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the maintenance of a work so great and so good. Much has been effected; so much indeed that the welcome recitals of it may perhaps have caused some to overlook the sad fact that very much more remains to be done, before even the grossest Heathenism, and its attendant superstitions and vices, can be extirpated from among the rural population of some of the islands. This will be sufficiently illustrated by the judicious letter from the Rev. Edward S. Thompson, which will be found below. Many parts of the West Indies are still strictly Missionary ground. At the same time, it is clear that even the progress already made cannot be duly maintained or carried out, but by a vigorous reinforcement of important stations, and a larger expenditure of money. We solemnly call upon our friends seriously to consider “what Israel ought to do” under such circumstances. We trust that this will be one of the topics prominently urged by the speakers at the ensuing Missionary Anniversaries. And we recommend a careful perusal and seasonable use of the soul-stirring sentiments and arguments expressed in the subjoined letter of the Rev. Richard Wrench, of St. Vincent's.-Let all begin afresh to pray, (and act in accordance with such prayers,) that here, and everywhere, the Lord will be pleased, “ in the midst of the years,” to “revive His work.”

JAMAICA.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Edward S. Thompson,

dated Duncan's, June 28th, 1850. Our Sabbath congregations, both at cheerfully promised their aid ; and, as this place and also at the two mountain they are now in full employment, most stations, Sawyer's and Tangier, have of the estates being engaged in making been generally good, and the people sugar, this being crop-time, they have attentive to the word preached ; and, already subscribed about £10 sterling although we do not witness those imme- for this purpose. diate results in the conversion of sinners, But while we look at these bright which we so much desire, yet we are features in connexion with our work, it encouraged to persevere, remembering must be acknowledged that the Jamaica who hath said, “He that goeth forth Mission has not for several years past and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall afforded all that encouragement to its doubtless come again with rejoicing, supporters at home which we could wish ; bringing his sheaves with him.”

and it has caused us deep regret to be Our Duncan's Sabbath-school is, I obliged to report from time to time a am thankful to say, in a very encou diminution both in numbers and finanraging condition. On Sunday week I cial receipts. But this might have been count

about one hundred and seventy anticipated, considering the barbarous scholars, diligently engaged in the dif state of society generally when our ferent classes; while the Teachers, churches here were formed, and the peoseveral of whom have been trained in ple put themselves under the instruction our day-school, seemed delighted with of the Missionaries, with the great their work. This I consider to be a very changes which have taken place in their important part of our work, as it is condition since the abolition of slavery ; from our Sabbath-schools that our future and we may reasonably expect that it churches will be formed.

will take years of toil before our churches I am happy also to be able to report a here assume that intelligent and stable small increase in the financial receipts of form which characterises more enlightthe Circuit as compared with the corre ened communities. It should be borne sponding quarter of last year. The in mind, that our people in this country members are exerting themselves just are still in a state of infancy, both as now in making a special subscription it regards their intelligence and piety ; for the purpose of putting the chapel- and when we remember the deep deprayard in repair, the walls of which were in vity of the human heart, fostered by long a most dilapidated condition. On bring. years of darkness and superstition during ing the matter before the Society, they the reign of slavery, we must be thank

well as

ful for the thousands still in our churches, and do not return to their homes until who manifest a change of heart by the Friday night; and during the week are fruits of a consistent life.

found indiscriminately herding together In this island there are many influ- at night, either in the mill or trashences at work which are productive of a houses, without any sort of supervision fearful amount of evil, especially among being exercised over them. The results of our young people. Among others may such a state of things, in a country like be named that of Negro-dances. It has this, may be easily imagined. Upon inbecome a practice upon many of the quiry, I have found that very few of newly-formed settlements, as

them are seen at any place of worship upon the estates, to foster these sources upon the Lord's day. of evil. Some man of bad character I might also refer to the prevalence of erects a large booth, of the branches of Obeahism and Myalism, as another obthe cocoa-nut tree, in the neighbourhood stacle in the way of our spiritual proof his own house, and has it made known gress. In the minds of thousands of the that a dance will be held there on a cer- black people these superstitions are deeptain night; and, having procured the rooted, which leads them, when under assistance of a fiddler, or a drummer and the influence of any affliction, to fly in fiter, crowds of people flock thither, and the face of Divine Providence, by attriamidst the unmusical sounds emitted buting their sickness to the influence of from these instruments, (the drum is Obeah or witchcraft; and, instead of generally made of a small barrel having using proper means for their recovery, the head and bottom knocked out, and they have recourse to the Myal Docior, goat-skins stretched across instead,) a or, as he is generally called, “the bush. dance is kept up frequently from Friday man,” who, by sundry incantations, and evening until Sunday morning, to the pretended secret arts, practises upon their great annoyance of the more quiet and credulity for the sake of extorting money peaceably-disposed inhabitants. Many from them. A case of the kind came of our young people fall into these under my notice a very short time since. snares. These dances generally end in A man living in the mountains of St. noisy disputes and quarrels.

