be sup- as in the winter. Many causes combine plied in the same manner.

There are

to draw aside the attention, and entice also two Kaffir congregations and so- the people from the house of God. cieties; one connected with each place : Five Kaffir adults have been baptized so that there is already full employment during the quarter, who all professed to be for an additional Missionary beyond the changed characters. Three of these had Umgeni River alone ; and I hope the been the wives of polygamists, and had time is very near when one will be sent, been obliged to forsake their husbands, Affording direction aud advice to our in addition to other trials, in order to people about their temporal as well as embrace the Gospel. We have many their spiritual concerns, has greatly added cases of difficulty and sacrifice here which to my previously pressing engagements; are unknown in England. but I am trying so to lay the foundation There are now upwards of a hundred of a civil community and a spiritual full church-members, and fifty on trial, house, that each succeeding year, as it in this Circuit. We greatly net d your rolls away, may give increased vigour sympathy and prayers.

Extract of a Letter from the Same, dated Port-Natal, May 24th, 1850. I TAKE an early opportunity of grate- given only to persons who are either fully acknowledging the receipt of the meeting in class or attending school. two cases of prints, garments, &c., which 2. No garment is given to any one who you kindly sent, and which came safely is able to work, so as to be able to proto hand a few days ago. The aid was cure that which he or she needs, by very much needed, and the articles will means of industrious habits. 3. I hey be carefully appropriated to the objects are given to old and young persons who for which they were sent. It may not are unable to procure them at all, or be improper to state the manner in which only in such a manner as nearly to ex. the distribution is made : 1. They are clude them from the means of obtaining



them in any other way. Take the follow- and so great a change in the outward ing illuitration: A short time before I appearance of human beings, in so short obtained any assistance, two females, one a time, I never saw : so poor and wretched from fifty to sixty years old, and the had the oldest of them before appeared, other from sixty to seventy, came and that her friends gave her out to be dead ; sat down before me: I inquired what was and, when giving the number of living the object for which they came : the an human beings in the house, excluded swer was, they were naked. I inquired her from the list; but there is now every how it was they had lived so many years probability that she will be not only in the world without ever having a gar among the living on earth, but also ment on, and now in their old age only among the living in the spiritual Jerusathey had learned that they were in a lem. state of nudity. The reply was, that If our Christian friends in England God's word had now come amongst could see many of the sights which I them, and that by it they saw that they see, they would think themselves amply were sinful and naked, and that they repaid for the money they contribute, were now ashamed before Him. After a and the articles they send, and would little more conversation, I sent them say, “ The money, the time, the labour, away, without any reason to expect that &c., which I devoted to that object, was I should be able to meet their wishes in the very best applied of any part of my providing a garment for them ; but, in a resources." short time afterwards, my Derby friends The Christian Kaffir can have only one sent a case of prints, calicoes, &c., which wife, instead of five or ten which the Heahad scarcely arrived, when the same two then has ; so that all the odds are against old women came again, and with cheer their acceptance of Christianity and civilful countenances renewed their applica- isation. The Heathen says to the Christian, tion, with the assurance of success; and “You are a fool for embracing Christi. were very thankful when they obtained anity; for you have to work hard with the means of laying aside the filthy pieces your one wife, whilst I have plenty of of skin which Heathenism had supplied, wives to work for me, and I can live in and put on the garment which Chris. abundance without doing anything at tianity had furnished; but as this one all.” And the Heathen woman says to frock could only be for the Sabbath, the Christian, “Ab, you see what you and that part of the holy day only on get by your religion : I have three, five, which they would be in attendance on or ten women to share the labour with Divine worship, they had to get pieces me, whilst you are obliged to drag on of calico to put round them while at alone as you best can, and your husband work, or going about their ordinary en is a slave at the same time," &c. gagements.

These are amongst the many other They came to one of my country sta opposing influences which are brought to tions, about nine miles distant; and when bear against Christianity, so that no one, I went again to preach and meet the not even the Englishman living next class a short time after, there they were, door, knows all that a Missionary has to with their clean skin and new frocks; do, and to try and discourage him.


