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CH A P. V.,
EffeX of the revolution in Rusia on the king of Pruulia's affa'rs. Situation
of the new emprejs Sbe adopts a neutrality. Rufian conquests restored.
Russians quit the Prullian camp King of Prusia draws marshal Daun
from Bruckersdorff Schweidnitz besieged. Marshal Laudohn attacks the
prince of Bzveri. Is repulsed. Disposition of the French and allied ar-
mies. Broglio removed. Battle of Grabenstein. French defeated. Lord
Granby drives the French from Hombourg, Prince Xavier of Saxony de-
feated. Gottingen evacuated. French army called from the Lower



War in Portugal. Plan of the campaign. Miranda, Braganza, and Chaves

taken. Almeida bifieved and taken. Count of La Lijpe arrives in Por-

tu al. Surprize of Valentia d'Alcantara, by general Burgoyne. Affair

of Villa Velba. Spaniards retire.



Expedition against Martinico. Force sent thither. Troops land at Cas

Navire. Nature of the country. Attack of the polts near Fort Royal.
Fort Royal surrendered. St. Pierre and the rulole island capitul :te. St.
Lucie, the Grenades, and St. Vincent taken. Preparations for war against
the Spanish Wift In dies. :

Commanders in the expedition against the Havannah. Fleet Sails from Portf-

moitth. Palage through the old streights of Bahama. Towiz and har-,
bour of the Havarra) described. Troops land. Disposition of the troops.
Sirge of Fort Moro. Ca tain Harvey cannonades the Moro. English

battery fired. Ditress of the English forces. Succours arrive from

North America. The fort fformed. Operations against the town. The

Havannah surrenders. Advantages of this acquisition.



Proposals for peace. State of the ministry and parties. Dukes of Bedford

and Nivernois employed in the negotiation. Newfoundland taken and re-

taken. War in Germany. Hereditary prince defeated at Iohannisberg.

French repulled: Caril invested. Remarkable cannonade at Bucker Mubl.

French take Amoncluzrg. Cafel surrendered to the allies. War in WR-

thalia conilinded.


CH A P. X.

Siege and surrender of Schweidnitz. War transferred to Saxony. Austrians

defeated at Freyberg. Pruffians ravage the Einpire. Preliminaries of

peace between Great Britain and France. Disputes concerning them.

Mr. 7. comes into the administration. Preliminaries approved by parlia-

ment. Peace of Hubertsbourg beicween Auftria and Prufia. Conclu-




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