Ann's had been suffering for some time Another evil which may be mentioned from a complaint in his head. A person is concubinage, an evil which is becom. called upon him one day, calling himself ing awfully prevalent. As few of the a Doctor, and, after making several inyoung people in the country marry until quiries, told him that somebody had they get houses of their own, it has been setting Obeah for him, which was become the practice for parties to live the cause of his illness, and that he could together in a state of illicit connexion, cure him for three dollars: a bargain generally occupying a small hut or room being made, the so-called Doctor, or where it can be obtained. An illegiti- bushman, commenced a search, telling mate family of sickly and neglected child him that the Obeah was buried in his dren is the result, who are little cared garden, and at length pretended to dig for, and scarcely ever sent to either day up, near the house, a small parcel conor Sabbath school, but are in training taining pieces of broken glass, small for all sorts of vice.

pieces of bone, teeth, &c., &c., which Another source of much evil is the was declared to be the cause of all the employment, upon many of the estates, sickness, and set there by somebody who of what are called “picaninny gangs. had a spite against him. After squeez. Hundreds of children, of both sexes, ing some lime-juice upon it to “kill the from seven to fifteen years of age, are poison,” it was thrown away, the man employed, in large gangs, in cleaning declaring that he would now get well. canes and other work. This is done to As this, however, was not the case, he the exclusion of the adults, (except in was again sent for, another three-dollar crop-time,) to save expense, as these bargain made, the same digging and children work for about 6d. per day; finding operation repeated, with the while their parents, who get no work same results. But here the evil did not upon the estates, are either at home, end : the sick man was anxious to know depending upon the earnings of the who had set the Obeah for him, and was children, or at work in their provision- told that it was a man who lived near, grounds. In some parts of the island, giving his name. When I inquired many of these children live in the moun- what he did 10 the man thus accused, he tains, several miles from the estates, and replied, “Massa, me have a war with are sent to their work either on Sunday him ;” and upon further inquiry I ascerevening, or early on Monday morning, tained that this led to a quarrel which

lasted for more than a year, and which thinking of the eight hundred thousand only ended in the accused man being slaves who sigh in bondage there, and obliged to leave his settlement, for the while reflecting upon the moral darkness sake of peace, and to seek a home seve and cruelty which brood over that beaural miles away. Such cases, I am sorry tiful, but unhappy, island, and longed to say, are of too conimon occurrence ; for the time when it shall be open to and although differing widely in detail, Missionary enterprise. When that day some cases being of the most disgusting shall arrive, and come it assuredly will, nature, generally produce like results, what a field will be open for the exercise and tend greatly to retard the progress of of the consecrated talent of some of our religion among the people of this island. Jamaica youth who are now being train

From these remarks it will be seen, ed in our churches and schools here! To that while we have many evils to con this result we should be encouraged to tend with, which will require the exercise look forward, from the fact that we have of patience and faith, yet there is cause in this island, already actively engaged, for gratitude that so much good has been five native Missionaries, the fruit of Misaccomplished. I believe that a brighter sionary toil. Let, then, our friends in day will yet dawn upon Jamaica, although England be encouraged still to pray for years will elapse before the soul-wither us, and by their increased contributions ing effects of slavery will cease, and that assist in maintaining an efficient staff of Jamaica Christians will be called to acts Missionaries in Jamaica; and the result of high and holy enterprise on behalf of will ultimately be an increase of intellithose who are still in heathen darkness. gence and piety in our Jamaica churches, Frequently from my late residence in St. the effects of which will be felt in other Ann's have I seen, on a clear morning, lands, yet under the influence of darkthe hills of Cuba rising in the distance ; ness, superstition, and slavery in their and often have I felt distressed while worst forms.

ST. VINCENT's.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Richard Wrench,

daled Calliaqua, June 23d, 1850. NEARLY another quarter of a year gation from 2 Peter iii. 10: “But the having fled, I hasten to fulfil my duty, day of the Lord will come as a thief in and embrace the privilege of addressing the night," &c. At the close of the serto you a few lines relative to the work of mon, all the congregation remaining, the Lord in the island of St. Vincent's. my beloved brother Ministers, Messrs.

Your permission for the return home Butcher, Barley, Ellison, and Wood, of Mr. Barley was well-timed, as, in resolved, in God's strength, to continue addition to his previous physical debi. instant in united prayer.