Extract of a Letter from the Rev. James Cameron, dated Thaba-Unchu,

July 25th, 1850. I was cheered at the last renewal of the eldest son of the Chief Moroko, with the quarterly tickets, to find most of the one of his companions. He has been privi. members of our church bere holding fastleged to grow up under the sound of the the profession of their faith without Gospel, and to receive instruction from his wavering, expressing the liveliest grati- infancy. He was three years at the Wate tude for their deliverance from the igno. son Institution, and eight months with rance, degradation, and misery of Hea Mr. Smailes at Colesberg, where he thenism, and for their introduction to the enjoyed every advantage, both of a schoblessings and privileges of Christianity. lastic and religious kind, not to mention Five catechumens, three of whom professed my own efforts to instruct him. He to have obtained the forgiveness of their reads English, Dutch, and Sichuana, sins through faith in Christ, were, after a writes a fair hand, and understands the lengthened probation, admitted to the sa common rules of arithmetic. Since his crament of baptism. Amongst these was return from Colesberg, about a year ago,

he has been on trial for church-member- with the Divine blessing, to have it ship; and as his Class-Leader spoke completed within two years. The peowell of him, and his moral conduct was ple contributed money to pay for the irreproachable, I thought the prolonga- doors and windows, and brought them tion of his novitiate might be productive hither from Colesberg, a distance of a of discouragement, if not of worse conse- hundred miles, in their own waggons, quences,—so I consented to baptize him. and at their own expense. All our male I do hope he will, conformably to his members have engaged to work by baptismal pledges, renounce the vanities turns, in parties of ten or twelve, till the of the world, the lusts of the flesh, and building is finished. It is in the form the works of the devil.

of a T, and comprehends an area of two Our sacramental and lovefeast occa. thousand seven hundred and seventy-two sions, on the 7th and 14th instant, were square feet. Great was the rejoicing of indeed times of refreshing from the pre- the people at laying the first stone of sence of the Lord. In no Christian this new and spacious edifice. I dischurch, even of favoured England, could coursed to them on the miseries of Heathe meinorials of the Saviour's passion thenism, and the vast temporal and have been received with greater propri- spiritual advantages which the Gospel ety: each one, kneeling erect, reverently had brought them.

I believe every took from the hands of his Pastor the heart responded to the truth of my statesymbols of Christ's body and blood, as ments. At the conclusion of the service the outward seal of the Gospel cove- we repaired to the old chapel, singing a nant, with all the rich blessings it in. hymn by the way; and there the whole

to penitent believers. At the church partook of a repast, consisting of lovefeast many testified to their having bread and meat, with plenty of tea, a experienced the power, as well as adopted beverage which a few years ago was the form, of godliness. A few spoke utterly unknown among the Baralongs, with so much feeling as to move the but which some of them now begin to whole assembly, who seemed as with relish, as much preferable to their native one heart to follow hard after God. beer. At this feast we were joined by

On Tuesday, the 9th instant, the Moroko and one of his head men, who foundation-stone of our new chapel was thus showed themselves interested in our laid, with the usual formalities. From undertaking. The former has promised various causes, and especially the want to assist us with his waggons in fetching of funds, this building has been delayed wood, which must be brought from a much longer than was at one time anti- great distance, or in any other way that cipated ; but we have now made a com- I may suggest; and I have no doubt of mencement in good earnest, and hope, his fulfilling his promise.



NEWMANVILLE.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Richard Ridgill,

dated Somerset West, March 5th, 1850. Since I last wrote to you, I have exhort and teach, until the prejudices of twice visited Newmanville, the residence the unfriendly gave way. Having emof Mr. John D. Lindsay. It is situ. braced, about two years ago, an opporated in the district of Worcester, distant tunity of commencing business in the from this place (according to our Cape same place on an extensive scale, he mode of computing distances) nine hours found his means of doing good likewise on horseback. Mr. Lindsay has been increased. He fitted up a suitable buildconnected for several years with our So- ing for a chapel or school-room, in which ciety as a member. He fir:t went into he collects, on the Sabbath, and at other the country as a Teacher in a private times, as many of his poorer neighbours family. His heart glowing with the love as he can, to whom he expounds the of God, he let his light shine among Scriptures, and whom he endeavours to men by establishing a Sabbath and guide in the way of peace. He has also evening school for the neglected adults succeeded to such an extent in gaining and children of colour in the neighbour- the confidence and esteem of the respecthood. For a length of time he met with able Dutch farmers around him, that, in much opposition: for his motives were consequence of their application, the misunderstood, and his proceedings mis- Governor, Sir Harry Smith, honoured represented. Nevertheless, through good him, a few months ago, with a Comreport and evil report, he continued to mission of the Peace for that district.

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