We cried lity, he had, a short time prior to his mightily unto God, at which the light of leaving, an unexpected, sudden, and eternity was shed upon the darkness somewhat severe, attack of fever, &c., of time; and soon a very gracious inwhich rendered a speedy departure very fluence was poured out upon us all, desirable. Before this affliction, we scales dropped from the eyes of the spi. held a week's special services in our ritually blind, marble hearts were dashed large, commodious, and beautitul Kings into the fragments of penitence, rocks 1own chapel. There were public prayer were smitten with the rod of Divine meetings each day at five A.m., and at truth, and forth gushed the tears of confive P.M., and a sermon every evening, trition : the capacious sacramental rails after which succeeded another prayer were crowded with anxious sirners, crymeeting. In addition to the Ministers ing, like the jailer of old, “ What must of the Circuit, Mr. Collier and myself I do to be saved ?" while others, in were invited to take part in some of the various parts of the sanctuary, were services. All the meetings, I am in

“ Deep wounded by the Spirit's sword, formed, were encouragingly attended.

And then by Gilead's balm restored." Of the Wednesday night's I can write from happy observation, inasmuch as Amid this glorious visitation, and while the cloud of blessing which for some each Missionary was engaged in exhortlays had been gathering and cumulating, ing, reproving, or comforting, it was then, by the attraction of believing most touching to see our Chairman, Mr. prayer, dropped its fatness upon the Bannister, who had not fully recovered thirsty land, making “ the parched from an attack of sickness, walking up ground become a pool of water." I to the scene of penitential groans and preached to a large and attentive congre lears, coming to our aid with one arm in

a sling, and, with a pale countenance mittee, in its laudable efforts to send the and tremulous voice, giving out the verse, ploughshare of the Gospel into new soil,

not to allow anything to minify its sym. “ To serve the present age,

pathy for these green isles of the sea. My calling to fulfil;

Finances are notoriously at a low ebb; O may it all my powers engage,

but the work of Missions here was ne. To do my Master's will !"

ver more important; the population, as Backsliders were reclaimed, and sinners you well know, need multiplied assistconverted; while the saints of God ances while passing through a state of shouted for joy.

transition from semi-Heathenism to reYou will also be pleased to hear that finement, civilisation, and Christianity. Mr. Hudson has had the George Town Our Societies need consolidating, nurgchapel repaired and newly painted : the ing, watching, and, eventually, a thoimprovement is surprising, giving to the rough training to fight “the battles of interior of the substantial stone-built the Lord." There has been, from edifice an air of comfort and neatness Various causes, a gradual diminution bordering upon elegance. The members, of Missionaries in the West Indies, with their wonted liberality, at the re when there should rather have been opening services gave the noble sum of an annual addition ; for, as matters are, more than a hundred dollars, while despite of all our efforts, we do not, about thirty more are expected : this cannot, overtake our work, and people will go far towards defraying the ex are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” penses incurred.

The George Town Here we are, in a torrid, insalubrious members are probably not surpassed in clime, galloping daily over the sugarliberality by any country Wesleyan So- plantations, and through the villages ; ciety in the entire Mission-field. They and when we return home in the night, contributed more than £100 sterling last jaded, and frequently drenched with year to the great and good cause of Mis- rain, we possess the sickening conscioussions, and are, unmistakably, deserving ness of not having done nearly all that of commendation. Last Sabbath I had should be done. unusual liberty in the second of the se Just take my own case the other rial re-opening services, while preaching Wednesday ; and this is only a sample from Psalm lxxxiv. 10: “For a day in of our running “ to and fro, that knowthy courts is better than a thousand,” ledge may be increased.” After visiting &c. The house was filled with the Di. the Calliaqua day-school in the forevine presence, while the sparkling eyes, noon, and giving the children an address, beaming countenances, and enchained at two o'clock I mounted my horse, and attention of an overflowing congregation proceeded to Marriaqua Valley, a disseemed to echo, and re-echo, the glow. tance of six miles, where I preached at ing words of inspiration.

four P.M.; after which we held a The unexpected arrival of Mr. Wood Leaders' Meeting, and settled two quarwas opportune and gladdening; yet, while rels. Thence I rode away to see two sick we feel grateful for this kind and prac persons, one a Roman Catholic, brought tical remembrance of us, permit me to to the gates of death by the dropsy. I remind you of the urgent necessity of a tried for fifteen minutes to convince her, supply for Mr. Padgham, who, after up that unless she obtained forgiveness from wards of a year's severe illness, was sent God, and consequently the Spirit's atto England some three months ago. testation of the heavenly boon, her prayMr. Padgham has laboured hard in the ing for it and hoping for it would not be Mission-field, yea, over-tasked his of practical benefit. I left her, with strength : hence this fearful re-action. deep feeling, thinking “how short the But, 0, what can we do, when souls, time" will be, ere I be called to stand immortal souls, right before our eyes, are with her among the countless and incondancing in their chains, on the verge of ceivable throng, “before the judgmentdeath? It is easy for people far away to seat of Christ." She died in four days. admonish us, Don't work too hard ; Thence I trotted away, and found don't kill yourself !” But, Sirs, when another congregation waiting for me brands are so near the eternal burnings, at Evesham-Vale. I preached, then we must snatch them away, ere they ig. hastily drank a cup of coffee, and, after nite, kindle, and burst into a flame, leading my horse, in the dark, by a danwhich all the water of earth and heaven gerous precipice, mounted, and rode off combined cannot quench.

two miles further, to Calder chapel; getPermit me—for I feel for the West ting to my seven-o'clock appointment at Indies,-permit me to entreat the Com. ten minutes to eight. The dense darkness



having prevented the usual congregation wilderness enthusiasts, while adequate from assembling, I held another Leaders' pastoral oversight is out of the quesMeeting, and found myself, at a late tion. hour, six miles from home, in a night Amid all this, I do not forget that so dark, that I could not literally see the Committee cannot « of stones raise half a yard before me. Finding it im up children unto Abraham,” who will possible to grope my way home, I craved be divinely called, and empowered, to lodgings at the house of Mr. Parsons, a preach the Gospel. The gladsome news Local Preacher, who lives in the vi- of so large an increase in the Missionary cinity.

yearly income was “music in our ears, Persons in the bracing and salu- and leads us to indulge the hope, that brious clime of England may won.

at the Conference we shall receive some der at

undertaking three assistance in the St. Vincent's and Dememons, two Leaders' Meetings, pastoral rara District. But, if your debt of nearly and school visits, all on a week-day, £11,000 prevents you from augmenting, under a West-Indian sun, or amid to the extent desired, the West-Indian its deleterious night-dews; but, Sirs, Missionary army, I know your heart will what is to be done? There is no alter be as our heart, when we ask you to native. Duty, with trumpet-tongue, meet us in spirit at a throne of grace, proclaims, “What thy hand findeth to and join us in praying, do, do it with thy might.” And souls

“Lord of the harvest, hear lie near our heart; they are the purchase

Thy needy servants cry," &c. of Christ's most “precious blood,” and must soon either be blasted monuments Permit me, in conclusion, to express of God's withering and eternal curse, or my gratitude for the encouraging letter wear on their victorious brows a

I lately received from the Rev. Dr. that fadeth not away." These things, Beecham, and which, amid trying MisSirs, are enough to make the most apa- sionary scenes, was a happy comment thetic pant to cram, if possible, two or on the words of the wise man, “As cold three days' work into one.

water to a thirsty soul, so is good news As another illustration, I may men from a far country." tion, that we have had to expel about one Mr. Collier's health is much the same hundred and fifty members in the Biabou as at our last District-Meeting—tremCircuit, for amalgamating heathenish bling in the balance. Myself and family customs with the forms of Christianity; continue well; for which I am truly and also for following their animal feel grateful to the Giver of every good and ings and mental whims, in opposition to perfect gift. the revealed word of God. In a Circuit I thank you for all past kindness, and of twenty miles in length, containing hope to hear from you again ere long. three thousand members, what, I would P.S.-Since writing the above, I have ask, are three Ministers among so many ? had a sharp attack of fever, but am now We cannot overtake and reclaim the almost convalescent.


Extract of a Letter from the Rev. William T. Waymouth, dated St. Martin's,

July 23d, 1850.

It has pleased God to visit us in this ter, whose premonitions enabled me to island with one of those devastating take every precaution in due time, so scourges which expose life and property that, I am happy to say, except wringto so much hazard in the tropics, earlier ing almost off the hinges of a few shutin the season than we are usually pre- ters, leveling the fences, and carrying pared to expect such visitations. On away the spouts of the house, very little Thursday the 1lth, the wind from the damage was sustained by the Missionnorthward increased from ordinary force premises. A large tree in the Missionto extraordinary violence, and blew in yard, that has stood perhaps a century, fearful blasts tillabout nine at night. Then was torn into pieces. Salt, from the there was a lull for an hour and a half, heaps into which it had been as usual gadeceiving such as do not consult the thered, was blown in rattling peals against barometer into a belief that all was over; the doors and window-shutters; whilst but suddenly the wind came with terrific the sea, with horrible noise, was forcpower from the opposite point, and it ing the ships from their anchors to strew was from this part the destruction chiefly the shores with wreck. Two large brigs

I have an excellent sympiesome were dismasted in a few moments ; then


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